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Jessica Dec 2018
Hold your head high!
The hoard discards their virtue
Like the thunderous roar of a fools laughter.
Hold back your painful sign, because you-
You are beautiful!
Looking forward with prideful shining eyes
As they glare at you
Their jealous hatred undisguised.
You, Woman, always taking that high road
So steep and arduous,
You're never daunted by its awesome heights!
A Hero is made by her daily choices
To rise above the common evil-
Poisonous contempt,
The hero derides.
Keep your pearls of wisdom
Close to your side,
Because your worth is greater
For the lovely heart inside.
More syrupy than I intended but, it is a poem about dealing with aggressive bullies.
Knit Personality Dec 2014
Blues with a feeling—the raw, authentic blues—
The gut- and bowel-twisting, sick and sad,
Loneliest day you’ve ever ever had
Blues—all sunless and soaked with two-bit *****—
I’d never known: unknown to me were shoes
Silent but deadly, hazardously bad
And shake-y ***-pourri, and meals a tad—
Or more—imaginary,—the honest blues.
And had you never put me out the door
To wander with the wind like a rolling stone,
Those deep and loaded bends where live the moan,
The mud, and the howl—the uncut, moody ore
Of bluesy sound—I never could've blown,
Since, foolishly, I valued comfort more.

* .
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
was uttered in a
computer generated,
gender neutral tone
by the impersonal,
grocery checkout machine.

"Enter your customer ID now!"
demands the artificial human.

"And... if I don't?"
I query the metallic shell
of what once was
a minimum wage employee.

There was no reply.
Keiya Tasire Jan 8
Joy, Fun, Laughter
Learning, Growing,
Discovering & Creating
Support & Community!
We are women!
We stand together
That all of humanity
May stand up too.

We love
We care for
We cradle
We teach and raise
Generations upon Generations
Each man and each women

Yes we stand up for all of Humanity
May man stand with us too!
For yes, are women!
We want peace.
We want kindness.
We want respect.
We value and want to be valued.
We want all to be free to live.
We want all to be free to love
In Peace.
In Harmony.
In Joy.
through the ages women took care of the ancient knowledge for health wellness birthing rearing children and loving each other through challenges then the roles of women were diminished, relinquishing it to powers that were hungry for not only the control over women but men too.  The human family became lost. Now many are waking up and calling for both men and women to stand together  and reclaim human, dignity, freedom, and the strength of family and the strength of community.
Ijla Aug 2018
Every night, when I go to bed
I used to hold my pillow so tightly
But no matter how much I hold it
It will never hold me back
I'm not insane to think like that
It's not the pillow that I'm holding
But you
Hoping that one night you'll be there
beside me
and I'll hold you like I never want to leave you
I do feel lonely
Most of the time
Even when I'm around people
I feel left out
I feel like I'm a burden
But with you
How can I tell you
You always make me feel special
I feel valued
Most importantly
I feel Happy
That's why honey,
I call you my happiness
Hello. It's been Some time since I posted. Going through a major writers block.This poem is written by someone who means a lot to me.. He usually doesn't write English poems but he wrote this for me just recently. He taught me to expect the unexpected, him being the best example

Seems like a lot can change over the span of just a few months........
Eloisa Sep 19
She loved and valued others
as exactly as they are.
Then proudly watched them as they changed to the truest and best versions of themselves.
Jeff Stier Oct 2018
Who were you?
A foreigner
a mere woman?

Perhaps I valued you
beyond the common measure

I think of the possibility
of lives we have lived
in some past time
some other world

I guess I am a Buddhist
after all.

this fascination
this love
goes beyond my experience

What can I compare it to?

I believe in the potency of desire
that it can manifest itself
across a span of years

a span of lifetimes

I can imagine
that we were
then as now
different in appearance
from cultures widely separated

Let's say that I wanted you
that you wanted me
for so it is today

Let's say that circumstances
kept us apart
or prevented us from meeting
as equals

Let us say, finally,
that this world
in which anything seems to be permitted
was created for us
that we might meet again.

What an absurd
romantic notion!

Tonight the lights are all on.
Other beings surround me.
This world is a different world
for each one of them,
though strangely the same.

Surely this world is ours.
The lights
are brightly lit.

Thousands of insects
cover the glass
dazzled by this light.

We must be dazzled, as well.
For none of us can see.

Not a one of us
can touch the heart
of another.

So since all is permitted
let us permit ourselves this

that we can touch one another
each into each.
A poem I wrote in 1979.
Skaidrum Mar 2016
and like a grey jewel

"How are you feeling?"
Like solace in ocean foam
"What happened?"
She cast salt on my heart
Because I'm the moon's crucifixion
"Who did this?"
The wolves on the water
"Where are they?"
Are you sure you want to ask that question?

you were polished

A rose has made you her prey
"What do you mean?"
Logic is your sword; why is it dull?
"How is it dull?"
Take notice to the black rust instead
"Did she do that?"
Unpredictable is the chaos of a flower
"You think so?"
I know so
"What are you trying to say?"
You need to recognize what weeds are in disguise

to be brilliant;

"You're crying..."
For your misfortune.
"What misfortune?"
Distance is a sadistic torture, I've heard
"I am aware of that."
What's it like, utter helplessness?
"I cannot describe it."
Let me ask you something, though
"What would that be?"
Where would you be without your demons?
"In a better place."
Oh, but doesn't love come at a cruel cost?

to be valued

"All I want is for you to be happy."
I am happy
"You are lying."
What's the difference?
"You deserve everything you've ever wanted."
Does that include death?

but your value

You remind me of this place
"What place?"
The sea of concrete on death's spine
"What is a sea of concrete?"
Take this journey on dead waters
"Where am I going?"
Anywhere but here
"Will you come with me?"

isn't just how bright you shine in the sun---

"Thank you."
For what, grey jewel?
"For always being there when I needed you."
The darkness tastes a little sweeter with your company
"Does it really?"
I could never lie to the truth
"What about me?"
You are the truth

but it's how you don't decay in darkness

Look behind you
"Do I want to?"
Nullify your fear
"What could it be?"
these cracks of hope in the sea of rock
"A...blooming crystal lily?"

"I watched our friendship flower from the concrete."
I am proud
to call myself your friend.

© Copywrite Skaidrum
pitch black god8 May 2018
are you generally happy?

a semi-innocuous query
now actualized as a two sided bladed poker,
hot stabbing me smack dab in
the chests hollow crown bullseye,
continuously,  as in all life long, and eternal longing for a

it fits inside a pubescent aged wound that
refreshes with every breath;
a life long struggle for an accurate definition,
be a general of genuine happy,
that alone would deliver, bringing on bright day satisfaction

as a human, one operates on parallel continuums;
slide slipping on well oiled poles that over the years,
their lengths, increasing with add-on extender poles
formed by
twisty turny slips and falls of sundered hearts and sad loves,
marriages nicknamed Titanic, children found and lost,
complications responsibilities that are denied meeting the words  
  “The End”

a life that many would envy, questioning what’s wrong
with you dude, are you blinded to the riches yours,
reality is
shoulders permanently bent, a spine that’s held together by
spit and solder and curved by wearying wearing longing for
a straightness that is also called crooked unobtainable
and a piece of a peace that comes and goes
like a highway billboard that you pass too fast to be fully read

the body is corroding and worser yet to come and that’s a hand
you selected - luck of the self-selecting-drawing -

the opioids of the mind offers are rejected

the clarity of painful self exploration valued overall -
the place where the poems come from,
and go to die,
a landscape of a scene repeatedly visualized
but never been and never left,
the crazy contradictions come in two flavors;
vanilla smiles and chocolate weeping of tears that have
etched pathways cheek-chiseled

the city is a struggling strife for most,
the next red line on the side
of the measuring cup  and
everyone has a cell, a credit card,
and a measuring cup
here I stop can’t finish  
someone missing alerts me
to their real worlds troubles
making my complaints super superficial but
the silent running of the stilleto
cuts shallow
repeated hourly
the cut color,

pitch black
Armand-DeamoJC Sep 2018
Received on February 14th, valentines day
Not meant to be this way
Just for my soul to train
The cup she gave me
my valued  possession
turned to the thing
blocking progression
I drink from it
Filled with rage
Wrists un-slid
again, this stage
Keep it to tease
the beast inside me
for if I throw it away
I would be the same
that I was the day
I broke her
and threw her away
And remembered
I threw her away first
and broke her first
******* hate myself for that
Leal Knowone Feb 2015
the mirror of the soul is broken,
spilling out a river forever flowing,
as eternal agony soaks in ,
I can't control were the gears are going.
Is my valued machine broken?
Can it be repaired by you ?
Can it be rust free again, in a world were all is painted blue?                                                       Who would have thought the igniter,
would become the cause of the stole?
Causing us to be fighters
but when does it all get old?


Broken mirrors, this floors so cold and wet.
All is shattered and ripped apart.
Look into the mirror don't forget.
Look to find a slow beating heart.

Cold yet beating it isn't dead!

LOOKING GLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 years bad luck roll over.
A black cat that was once loved,
now has gone over the shoulder.
Question this the loved.


It all changes and circles,
like the gears to the machine,
watched over by it workers,
but there's piercing laser beams.

Forever grow, river flow, broken souls, sanity goes, the lost soul different highs, different lows,different eyes, visions unknown.


Never know, true control, societies soul, vanity goes, the lost notes
different thoughts, indifference lost, so its fine, vision unknown.


Did you break the mirror too?
Will it bring about misfortune,
our colorful different hues ?
When did this destruction begin?
Rivers flow into the ocean.
The water construct and destroy.
Beginning of the end, beginning again.
The mirror of the soul is broken.
looking glass, LOOKING IN

The mirror of the soul is broken.
Spilling out a river ever flowing.
I'm letting it all soak in.
Is this vile machine broken?

looking glass, LOOKING GLASS, looking glass, LOOKING GLASS!!!!!!!!!!!
The blackened mirror can still see into you
Castle Of Sin
Mr Quiet Jul 2018
I'm sorry,
I cannot ease your pain and cure your sorrow,
I cannot give you enough love for your bottomless heart,
Nor enough hope into your fragile life,
But that is not an excuse for you and I to give up,
I will still try,
Even if you still cry to sleep,
Late at night.

I will never fix what you hate in yourself for only you can do that,
But I will always be there if you want someone to listen.
I hear the echoes of your agonizing mind and I can feel the pain through your eyes,
I know the screeches of your soul and tears inside your lies,
I know and feel your emptiness every time you say, "I'm Fine."

And I hear you laugh,
I see you smile,
I hold those precious memories for I know those small periods of time is still valued,
Never forgotten,
Never denied,
For I remember those times and know for a fact that you'll still be alright.
Because I will never give up on you,
For you are just in a cocoon right now,
But I see within you,
A butterfly.
Hello! This is a poem that I made for my friend that is suffering from depression and I just want to let her know that I'm here for her, don't worry though, I'm still gonna try to comfort and help her no matter what so she'll be okay. Also this is the first poem I published in this website so feel free to criticize and leave a comment, thanks.
When You Used To Call Me Mine
Part 9/14
CJ Sep 2018
Under the moonlight there I sit,
A lost, empty, overthinking kid
He who valued his friends more than his life
Is now just a kid with no one

Used to have many friends who are problematic
They would sometimes invite me to drink and cry
But I told them
I wouldn't cry anymore

And now that I have held back far too many tears
I want to let them out
But now,
I don't have anybody to vent out to.
Susanna Aug 2018
These "poems" I write are only meant for me
I keep them away from prying eyes,
Where no one can see.

Because why should one receive "likes"
For the metaphors constructed by their minds
In an losing battle to get a grip on reality?

These collections of words
These regurgitations of the imagination
Hardly even belong to me.

If I am not my mind,
Then who am I?
Or is that question irrelevant?

Words in themselves do not belong to anyone
But the order in which one happens to put them together
Is somehow different?

My attempts to understand anything are futile.
So for now, I will say
That these "poems" I write are only meant for me
That I will I keep them away from prying eyes,
For no one to see.

I refuse to be judged,
By something as absurd as these peculiar markings,
Lost in this peculiar system.

I refuse to care about whether people like what I have to say. Yet for some reason, I do it anyway.
I went to touch someone I no longer loved
and got paper cuts on my fingertips
that eventually scared over
and I vowed I would never touch a soul that didn't have my name engraved in their flesh.
But there I was once again
I touched lips with a stranger and my mouth began to bleed
and I tried to put sugar on my wound but it was only a reminder that I am not valued or protected by men that do not love me.
Isabel Aghahowa Nov 2018
when my brain stops beating
and it stops festering in its perplexing notions
and stop-motion contraptions
it's veins and nerves
will turn into strings and wires
for bold machines and troubled moulds to gather
as it floats above the murky water
eating the life it rests amongst

tampering with the wildlife
it so valued, in its shelter
that now lives in ash  
as it melts into the soil and becomes a stone of reclusion  
that looks upon the stars by the coast
and meditates along the margin of its past life
noir Oct 2018
“Let me tear your heart out”
“Why not?”
             “I think… I need it”
“Do you really?
Tell me the last time you actually thought about what was good for your heart?”
“If you valued your heart so much you wouldn't be with me”
             “But I love you…”
“But I'm going to **** you”
             “You can't **** what can't die”
“I'm learning”
             “You're adorable”
“I know”
             “But did you know that I love you?”
Indents represent speakers.
I have a bunch of stuff on my Google Drive so I think I'll upload them here :D
Wolf Dec 2018
I put him before everything
But he valued other things
I gave him everything
But he couldn't take it all at once
He was my everything
But it just pushed him away
Lexie Jun 2014
Chalk lines, drawn by children
Voices from the school yard
Dogs bark, you run
Feet pound pavement hard
Barefoot toes, wind blown hair
Sharp glass on the ground
Careless when I step
Careful not to make a sound
You chase me, like prey
Trying not to trip
I run fast, get away
I must be silent and never slip
Your hands rough around my waist
Cauaught in your trap
Rest your hand on my shoulder
I can't look back
Choking on the tears
My throat constricts
You ask me questions
I merely nod
Pull me away from my safe place
To your home so desolate
I am gone without a trace
I lay in the leaves of this falls birth
Seeing only the red stained leaves
Trying not to panic for all I'm worth
Don't run or hide, stay alive
I can't wait for it to end
What will you do
What will the darkness send
Uncertain future, my demise
A chase after a valued prize
I could see the lies
Beside the evil in your eyes
Emeka Mokeme Aug 2018
I know the feeling experienced,
when everything crumbles
before you without warning
because you were not paying
attention or prepared for the
pressures of the pesky people
who contends with you to mess
up what took you a lifetime to build.
Everything crashes and tumbles
before you just like that.
Starting all over again is like being
born again in a world of uncertainty
full of intriguingly mesmerizing awe
and revulsion.
Where do you begin from here,
how can this happen to you,
you wonder how much time you have
left to get things done all over again.
Don't worry about it,
just begin from the beginning.
Pick up the crumbs,
the left over and the pieces of the bricks
and pebbles thrown at you to forge again
the blue print with resilient
attitude to create the masterpiece
that will guarantee you a unique
spot in the world that stands you out
powerfully into the spotlight.
Unbeatable and a valued and
treasured friend in the world.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
To even commence to define how profoundly I fell in love with you, I would need the capacity of a thousand-page manuscript written in the most romantic idiom.

Each, and every retention of us is stowed into the back of my conscious, and concealed deep into my heart.

Every beautiful memory plays through my head like soft music.

I would say my heart is immovable.  There are days that I try to sojourn the thoughts of you, but its intolerable for me to do so.

I am so engulfed in your perfection. I do not think there has been a single day that you have escaped my thoughts.

I can feel your presence with me if I ponder our memories deeply enough. Your presence weighs heavily in my heart. It is as if part of your soul occupies its crevasses, and fills my cracks.

Your eyes are echoes of a hundred distant galaxies no man has ever revealed. Vast windows that reflect the constellations.

My heart is certain the universe resides in them.

As I begin to study your face, I feel like nothing but love can exist.

Your porcelain perfection never ceases to weaken me.

You weaken me with love, trust, and desire. Like the finest specimen created by the hands of Gods.

As I anticipate the connotation of love, the implication is “you”.

Even if the fire for what you feel for me dies, I do not reason the passion I have for you will ever dim.

I do not begin to recollect if I had ever felt this susceptible.

I let this passion be valued like the rarest stone.

I would give up the entire world if it meant I could have you in my life endlessly.

Your happiness is of grave importance to me, when I study your smile, I can overlook the darkness of this decaying reality.
Every heartbeat of time my mouth declares three unpretentious words.

“I love you”.

I say it like an invocation.

Not one moment did my tongue express profanity against these golden words of poetry.

I love you. “ I Love You” . And solitarily just you.  

I wallow in my own sorrows at the thought of the culmination, when we shall one day part at death's hand.

For I deeply distinguish that you love me equally, and this brings vast pleasure to my temperament.

I sense security in your encirclement, your heart is my home.

My heart qualms of my fragile weakness that I consume when I dream of you.

You make me susceptible to the sickness of love.

If love was a poem, you would be the title.
In dedication to the feeling of true love.
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