Gabriel Dec 2015
Mountains cloaked in misty fog,
Far too invested in holding up the sky,
To crumble.

Light burns the frigid frost,
As the pale moon begins to fade.
Lonely is the moss that witnesses,
These vaulted measures of pain
Through suffering.

How many pebbles,
Make a mountain strong?
Or do the people ever realize,
Their propensity?

Failure is a game,
Each person will play
And despair is the summer grass
In which we lay.

For there is no retracting,
The violent light,
As hope burns screaming
Through a lonely night.
Lexical Gap Apr 2015
it's strange
to see a river spring into being
violently churning
but without sound
to see sticks and even trees swept away down its length
but not feel its current's tugging pull

you wonder whether the river is real
or nothing but an imagined torrent

but the waves lapping at your feet cannot lie
Jay Bain Nov 2011
He’d swim parallel to the shoreline for miles
conversations disappearing with each stroke;
hawk nose emerging, gasping, submerging again,
disappointments sounding in the rhythm.

One winter he tried to swim the Marshfield channels.
My mother held him under bathwater; hypothermic,
scowling like a demon boiling in hallowed water.
Bones curled and cracked as he swore, spit at her.

Then it was over.  The cold fire left him.
My mother never stopped kneading his muscles.
The books made him unhappy, he muttered
through corded lips as she sponged his forehead.

Jay Bain, November 2011
The Noose Dec 2013
I am the poison ivy coiled around her feet
Rendering her motionless and helpless
With lesions covering her body

She loves me violently and without limitation
Offers herself as sacrifice
In the hope of seeking my emancipation

Succumbed to the disorder, once again
My area of expertise
Mutterings of my meaningless sorries evaporate in the air
My head stays bowed
Just a relapse away from my demise

Immersed in water
Caught in the cruel unrelenting undertow
The weight of my burdens dragging me down
Sinking now
This has no direction, will edit it when I'm feeling inspired.
Dawn Treader Jan 2017
Indignant. Can’t rid myself of this feeling.
Anxious. My blood pressure rises to the ceiling.
Risk. Assessing the situation.  Your caustic venom I wager.
Numb. As you unleash your anger.
Undeserving. I am not a whipping post. My sanity’s in danger.
Undone. I unravel, broken, before the one I love most.
Volatile.  With mood swings, your ramblings become more verbose.
Patience. Mine is infinite but wearing thin.
Hypocritical. We find every excuse to hide ourselves in.
Resolve.  I won’t go down without a fight.  
Spent.  My nerves, as I try to make this right.
Vexed. You drag me down to your level with every low blow.
Drowning**.  I am caught in your tempestuous undertow.
Arguments. They hurt me beyond the pale.
Ev Apr 2013
Yeah there's an undertow, but it ain't got me

It's kinda like
When you get really, really mad
I mean you're mad
And then something happens
Like a song or a certain cast of light
And you realize the reason you were mad is nothing like the reason red blood cells carry oxygen to your brain
Or the reason you love pineapple
It's nothing like the roots of the tree outside your window
And you feel pretty stupid
You scold yourself
"Stupid, silly human being"
Then you forget what you had just learned when you looked at that tree or took a deep breath
You're thinking about other things
You're thinking about what you're going to do with the time you've got before bed
Or what that rude girl at school said to you

And then it's kinda like
When you get really, really sad
I mean you're sad
And then you receive a much needed compliment from someone
And you think about how damn well you've actually got it
It's so unlike that sadness
It's just like those red blood cells and that tree outside your window
And here you are feeling silly and ignorant once more
You're thinking about all that time you wasted
But there are loved ones in your living room and a blanket on your bed
It's okay, right?

And then
Then it's kinda like blasting music in the car
It's kinda like being made to laugh during a miserable school day
It's like your favorite road to drive
Or your favorite pen to write with
It's like the rattling in your speakers
Or your brown eyes
It's like opening bottles with your teeth
Having plans for the night
Getting away with things you shouldn't have done in the first place
It's kinda like listening to your music too loud
Or brushing your teeth
It's like accidentally falling asleep
I don't know
It's kinda like that
I think
These words
Are no longer
Inspired by you;
Not written for you.
Entitlement lost,
Only barren hills and valleys remain
Empty landfills scatter the surface
Deep cracks and frayed edges
Slowly engulf the pith
My ties are broken
The sea has stolen
Your heart adrift;
Answer the siren's call
Stow away beneath
The once beautiful horizon,
Your body slowly diminishes
Erased from the sky
Waves rise,
To crest and fall
Inflicting damage
Tim Preston Oct 2014
Confused Signals
Between jokes and true pain
My heart's just outreaching
For your love all the same
No negative intentions, inside what i've said
Just playful stupidity from within my head
My own words, just let your thoughts go
Yet I cannot seem to just let it flow
Flow out of my mind like driftwood in the sea
But this love is infinite, between you and me
My own insecurity, mixed up with my fears
Since no one has ever loved me as you do my dear
So forgive all the nonsensible things that I say
My worst nightmare is if you walked away
So i'll learn to think free, and just let it flow
Before I disappear in my mind's undertow
Living in fear or worry is something you can't do
Paul Jackson Aug 2010
i am drowning in your undertow
my stone heavy heart sinks me
into your depths
drowning me in you

now i know how it feels to drown
struggling makes it worse
now i know how it feels to drown
struggling makes it worse

i can see the shipwrecks
the rotting of the lost
pulling, dragging currents
drowning me in you

now i know how it feels to drown
struggling makes it worse
now i know how it feels to drown
struggling makes it worse

your underwater city fallen
my bones live there
w r e c k a g e Jun 2015
i have this sinking feeling
that you're the ocean
and you're here
to drown me
Juneau Nov 2014
on the surface, water may appear placid without a flow
but mother has always taught me to mind the undertow

you say you're just quiet and actually prefer to sit alone
you avoid conversation by pretending to check your phone
i recognize these habits, as we can smell our own

no matter how you try to explain yourself. I just get the impression
that you are actually silently suffering from severe depression

i watch as you laugh and smile and then begin to clench your teeth
when you're ready. won't you let me know what's going on underneath
if you're sad tell someone

November 26, 2014
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