You made me feel unwanted
by all the things you did not say,
a simple goodnight, how was your day?

sometimes silence can break one down. say something!!!!!
Ivy Haegan Mar 2014

Take down the names of the unwanted
Make sure that I'm on the list
As rain pours down their faces
Remember that we exist

The sound of the marching footsteps
The death of an innocent man
Remembrance of what it once was
The times when it began

Poetic Artiste Mar 2015

Am I not enough?
I'm treated like an unloved,
Avoided of touch.

Aura is a powerful thing.
Lillian Harris Apr 2015

These words
Will never
Fully express
The pain
My chest
When I
That you don't
Want me

you probably won't even read this.
Poetic T Oct 2014

Thrown back, like unclean
Not even as a second look,
Features great the cold ground,
Feeling more in this moment
Of contact, than in life
Feelings upon show, not opening
That emotion that shows,
I have hands out, as if trying to cup
Of others, not wanting to go back,
"I will not look back"
They shut that door, and ended it.
A new harder chapter in my
Walk of life, But the ground is
But it is upon this I now rest a
Weary head,
Curled up,
Protection of self,
For predators of the night greet darkness
I hope that a new day awakens my eyes,
For I am among many,
Vacant emotion upon many faces
As if the world has won over them,
I just wish to open my eyes and greet a new day
I am among many unwanted but still wish life.

saryachan Jul 2015

Please don't take me for granted
While I marvel in your mystique
Revel, I'm dazzled,
            I find you unique
Yet I'm certain
Quite certain
Though you are my peak
I am not the one you seek.

I am not the one you seek.

Venice Williams Jan 2015

Alone, cold, and mislead
is what it feels like to be unwanted.

After a while the feelings are accepted,well actually any feeling.

Maybe this was planned maybe if I keep going I will see a light.

Through this darkness I will come.
Feelings of acceptance creep in, slowly, but they still come.

Laughter seems so far away, like it is foreign where I am.

Where is that I ask? Why does it even matter because I know what darkness feels like.

I know what being unwanted feels like.

Because no one can help me now. Now that I know what it feels like and what it means.

Now I know what it means to be

                                              Darkly Unwanted.

NitaAnn Jun 2014


I put myself out there


Can I go? Include me, please!


Hello, I am right here!

Not seen
Not wanted
Not loved

Giving up
Hurts to be left out
Tired of feeling defeated


I offer myself to you.
Bare and naked.
I rip my heart out for you.
Cold but still beating.
I work my fingers to the bone for you.
Nothing but scraps of what they used to be.
But you can't see what you don't want.
And you don't want what you can't see.
So you throw me away, bare and naked.
You step on my heart, cold - no longer beating.
You push my bloodied hands away from you in disgust.
You don't see how hard I've tried.
You ignore the tears I've cried.
I guess this is all I'll ever be.
I love you anyway mommy.

Jordan Dec 2014

"what do you want to be when you're older"

Kathy Byers Jan 2010

Ribbons in you hair.
Diamonds in your ears.

Magazine clippings line the floor.
Pictures clutter the desk.
Friends, lovers, family.

You feel like a faked orgasm, unwanted.
Clinging to what you know is right
and bordering what you know is wrong.

Playing Russian roulette with fate.
Rolling the dice and raising the stakes.
Neither will save you now.

But don't forget to smile and
Bat your lashes.
For when we leave you to rest in peace.

My hate is the unused love
The love that was not accepted
Everyone saw that quiet, lonely shell
But merely flicked it away

I walked alone
I sat alone
I had this love
This unwanted love
No one to give it to
No way to show it

So I learned how to hate
This love turned sour
Covered in black
Scrape away the darkness,
You'll end up back

The hatred filled me like love once did
And like love,
There was no one to give it to
Like always,
I was alone

So the hatred simmered
The darkness calmed down
And turned dark blue
It was sadness
Suffocating sadness

The muggy air filled my lungs
Condensation pouring out of my eyes
The love was being chipped away
Was there any love at all?

And here I sit
With a line for a mouth
And tired eyes
I'm still alone

Steph Dionisio Mar 2016

You said that she's beautiful like a garden.
Filled with glowing beauty;
drenched in the warmth of sunshine.
But little did you know,
this beautiful garden has grown wildflowers.
They are in every corner, even on the path.
And the time you noticed these unwanted flowers,
you stepped on every blossom and left the garden.

-Steph Dionisio, March 9, 2016

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