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girl gonzo Sep 30
silk blouses and cotton underwear
the nights merge into a sticky soup that falls into the pocket of a sweater i was wearing when they said that death is permanent
the voice echoing into the receiver of my first cell phone
the wavering tremble of someone in the middle of realms
sleep and consciousness turning the other side of the pillow
wondering if the smoke in my lungs felt comfortable
wonder if the moon sinks lower into your backyard
i was never good at distinguishing shadows and when i found myself on the dark side of the mattress;
my feet cold and feeble i wondered if you could hear my heart a thousand miles away
the fluttering of a drowsy bird, lethargically dragging it's clumsy wings into the plummeting stifle of open air
you said my lips were like the halves of a plum
i bit them until they bled but it was never as sweet
it was never as sweet
there's irony in the title
Johnny Noiπ Aug 3
Women of the ROK            [South Korea]
unite to protest the rash of digital camera
up-skirting, hidden toilet cams & dressing
room holes by an avant-garde subculture
whose sole aim is to redefine beauty from
 the bottom up; tearing down the old order
   of mere very pretty faces for the surprise
  the unseen; online ******* poets who wax
romantically;  over South Korean women
who wear the shortest skirts of any westernized
Asian country; therefore, where the average woman
is expected to be above average, what could be
better than a possible *** or period stain; [        ],
Rupi Koar laid the foundation [her soiled garments
stinking of Canadian Desi BO; dreaming wistfully
of the blossoming cherry-trees in the hidden grove,
streams of crystalline blood threading through
the golden grass; (dead as if she was [Sleeping
Beauty (on the toilet)]) & w/ healthy [or unhealthy]
doses of Baudelaire, Swinburne, Poe, Sade & Wilde;
this new school of poets celebrating female underwear
& bottoms & beyond; what could future generations
make of various Internet pseudo-intellectual movements
all coalescing into a monolithic computer culture driven
by the embarrassment & shame of its female members
& their ***** backsides & underwear; essentially odes on
her laundry basket, odes on her farts, odes on her leavings,
odes on her mother's droppings & leavings,
&        her grandmothers' mothers leavings;
South Korean women are the original race,
               their intestine driven by pure ****
[a South Korean woman's soul  is in her belly]
BiStarr Oct 18
Part 1

I walk by you every day
Do you see me?
The bell sounds off and the noise reminds me of when I sit alone after school in a soundproof room
Where I should be practicing piano
I sit. It is not long before it happens again
The constant ringing of silence
Ringing, piercing, bursting, my eardrums

First period
You rub your back against a cold locker
Our eyes meet but of course, I pull away quickly
Why would I continue to look if I know that it will just get me in trouble
And put me in more pain
And dig my hole of misery
deeper than it should go
The science teacher greets me with a smile
I smile back
kind of
There is just enough time to glance back
to see you being shoved by your ‘friends’
into the Geometry classroom
right across from me

Second period
My hopes go up
as this is the only class we have together
but I quickly stomp them down
Thinking these irrational thoughts won’t do anything
And I know that
I try not to stare as you change into the short shorts
which reveal your underwear as you sit
(The short shorts that are acceptable for physical education.
The short shorts that wouldn’t be acceptable if it were to be any other color or fabric, because it would be too short)
I forge a note
Skip class
Return your phone
because you left it so irresponsibly on the football field
Nobody bothered taking it
This is part 1. part 2 will be out later when i have time

Green were the winds
Blue were the skies
That very first day
when we shook eyes
What a perfect reflection,
souls from forgotten lives.
Much a surprise such a cunning disguise
for a mouth so wise, and compatible size.

Blessed by the mountain
kissed by the seas
We gave thanks to Earth
for being surrounded by trees.

Dreams and bodies brewed
in our tent and the space between our knees
Torn underwear, instead of *****-tease
To fall in love
some do with ease
But to become love itself, I once struggled to believe.
Metamorphosis of an epic scale.
So blow wind blow
Into these lover's sail
Blow wind blow
And forever tell the tale
Dedicated to "Whisperwind", even though the wind no longer blows.
I can leave it half full now, the ice tray,
Can drop socks & underwear anywhere,
Don't need to report my own wherabouts,
Just sometimes, like now, to figure them out.
Are you at home? is a loaded question.
Not exactly is a lonely answer.
How can I be myself if you are my vampire?
I can never sleep at night.
The windows won’t stay closed.
You come and go as you please when
I am in my pajamas, such as they are
A tee shirt and underpants
You are always trying to mesmerize me
But it is you who is really
Always you

Who can blame you?
It must be complete torture to look at me
And feel me
But never possess me
If you could only eat me.

If you were my Siamese twin I would **** you
Can you imagine?
I would hack you off with no qualms
Or saw slowly, it doesn’t much matter
Even if I bled out

An existence always with you
You knowing me better than I know myself
Listening to my thoughts
Stealing everything and thinking it’s yours
I am not you
And you are not me
We are not a we
I am not the key to your survival
You, a peculiar abscess
That faces me and holds a conversation
That wants to do this or that
The endless talking.

The windows closed
The heavy curtains drawn
Me in my underwear
I’d watch you while you slept
Thinking about crosses and solutions
Johnny Noiπ Aug 21
I had a gf that used to get called a feminazi,
but no one ever called me a feminanarchist;
I think what we really were is Feminihilists.

FFP opposed *******,
defined as the sexualized degradation,
*******, humiliation, objectification,
subjugation, violation,       psychological
annihilation, exploitation,  & violence
against women as distinguished from
erotica based on the mutuality
      of power and pleasure.

According to FFP's pioneering founder Page Mellish,
******* provides the training for ******,
assault & ****; results in the objectification
of women; affects women's ability to get equal rights
& equal pay, & encourages men to associate
*** with violence;  Page ultimately claimed
that all feminist issues | [    ,      ], [          ]
are rooted in *******
&   in a 1986 letter to the editor of The Wall Street Journal,
she asserted that FFP is "not against love & not against ***."

Page held that all men or women
who did not fight against *******
were accountable for the violence
against women, claiming that women
who enjoy ******* or rough ***
had internalized the male [gaze] & |
male definitions of power

Page's positions on *******
have been debated outside FFP,
including with respect to ****'s agency
on crime & feminist & *** definitions of ****;
Legislation alone was not a solution,
according to Page; it was also necessary to remove "the need for ****".

vehemently anti-censorship & pro-***,
Page taught me to show everything from
all sides; my other feminista professors
were pro-monogamy [patriarchy] while
Page was a combat boot wearing girly-girl;

she had these cute little doe-eyed Q's following
her around carrying the placards [        ] for her
spontaneous demonstrations against underwear
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