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I don't need much
to be content
And sometimes when my
heart is fraying
A simple glimpse at
the stars
Smooths away the
rough edges
Stills lips that tremble
and quake
From holding back brimming

-Esther L. Krenzin-
There are small needs that are often not met. Take time to fill them. You deserve every last one of them.
Keith W Fletcher Aug 2018
A few ways exist
Where green growth
can destroy what was
If large tree grows near
Cutting it down will ..
Definitely do what it does
But the shattering thump
When that plan is used is...
Ow! we ended up with trump
And a beautiful tree now dead
When we randomly destroy
There's no correcting a path
There's just all in fold
Or with neglect what was
Can be insidiously done in
By the green growth of mold
But go ahead and lump all
Together left and right as 1
Not seeking any offshoots
Because the best method
To contol the destruction
Sit in shade , encourage growth guiding the offshoot
To become those mighty roots
That's how you save the tree ,stay cool , deny the insidious parasites growth
     And then can
with strong roots and decent Foundation have a stable structure
     and ...
something to build on.

Or you can just burn it all down
letting Anarchy prevail
I sat beside you on a sofa
on an inclined plane
I sat on its lowest side
on purpose
waiting for you to roll over
but you held up well on the upper side
and that made me look at the sky
and wish the earth was vertical
[taken from my second book "I saw the day only in the crowd", released in 2012 in the Greek language (Gavriilides Publications), self-translated in English]
Esther Krenzin Jul 2018
I stand alone, the ghosts of my parents lingering
in my heart
Remembering the death
the change
the upheaval of life how it was
The remains of my soul splinter
and crack
As I remember the terrible deeds that a
desperate girl committed.
I, that girl, remember humanity as
it was;
But the fear and pain overcome and all reason
Forged into iron and steel that
bleeds tears
"It hurts so much," I whispered
"I just want to be whole and normal."
I'd do anything to fix myself
Even if it meant destroying my
I found I was afraid to leave this
For in all of its horror and evil
Beauty still existed amidst the pain
And I wanted to live
and laugh
and feel
I wanted to experience
and love
and dream
But it was all ripped away that
fateful night
Lost and destroyed, out of
But then a gentle woman appeared
And smiled at me with kind eyes
With the touch of a hand I
was set free
Finally able to just be me
I started to cry from the absence
of pain
And I knew the world for me
would change
A chance to live a life once more
No thought to what came
I was able to touch
and dance
and fly
and sing
and touch the sky
I'll start again and my story I'll tell
And proudly wear the scars I earned

-Esther L. Krenzin-
(For Ghost, the misunderstood "villain" in Antman and Wasp)
annh Feb 1
A velvet topography,
Of ridges and furrows,
Undulations of light and shade,
A land born of upheaval,
And tectonic collisions,
With a fault line for a spine.
The Alpine Fault is a geological fault that runs almost the entire length of New Zealand's South Island and forms the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate. [Wikipedia]
Eva Aloezos Nov 2018
My brain is seizing,
while conscious reality is teasing

I’m sailin’ amongst the stormy winds of neural upheaval
Samantha Cunha Nov 2018
Silver tongued

Men in power

Shush the women

And force them to cower

Speaking their truth

Is seen as uncouth

They are dubiously

Asked for proof

In unsettling times

The darkest manifestation of evil

Brings forth

Political upheaval

Never silence

Never shush


A woman’s proclaim

Is always enough
JDL Nov 2018
Our lives are like ocean waves, born of a celestial entity among a diversified sea of possibilities. Direction and intensity set at birth with a future blurred by the endless horizon

Some waves wander alone, losing momentum as they are gradually ushered down by Earth’s gravitational pull before tragically coming to a rest among the blue abyss, destination never realized

Others are born of the unseen violence and upheaval between tectonic plates battling for dominion over the volatile landscape deep beneath the surface. Knowing no other way, they perpetuate the violence that created them, destroying and consuming everything in their path

Yet some join together, superimposed into a harmonious union that multiplies their strength and propels them forward until it’s waters gently meet the shore in an actualizing marriage of journey and destiny

Storms often boil up out of nowhere, dismantling adjacent waves. While a select few resist the onslaught, instead gaining strength and vitality. Like a conductor bringing a symphony to crescendo, the roil pushes these waves further than others in pursuit of their destination

This dynamic tapestry of new beginnings and violent ends blend together as one, eroding and shaping the land around them as they work out their daily squabbles. Heads barely above water, they continue onward towards the horizon blatantly disregarding a future for which they create
This isn’t a case
Of writers block
Tides have turned
The winds have stopped

Unread poems
Sacks stuck at home
Unposted unknown
Dear Eliot
Where did you go?

All my thoughts
Demand to rhyme
Line after line

Dear Eliot
What is this evil
Who downloaded
This poetic upheaval
Within your cyber grip
You control the trending list

Where approval declines
We are poetically confined
Dear Eliot
Have you lost your mind?
Traveler Tim

HP Should have a message option
So we can ask for help
No, I mean one that they actually answer!
Neo Aug 29
We as people get so easily caught up with endings. We look willingly to the future either merrily or in contempt in order to predict what will be the end. We do it in relationships, our careers, hobbies. When bad things come to an end  it’s hard to move on, but the glimmer of hope is what drives man’s spirit. When good things come to an end, it’s even harder to move on. This is because hope has been diminished. Endings are often sought as negatives. They invoke negative feelings and are thus viewed cynically.  We dabble so much with endings either past or present, we simply forget how to live in the now.

Endings are perfectly okay and necessary in this universe. Nothing is set in stone. The ending of something does not have to mean the absence of all. What is the end of a relationship is not the end of the world. It is not the upheaval of your life. It is the end of an era. A moment suspended in time by its lush awe and beauty. An era, and a moment, are the same. So it is required of us, in order to live easier lives, to live in these moments, and learn to let those moments pass.

Life is so easy to get caught up in. we become so engulfed in prolonged eras to the point that we don't see them anymore. The moment, in its prolonged existence simply becomes what we recognize as our lives. And when it gets ripped away…? All hell breaks loose. This is because we feel we’ve lost control of our lives, like every piece is slipping away without us realizing that it was never our lives to begin with. We can simply be an observer of the events that move and occur around us. Our personal perceptions and emotions towards these things have none, if little lasting effect on the outside world. So why fret? We should simply observe, from an outside perspective, the content, and value of our lives. That, in the end, brings peace.

Because when we remove ourselves from the equation, we reach an equilibrium with the universe. The perception of self within that world skewers and distorts what we miss and take for granted.
Remarks by me
Alaina Feb 12
I heard her screams again
the little girl next door
I offered to turn them in
but she insisted without them she'd be poor

So I left her in the house
that tried to take away her shine
I knew they treated her like a common mouse
how awful it was for her to face that firing line

And I was prepared for them to kick her
I knew they'd smack her face
eventually her bruises turned into one big blur
God, she was in the wrong place

But I thought she'd pull through
she always slept okay
Inside her dreams she flew
with her teddy bear by her side all the way

Without fail, every night
she crawled into bed and wept...
But in her sleep there was no fright
because next to her, her teddy bear slept

Then, one evening
I heard a horrid wail
Never so much screaming
I knew then, her spirit would fail

Turns out they took the bear...
of all the times I'd seen the child cry
This one held the most despair
it was worse than any black eye

I knew them to be mean
but never so evil
as to douse a child's comfort with kerosene
her heart was no stranger to upheaval

But this was cruel
what devil would think
to take her precious jewel
so she couldn't keep from going over the brink

They slapped her
They kicked her
They pushed her to the ground

then they took her bear
and I watched as her soul drowned
Nahal Mar 19
History tells stories of epic truth
This recounts an upheaval in Zanján
The Báb's blazing influence in his proofs
Opposed by the Mujtahids of Iran
I see the light of enkindled heroes
Dissolving ties of worldly attachment
Souls' lives sacrificed through horrendous blows
Causeless bloodshed, we ask, to what extent?
Formidable Hujját, in God, trusted
Struck dead by cannon, wife and young baby
For mere appeal to the Sháh for justice
Her name was Khadíjih, his was Hádí

At last, though suffering, he did not grieve
In heavenly blessings did he believe
The Báb was the Herald of Bahá'u'lláh the founder of the Bahá'í Faith. The Zanján Upheaval comes from stories of the Dawnbreakers. Opposing the Báb's new Revelation about the idea of the Promised One, it was a ****** battle killing many of His followers in a village called Zanján, Iran.
This particular sonnet focuses on a key individual who sacrificed his life, Hujját whose original name was Mullá Muhammad Alí. He was an ecclesiastical renowned for his knowledge who eventually came to recognise and accept the Báb's teachings upon investigation. The end, prior to his own martyrdom, his child and wife died due to a cannon striking the home which they stayed. This was because the Iranian clergy and Shah opposed his belief in the Báb. His words were:
“The day whereon I found Thy beloved One, O my God,” he cried, “and recognised in Him the Manifestation of Thy eternal Spirit, I foresaw the woes that I should suffer for Thee. Great as have been until now my sorrows, they can never compare with the agonies that I would willingly suffer in Thy name. How can this miserable life of mine, the loss of my wife and of my child, and the sacrifice of the band of my kindred and companions, compare with the blessings which the recognition of Thy Manifestation has bestowed on me! Would that a myriad lives were mine, would that I possessed the riches of the whole earth and its glory, that I might resign them all freely and joyously in Thy path.”
Thomas Goss May 21
Fragrant fields

invoke your opening shutter:

you build stamens into white resonance.

With the tilt of the lens

you hold back your breath

to halt the photo-blur.

The army of slime mold cells below

silently begins its glacial escape

as your mouth softens in anticipation

of capturing a pristine moment.

The scattered forest tops

shade your eyebrows

with the vertical upheaval

of decades-young canopy.

Can you see? In the clock-stop

stillness of a camera’s blinking eye

you tighten your grip on yourself

while still kneeling lightly

on the floors of nature.

Thus you open places that appear

all at once before you,

and culminate in the narrow beak of a winter bird

that rests momentarily on your shovel

before gratefully returning

to the archeological dig near your feet,

where it exhumes, then eats,

its breakfast of worms.
Saint Audrey Oct 4
She stood on the edge of the cliff, suspended somewhere in the distance between me and the setting sun. She looked back towards me, waiting patiently at the foot of her elongated shadow.

Her eyes were brimming with tears. Barely visible streaks of salt water already stained her cheeks, but across her lips, a smile. Wide enough to show nearly all her perfectly aligned teeth, her lips taught, almost painfully stretched across her face.

A laugh escaped her throat, something between a laugh and a sob and a cry, cut short as her lungs forced her to gasp, then falling into a spasm of short, shallow breaths.

The words fell like diamonds from her mouth to my ears, scoring my brain with their edges, blinding my inner light with their aura.

I was swept away in the moment, which I thought could never possibly end. But of course it did. And the silence that followed left me shattered and alone.

An escape made in earnest
The quiet upkeep of missing links
An upheaval of something good
To relinquish all sanity
As cracks begin to race across the surface
Dividing the tension across abstract faces
The sound of a jet engine
And the wind that grows ever warmer
The final rays of light
On this endless, waxing summer
In a chemical solution
nivek Aug 29
Life is a mountain
silent ages
upheaval of flesh
maturing souls
a Holy Ghost
over the waters
a bubbling brook
winding out to sea.
Graff1980 Apr 16
What is truth to this

Winded widow
who walks past
shaded windows
where loved one
play out the day
in a familial way
while his pain
pulls him
other directions
like some

Emotional upheaval
as he struggles to
remember and forget
in the same instance.

slight pauses
in his breath
and occasional
stares where
there is nothing left.

A poorly painted
green brick building,
with its rude
in a place
where he fails
to stop reflecting
causing a close
personal inspection
with his whole face.

Light green flakes
his stubble covered skin
forcing him
to be present again
and the dull ache
from his mistake
is something
he appreciates
he isn't forced to
recall what he’s been through
when he is dealing
with his newly chipped tooth
and ****** busted nose.

— The End —