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Jen Sep 2018
Untamed and Unfolding
Hidden with false smiles.

So much concealed,
And that isn’t how it should


No one on the outside
Ever knew what
Was hidden beneath.


Rain poured continuously,

Is this the life you want?


Instability lingering like a wet sleeve,
No rain coat could ever repel…so you just grieve.

Sitting in the dark,
Feeling, breathing…
To be real.
Are we ever?


Felt like a human being.

Cracked eggshells line
A spotless floor.

Just me in the stillness,

When do you really find
What so many others
Seem to hold near?

This is the only place
To truly just let go
And be…
Releasing in poetry.

Love it when
The rain pours
In the middle of the night,
Used to walk on wet concrete
In the dark of night,
Looking up at stars
On an all-to-clear night.

You were there,
But I always felt alone.

Watched the house lights of
The place we shared…
In the distance
As you continued your passions
For hours,
Didn’t look up once-
Notice that I walked
Out the front door
Right next to you.
Did you forget that
Something was missing?

Just me.

As you played the
Good guy,
With lies told to friends and family
As I sat silently
Trying not let it affect me.

The funny thing is,
It didn’t shake me
When it ended.


SIX sleepless months
Where I feared
You would find me.

Now, I try to tell myself
That not every man
Is like you…
That is the only
Sadness I feel.
This poem is basically a reflection of a toxic relationship I was in for 8 years.  Real feelings released...
Abigail Grace Nov 2018
Your eyes grab mine

Not willing to let go

A moment it's only

But for eternity I'll know

I'd love you forever

If you'd only say so.

But the clock is ticking

The pressure is mounting

Tis gravity on our side?

Tonight'll decide.

Push past the expectations,

Look over their eyes,

Grab me in your arms,

Just say you're mine.
Isaac Jul 2018
white pages before me
pure as snow

no mark, no scratch
no story to show

page after page
waiting to be used

patient, at peace
excited, and amused

each page a day
of the future world

anticipating the time
when their purpose will unfold

who will be a part of them?
everyone but those yet to be

who will enjoy them most?
the people who now get ready
Written 1 July 2018

Start purposefully and knowingly planting seeds now.
Marina Kay Sep 2018
Now I know how it feels: serendipity;
I sensed it on that 26th of June.
At first glance ecstasy,
by the drapery,
where I first met you.

Rosy cheeks and warm summer air,
Walking side by side,
beneath the daylight's glare.
Pulsing hearts and feeling shy,
passing smiles with our eyes.

Armours fall as stories unfold,
I linger on every word you say.
Laughing with you as time ticks by,
All I want is to ask you to stay.

Cigarettes at sunset,
the music blaring high,
dancing in starlight,
bewitched by your eyes.
You lean in to kiss me,
it's surreal as a daydream,
sweet, and laced with mint and nicotine.

It seems like fate was at play here.
We were meant to be, dear.
Easy marks of Cupid's arrow,
left a feeling I can't outgrow.
Can it be too good to be true?
Take my hand,
let's see it through and through.

Serendipity was a sign,
You're worth the try.
I'll love you, until I die.
To Jordan.
Cné Mar 2017
Dare I relinquish all control
For the sake of a story not yet told
Of **** and love
And mushy stuff
To be yours forever to unfold and thus behold?
Yikes... where did that come from...
With Swollen Tears did my Countrymen commit
In week's Soliloquy request for Aid
And Soul's own Moments whose Sympathy permit
Whilst Sheltered Families pray for more space
Pledge, dear Lord! And Citisens of the World
My People's Wounds soaked in Unwanted Rain
At least in Voice and Gift-Wishes unfold
Would indeed suffice to soften their Pain
Look, Union Jack! The Scenes of Caskets float,
Plastered houses a-washed with nails and wood
Then came the Bayanis, in rubbers and boats
Bore frozen Victims to their Neighbourhood.
It's a Sad Film for anyone to see
Please offer Burnt Roses; Make them Happy.
dian casile May 2015
What are you longing for
Don't drown in the waves of blue
Because tonight, the sky will bring the moon for you
Let's bloom
Unfold your beauty
The stars will light up to see you
~ dian casile
Jeff Gaines Apr 2018
She thinks that she is only silver.
Second place, forever and again.
But this girl ... she is so, so much more.
She is my dear, dearest friend.

Her soul, while brighter than the sun,
is tortured by confusion and things in her past ...
lofty goals that would thwart even the toughest
and a lifestyle going so fast.

Courageous ... and meek.
A warrior ... and a flower ... all at the same time.
Legions of followers, those who look up ... never to see,
the little girl who roams in her mind.

She will get were she is aiming ...
my heart believes in her so.
She is strong, stubborn ... so very brave,
and this child inside her grows.

Now distant, I'll still watch her life

from this abyss, for reasons that may forever remain

She is far more valuable than any silver, precious gems ...
yes, even gold.

No object d'art or more costly antiquity ...
has ever,
ever been sold.

I only wish that I could have somehow ...
made her see ...
that as my friend ... she was so, so much more ...
than merely silver to me.
What can ya do ... What can ya say ... when someone just doesn't "get it"?
Martin Dove Oct 2018
I had no idea how terrible it all was
Until I matured a bit and opened my eyes
It cleared the mist that I often now miss
From the eyes of an unwilling devil
Seeing the tragedy unfold from a first-person level
I remember it all from that god awful view
The bad things I’ve done, over which I had no control
The outcomes I hoped with the manifestation of some
Who am I kidding - I’ve been among a fortunate few
Except for the fact that life dealt me an ace with a ****** *****
Not quite like anyone - an outcasted sole
With depressive thoughts - eating them straight from the bowl
Until euphoria strikes - then I’m a lightning bolt
These emotional storms - they strike me as cold
Who am I to cry and complain about life
Everyone is united by the suffering light
The random subscription to a life with a set rhythm
If only I could command my heart not to wither
Here is were it all begins
Now a life time to unfold
A future lies deep within
And stories will be told.

Your road it will be rocky
You will face those stormy seas
There'll be times you will be happy
And times down on your knees.

You will find that life's a journey
You'll get lost along the way
But your not alone there's many
Who get back on track again.

So put on that suit of armour
It's a dangerous world out there
Beware of all the trappings
Their are pitfalls everywhere.  

Don't look back you have a future
And hope is what you need
Your life will be your teacher
And lessons will be learned indeed.

You will find that new horrizon
It is there behind the door
That door will surely widen
And the world it will be yours.
I think you all will agree that life is teacher and we all have
Made mistakes.some of us more than others.
Hadrian Veska Mar 2017
Little circles of light
Dull orange and white
Through the screen and glass
On a calm rainy night

Soft hands on rough soles
Thinking with no goals
Perhaps somewhere out there
My future will unfold

In the soft rain of untouched dreams
Skylar Del Re Jul 2015
i just want to be yours for today
let time and space float away
i just want to step inside your mind
read through your thoughts like pages in time
i want a piece of you to remember
a part of you i can forever treasure
there is but a moment in our prime
so many passages to discover and unwind
the morning dew rises
and the early bird sings
fading moments drifting into memory
i'll keep the light on
you can always come inside
i'll be your shelter
when there's no where else to hide
your words flow through me
sweet music transcending in beauty
is it fate
or should we wait?
let history unfold
heavy heart dipped in gold
but you can sing
you are the song echoing through me
arubybluebird Dec 2017
Look at me. Really look at me tonight. Take me in. All that I unfold here before you. I'm the girl you could potentially learn to love. I'm the girl that you possibly do, already love. Open your self to me, you'll never be the same, we'll never be the same from here. Look at how beautiful this has the potential to be, our shared existence in this solemn universe, in this swollen universe, so filled with possibilities and love. Indulge yourself, immerse within, the welcoming of my open heart.
Nesma Aug 2018
Dear me,

I hope this letter finds you kind, I hope it finds you at ease,
I hope it finds you as you were born.. a soft spring breeze.

I am writing this letter to inform you that your time is not up, that you still have space to unfold, that you are a continuum that doesn’t have to settle for the broken uni-verse where you were unraveled.

You, love, are not limited to your synonyms.

You, love, can develop into a hurricane that doesn’t dwell in a farmer’s cabin.
You, love, can develop into a hurricane that travels between the back of your mind and its front.
You, love, can develop into a hurricane with a FedEx envelop for a title.
You, my love, can develop into a hurricane that transports your memories from the backyard of your colon to the backside of this letter.

You, love, can develop into a sandstorm speaking the names of the Saharas to your left and to your right.
You, love can develop into a sandstorm that does not blind the sufi midnight traveler.
You, love, can develop into a sandstorm that travels beyond the desert.
You, my love can develop into a sandstorm carrying a water-well for the thirsty.

You, love, can develop into an ocean that doesn’t stand in arrogance where there is land.
You, love, can develop into an ocean that waxes and wanes to the rhythm of the moonlight caressing you.
You, my love, can develop into an ocean that doesn’t erode the rocks standing on its shore.

You, love, can develop into a soft spring breeze that makes a home of all the other seasons.
You, love, can develop into a soft spring breeze that gently ****** through a baobab tree trunk.
You, love, can develop into a soft spring breeze that playfully tickles the arms of a refugee on her bus to camp.
You, my love can develop into the synonyms you are not limited to.

Kindly find attached to this letter the love your father has tucked in bed a long time ago and never double checked on it.
Kindly find attached to this letter the understanding your mother stored in the kitchen cabinet she is too short to reach.
Kindly find attached to this letter the forgiveness you have tried to grow out of sunflowers seed every winter.


Ruzica Matic Aug 2015
long desperate journeys
unfold in the mist
curving looping roads
tangle and untwist
searching for a lover
like lips never kissed

must we always hurt
for the things we missed
always adding hopes
to the bucket list

yearning for the times
that might never come
for summers of honey
for autumns of plum

hoping for rain
in deserted towns
picking through the ruins
and losing our crowns
Dominique Simeus Sep 2017
Troubled, tired and did not know what to do
Confused about religion and promises of this world
Looked for answers for my dying soul 'cause I felt so blue
Like someone stepping out a sphere that had been just twirled

Loud I cried, but no words could come out
In the midst of the crowd, was nothing but a Ghost
Driven by misery, I found myself on the lonely route
Burned by the sun like someone who had made a roast

No strength left, I felt face down on the sand
Nothing but silence I heard, thought I was travelling to the other world
Then I felt as if the Living Light took me by the hand
Whispered into my ears “…It’s time to unfold”

Freedom I sensed, life became anew
Courage I gained, my mind was at ease
Peace I found, I felt so true
I deprived of it all to be led by the Breeze
Cné Aug 2015
Lairs twist life so it's tasty to the lazy
Powerful to the weak and crazy

Brilliant and seductive to the
ignorant youth
But even in pain, there is beauty in the truth

Even a tiny bit of deceit is dishonorable
For only cowards lie selfishly without preamble

As lies only strengthen a liar's defects
A liar's character, mind, & spirit gains no positive affects

The abuser of the truth paints with disappearing colors
Valuing the canvass at worthless dollars

For once the veil of the facade is lifted
Honesty, integrity and trust can never be re-gifted.

Unhappy are the takers
Or why else be fakers?

But to devastate the essence of the believer
Measures the cruelty of the deceiver

Inner peace with self deception
Is the doing of one's own soul's destruction

However if truth be told
When lies gradually unfold,

Is it better to be the believer
Or the deceiver?
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