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Robert C Howard Nov 2016
A halo of transfigured light.
     spanned the hills and autumn gold
of scores of aspen groves
     basking in the morning sun.

But what is this thing we call a rainbow?
     For all our science talk of vapor,
refraction and angle of the sun
     we surrender still in willing captivity
to its beauty, mystery and myth.

Rainbows beguile by their fleeting rarity
      as ephemeral as life itself -
temporal blessings suspended in time
      unintended and undeserved,
spectral bridges between here and there -
       between what is and what should be.
Karijinbba Oct 21
Myo **
Renge Kyo
Nam Myo **
To defeat violent untimely undeserved death and to speace karmatic enemies
I recite:
Aum Triambukam Jaya Mahe Sugandhim Pushtee
Bairee Hanam Urvaa Rukamivu
Band Denaam Mrityor Mukshe
Ya Maambritaat.
By: Shankar Sahney
The pourpise is to avert disasters
enemy attacks untimely death a mystic power bestowing
granting long life immortality
swip clean of diseases and avert them an easier death
"Lord Shiva's blessings invoked."
We are mostly liquid
and vibration sounds of
this mantras mystic sounds
transform our cells within
renewing reballancing inner joys

This worked for me saving my life confusing karma's enemies

Money too is a form of energy
income naturally increases as our energy increses
If ever we feel:
A competition has gone bad in opposing forces growing in power against us surrounded by opponents of a long time adversary that may be on the scene elevate your inner core joys for the win

If with sadness and tears differences aren't reconciled if a dispute or wrong rules the day, or a time of deep emotions and undeserved injustices
if a period of mournful contemplation over great loss or mistakes done
Meditate! FOCUS! re evaluate
Be just genuine
be a King or a Queen who understands forgives is ever patient believes in second chances
we must grow in stature
from within if life's hardships and bad people have shrank the inner life force of our spirit soul
down too low!
Some of us are blessed
wearing the light of *** in our face
make sure to not project the wrong vibration in anger thats not your own or G* towards a benefactor a true love
like I did once and lost it all.
ti work on self esteem
Be genuine confident not cocky
dearing but not foolhardy

before we can
move forward we will have to right a wrong and offer
whatever is required t clise any **** chasms.
By: Kariginbba
All rights reserved
Three to nine regrets or more are mine.
but even one is already one too many
You try not to be lonely
While drowning in tears
You try not to be angry
After all of these years
You try to breath slowly
While you shake in fear

These awful days go by
And while you try to hide
You’re being eaten alive
By what you feel inside

This pain and self hate
And many bitter tears
So lonely, so unhappy

And at the end of the day
You’re the one to blame
Each undeserved breath
While you wait for death
Medusa May 14
where we all wonder is where we wander
against nature, against planetary pull
things reach out to stop our falling spheres
but nothing can beat free fall out of us

wanting this undeserved frail moment
chasing it down to ground below trail
following til nothing left of myself
hunting rest, knowledge, dreams

nobody gets the sleep
of the dead
Marya123 Sep 2016
There’s a cloak I keep around
A fine, invisible one
One cannot feel its texture,
Or play with it for fun.
I can’t hear its many sounds
And neither can I see
The object of my leisure
A worker’s company.

How do I know it exists?
Perhaps I fool my brain
It’s a phantom wisp of air
That somehow hides my pain
That helps calm when one persists
In hurting what’s inside
The worn bubble worse for wear
When all weak tears are dried.

When internal demons wake
The cloth begins to fray
When the heart is torn apart
The stitches do not stay
The joints start to tear and break
Grow weak with weeping thread,
The engine now cannot start
One that was always dead.

Through the holes they find the *****
Some fellows in my land
Working their way through the fold
Turning stone to mere sand.
Why do they not stop to think
‘What is this good fabric?
Looking so when once so bold
Despicable magic!’

Therein lies the bitter truth
The folly of our time
They cannot see the poor cloak
As it is in this rhyme!
Only the wearer can sleuth
Which holes made when, are where
Through dumbness, anger it soaks
Each cruel word, each harsh stare.

Pull it closer, guard within
The fragile soul and smile
Hide well, know with clarity
That it is worth your while
Each mistake you call a sin
Throw it outside the cloth
With faithful integrity
Forgiven, not forgot.

Then build inside nerves of steel
Strength of iron so great
In the kiln of your own brick
Control what you create
Take the helm, but do not seal
The course of actions done
Know the plan, but do not trick
Make hay under the sun.

Make points clear, do not mask
With some thoughts said aloud
Keep a hat large for your head
I mean- do not be proud.
Perform with love each tough task
In your own, unique way
Care and earn, and share your bread
With every passing day.

Mend the cloak as you move on
With the good gift of life
Show it off well when you can
Fighting undeserved strife.
You don’t know why you were born
You do not have to wait
The brave roar of a lion sang
From stories of your fate.
Poem that took a long time to write.... that became long. I hope it isn't boring- it turned into a philosophical rant with no control of my own.
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