Dimitris Sarris Aug 2016
Many dream being part of a fairytale,
somehow unfold a legend from the old
with strange beasts and mystery in songs.
But there is no story without struggle,
no heroes without pain or strife,
no adventure without an Odyssey.
Gone far away from home, being strangers
and hunters in forgotten lands.
Do what no one else would dare, risk your life
for people they don't even know your name.
They would feel hollow and dishearted already,
i am sure. If it's a fairytale they ask why they
crave only this : "and all lived happily ever after..."
Held Captive in my mind
Calculating each step
Thinking of the last time i wept

Forces me to fight
Fight for flight
You kiss me, you love me, you need me
I left and ,you grieved me
Im not the one
Believe me

Lost heart , Broken soul
you've tried to stitch them together
you're not her you know
I'll never look into your eyes and see your true soul
I'll never think of you being better than gold.

She left me empty and cold
so many pages to unfold
She left me on this road
Yes you picked me up
But i'll still have to go
Your mind strays
Things fall apart
You plead out
It’s the darkness
That won’t go away
A living hell
Feelings of betrayal
So many questions
Who is to blame
Who is to blame
Something surfaced
All the lies unfold
Losing control
You can no longer manipulate
You can no longer stop
The coming of the storm

— The End —