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River Apr 29
i didnt do anything wrong did i
the way you keep talking
its like the light went out in your eyes
and i cant help but feel like
im the reason why
i didnt do anything wrong did i?...
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018
Be a emotionless robot.
Work really hard in life while others take the credit.
Have children so they can be slaves for others.
Be nice to everyone and receive nothing back.
Continuously take out loans and debts and pay them off so the fattest cats don't starve.
Pay taxes so the royals eat well.
Pay rent, road tax and insurance and the military'll say thanks.
But most important of all pay your Tv license so you can watch them spend all of your ******* hard earned money.

Jobs a gooden.
Normal ****
larni Feb 24
is it all a game?
you're wanting to play?
to leave me on open?
to see what i'll say?

you know i'm upset.
you know how i get.
so how is it fair
to leave me on read?
Amanda Aug 2018
Hate myself for never being enough
I can't figure out how to succeed
Shelf I keep aspirations on is too high
I am nothing but a servant to incessant need

Another person expecting too much
Honestly that is what's keeping me down
Tired, I write these words
Disappointment pinning me to ground

Don't know how to be different
There is something holding me back
Can't quite pinpoint what is missing
But I sense it's something big I lack
Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.
How can the thing that brings me joy also bring me pain?
You’re like a new toy but every time I touch it my skin gets stained
I wish I could cut my heart out to numb the hurt
But I know you’d shove my wound full of dirt
You still pull my strings and I listen to what you say
I’d do anything for you just to make you stay
Why do I still love you this intensely?
Why do I still hang on to something that was never meant to be?
I have a dilemma in heart and mind
My brain to me is so unkind
Do I suppress my evil thoughts
With a measly prescription, store bought?
I’m staying strong for him
But some days depression wins
And my anger bubbles up
So instead I wash it down with a cup
Of water and a little nauseating pill
It’s blue and powerful, it often makes me ill
I worry to start again
Because I could barely stop back then
It’s not worth the toll
So I flush them down the toilet bowl
Ye got to Fancy this Hearty Stout, Aye,
Soot-soaked with tub-flavoured Laurels of Gold
Now bloke-haste Juggers tick your nerves on-high
And make ye shout the Trumpet-Football-Fold
Yet so, our Celtic Spirit comes to call
For you to Jig their Post-Victorious Dance
Or, if upset, prefer to keep knees on hold
And hope such Font will get you that Romance
Still, never deny those After-Glugs won't count
In palling the Bet for Arsenal's Wear
Sudden Death Match will cause the Team to Mount
And show those Charbarrels a Reason to Tear.
Raise a Swig, to where there Brave Captains be
I take me Share, and drink the Sailor in me.
I'm quite
because they always disrespect me
when I talk.

I talk less
because they never listen
to the words I said.

I put my friends first
because we all know
water taste better than blood.

I stay in my room
because my body feel misfit
in the living room.

I always put my earphones on
because my daydream
always better than reality.
where's my home?
Fathur Abinaya Dec 2018
You make me upset,
I know that you won't regret.
I will give you the death,
Like a burned cigarette.
Everything will come to the death.
I did not break the law.
I just want to be myself.
Let me be myself.
I don't wanna down.
We have different down and up.
Mine up for you is down.
Mine down for you is up.
Why are you thinking for me?
Why do you think you can dictate rights.
Why do you think that you can destroy my dreams and plans.
Yes, I'm not perfect and I don't want to be perfect to suit someone. Who gave you that right?
I’m not telling you how to live.
Live as you want.
Who am I to forbid you to something.
I am a free person and I will live as I want.
I think about you daily
Perhaps too much, maybe
Do you think of me as I do for you?
I’m lost without Us and my days are blue
Samantha Dec 2018
Goodbye my love,
My eyes were full of tears.
I couldn’t ask for you to stay,
Instead I thanked you
For making me feel happy.

Goodbye my love,
All I ever wanted was to love you in a way
No one has loved you in such a long time.
I tried loving you in every way.

Goodbye my love,
There were so much sadness in us.
I couldn’t help myself
But push you away.

Goodbye my love,
You were the one I opened up to.
You were the one I wanted to love.
After everyone turned me cold,
You melted my heart.

There’s nothing I can say or do
Thank you
Goodbye my love.
I hope the next girl treats you right.
Alaina Moore Feb 21
Were I a Starfleet Captain I would be unfit for duty, but this is no Federation of Planets.
This is a moment in time and barely anything at all, yet it is everything.
Carrying a weight on my back of a small crew, I lack the mental fortitude to take care of their carrier.
The cacophonous cocktail stirring within my ribs is barely tolerable.
In fact, It is not tolerable.
Adorned in a gown of ripped tissues,
the waves come like tsunamis.
Somehow throughout my turmoil I have to remain focused and continue forward.
Every step is heavier than the next and I often am unsure how I will see the sun set.
If I'll make it there alive or as some hollow shell with a faux optimism.
Michael John Nov 2018

upset an oxymoron
of little interest
(not strictly oxymoron

but we do our best..
the sky is falling
like the old nest
pick it up

look through the holes
and wonder of
our lonely existence
in stone..


consider the moss
and the random
beauty of it´s

question it´s
and comfort
which is set

in your hand
like any
lost crown..


no oxymoron
no doubting
here is love
and here is thin

make up
our minds
in a few sands
here is faith..
thanks to ben noah suri .inspired by his piece
which included the word upset repeated.i thought how upsetting to find a bird´s nest and the curious nature of the word and what a crash it made falling from the peaceful heavens..but marvel at the tough and fragile etc more oxymoron.i am a keen fan of ted hughes and his verse about nature.he cuts to the it not as splendid as anything to be continued.. man made
Samantha Dec 2018
A little of me died when you told the truth.
You never had real feelings for me.
You just wanted to play.
You just wanted me to entertain you.
You just wanted to look cool.

A little of me loved you when you told me sad things.
You never felt so loved in such a long time.
You just liked the feeling of someone loving you.
You just wanted to throw me around.
You just wanted to look cool.

A little of me opened up to you when you opened up to me.
You never meant anything.
You just wanted to see me fall.
You just wanted me to be in the dark.
You just wanted to hurt me.

A little of me died when I confronted you.
You never wanted anything to do with me.
You just wanted me to overthink and cry.
You just wanted me to feel bad for you.
You just wanted to hurt me.

I should’ve listened to everyone.
I should’ve left before it got worse.
I shouldn’t have opened up.
I shouldn’t have loved you.
Ivy Leigh Aug 28
The need to breathe
and hold firm
in a room full of turds
over-weighs the hate
or the buzz in my mind.
Nevertheless I take that breath
and continue the journey
into my head
to find and lose
myself in others words.
I wont fall into rabbit holes
off of bar stools
that only lead to unhappy
upsets, shallow eyed
and deep tasting jacks
and cokes with drunken orders
of fries.
I can only imagine
the feeling of a piercing end
by bullet, knife, or choking line:
the sadness isn't as deep as alcohol runs
behind backs and under noses.
eF Jul 2017
You dug your own grave.
Now you're upset because it's
Too deep to get out.
W Nov 2018
Sometimes your favourite memories
Are the ones that leave you
Hurt and upset

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