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Stu Harley Jul 2018
city skyline
string of gold
blood moon
Michael Briefs Jul 2017
From white canvass,
a blank ledger of potent
awaiting form and function:
the seminal swirl of
her brush signals,
simple hue,
subtle structure.
From flesh stroke
sanguine blush of
satin seams
and outstretched limbs,
the artist invokes
shade and light.
Spring greens, rampant peaks,
reaching aloft into
gossamer mists; calm swells,
verdant bosoms,
inviting fields of
luxuriant temptation.
From an eternal cool,
the (all too) temporary warmth
of her embrace
lies just beyond:
enticing, luring, coaxing
into heady desire.
From whence,
the dream
See a photo that inspired this poem:
Third Eye Candy Apr 2013
Gemini in seasonable  evening,
serenely swirling in Septemberous
ferris wheels
reeling in the vast domain
of lonesome leviathans
and witch-fires;
nowhere bound in the boundless fecundity
[ the feral joys of creation... ]
meander in gravity's
well of souls,
swollen with unknowns and proteins;
golden rods in pointless foam
brewing the elixir vitae
in the Dippers cup. the Milky Way,
a wayward gush
from an ancient Mother Goddess,
plump and shameless, pumping teats
to nurse worlds
infused with divine rays of gamma and x...
why set dark apart
from firmament burning

must clutch eggs in the void
as much
as fork tongue white dwarfs.
of course, the Source
as  Love does. it's purpose,
in thrall of fearless veracity,
spinning yarns for glad garments
to clothe the naked dread
of such fearful symmetries
as roam the wild delights
of the infinite

the Pi
on the window sill,
tempting the circular frame of reference
to square with the sublime Will.
another Fibonacci in your
to better hobnob with
everything annihilates hatred.
from within,
we sojourn to sovereign super-continents
of opulent peace.
profound realities surge serpentine
with Meaning.
we are outdone on the inside by small minds
and farcical

so at night
look up.

Love's Tongue Is
Tanay Sengupta Aug 2018
A sight to behold
Is a clear sky on a full moon night.
The magic unfolds,
Looking up to the stars shining bright.
The chilly air kisses my cheeks,
As I lift my head towards the sky.
Gazing at the nocturnal canvas and its antiques
With a naive wish to fly.

Then a sudden breeze breaks the trance
I feel her gentle touch as she passes through.
I look around to see her dance
Oh, how I wish I could dance with her too!

Gracefully, she touches the leaves
She is the wind and she is free!
As she passes through the trees.
She is the wind and she is free!
I hear her whispers as she breathes
She is the wind and she is free!
She flows through me with ease.

Then she slowly fades away.
While I see the night turning into day.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
Originally written a very long time ago, I think I was probably 15 or 16 back then. I just did a few minor adjustments and posted it here. Happy reading!
shamamama Apr 29
Gentle silence unfolds into chaotic cacophany
My eyes once dry
open wide to watering
the rain outside
the tears inside
washing away debris
from the forest
of confusion
watering my seeds
of awakening
to this truth
The once quiet night turned from pattering to battering, pounding and sounding --more like the rain of jaguars and wolves awakening me into my thoughts...
Jesse stillwater Sep 2018
The belated summer sky is alive
with a  D r a g o n f l y ballet

Beneath,.. the rain parched sod
lay sullied, cracked open
by an unsated thirstiness
awaiting the painted autumn days
and the cleansing rain's renewal

A lace-winged hatch rises skyward
— meandering  airborne —
drifting upwards like a burst of dust
dissipating in an invisible cloud
of eventide's silent breath

Darting shadows hover
above a seeker's curiosity
    just this side the  
softening sunset backdrop

A synthesis of fluid motion
  – darting kinesis –
    swift agile fliers
steal away over the thirsty pond;
their mesmerizing beauty enchants
as the dimming dusk falls silent —-
embellishing the unrelenting ending
   another summer's
 imminent curtain call;

reminding how inexorable-time
is only a contrived human notion,
a recurring extrapolation
  of passing  seasons

Heightening awareness:
how we too are only
passing through these
unholdable moments
   coming to know
    we cannot stop
   how life unfolds

The raindrops will quench
the pond's aching thirst
again one fall someday...

  — hereafter —
there will be another
beauty of dragonflies
some other eyes will see
preying on another burgeoning
gossamer-winged hatch

another beckoning autumn
when the dragonflies hover
below the gazing totems
     in the treetops

Jesse Stillwater ... September 2018                                                 .
Notes: Dragonflies can fly at 100 body-lengths per second, and three lengths per second backwards.[20] Wiki   Fossils of very large dragonfly ancestors in the Protodonata are found from 325 million years ago (Mya) in Upper Carboniferous rocks; these had wingspans up to about 750 mm (30 in). There are about 3000 extant species.

Unholdable moments touched out here adrift —

Thanks for reading !
Dan Beyer Jul 2018
Midnight excursion
Streetlights of gold
So many treasures
The darkness unfolds

Silver leaves illumed
By the moons ghoulish glow
How many secrets does
The darkness know

Diamonds that shimmer
In the vast blackened sky
What next to this in
The darkness am I?
corporal May 2018
Let me taste those golds
because Babe, we’re not here to be told.
Bury a kiss on my neck before the truth unfolds.
It’d be your vow to the angel you’d sold.

Take off your watch.
Take off your crown.
In just one touch,
Make me believe I'm the only one.

Golden sticks, holy air.
Drop the lies and just skin me alive.
Don’t ask for a name.
Surrender to a bite instead.

Throw your clothes on the floor.
Leave your name behind the door.
You won't need those until four.
Don't bite too hard 'cause I might ask for more.

She's pretty wise to be fooled by his nicotine tongue.
But his smile bites.
Oh god, It does.
But Babe, you're in the wrong place if you're looking for love.

Danger hangs around his neck
Another trouble night ahead,
As if the government would pay
For all the night we would face
Poetria Mar 2016
I watch the dead come alive,
Writing lines on this site.
They tell a tale of how mad
things have been in their lives.

sadness unfolds
Another story untold
to the ones that they know
only strangers to show
what goes on down their road.
Too many rhymes.

I watch my screen come alive
With every verse you guys type
Imagine eyes getting brighter
Forgotten mirth brought to light

I'm the queen of my page
"The world is our stage"
Over your poetry you'll reign
Until reality returns again.
The body just might, but spirits never die.
Benji James Sep 2018
Could it be
I've never seen
Beauty in me
Took time to reflect
On all that I am
I haven't shared everything I can
On this soul-searching road
The winds and turns
Each corner holds secrets
Each road taken holds challenges untold
Which road you choose is how life unfolds
Some are rougher, Sometimes it's smooth sailing
All the time I've invested in this world
I've come to realise
Each moment is just a piece strung together
In this story called life
I have no wisdom in my words
All I know is I've survived
Yeah, still alive.

Some would say I feel too much
Some would say, I'm too ******* myself
Mistakes I owned them
Haters I outgrow them
There's a whole lot in me
Only a few people see
A light that shines slightly through the cracks
I'm not all bad
And all this strength gathered
Has taken me to heights
Others couldn't imagine
Like a lighter, a little spark
Can ignite a torch
Revealing truths in dark corners
It's all these things
That makes me a lyrical philosopher
Through these lines I conquer

A man made up of scars
Each marks a tale
Each a reminder of lessons learned
I've been through the ringer
Still standing, And I'll still fight
Until my last breath drains all my might
No matter what the world throws my way
I'll always say...          
"Challenge accepted."
Never gave up
I still dream
I still fight my way
Through each day
No matter the odds stacked against me
I'm a raise my head accept the challenges met

Some would say I feel too much
Some would say, I'm too ******* myself
Mistakes I owned them
Haters I outgrow them
There's a whole lot in me
Only a few people see
A light that shines slightly through the cracks
I'm not all bad
And all this strength gathered
Has taken me to heights
Others couldn't imagine
Like a lighter, a little spark
Can ignite a torch
Revealing truths in dark corners
It's all these things
That makes me a lyrical philosopher
Through these lines I conquer

Nothing is going to hold me down
I'm going to dance like a warrior
All these bad habits couldn't be sorrier
All these battles I've won
Some left me scarred
But through this my skin became hard
Got a thick skin, Never cut through it
Got a good heart, shines through in my art
Belief only takes you so far
Have faith, it'll take you beyond the stars
They say wisdom can't be found in bars
In unlikely places, you can find yourself
And accept it is all you are
All that you've become
Water washes over me
Setting me free
All this dirt cleansed from me
You haven't even seen the best from me

Some would say I feel too much
Some would say, I'm too ******* myself
Mistakes I owned them
Haters I outgrow them
There's a whole lot in me
Only a few people see
A light that shines slightly through the cracks
I'm not all bad
And all this strength gathered
Has taken me to heights
Others couldn't imagine
Like a lighter, a little spark
Can ignite a torch
Revealing truths in dark corners
It's all these things
That makes me a lyrical philosopher
Through these lines I conquer.

Don't make me a role model
That I can never fulfil
All I wanna be is an Inspiration
Show people if they stick to it
They can make it
They won't fail if they fight tooth and nail
Revealing truths through poetic paragraphs
Silver linings rising, capture lightning in a bottle
Hard to contain, just striking in ways they don't expect
In life, you'll realise your blessed
If you take a deep look around
And all that surrounds us
Just shows that you can achieve
Be anything you want to be
And all I choose is to just be me
Open up your heart to see.

Some would say I feel too much
Some would say, I'm too ******* myself
Mistakes I owned them
Haters I outgrow them
There's a whole lot in me
Only a few people see
A light that shines slightly through the cracks
I'm not all bad
And all this strength gathered
Has taken me to heights
Others couldn't imagine
Like a lighter, a little spark
Can ignite a torch
Revealing truths in dark corners
It's all these things
That makes me a lyrical philosopher
Through these lines I conquer

©2018 Written By Benji James
Little Bit Mar 2017
sweetest girl
my greatest joy is
watching your
imagination grow
I'm honored to
be a spectator to
how it unfolds

even when it frightens you
because that unfortunately
is the cost of creativity

but don't try to stop it
that will only weigh down
your effervescent spirit
that would only mix your
true colors to ashy grey

I'll hold your hand
walk you through
the gravel and sand
and remind you to
appreciate the grand

your wonder
delights me
I can't wait
to see how you
surprise me
written 3/18/17
Vrushali Jadhav Oct 2017
Where nowhere to go,
But somewhere to be !
My heart seeks for you,
As a bird searches its tree !

Around you I could be me,
As you felt like my home!
You made me a wanderer,
With the courage to roam !

All the pain,
That my heart holds!
Suddenly diminishes,
As your love for me, unfolds!

As I walk with you,
And stand by your side!
I promise to be your half,
Through the storm and the tide!

Shine like a star,
For my vulnerable sky!
As I show you,
How my love gets you high !

Together then we will see,
What feels like a FOREVER!
As you tight my hand,
And I leave you, NEVER
Umi Dec 2017
I gently ask to see your loving gaze
So that it can set my calm soul ablaze
Yes, you're cheering me up in such simple ways!

True love unfolds like a rose
Which you expose, to the delicate morning light

And even if you say, you don't want a blazing sun...But a twinkling sttar...
Can't you see that I am a star which radiating its light just for you ?
So ***, see through the burning rays of my love
And shine...
This is one of the wishes of mine ~ ♡

~ Umi
Edward Coles Feb 2017
The distant park
Was a graveyard of dead stars.
Each streetlight a system of worlds,
So many lives between each mote of light,
Indistinguishable in their unique love,
Bespoke hate, and the drama of the modern age.

Drunk laughter behind transparent
Double doors. Another hotel balcony,
Another cloud behind the canopy
Of marijuana eyes
To unsettle me from the crowd.

She points out, when you look closely
You can see the disorder
Amongst all constellations
Of life and love and litter;
Of discarded Coke cans
And temporary highs.

She says this is not a scene
To imbue the ****** of a present mind,
More to baulk at the incompletion
Of one thousand to-do lists;
A million reasons why
You should just stay inside.

She says you can see the human swell
Of ignorance, our city lights
Blotting out the stars
In a black ocean of broken politic
And irretrievable fault lines-
Divisions between us all.
Lives twisted with professional smiles
And eyes lit with stunning indifference.

Still, I have felt charity and warmth
On the doorstep of lunatics and fascists.
I have read the love of life
In faces of those who gave up.
I have recounted countless artists
Who saw beauty
In moments that precisely lacked it.

I have spent too many nights
In anaesthesia,
Fleeing each instance of feeling
And terror; all the tremors
That tell me I am still alive.

Continued to stare at the lights
Long after her voice
And the laughter inside had gone.

Heard waves in the traffic.
A world so large, so expansive,
It can never truly sleep.
Every broken heart,
Every war-torn land,
Every promotion,
Every one-night stand.

I wonder what would happen
If we all stood still.
If we all took one moment
To observe the motion
That unfolds beneath
Our static windowsill.

If we all took one moment
To recover our loss.
The wars that we won,
The feelings, forgot.
The hell we retain;
Our paradise, lost.
With every word, a story unfolds
Born, loved, and cared for, with a future and growth
Only to scamper from what you fear the most
Exposed as a fraud that you clench to and hold
Be it bold, be it brave, be it unknowingly close
Theron lyes the problem that’s written in stone.
Azaria Sep 2018
enfolded in
your abundant legs
i find all the good
things etched
on the surface
of your
like an egyptian
relief painting
you are worth
enough tears
to flood the nile
and re-write the
way the marsh unfolds
like the way i found you:
verdant discoveries
on sundays
and new ways
to say shadane
pragmatic star girl
i add your name
to my mental thesarus
like a new favorite
adoring and
absorbing your
like second
come here often?
Julio May 18
I don't know there ......
but here,
the morning is of icicles,
of cold breath,
of a distant sun.

I don't konw there ......
Prima silence,
the white roundness,
and the blue clean.

the leaves dazzle,
the water runs dense .....
the ice melts.

And there?

There was not there ...
but here,
I look to the East,
my eternal horizon,
the white vastness.

the creatures enjoy the morning,
the crispy floor,
snort and dare.


I don't konw there ......
but here,
the day unfolds radiant
and full of promises.

Today ..........  any promises radiant there?
Umi Apr 2018
Words, conveyed by song,
A white witchery of chering emotions, sadness, may anger or grief, flowing alike a river through ones body once it's been sensed, heard,
Overcoming even time and space, giving the gentle look on your face some sweetness which I cannot describe, drawn in the landscape of my heart, a bittersweet melody unfolds, a flower blooming by night,
"Bury the earths ground in your petals, oh widely blossoming flower"
I thought whilst a breeze rushed through the leafs of nearby trees, making a pleasant noise, yet I cannot be in ease, after all I'm inhuman,
As time ticks on, the orchestra of mother nature develops in a stream of lingering sadness, with a magical touch one that embraces me instantly, locking me into a trance, of pleasure yet also great pain,
Was it my means or my purpose, was it my belief in good and evil ?
With no further hesitation, I swallowed all those meaningless questions and move my gaze up to the clouds in the heavens above,
Human or not, I remain without use for this world, what I realised is,
That I am, Nihilistic

~ Umi
Lea Loveit May 2018
Warm air swarm
Expecting less than nothing
Except whatever the term
Is for the birth of a cling

The bass of the wind
Sing a song so unnoticed
As the world spins
Such goes unfocused

The pure curiosity
Stopped me from logic
Pausing from the worlds atoricty
A chance- joyous or tragic

I listen close
As the air sings about my beauty
You are the choice I chose
Who responded with vehement duty

Kissing so slow yet perfect
The wind, the song, the feeling in slow motion
For once everything clicked
Flowing like an ambivalent ocean

How this unfolds?
Possibilities are many
For now it’s unknown
But I expect something funny

During this pause in life
I let the wind’s ardor in
Penetrating deep like a knife
Careless to realize it’s a sin

Two beings acting as one
Forever in a still moment
Ending the timeless fun
Although words were barely spoken

Wind handled with care
Yet I crave more
Let’s do it again, I dare
Aiming slowly not in a tore.
This poem is about a man named Salvatore. I was day dreaming about a ****** encounter with him during a warm spring night. While people were walking, talking, and living, I focused on the light wind blowing as I thought of him. I named it Tore because I wanted to be subliminal to him.

Stanza 1- I feel the air around. I think of the night and the amount of time before the act. I didn’t expect a thing but I was interested, noticing the start of the attraction or “clinging” on to him

Stanza 2- i vision this while I hear the wind blow. As the wind is unnoticed so is the he. As things happen around me and him, the world starts to dim and he starts to be my focus

Stanza 3- I was curious in him. I stopped thinking and imagined the possibilities, regardless of what’s going on around me. The last line enhances the chance regardless if it goes well or not.

Stanza 4- I focus harder on this wind as I reminisce on us being alone. He notes my beauty. The third line “ you are the choice I chose” has the word choice means great. The sentence means I fully decided this is what I want. It’s meaningful because this is something I wanted & it was mutual.  He responded with such passion and romance.

Stanza 5- he took things slow— which was great. I got to take in every moment. Everything came together.  Although this was all great I began to have feelings making me second guess my choice.

Stanza 6- because of my mixed emotions I start to question the result of this. He makes me laugh, I know I can count on him making me smile.

Stanza 7- during this drift away from my current reality I let the “wind’s,” which is now Salvatore,  passion in. As deep as a knife can get, he was in me. I didn’t care if it was a sin because it was extremely passionate

Stanza 8- we are as one. The oxymoron “forever in a still moment” & “ending the timeless fun” represents how this felt so lasting but at some point it had to end. It also represents the moment I took away from my reality to remember this moment. We barely spoke to each other but actions spoke louder.

Stanza 9-He was sensitive and made sure not to hurt. I wanted more. Now that it’s over I dare us to do it again. Tore in the last sentence means to hurry or speed up. But Tore also represents him. Contrary to the word being in his name, he aimed solely.

I never explain my poems but I wanted to paint what was in my head. This took place in the city while the encounter took place in a house. Both happened in a busy area. People around talking loud and interacting with each other. Yet we found our “wind” in each other to take a moment out of reality and focus on each other. Something I want again.
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