My magic smile can play tricks
Be warned my charm quite often sticks (around)
Now on the count, you’ll see
I’ll make her appear,
then disappear, on three

‘buckle my shoe’
let’s do
That always works better
Look! I smile, See!
My, oh my...
what do we have here
a very pretty volunteer

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to centre stage
This beautiful woman
I wish to engage
Pulled her out
without a hat
Watch, I’ll make her vanish,
just like that

(Drum roll)
So now for my final trick
A wave, a wink
I blow a kiss
Shes up to stand
I flick a lick, upon my lip
Presto! there you go
sleight of hand
with the words,
“What a dick”
Here’s another poem I’m struggling to title, so many directions...pls help with any suggestions? The winning title will recieve a follower! :) thank you in advance

Poetic Surgery, Copyright © 2018,  All rights reserved.
Sean Aug 2017
Blue cerulean sky
Stretches Deep into horizon
Souls wonder, in light
The one appearing alone,
beside them?
Lo, trenches washed on trees high
Is it a spirit, heart of complete refinement?
He says life! these lucid drops fall from thine eye
Lo, the sunrise speaks to enlighten
Yet they watch him vanish, again, their hearts percieving nature's sighs
Once more to the sun, they hearken
where are the cerulean skies?
i let you go while still madly in love with you
and ever since then, there's an ache
within me, a longing that will never
go away

perhaps, i am paying for my sins
i should have held onto you, clung to you,
buried you in me,
i should have done anything but let you go

and it is too late now,
i know that my love

so i will keep on telling myself
that i did the right thing,
that this pain will vanish one day,
that some day i'll learn to forgive myself

but i know, i know
     i know
                       i won't

I hear the voices behind me calling my name.
I turn to look, but the voices vanish.

I hear the voices when I walk through the canteen for lunch.
But I never ever find the source.

Do you want to know what I hear?

I hear the secrets I've told one person.
I hear the embarrassment I've put on myself.
I hear the pain and suffering I've had to deal with.
I hear my name slandered every turn I make.

But the worst of it all, I've heard that it all came from you.
You talk to me like a friend,
But in reality, behind my back -

You're a monster waiting to devour me.
A monster who slanders my name.
A monster who spreads my secrets.
A monster who I thought was my FRIEND turns out to be the same person stabbing me in the back.

What have I ever done to you to deserve such treatment?

I am cross with you,
but I won't fight back.
Because when I do, I'd be the very monster that you are.

Tell me more, tell me more.
Tell me more of your lies.
Lie to my face and say it with a coy smile.

In the end of the day, you are nothing but an insecure little child who needs attention.

I will no longer give you that attention.
Lie to me some more,
I'll hear you, but never listen.
I miss you but I do not wish to be with you
Maybe to relive my best memories of us is all I wish
Knowing we had something special and seeing us vanish
was my biggest sorrow
Our ending turned spiteful
I miss you but I do not wish to be with you
Maybe to relive my best memories of us is all I wish
I revisit my fondest moments of us as a sleep-aid
Hopefully triggering dreams to be fulfilled
before we ceased to exist
I see you around sometimes.
More often than not,
Beginning just before the sun sets
Hiding until dawn brings forth a new day.
I’m not quite sure I understand how
You make me feel as if I’ve lost my touch,
My tether to reality
Like the earth is threatening to open up
And swallow me whole
Or to cause everything I love to disappear.
Vanish into thin air, never to re-appear.
I used to be deathly afraid of those days.
Of the flashbacks
Of my overactive imagination.
That just kept running, with my mind
Somehow dragging very far behind.
I was scared.
I mean, who wouldn’t be?
Of course, don't be mistaken
There are those bright and sunny days.
Where I think I’ve overcome it in some ways.
And yet on an unsuspecting day
I will happen to fall flat on my face,
And everything feels out of control.
While the world spins too fast
For my brain to compute, and
I feel broken.
Like a record running on repeat.
Skipping and skipping.
Scared of letting go.
Terrified of moving on.
Am I stuck in this loveless mood?
In this gloomy wasteland
Where my heart feels heavy.  
I long to feel the sun
Shining on my face.
If not perhaps once again,
Just to chase away the
That I can’t seem to escape.
Written June 27, 2018.
Edited July 10, 2018.

— The End —