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Hanna Dec 2017
Have you ever noticed that, if you close your eyes, a laugh can sound like someone crying?

I’m not laughing.
Open your eyes.
Can’t seem to write much recently.
JayceeJellies Mar 2015
As you can see,
I've never been a prodigy.
Always unimpressive, apparently.
Stressing is an everday thing.
But you wouldn't care,
You're just so unaware.
Depression has me ensnared,
But you couldn't handle my despair.
So keep your eyes closed.
And I'll do the same.
The things I think about are completely insane,
I wish the good times would never change.
But this isn't my dreamland.
It's a place where I don't want to stand.
Depression is the ocean,
Anxiety is the sand,
And I'm somewhere floating in between it all.
hannah May 2018
I don't know what I am doing wrong
We were friends for so long

I tried so hard
But you played me like a card

I don't know what else to say
Our friendship might just have to lay

It was nice knowing you
I hope you at least feel the same way too

Maybe we will know why this happened
Our friendship will have to be imagined

Hopefully I won't cry
But I believe this is goodbye...
JayceeJellies Oct 2014
Just feel like driving,
Clearing my head,
I look back in our past,
and I just see our smiles and laughs,
So many memories.
I can't forget.
But you and me baby,
We're gone and past..

I don't wanna go back and see our past,
I'm so tired of crying as I lay down on the floor,
You broke my heart babe,
and I gave back yours,
Too bad,
So sad,
Is all my mom can tell me anymore.

I keep waiting,
For you to say you're sorry,
and that you'd like to see me,
but you're not gonna do that, are you?
And even though I'm crying it seems I keep denying,
That anything ever happend,

I don't wanna go back and see our past,
I'm so tired of crying as I lay down on the floor,
You broke my heart babe,
and I gave back yours,
Too bad,
So sad,
Is all my mom can tell me anymore.
Dinodust Oct 2018
I feel weird
My mom says you look at me like my father looked at her
And I look at you like she looked at him

Marriage is on my mind

I’m scared
The thought of it

I thought this was every girl’s dream

And don’t get me wrong

I love the way you tuck my hair behind my ear

The way you run up behind me and lift me up

The way we talk

Our little improv dates

The way you ask to do small things

The way we take care of eachother


I realize I barely had time to be a child

From the deaths
To the depression
The eating disorder
The abuse
The attempt  

I wasn’t a child
I grew up fast

And I regret that

I regret living in survival mode
For more than half my life

I regret only living in the future

Trying to figure out where I would be the next day

The hospital?
A psych ward?

And now that I’ve stopped living in the future

I’m starting to think

That I barely have one
My ansxiety is extremely high today, I forced myself to eat, I feel like crying, I can’t stop dry heaving, and I’m constantly shaking. I can’t stop worrying, so much was been revealed to my parents. They’re upset and disappointed in me and I can feel it. They don’t trust me anymore.
km Mar 2017
things have been different lately
and here i am hoping
for things to go back the way they were
all i've been doing is wait for you
and wonder what you're up to

i try to understand you
with your excuses and all
you say i'm over thinkning
but i think it's just too much

you were never like that
and things seem to be going downhill
sometimes i think this will pass
but i also think this wouldn't last

im tired of feeling lonely
even with your presence
conversations seem so dead
which upsets me the most

i dont know if this is still right
but i still love you wholeheartedly
our spark that once was there
is now slowly fading away
maybe i am overthinking, but who knows if i am right?
Amanda Dec 2018
Thoughts are eating me alive
I feel sharp bites as they gnaw
Bleeding out pints of sense and reason
From conclusions I draw

I am glad to drift to sleep every night
Even with precious time flying by
Happy to experience any relief
No problems behind closed eyes

Conversations filling free dreams floating within
Attempting to be understood
Have no interest in indulging opinions
Hanging silent in my head, engraved in 'would'

In efforts to turn around my thinking
I stuff my mind with different distractions
Put hands to use with various tasks
Only substances bring satisfaction

I need to unearth the causes
Responsible for lack of peace
Little by little learn to be happy
Sorrows burning my brain will cease
Thoughts can cause more damage than anything else
Alaina Moore Jun 2018
Because you assumed.
That I was willing to give.
That I was able to give.
That I had anything to give.

Because you made the choice,
of self-sacrifice for me.
I am upset because
you didn't even think

to ask first.
PS Sep 2018
Coffee in hand, she sits on a train
She smells a little like cinnamon and sage.
She hears a voice, her heart in her mouth
It isn’t him, as she fears. Absolutely no doubt.
Amongst the loud hum, she can spy at herself
So sad, so defeated, she’s like no one else.
Tears spring to her eyes as she looks at her screen
She’d been too busy living a Hemingway dream.
She won’t call him again, as he doesn’t care
She won’t let him in when he’s not really there.
She won’t be his last and she wasn’t the first
She isn’t the only girl to get hurt.
So coffee in hand, she’s no longer forlorn
For hell hath no fury like a good woman scorned.
Does it need an explanation?
Aaliyah Houvener Jul 2018
I want to scream
I am so upset at myself for being so dumb
I can not believe i hurt everyone
i can not believe i hurt myself
i can't believe i got high
i ruined myself
i destroyed my future
River Apr 29
i didnt do anything wrong did i
the way you keep talking
its like the light went out in your eyes
and i cant help but feel like
im the reason why
i didnt do anything wrong did i?...
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018
Be a emotionless robot.
Work really hard in life while others take the credit.
Have children so they can be slaves for others.
Be nice to everyone and receive nothing back.
Continuously take out loans and debts and pay them off so the fattest cats don't starve.
Pay taxes so the royals eat well.
Pay rent, road tax and insurance and the military'll say thanks.
But most important of all pay your Tv license so you can watch them spend all of your ******* hard earned money.

Jobs a gooden.
Normal ****
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