Love Jun 2015
To you, my one and only unknown love, I bestow unto you my heart and burning desires.
I've dreamed of our wedding day, and much more to come.
But still with a blank slate, for you, my one and only unknown love.
Afrodita Nestor Sep 2014
Unknown friends with
Unknown faces
Unknown ways to
Unknown places

Unknown depths
Yet to find
Unknown heights
Yet to climb

Unknown beauties
Yet to see
Unknown things
Yet to be

Unknown waters
I am not afraid
Unknown future
I am not scared

The shiny sun
During days
Will give me strength
On my way

The countless stars
So far above
Will keep me safe
With their tender love

My dearest one
My one and only
Will kiss me softly
When I feel lonely

I cannot wait
to meet you soon
I am prepared
For new typhoons

Unknown, Unknown
Yet to be
You have never met
Someone like me
Copyright Afrodita Nestor
Unknown Jun 2015
You think you know
Thoughts come and go
But what's really known?
Nothing's been shown...

Days go by
And so do lies
You know things die
So why hide?..

Life's a journey
So stop your worry
Don't be in a furry
Until your love is buried...

Love's a phase
That sends you into a daze
Trapped in a maze
For days and days...

But in the end
Your ultimate fate
Is hand in hand
With those you hate...
First poem... Inspired by a friend. Sorry if it stinks.
ic Mar 2014
we all fear the unknown,
it may be positive or negative,
but it always strikes
you like a lightning bolt.
Kyla Nichols Apr 2014
At the moment i cant tell you the pain i feel,
I can only wish for it soon to heal.
The sound of your voice still lingers,
As does the gentle touch of your fingers.
At the moment this all feels like an illusion,
And causes me too much confusion.
The pain of not knowing if this was real,
And what you said isn't what you feel.
The pain of not knowing if your okay,
Or how your getting through another day.
The unknowns cause the most pain,
And make my tears fall down like rain.
I hope this wasn't my mistake,
And this all wasn't  just a fake.
My feelings for you remain the same,
In hopes this wasn't just a game.
I long for you now that we are apart,
But as in my mind, you live in my heart.
I miss you more than words can say,
And I hate that we are so far away.
But know i think of you every day
And want to be with you in every way.
I truly hope this hasn't ended,
Because for me its been so splendid.
There is only one more thing left on my mind,
So here it is I'll let it unwind.
I love you..
More than i ever knew.
Haley Elizabeth Jan 2015
Interesting how my story
hasn't been written yet
But somehow
you know
all the
Liora Jensen Aug 2014
Presently convinced my mind has gone amiss.
Where from me, betrayed, does my current filter lay?
Under the stars? Over the moon?
Locked away in complacent solitude?
I refuse to wonder, or dream, or wander.
I must do what I can with this joke of a hand.
Abigail de Jesus Sep 2014
at the end of a hallway
looking out the window at night
there is a sense of coldness seeping through my warm blood
going through me and taking over

under the bed
inside of your head
is there a demon waiting?
lurking through the cover of darkness
stealthily destroying all sense of confidence

where is the light?
i can't find the switch
i'm just reaching out into the dark
a void filled with the unknown

the present is all you know
and maybe some of your past
and your future is all that's unknown
I apologize for the lowercase, I was too lazy to press the shift button over and over again.
brandon nagley Aug 2015
Legend say's;
When you can't sleep at night,
It's because your awake
In someone else's dream.......
Just Facebook quote and I love ittt lol
MsAmendable Aug 2015
The unknown is comforting in the thought,
That for all the bad that may come,
There is just as much good

And thus, I do not fear the future
falling Jul 2014
what we yearn for.
yet what is
simply there is
such thing as
we have never
how could we know.
the answer of
what we yearn for.
TheEndofForever Aug 2014
I'm afraid of the nighttime sounds,
The echoed barks of some distant hound.
I'm afraid of the ocean,
The creatures that lurk through the slow, smooth motions.
I'm afraid of the future,
Of what that might be.
I'm afraid of being alone..
I'm afraid of me.
Yes, I am actually afraid of these things. The first two terrify me.
Amitav Radiance Dec 2014
In this journey
We walk into the unknown
The clock’s hands
Drag us towards it
A day packed with surprises
Our plans do not matter
We seem to deny the fact
Unknown is our journey
Afraid of the known
Created by our imagination
What have we created?
In the unknown we have to delve
To look for the right answers
We have to be aware
When we step into the unexplored
To be a willing learner
We have to be accepting
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