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Ashleigh Black Jul 2014
She let herself lose control in
the blue-black depths of her heart
that rolled with the undertow of
thoughts and memories that consumed her.

Waves upon waves crashed upon her
as she tried to forget the
days when she smiled with love
but those days no longer existed.

She couldn't find it in her to
see the glory of the air
that kept her lungs from collapsing
or the wind blowing her hair.
Lost Sep 2018
I am a steady tide
Crashing waves
Rolling in predictable
Constant patterns

I lap the shore
Each year
The same way
I did the last

Carving the same paths
Into the sand
Following the same route

I am the Earth’s orbit
Making a persistent circle
Pulling towards the gravity
Of a stationed sun

Unable to break away
From such a driving force
My habits stick in this
Perpetual cycle

As long as the stars in the sky
Faithfully line up the same
Twinkling constellations
Concrete indications of
Persisting motifs

I will spin around the sky
Spiraling consistently
Satellite certainty
A scheduled recurrence
No matter how hard I try
ymmiJ Apr 20
Being slowly dragged
under the pier, out to sea
You waving me by
Jaycub J Apr 30
Winged sculptures
crash in a glass
of fleeting muse.

Splintered cavities
bleed shadows
into patched auras.
A cloaked Christ
plaster cast
rides shotgun
on the spinning wheel.

conquered gravity
haunts crusaders
of crushed diamonds
crazy shining
in zig zag lines
of cocaines finest.

Bridge over bitter
waters roll
into broken buckets
down river
falls frozen,

Catapult snaps
in half setting sun
wild spring rains
sent to asylum.
Home on the range.
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
There's a star I see
Does it notice me?
I can barely breathe
Under the weight of your silence

Can the wind remember
The words I send her?
If I could just befriend her
again, through all the distance

Time is like an ocean
It always stays in motion
And like a quiet notion
I slip into the undertow of love

Come from life within me
Break the spell, but gently
Why so violently
Do you cast down hell from above?

There's a star I see
Does it notice me?
I can barely breath
When it shines out of control

Bathed in violet moonlight
Wrapped in music tonight
With no end in sight
I feel it deep down in my soul
ryn Jan 2015
"You love them
With all your heart and soul
Yet, you can't be with them
But you'll never let them go...
And it hurts..."*
- The Girl Who Loved You

Submerged and gasping
Swept away by the immense wave
Thoughts of you I'm painfully drinking
To my heart I'm but a slave

Caught in the undertow
Find myself submitting carelessly
Brushed aside all that I used to know
Drowning in emotional debris

There's strength in me yet
I need not be killed today
I could break free, I could forget
But fight I do not, instead still I lay

Because you see... You are the ocean
And I am but an invisible speck
I, too, want a place in heaven
Not wallow an inconsolable wreck

I'd get washed over but I'd swim deeper
So we could exist only in memory
My heart betrays but never will I sever
Even if you're the love that was never meant to be
Line taken off TGWLY's "To All The People Who Can't Have The One They Love:", for Frank Ruland's "Let's Do A Line!" challenge.

TGWLY is one of the first friends I made here and she's such an incredible writer!

This line of hers bears so much that I'd shed a tear everytime I read it. It rings so true for most of us. It made me made me feel human.

Thank you TGWLY for the inspiration and Frank for setting up the opportunity for me/us to acknowledge and give credit to those who've penned down solid lines embedded within amazing writes.
L B Mar 2018
I hadn’t meant to spy
just an evening’s walk along the beach
knowing that things are sometimes strewn there after storms
between a gust of wind—a break in clouds

Coming upon moonlight
gleaming on wet teenage backs
by a leaning erosion fence
fondling the last discoveries of childhood
fumbling with the barriers of her bikini
behind the erosion fence
out of sight and forbidding

Breeding like sea grass by rhizomes
prowling that neck, those *******
Gasping! Warring!
for the land of white warmth below their tans
His hands grip, lift, position, insist
By such undertow
mouths and hips pinioned in disbelief...

where they cannot be seen
two half-rounds in rhythm – struggle in the surge of being

as the surf binds them in refrains
about the ankles
Needing the ocean again.
Ashleigh Black Jul 2014
I want You to take me up
and crash me into Your waves
with the force of Your love
and protect me from the undertow
because I know You're always
by my side, I can trust You.
I only pray that You don't
let me sink into the darkest depths
of my unforsaken heart
and help me see the sunset.
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
Yes, this silence is killing me
Do you really think I'm alright?
That I was willing and free
To miss you every night?
I still remember the sound of your voice
But it's just a memory
And it will fade
Like a singer's melody

I know that you don't love me
And I'm alright with that
I can't force things to be
And I've made my peace with that
But that doesn't change the cruel fact
That you're gone now
And I will heal
I've got to move on somehow

I know you've got your reasons
And I'm not here to those away
But it's hard when I can't see them
Or see you everyday
Down and out and lonely and blue
Stuck behind the train
There's only one thing to do
When they don't call your name

Make it out to the surface
From the undertow and the cold
And even though you're worth it
I can't wait until I get old
I can move on, I promise that I will
And you won't hear from me
But no matter what, I love you still
I just can't wait forever, you see
Gillian May 2013
you insisted that i write my number down on the blank part of a mix used to slam down a beer like some kind of super hero...saw myself in your eyes and made sounds only you could'd press your lips into my forehead so fiercely it hurt; leading us deep into your distortions...

witnessed you spilling your soul into empty barrooms where last call came well before midnight...there wasn't any room in there for me...I made forfeit everything to stand in your arms; and how it lost me all I wanted...

I spread my palms wide across your ribs...curled my fingers tightly toward your spine and believed that you loved turned on me and my you left me...I wanted to clumsily strew myself on your pillows and press my hand on your thigh, kiss your neck and giggle at your convinced me that the flood of my insecurities drove you away, that i was the author of our demise...

we collide rarely...your eyes are always've built the Berlin wall around your have become a testament to the passage of time because I know I will not remember being the same...

you inappropriately love me but will never trust me...

you stand me in your arms, and it is like coming home after so many years abroad; we never will hold each other this way again...
our Rome became graffiti on my bedroom wall...
this undertow of wordshed always reminding me that I am not lost but I am not home...
Bryce Aug 2018
A normal kind of guy
Just the guy
No cosmologist
Sans Christian
******* the droplet suns
Distant in the blackened sky

Gotta 'and'er some
The bristled gristle
The cryogenic iris
Steel teeth gnashing
Right-toe left
Ardent in an autobiography

Good man
Soft man

Locomoted his GMC
to the Sea
Thought maybe
With precise aim he
could undertow away

No pick-me-ups
In copper-channels
That Ionized the pick-up-truck
With archaea iron
that **** duck
Reminiscent of the man
In all but--

A castaway
The man who never hesitates
Bop upon the interstate
Lost within
concritical maze

Shoring up
Going home
Giving up
Turned to stone
Marble chin
Solumn grin
Chlidren sing
Seeking wings
How'd he know
Where to go
Will he see
What it means?

He's the guy
The one with the lollipop lap
Licking the syrup off the lip
Of a sweet polished sapphire
And the kids
My god
They think he
And his dog not yet
Dead but depressive in the gloom
Howling into the midnight grass
And the creatures that stalk
With their ******* youth

Soon their weight will hit the deck
And like a noose,
Break the joints
The planks of which would stress
And bend his eyes upon his head.

God willing
Should he be exhumed
His energies excape to the river
And float,
into the sea.
Dylan McFadden Jun 2018
Alice, through the looking glass
I saw her fair, I saw her fast
Her smile like the distant past –
A mem’ry safe and sure to last…
But suddenly her smile turned
Her stomach ached, and quaked, and churned
And sweat rolled off her brows that burned
When, in that moment, this she learned:

That deep within that pretty face,
A haunting, hideous, out of place –
Dark and dreadful, dreary trace
Of ash and gnashing was innate

Innate in her! She saw it so!
A pushing – pulling – undertow!
Inclining toward the hollow glow
Of outer show, the inner woe
Alice, through the looking glass
I saw her fair, I saw her fast
Her smile like the distant past –
A mem’ry fading when she passed…
When she did pass from death to life
Beholding pure and perfect Light
Without a sight, but in the night
When sun arose, and shone so bright

So bright that every Darkness did
Fly and flee – it scattered, hid
From deep within her heart that bid
Her to remain in shadowed sin

Yes, He – the Good, the Faithful, True!
Made her new – through and through!
And Alice, she’s the hopeful view
In the looking glass: me and you.
Alice, through the looking glass
I saw her fair, I saw her fast
Her smile like the distant past –
A mem’ry safe and sure to last…

so many days
gravity got me
spooning the faux
cold linoleum wood
bent knees
the only thing
to hug

no words exist
in my lightless depths
drowning arctic

can't even try to fight
gulp mouth inviting
my own death

pouring cement
on icicle feet
layer upon layer
frozen quicksand

and then
I let go
and sink

begging the gods
to end it forever
but they don't

at the end
thread, bare
hitting bottom
ocean cavern floor


that's where
I lived for months
after I ate my tongue
despite surface shimmers

I'm just pro @
snatching crystalline
as it passes over
a frozen abscess
it hurts so real, but always goes... unlike the love
Sat by the riverbank
Laughed like cold water
Brought to me, the ocean

Where the current runs
behind, beneath
The undertow
Of his eyes
drowning Me

Left the scent of good-
Bye Before he’d
As the scent of autumn
Promises winter
And barren, silent trees

My oars
set to the waves
To the phantom of
My sea
The wreck was me
Picking up every shell
for the sound
Of your feet
the waves
in your eyes
Returning for me
I wait with the moon
For your tides
Hazel is the color
Of the setting
Of my dreams
As they drifted away
In your

And I
Knew better
And you
Spoke plainly
And I
Heard nothing
Of the truth
That you
Gave me
But your voice-
It’s remaining
And your eyes
Are engraving
Their colors
on my canvas heart
like your initials
in my ****** bark
That leaves a wound
to die or scar
beneath its message
Jordan Rowan Nov 2016
About an hour on the road
And too many left to go
There's a few things still on my mind about something so long ago
Where by the shadow of the smoke
And the feeling of hope
There was story too short to be told

A few feet from the highway line
The trees are as dead as you and I
Put on your sunglass face to cover up those hidden eyes
Whenever it flashes back
It just makes me laugh
To think of how much I cried

Just one more cup of coffee for the road
So I can make it back to my home
Back to that cabin on the lake swallowed up by the undertow
And the shop is closed
No one knows
Where true love goes before it dies on the road
zebra Oct 2018
i bend towards you ...hold your sweet head and bring my mouth slowly to yours searchingly.... your eyes brighten my heart ...its that perfect rare moment when two souls fuse...when time stops...when the world fades and that inexplicable undertow of feeling overwhelms.... lifts high... and then pulls down hard into waters of voluptuous pangs and smoldering ruins …. my brain in flames...I WANT EVERY MOLECULE...your flesh.... your blood.... your eyes burning naked....
******* DROWN ME ....
**** ME...
and i slip my swollen aching **** into your beautiful mouth....looking at you as you **** me falling falling falling through your soul like glitter
Apparently my intelligence is exceeded by my sensuality ;)
duane hall Feb 23
I remember the days of wine and honey
When love was more important than  money
But as the years passed by I got my wires crossed
I now have money but I feel a sense of loss
What happened to the boy who could see the magic in a day
Priorities change but there is a price to pay
Cynicism creeps in and corrodes  your very soul
If left unchecked it creates a ******* hole
It will take you down like a powerful undertow
And manifest itself by the seeds we sow
I would love so much to go back in time
When my health was robust and I was  in my prime
I didn't have money but I felt so alive
Now it takes all my money just to survive.
TerryD'ArcyRyan Mar 2018
knots and weaves
windward gales quickly deceive
ever moving the undertow
constant curves dip in the winds and below
blowing off the waters deep
leaving a mist so sweet
hand to cheek
blue waters press further
possessed by the wind
willful turbines stay in sync completing the cycle
shaping and sculpting the swells
creating an undertow struggling to be free
choose to swallow in pleasure
choose to wallow with the pain
an answer returns with demand
beating fists upon the sand
the wind answers back with violent command
to the tides, to the swells, to the surges, hit the rip current
so powerful, so aggressive, she intimidates
all to catch the craze
ocean, she see's and waves
man is met
sized and weighed

Terry D’Arcy-Ryan
Michael Marchese Nov 2018
Infinity drifts
In a sea of could be
Of serenity
But deep beneath it is me
Still submerging myself
Where the light doesn't reach
Instead of sun-bathing
My shell on the beach
Where at least I would only
The fathoms
Below me, the undertow
Dragging me slowly
Away from the shoreline security
Back to the Abysses' jaws
And homely
As ever it were,
To the pensive philosopher
Sunk in his sordid, assorted
Grasping for breath-bereft depths
That inspire him
Onoma Aug 2018
having sought the essence

of wetness...the bluest feed

of an ocean washed away.

dealt this cleanse that drives in

the bitterness of salt...and the

restless scintillas of sand.

thrashing about as the living memory

of finest breaks.

all the while listening to the raspy voice

of a chill undertow, thinking to

my selves...this is wetness.

which too, must dissolve.
The X Rhymes Jun 27
first the storms clouds grew huge
keeping all the warmth out
then a constant deluge
put an end to the drought
then the moon became bold
and it kept the sun set
and the weather turned cold
as the ground became wet

it was in those damp days
came a new kind of mold
with the smell of decay
as the rot took it’s hold
on the things they had made
in the wood and the brick
fungus proudly displayed
and it made them feel sick

oily ****, black as coal
it would get on the skin
creeping into the soul
from without to within
then the great cities fell
tumbled into the sea
like the watery hell
from some old prophecy

flooding west from the east
man came to understand
as the drownings increased
that his downfall was planned
and the warnings, unheeded
let these dark waters flow
so all things were conceded
to the swift undertow

the Earth then hibernated
and lay foetal and curled
as new seeds germinated
to walk upon this world
they’d venture past the shore line
and find human remains
reminders that come would the time
when Earth would flood again
what a waste Aug 2018
Who am I kidding. Jabberjaw has withdrawn.
He couldn't paddle inland with an undertow so strong.
Now he's just another shark frantic for it all.
All hail the swarm impatient like confetti in a storm.
The honeybees are curious, I wonder when they'll charge.
The queen must've been too busy feasting on the hoard.
Their hearts riddled with tooth enamel like it was poured.
Dismantle me at my core. I no longer wan't it to work.
Edward Allen Jun 3
How blinding,
Words of sincere certainty,
And honest hopes unfounded,
To utter power,
Bound within my head,

Intoxicating, enchanting,
Electric, within tension,
Possibility and imagination,
Fluid beyond mention,
Hidden, insidious undertow,
Beneath kind, genuine intention,

How blurried, how quiet,
How secret, how afraid,
How sudden… in a moment,


Darkness and devastation.
The weight of despair.
Within a chasm of disbelief.

It all seems unreal,
Unhinged, unraveled
Undone, unwhole,

In a swirling tempest of dust,
Twisting, turning, overwhelming,
Broken, fading, lost.

Slowly… gravity… and time...
Patient grains of sand run dry,
Fears, disappointment, and doubt,
Tears, running down, and running out,

Searching for some feeling,
For something lost, long ago,
A speck of light, a star within,
A pulsing, rhythmic flow,

A new chance to look inside,
Revelation, in a blinding glare,
What once disappeared beyond notice,
Now an imminent state of repair.
This poem is written from the perspective of a person who has their heart unexpectedly broken. At the beginning of the poem the person sees that something isn't quite right... but they are enchanted with love and limerence, and they can't see the insidious warning signs. Then it hits, and they go through the stages of disbelief, grief, and ultimately begin renewal of the heart and soul.

Notice how the flow of the poem reflects the person's emotional state at each point. Initially when things are questionable, the words have a haphazard syllabic flow and rhyme scheme, so representing the dissonance between what the speaker hopes and wants the situation to be, versus a different reality. When things then go badly, the words become sharp and staccato. The rhyme scheme is non-existent, as everything is has gone wrong for the speaker. But then the words begin to flow a little more easily.  The rhyme scheme gains presence and sounds more pleasant. By the end, the speaker is finally seeing the silver lining of it all, and realizes it's time to heal.

Notice some of the wordplay, like "Electric, within tension", which can phonetically could also be "with intention" -- both applicable, and with subtle but important difference in meaning. There are also some double meanings, such as "To utter power", which can mean powerful words and also mean the subject has the utmost power over the speaker.
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