Emma Apr 2014
The dark is present
All around me
I'm not afraid of the dark
Not the kind in your bedroom at night
Not the kind that lurks in shadows

But I am afraid
Of the dark that consumes one's heart
Of the dark that prowls in my very mind

January slipped it's finger
Down my spine
As I slip
Further down
Further down underwater

As I float downwards
I think of this darkness
The one present
Right now
My eyelids slowly close
And I am left with the dark
And the sounds of underwater
Like this if you're afraid of the dark.
Amelia Owen May 2015
I see your face
Distorted by water
But as I breathe out,
I see nothing but bubbles
Then everything is gone
*And all I see is blue
I found a website with poem ideas and so I wrote down like 15.
NeroameeAlucard Feb 2015
There's air here, but I cannot breathe in
for fear of strangling myself with something that helps humanity to live and thrive
further down I dive, this seems almost like an enchanted abyss, I can see beauty ask around me even though I cannot speak to it

the cold is starting to affect my circulation,
it's harder to move my hands
I'm hanging onto my lifeline by a strand,
I tug twice and to the surface I quickly rise
the bubbles in my chest begin to collapse
I breach and breathe in deeply,
allowing the outside world back into my senses
KizerMoore Dec 2013
Being in love is like being underwater
It makes me hold my breath
But I don't want to come up for air
Cause I'm scared I'll miss how it felt
Holding you, touching, and kissing you
This transfer of love from you to me
This feeling that I feel
I swear, hope, and pray that It's real
Without you there's a hole in my heart
That refuses to feel, refuses to heal
The thought of being away from you makes me gasp for air
I cant be without you, I need you here
Lost in a sea of love, I'll hold you tight
So hold my hand as we drown to life
Some say it's wrong we're too young
But now it's too late to undo what we've done
I'm leaving myself open to the chance of pain
And with so much risk
Comes the chance of love to gain
I'm playing myself but still I'm loving the game
You Give Me That Adrenaline Rush
Love sparked from a conversation that sparked from a crush
And now I can't live without you near me
Pray that you never leave
You tug at my heart-strings and play a song with my soul
And now I love to listen to the music of us
Without you I'm cursed to live
A life without love
JWolfeB Nov 2014
Light , curvy rays,
while traveling from air to water world.
My eyelashes - window wipers.
Crystalline lenses,
sending lovely
but blurry pictures
wait.. let me focus my retina,
underwater dream,
or is it really you?

Dark, straight silhouettes,
falling from the busy water above
My chest - darkened vents
reaching far,
wanting lovely,
but faint pictures
I can’t wait any longer,
for the dark room to lighten
I need you to show me

I take a deep breath
And dive in again.
Debrees of scars
And piercing pain.
Your soul still mauve and blue.
I press my lips
respiring pure love into you.

Breathe your best
into the spine of my life
Expelling fortitude
And forgiveness
Hidden in this deep blue
Revitalized for the first time
This moment opened its eyes
to see the beauty
of what beneath the surface lies
An amazing collaborative  with Dajena M. Such a great writer and a true pleasure to write a piece together.
Submerged underwater—stayed right there,
letting my body loose and my eyes slowly open.
I took a breathe and watched as the bubbles
escape from my nostrils—I could clearly see this
vast blue ocean before me as I drift away from
All I Once Knew.
Sunk back to the phase of being kept in the womb
My mind has now been refreshed, awaken.

© Cyrille Octaviano, 2015
sophie Mar 2014
you're looking for someone to love you,
and six feet underwater, i do.
samasati Sep 2012
why is it so hard to see you?
i crumble and i croak
hopeful words dance at the back of my throat
now i’m hopeless
now i’m in a mess
of you or her or him or me
it’s like moving to a new country
and getting the hang of their weird plastic currency
and why the fuck is talking to you so hard?
i tumble and i frizzle
a glass smashed into shards
aggravation takes me over because
anxiety takes me over because
suppression takes me over because
i want goddamn control over goddamn everything
i want to goddamn know what i’m goddamn doing
what i’m goddamn thinking
i tremble and i palpitate
the thirst never sedates
like a lion sucking blood or a needle weaving thread
so much to go around
too much to go around
i’m not sure how to go about
underwater is where i wish i was
underwater, everything is muted
everything is calmer and resentments are diluted
i long to feel less polluted
i long to feel less consumed by
that and this and all the fucking frolicking shit
it pulls and tears and rips in shears
still standing there
i am still standing there
why the fuck am i still standing there
like a fish suffocating in air
like a statue stands with a smile it can’t wipe off
i sweat under smiles
i want to wipe it off
i want to turn it off
why won’t i just fucking take it off?
why is it so hard to know who you are?
seeing a glimpse of a break down is making me stick around for you
do you still want me to stick around for you?
i crush and i tamper
with anything i can get my hands all over
it really doesn’t matter
what or who or how hard i hit
cause nothing is good enough for this fucking bitch
fffvck Apr 2014
my mind
and filling
with thoughts
and eventually
i'm underwater
A-S Mar 2014
Bury me underwater;
where corals can grow like plants,
piercing through my veins,
sticking out of my rotting flesh.

Burry me underwater;
where my torso would be,
my own personalized treasure chest;
with my broken heart,
as the most valuable finding.

Burry me underwater;
where fish would feed off,
of my undiscovered bruises,
and my unhealed wounds,

Burry me underwater,
so I can feel again.*

Please give m some feedback on this one
William Keckler Nov 2014
I admire you
in the way
I admire
with remarkable
Here, you should
be drowning,
and here you are
clutching that
silver bubble,
it like
an express
straight up.
Of course,
when you reach
the top,
and that magic
bubble pops,
you do realize
you'll be
on the surface,
and oh-so-edible,
So my
only advice
to you
is don't
forget how
to be
a paddle-bug too.
Sabrina May 2015
engulfed by waves
of emotion

I'm underwater
trying to swim up
and escape

I'm underwater
hope is washing away
I gasp for breath

I'm underwater
I'm drowning
And it seems this time I'm choking

Not on the falling tears
But on the rising fears

That loneliness is the only thing
         that lasts
It's a bit raw, so I wouldn't mind some constructive criticism.
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