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pk tunuri Mar 2018
Isn't it so easy to hate?
Forgive them before it's too late!

Lemme tell you something straight!
Holding grudges isn't so great!!

Take it as an update!
It may not change your fate!!

How long will you wait?
Forgiving someone isn't a bait!
we tend to hate easily than forgiving someone. No matter what happened it's better to let go hate and be kind to all
You make the journey unique.
With all those software
updates, controls,
commands, that safeguard.

Once enabled
You don't remember
me because
everyone remembers you!

©Feelings Coated
Lash Feb 5

been falling asleep to the sounds of you,
mocking me.
& every time you say you’re gone,
i hope for good.
from September of 17
to new beginnings in 19;
from raging enemies,
to dreams of all that could.
like all of our personalities had split personalities,
inconsistency played big reality.
& im always crushed when you leave.
the first few days are a breeze
then all my old wounds start to bleed.
i can’t control my breathing,
i am never at ease with you
and yet i always want to see you through.
and yet ill always wish the best for you.
Yenson Apr 22
You don't appear to have talked yet
wow! no repeat heard, no mimic convo dropped
I'm amazed
yes, it was a short call, but thanks
I,m laughing my head off her
I've got the soldiers on watch
all hyper, over nothing...hahaha
the war scribes are doing their nuts in
buzzing from all sides, its so easy to play them
lets keep them
busy teaching their grannies to **** eggs
serves them right, I do know how to ruffle them
nothing to occupy their inane senses
little fanatical minds require little to excite them
I sit and laugh, feel like Prince Charles
the masses chattering, giving their half-a-penny's worth ...
thinking they are effective somehow, its such a riotous joke
make a difference, go join the Extinction whats not
not waste your time and energy chasing delusions
don't tell them that, let fools be fools, they're used to it.
Still waiting to see when they make you reveal
calling me in the toilet??...oh dear.....!!
I am feeling better
The thoughts are less
Most of the pain has flow out with the river
The river of blood and tears

I am doing better
Therapy is on the move
My mouth is speaking
It helps to process

I have plans for the future
A new house is what I will be looking for
A house for me alone
Just quiet and comfy

I have flashbacks sometimes
Thoughts, memories popping up
From things that remember me of her
But that is okay, as she is a memory

I am doing better
It is going great
The future is near
And I want to meet the future
If you want to know anything or talk about anything. Just say it, don't keep walking around with it. That **** doesn't work, you only will feel more miserable. So please talk if you are in pain, any pain.

Is it "sometimes I have flashbacks" or "I have flashbacks sometimes".
My feeling says the first one. But if that is true the rythem in the poem will be weaker, as not every verse starts with "I".
Adasyev Jul 2018
I won't cancel my account here and delete any poems which I like... I once was a poet here with freedom of speech. It is past now. Thank you all. Black, blue, silver, green or white can't be repainted with pink, as some state paid fools would desire. Bye

Please be aware that the account with current female nickname "sara" IS NOT A REAL PERSON POETRY ACCOUNT, but a social media watching account used by the MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC.

Please don't follow this account or support it anyway. If you get or did get any private messages from this account, they are a scam.

Since 2016, this account "retardnnn" can be found on many social media platforms including and many others. Here are some characteristics of it:

- there is never any uploaded content of the user, so no poems from "sara" even on this site where an invitation poem is required to join the community (perhaps deleted after joining)
- favorites of the fictional user are completely non-sense and accidental, completed just by clicking on similar tags, resulting in a mix of poems coming from many years, this is very distinct from a real person loving poems from people who they watch at a moment. You can see it yourself on
- in other sites like, the photo of "retardnnn" or "Sara" is some kind of pretty looking teenage girl. Even not being the same ******* all sites, this is a (jail)bait. By searching the source of the profile pictures, as I did, you can go back to the years 2012 or 2013, and the source photo is matched to Russian websites. This is certainly NOT a real person.

Use your brain, not sympathy for girl names.

I claim the main reason the mentioned profile joined Hellopoetry several months ago is me. Particularly my short prose written in Czech that I published here on December 28th which mocks in a very unpleasant way corruption-driven part of state administration in Prague, responsible for supervising so-called "independent contractors" employment model which is widespread in my country (also known in UK and US I guess). It also targeted particular state official in Prague in a way that became some kind of popular after that. With this text, I achieved what I wanted and I am proud of it.

The user is now watching me but I blocked them, so is present just as number 6 but invisible in my watchers list.

I WILL DELETE THIS non poetry related text after this user GETS OFF THIS SITE. Thanks, LV

The employee rights complaint written by me dealing with Czech authorities is accessible through (in Czech language of course).

UPDATE: In a attempt to discourage people reading my poems, I have ADS IN FRONT of my poems. You can see it by logging off (at least from my IP).

UPDATE 2: For visitors coming outside, the number of views of this text IS FALSIFIED, compared to what I see when I log in.

UPDATE 3: After publishing this, ads disappeared. Also user stopped watching me. The number of views of my texts is rising again.

UPDATE 4: Ads again renewed, but this time for any poems I see from my IP (country). Guys are working hard.

UPDATE 5: After having published new header about censorship on my profile page, FREQUENCY OF ADS dropped but they are still present.

UPDATE 6: Still being the same guy (Adasyev) I have changed my profile name to a better known one, only to see if this will influence displaying ads.

UPDATE 7: After doing this, the number of views (of this text) as seen below is blocked at 251 (for readers coming outside the community, my IP or country). The number of views at my poems is also blocked.

UPDATE 8: Number of views is fixed to 540 as of August 5. This is meant from country's IP adresses.

UPDATE 9: When viewed from my country's IP, the profile is still present with 8 followers.

UPDATE 10: Number of views of this text was fixed to 635 when viewed from my country's IP. As of August 6. When I log in the current number is 715. Ads are displaying almost everywhere on this site from my country's IP. Immediately after publishing the above text number is modified to 726. Any future value will be falsified and blocked from my country, so it lacks a sense to continue with this updating.

UPDATE 11: In response to the censorship on this site from my country I have already deleted in the last days the incriminated text from December 28th and few others concerning state administration in my country.

PLEASE NOTE: With the current censorship on this server in Czech Republic, you can't be sure whether I get or did get any private messages from you. I didn't get one till now.


Link to this post is:

Shortened link (as seen in my profile's header) is:
A tale of one's own
Should never be told
For plots that bear truth
Knows none whom to hold

Be weary of those
Who know of your life
It may be kept dear
Or thrown behind lies
Trust me, I know.
Danielle L Cook Sep 2018
I got a new job this weekend and it's going really well,
if by well I mean I haven't cried at work yet.

I came pretty close though when a lady asked to do a return for her
see, I've never done a return,
let alone touch a register before noon,
and now there's a line of people all waiting with their dog food and tiny overpriced sweaters,
all waiting for me to get my **** together and figure this out
figure this out. figure this out. figure this out.

but I don't figure it out, and this lady is so patient it almost makes it worse,
and I can feel a swarm of bees building in my throat,
threatening to spill forth from my lips and even though I try to hold them in
with a pleasant smile and clenched teeth, it's not enough
it's not enough. it's not enough. it's not enough.

it was my coworker that saved me from the bubbling panic attack,
when she swooped in like superman, but with ******* instead of bullet proof skin,
then the lady left with a smile of her face, a few dollars richer,
while mine burned with shame and my coworker, bless her soul, told me it's okay to ask for help

I got a new job this weekend and it's going really well
if by well I mean I didn't completely lose my **** yet
Plush and Prim is your White, Feathery Plume
Soft the Inertia of your Thighs update
I pray this time, your Victory resume,
Revive your Year's Fortress not far too late
In your eyes you reject the Gambler's View
For no such Attitude ever won Hearts
The Paddles you took - timed and faster blue
Were enough for us to make Key Remarks
This Beauty, defined as Hair-Painted Wind,
Tad effort needed to brush your Canvas red
Pour out! Pour out! Pour, Passion's Purest Sprint
And let your Spirit drape these Words instead:
I'll just be right here, cheering for your Cause
Whether win or lose my Soul will not pause.
Luz Hanaii Jan 2014
Many think, I used to think this as well, that to be happy you must fill exalted and exited. When good things happen to us we naturally feel good and elated, it's a natural human response. Good things make us feel good and what we consider not good, make us feel bad.  A natural child and human response.

The sense of  happiness I'm describing here is not the mere result of a reaction to some happy event but is rather the state of being of our spirit, the acceptance that there will always be things that we have not control of, which we feel are bad and make us angry or sad.  True happiness in my estimation is being at peace, not letting our emotions, either good or bad determine our inner balance.

How many times those things I considered  bad, latter where the very things which help me learn and grow.  Experiences such as, illnesses, poverty, abuse, ignorance, depression, anxiety, fear... on and on, are nothing more than teachers, though we may see them as tormentors, when they first strike at us.

We are taught to live in this world using our five senses.  Therefore we estimate that happiness must be having good things and good feelings. We are thought to judge in order to survive in this world.  And that is fine up to a point, if we don't look before crossing the street, we take our chances at getting hit by a car.

We are taught that happiness is outside of us, we look for entertainment, material things,  and people to make us happy.  We look for support and words from others to value who we are, it is the normal thing a child does. It is the normal process of the primitive survival geared mind.

Some of us have not have the blessing of having parents that were happy within themselves, we've been verbally and physically abused, publicly ridiculed,  beaten, not validated/ignored, minimized and made to feel sick and disconnected etc... we've come from broken homes and broken people trying to raise us as best they knew how.  We are trying to heal and grow. We are all seeking to be happy.  We are all seeking support from an exterior world and from people, it's natural.  But as we mature and awake, we realize that no person, entertainment or thing can ever truly give you the happiness you need. We need to stop comparing ourselves with others or taking to heart their estimation of us. We need to revise and update the old programing in our minds given to us by our parents, school, the world. We have to learn to forgive others, love and accept our selves to find true happiness.  

I once heard a good example of what happiness is, which I had not considered.
Example below
Look at your hand and observe how each finger is happy.  They don't ask for anything, they simply are.  Now if you were to hit one finger with a hammer the finger would stop being happy.  It would start to throb with pain and depending on the impact the pain would go away or stay longer.
True happiness is simply that, just being.

Revised @9/21/16
-Luz Hanaii
I revised this, for growth is not set in stone, my way of seeing things changes as I move on with time. There are different angles and ways to look at things. I understand that we don't all use the same eye prescriptions, my limited perceptions may not agree with yours.  Also that by me judging your way of observation as wrong, would only limit me and my growth.
robot mom Sep 2018
9:26 am

The people I meet in dreams don't remember who I am. I knew you back then, I say. You know me. But I think about the ways I am different from then, how fear made me shift in ways I can't describe.

There isn't enough time to tell the stories of my becoming,
as I am still becoming.

Winter is my season. No stranger is the cold, dry air to my nostrils. The wind whips my face, lashes for every breath taken for granted.

Ice awakens ancestral knowledge,
not of human origin but geologic time.

When did we become vessels for truth? For the words on my lips crawl from a well of pain, fragments bubble to the surface.

Pieces to a puzzle only I can solve.

I wonder, does the core of our planet feel the way we do? Does she writhe in pain the way we do? Is she lonely, like me? Does she feel alive when the sun beats across her face, and does she dance across space to feel alive, like I do?

Earth wept when we plotted her demise, victim to the narrative of a civilized society. Human progress is nothing but power and glory.

How have I been so complicit in your suffering, I ask.
The Earth remains silent.
life is really hard RN and I don't know how to talk about it, here is a poem.
And socially
I'm insane

All I could say
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Better Human Project ||Search a way what inspires you
Author's Note: Madness is the gateway to higher dimension. Upgrade now, be mad what you crave for. If peace and vision demands certain degree of insanity, don't choose the easy way, let the new trails guide you. And let finally that day come when you will be more proud of yourself and only you have to say is, "this is it."
You are following
The old
What you learned
When you were a child

Consider to review

The updated
Rule of Love
Genre: Observational
Theme: Connection
Wyatt Apr 11
Hi there. It's me again.
I hope you all have been well.

I've taken much time off to think about
what type of poetry I want to make,
still I'm left with nothing to show for it.
There are no answers.

I'm not nearly as depressed
as I was in my previous update,
but there are still many hard moments.
I beat myself up most days
for not finding my purpose in life yet.
My ability to write has left me.
My expression is gone.
I've gone mute almost.
It's like I've lost a part of myself.
That's how much I've come to
treasure these words of mine.

I hope you all are doing great things.
If you ever have an opportunity
that can grant you bountiful life,
don't ever hesitate. Take it.
Do not surround yourself in the past,
for the past is a sea of death.
It'll swallow you whole,
as I'm speaking from the sea bed.

I do not see myself putting
anything out anytime soon
because nothing I write feels right.
It's still frustrating to me.
I still feel a strong sense of loss.
This is all I can offer you.
Who am I? What can I be? Will I get out of here?
My own silence is suffocating me. Hands gripped tight.
Gale L Mccoy Mar 20
im very tired and
ik theres no value in saying that.
but it pops up like a windows update
14.56 minutes before force reboot
save your progress
i press restart as
ive made no progress to save
Shaleen Kalsi Jan 31
What did you think little girl?
That he’d come and take you away?
He is also stuck,
A fly in honey
A fly on a sticky mat
A fly with its wings peeled off
Everyone needs rescuing
And now you’ll have to be your own ambulance
Your own siren call
Your own rescue helicopter
Your own intervention
It is okay, little girl
To want
To lose
To want to lose
And then want again
Forgive yourself a little,
To  be human is to have an excuse to err
M May 2018
Update feeling a Bit sicker I'm allerigc to something. I think they will not listen to me but nothing is strange. They told me Stop posting so I can not do that anymore I will make videos When I feel better. Follow my on instgram M.Soccer43 Peace Out stay happy
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2016

for the early morning teach


she's young, beautiful and thinks her life is cursed,
in the past, subject of some of my poems, her health to nurse,
yet, as is normative, you fall into & out of a well of touch,
until you accidentally once again path cross,
she provides a precision mathematical status update

"i'm fairly certain things are like at least 38% worse."

it is 1:38AM for you,
the not unnoticed ironic minute and hour
when the night ether has prematurely worn off,
rising time close but not nearly close enough,
a dark dose of a sleeping nurse's aide seems inappropriate,
and TV reruns seem like an insult to your brain

instead you turn on some belle string musique,
a Grande Messe des Morts,
a chorus,
singing a high mass for the dead,
while opening all your various email luggage and baggage,
smiling as you read a poetess's message of
laughter behind tears

"i'm fairly certain things are like at least 38% worse."

and Mississippi ******,
your uncontrollable mixed drink of her emotional
Grenada grenade cocktail,
flavored with musique, paintings, and words and a nearby beloved's
gentling sleep sounds,
has you writing your own protest poem,
your very own,
oy vey, grande messe,
about lives that were supposed to be
pictures of perfect artistry
and for but a word or two,
instead, a painting of a life that got hung upside down,
and indeed,
leaving a grand mess and no one to help clean up

alternatively weeping, laughing as you are thinking,
smiling recall
Laurel and Hardy's summary definition
of living a life's of ill begotten, misventured adventures:

"Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into !"

but 38% worse?

not an even-steven rounded up 40%,

should I write you only 38% of a poem, teach?
or more accurately, more mathematically,
138% of what was writ before?

and you recall your older, prior words
about the love hate affair between
you poet,
and the beauty of written brevity
(her style)

and you give her this then,
this rambling, scrambled, attention paid notification,
word attentiveness, a summary of your readings
of her cheddar sharp and honey mustard sweet retorts of
pained poetry,

it is insufficiently but perfectly sufficient,
a summarizing phrase that opens
and yet
briefly encapsulates all that
you are feeling for her

"thinking of you"

or the 38% larger version thereof -

*"Well, here's another 38% more
nice poetic mess
you've gotten me into!"
2:44 AM,
of course
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