Storm Oct 2014

Oh, my dear underwear
Why must I put you there?
Helping me be all flirty,
Glad you don’t mind getting dirty.

Sometimes lacy, what a trip!
Sometimes plain, sometimes ripped,
Sometimes sexy, sometimes stained,
You’re just one of everything!

Dearest underwear, your fate is set!
How on Earth do you let
Me go about and use you so carelessly?
Think about it is simply ghastly!

Oh sweet, sweet underwear, you’re the best!
Now go ahead and take a rest.
Go get washed! Go get well,
Before again your use is swell.

Oh my dear underwear, I’m sure you’ll understand
Why I put you there in the end!

To my underwear: the most unappreciated piece of clothing we have of all.
eileen mcgreevy Apr 2010

Of all the undies that i like,
The best would be of lace and white,
But then again, there's so so much,
There's even knickers with no crotch!?,

Those little bras for beginner boobs,
Or leather gear, for naughty moods,
And not forgetting Bridget Jones,
Come on girls, we've all got those ones.

Those yummy corsets suck us in,
We'll shake our hips and bear a grin,
To tantalise and tease men so,
Our boobs with tassels on, so guys can, ahem, grow.

Those fishnet stockings cost a bomb,
But ladies, that's why we put them on,
We feel so sexy, and so do they,
So that's why we get them to pay.

Silk and satin, black or red,
Or going commando instead,
What then girls, do we love these things for,
Because they'll only be scattered on our bedroom floor?...

Tyler Loeslein Nov 2012

Today I decided
that I’m not wearing underwear.
I am sick and tired
of the hassles
of picking out wedgies
and panty lines
that can be seen through my yoga pants.
By going commando,
I have become the commander
of my personal revolution
against the soft cotton oppression
of having to wear undies.
Today I am free,
free to feel the breeze
and giggle every time I remember
that I’m bare down there.
I think I’ll wear a dress,
despite the risk
of a frisky breeze passing by.
In fact I’ll savor the thrill,
and maybe even twirl,
not too fast to give a show,
but just fast enough,
to feel just a little naughty.
I’ll keep them off all day,
and even tonight,
when we go out
to a small get together
at one of your friends’ house.
I think it might be fun
to wait a while to tell you,
and when I do,
I’ll lean in really close,
because its going to be our secret.
I’ll whisper soft and low,
trying to be sexy,
right next to your ear,
“ I’m not wearing any underwear.”
When I pull away,
I’ll just smile,
and hope you don’t notice
how bad I’m blushing.
For the rest of the night,
you’ll keep glancing
first at my hemline,
then up to my eyes.
The excitement in your eyes,
gets me excited too,
and I know we’re both thinking
about just how easy
reaching up that dress could be.
Hopefully, the anticipation will build up,
until you can’t wait anymore,
can’t even wait until we get home,
so you’ll pull me into some room,
away from the noise of the party,
and as soon as the door closes,
you’ll turn and kiss me hard,
hiking up my dress,
so that you can take advantage,
of me not wearing any underwear.

I'm totally open to any feedback!
Mattea Marie Feb 2014

The steam on the windows
Conceals us from the world
As we sit beside each other
Laughing in our underwear
Discovering secrets
In whispers and caresses
Stolen kisses
And trailing fingers
Lingering glances
And quiet giggles
Exploring each other
Uncharted surfaces
Become familiar
As we learn the parts of us
That fit together
Like puzzle pieces

Coop Lee Apr 2014

the only thing i can explain, is loving you.

the only thing is dreaming.
is feeling, that wheeled feeling of knowing what love was.

it started with an awkward hug.
it ended with an awkward hug.

i took you to the river. held your hand to the washed and out. breathed the smoke of your body into lungs of new days and danced to thoughts of escaping the empire with you forever. so forever. waited while you biked into far-fetched and distance places. american girl. beautiful creature. creature tessellating; growing; enhancing into a starry-stepped woman. i leaned on you, made you stumble to walk. now most days i stop myself from calling you. the space. the only thing that ever made me so dizzy, so good, was the space between us when truly together. close. utterly as one. wrote poems about you before i even met you, like a dream girl, like a premonition, which you were, a dream girl, a preconceived notion of one and only love. and there probably will be none other. none other. because i fell in love with you long before i even knew how to say it. never really knew how to say it. blurted it. bled it and yelled it and dreamt of it endlessly.

[still dream of it. endlessly.]

slow down, slow town, taking minutes. city of trees. city of good and bad and a little love that grew and bloomed and boomed before our eyes and died. and perhaps dead isn’t enough. reanimate. zombify. walk the dead. the dead and idaho life is american dreaming, drunk. us humans walking, texting, breathing, dancing. i would pinch your ass, smack your ass, so silly, so object, so mammalian and animal and bad on my part. sorry about that. but then again i loved your ass. still, sorry. you deserved more. deserve more. more to the picture. and i love your smile. your deep sweep of happiness. could devour me whole with just one laugh. and this is all so stupid, you probably hate me by now, somehow, seeing as you disappeared into thin air and here i am writing this bombast of love lost and still plan on sending it to you by mail or carrier-pigeon in hopes of simply expressing something. texas chainsaw massacre 2. totoro and the miniature crystal glands of rips or roars or sour patch sprinkles. burnt underwear. that stream of consciousness sweet beating block of love you ink-stamped to old paper with some kind of fierce spirit, just love, i love, and can’t help but love you so fucking much all over and over again, even if you broke my heart. the heart is strong that way. or i am simply doomed that way.

howling. howl. imbue. rimbaud. & urizen. kien. class, and when we skipped a day or two, once or twice, to make-out by the river. true beginnings. rock piles and bonobos.
my kind of woman.

you loved me before anybody loved me.
and i loved you, because there was no other way.
lost that somewhere. somehow.
life and days taken for granted.
and i’m the fool.
the stoner peeling off layers of clothing
as i prepare to be blood-sacrificed before the ancient ones.
while you are the girl.
the girl who made me forget what death is.
the girl with that last blunt.

                   new soul, spelled in crayola crème.
                   new summer, spoken then lived.

                   you were the love
                   of my life.
                   plucked my heart like
                   squishy fruit.

                   we once turned night
                   into paintings & poems,
                   particulates of
                   a golden time gone by.

Lestatmalfoy Jul 2011

I hate you, big underwear
Why are you always the last pair
Staring at me from the drawer
Laughing cause you know for sure
Just how much I loathe to wear
You giant-sized underwear

Phil Lindsey May 2015

A guy named Jim from Delaware
Liked golfing in his underwear
Whatdya know and son of a gun
He finally got a hole-in-one
Guess he'll hafta get anotha pair!

James Alai Feb 2016

She kicked me in the balls
And I came crashing down
Next time I will wear metal underwear
And we shall see who falls.

(Twiddles fingers like a weirdo)

Nateive Son May 2015

When I watch movies in my underwear,
That's the REAL show,
To see this baldy boy analyze a film,
And laugh inappropriately,
When the main character dies,
Because he knows it's all too weird for wordz.

When I watch movies in my underwear,
I'm checking to see if the film has "cigarette burns,"
Or what the director meant,
By zooming in on a flower,
And leaving the shot there,
For 5 fucking minutes.

When I watch movies in my underwear,
I only wish I was a bohemian in Paris,
And all the other bugazoo types would be in their underwear,
Silently sipping,
Or smoking,
Letting the film go by...

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Sonja Mamic Jan 2014

She flicks the elastic band on her underwear
Thinks of those who will never care
The ones who have seen
And the ones who will never

All for the wrong sort of gentleman.

Miss X Mar 2014

you're the reason
my underwear matches
and the reason I know
that it is okay
if it does not

if just everyone knew
and understood that
the color of your underwear
does not determine you

CR Jul 2013

we laugh twice--

first loudly; of course
they can't hurt us

quiet, freeze-dried smiles
nervously after
what if they hurt us

Caroline Feb 2015

I threw you aside
like a pair of dirty underwear on the bathroom floor
And I forgot you there for a few days,
I had better things to do

Now I come running back
but you are no where to be found
I never knew you had the strength
to get up and walk away

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