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Joel A Doetsch May 2013
You slowly walk down the avenue of normality
Ignoring the side streets and oddly placed alleys

Change, you feel, is strange and unnerving
You stay straight and narrow, no veering or swerving

You look at us weirdos and our strange machinations
you speed up your pace with much trepidation

You're so busy keeping to the road that's more traveled
that you are completely unaware that it's turning to gravel

You're walking alone, and the road has all but decayed
the streets that you passed up, now bustling highways

Your fear of the odd and peculiar, the offbeat uncommon
has led you to become alone, forlorn, and unwanted

Everyone's different
Everyone's weird

Everyone has secrets that no one will hear

You wanted to be normal, and normal you are
now you're a minority, among the bizarre
Wait, you're completely normal?  ******.
onlylovepoetry Nov 2017
(the gate is a crowded mess, please no special requests, be thankful you got a seat, this flight is sold out and I’m beat.  
I get up and stand on my chair and say)

I give thanks for:

the uncommon greatness of common sense

for the steady approach of that wondrous day when
kindness is neither random or unexpected,
but the rule, not the exception

for our opinions and deeds, that are our own,
derived without coercion, born from our thoughts and observations and that
we are equal to both
owning them and to
changing them

that we live in a time that friendships can grow just through the quick exchange of words leaping bounds

for eyes that see deep deeper than skin,
ears that hear
what those ashamed wish you didn’t, hands that grasp regardless of distance,
the taste of  kisses that come easy sweet  

for the  day when I at last knew,
the pleasure of giving
so far exceeded receiving,
that giving and receiving became

that I learned that the best skill to possess  is
to anticipate
the needs of others

that my lucky position in this world permits me
to act on the things for
which I am thankful

that someday I will need no longer inquire,
are you my poem,
for the answer will be self-evident to us both
LGA 11/22/17 1:00pm
On elephant’s back,
Mahout tenuously perched,
Swoon over moon!
Steve Page Jan 19
it takes an uncommon mind
an ability to think at an angle
someone who's not been a stranger
to an occasional maniacal giggle

a willingness to set your own pace
a relaxed approach to normality
if you can embrace all of this
count yourself part of the family
Family allows you to let your hair down a little
CE Green Nov 2018
And so
There you were. I saw you last night, you were unapologetically ****. Common and so uncommon, and said to come in.
And so
I did just that. I saw you last night,
You were ruefully majestic, and you were glowing. I don’t want to say glowing, actually. I don’t like that adjective and it’s over romanticized; but there was light about you.
And so you stood up, and I held still
And so I saw the whole of you, every last bit.
And we let stark grey November light spill into us, into the room. Not our room, just yours.
I was gawking and I felt subtle shame stain my heart.
And in that moment I decided not to feel that way anymore, ever again. And I wished for just a second that I could call you my own, or a part of me at any rate.
My head came down. The bluebird peaked his head out. Yes, he is still in there. Chuck doesn’t weep. I’m not like Chuck.
i am the eye of
the sun  

i see  the world
beyond the
black darkness

calling to glory
the sunrise and
the sundown

bringing darkness
to shameful defeat

blessing the world
with sublime beauty

in this love enterprise
i am the uncommon
favor in uncommon
story, running rivers
in  uncommon course.
Ryan A Flournoy Apr 2015
10:35 p.m.

Again the man ate too much for his own good. He could barely sit long enough in his car ride home without an involuntary bowel movement threatening to ruin the interior leather of his new convertible car. The same convertible he happened to clean earlier that day, and for the second time that week. Barley able to transition out of his car he wobbled his way to his front door and into his house away from the fascist eyes of his affluent neighbors. He plopped to the living room floor assuming the only position his body was capable of. As he lay spreadeagle on his back uncomfortable and slightly anxious he ripped his shirt off in fear of suffocation. The spinning fan above brought waves of nausea if he starred at it for too long. Rubbing his ***** protruding belly seemed to be a brief fix for the brewing pain in his stomach, but then the pain turned for the worse. He felt the sidings of his stomach stretched and the food nearly about to overflow back out of his mouth. A small burp came from his abdomen and he could taste the food as it rose and steamed in the back of his throat. He questioned himself In agony, "Why?". Why would he continue to spoil the treat of dining out at his favorite restaurant in town just to come home in disgust and pain? Is it an inability to stop himself from ordering the biggest plates of food and forcing every single grain of it into his mouth? Or are the pictures that show the plates of food just too enticing for his self control? Is it that the price seems right, therefore it only seems logical to order the full plate and its copious amount of sides to choose from? Perhaps it is just because his finances allow him to and his lack of appreciation for what sparse living feels like, or even worse famine. With no real acknowledgment of the nonrefundable resources he so easily exhaust, not to mention the physical harm done to his body, he was doomed for failure. He winced as he rolled to his side. No burp could subdue the agony of each turn in his stomach. He feared at any second his dinner would decorate his luxurious new rug that he took so much pride in. So much pride it was not uncommon he would insist his guest to bend down and feel the plushness of it every time they stepped on it. Still the war raged in his abdomen. Focused on his breathing, he shut his eyes in hopes of a get away. Struggling to remain still he reassured himself to breath.

11:07 p.m.

Suddenly, like a light switch found in a dark room a life changing truth was revealed to him. One so beautifully powerful it was to change him for good. The awareness of this truth would put an end to his pain and suffering, his lies and imperfections. There was now an answer to the constant void in his stomach, his unquenched hunger, the glass half empty. No longer was he a prisoner of deception. There was an overwhelming fleeting of demons and a mountain of weight lifted. His vision was as clear and vivid as it could ever be. The bliss was not ignorance, not was unfeigned truth. For the first time ever he could see life for what it really was. It felt like a lifetime of emotions in one moment. Simplicity surrounded him in every direction. He felt the joy of complete freedom. The weightlessness of eternal peace. He was to tell the world of this untapped truth brought to him. A new and better way to live. An actual sustainable lifestyle free of judgement.

Then without his consent, he abruptly stood up. Dazed and in a state of confusion, he glanced at the clock.

11:11 p.m.

He then looked down and saw what his life cleansing truth was. He had simply soiled himself while asleep, ruining his new living room rug.
Man longs for fulfillment but looks for it in material objects, false ideologies, pleasure and desires. We will continue to take from this Earth until one day there will be nothing left.
Rivers of tears flowing
In the furrow of afflictions
Bringing in sheaves of
Uncommon harvest
In unusual glory.

Weep  not on this
Fiery  field of labor
Bountiful harvest
Is yours to come in glory

Till you know tears
Are the seeds of great harvest
I bid you not farewell!
sweet dreams to the dismal things
on the shores of an apocalypse
perhaps we are day-dreaming
breathing in these noxious fumes
consuming our own impermanance
is it ignorance of law
or the lure of the commons
that has doomed you
to inhaling all this perfume
threads of light scintillate the moon
an uncommon fuse
forged between your heart and the sun
so come dance and drift
in between rifts of space and time
that melancholy face
oh how i’d love to hold it in my hands
and stand up against you
i never stopped to over-stand you
don't think about it just let it out
before it consumes you
as fast as a spray from a humpback whale
the powers are receding
and we are needing to refill our cups
brunt and blunt like coconuts
what a stunt you pulled
how did you know
that they'd let you get away with it
its phenomenal the mood you instigated
a repatriation of the delegated fields
free of spite and allocated yields
until we became two foolish flowers
that now must die
in order to perpetually bloom
Life is ephemeral
Running vicious circle
Of insecurity!

Some will love you
Some will hate you
Have courage
Live your life anyway
In the opulence of love.

Life here is a seed
For harvest to come
Either here or hereafter
Never be tired of doing good
Life at times a dark night
Continuing pulling the strings
The day will come in glory.

Life at times a killing silence
Continuing pulling the trigger
Till roarings of joy enter.

Life, a loan from the Creator
Invest it wisely
For eternal harvest.

Life, uncommon opportunity
Seize it at its fullest
It costs,
But have the courage to pay.
Michael John Dec 2018

a walk about towns
lily be crowned
great godess
to bed airwares on..parenthesis
perchance to dream in
splendour and innocence..
shared the family of man
when more is less..
when we live free of fear
and intimidation
when violence against
be uncommon..
we safe in our home
where human rights
for everyone
where we own
body and soul..


a little bird sings
outside her window
through the pale
dawn´ s light..

she says in oblivion
where she does not
where there´ s a


where we on a wing
where love the day
where night bring
hope so..

where the moment
the pauses
truth our meditations
and free lost cause

where equalities
where dreams
like sheep count
she smiles..


where concord is
obvious and profound
like the blue bus
lily laughs..exclamation

like a little bird..
tucks her head
turns and goes
on in search

of the right word
the juste mot
where we like ourselves
o she says
the music stopped..
pauline 2d
Like any other girl, I want my own fairy tale with my prince charming. I had this crazy idea that he will climb the tower just to be with me or rescue me from an evil witch (please blame Disney for this).
But as I matured, I realized that life itself will never be a fairy tale. The only real thing is that there will always be villains.
For the prince charming part, every guy will try to portray that role but will end up being an *******. I'm not saying that you are an ******* but more of a combination of both.
You definitely swept me off my feet but you can be a super villain when you get jealous or when you try to show me how you care in a very extreme way.
I know roller coasters are uncommon with fairy tales but as we make our own, for sure there will be a lot of rides in it! I am afraid of roller coasters but I'd set aside those fears as long as I am riding along with you!
So let us continue this ride hand in hand with kisses on the side :)
Ruby Nemo Nov 2018
you've stained me like a burn
a sizzling cyst that persists
tainted my perception through gore, imagine
twirling eternity between *******
oh love, how you've lost
and abandoned assuming good sides of me
a scratch unexpected
I never could have guessed it
don't speak, I am only a ghost
altered visuals because of your preference
don't push me, I'm high on the ground
through stammers and handshakes
I'd lose in the end
but honey, worry not for your misaligned friend
in a way, I'd have liked you to stay
so I could disappoint you everyday
that look locked on your face
it's fatal, humiliate
bring divinity into a life so uncommon
and tossed for the sake of desire.
No star without
its scars!

No rose without
its thorns!

No birth without
its blood!

No day without
its night!

No crown without
its cross!

The moon loses
its glory without

Baby, best of love
comes from the
oven of **** to
sit in the palace
of morning glory.

Nothing good comes
without pain and
pangs of trials
and tribulations.

Baby, we are very
close to the dawn
of morning paradise.
Chase away the dark
clouds of this devouring

Let the love eagle fly
to glory on the mountain
of hope and courage
and uncommon
expectations, baby!
Traveler Nov 2018
When this madness first set in
It only made sense
To search out a good diagnostician
Trustingly sharing my story
With strangers with degrees
Quickly realizing no clinician  
Could fix what's alien me

I search for someone wise and trained
Instead I found myself slowly drowning
In a system of judgmental rain  
My very heart and soul an open subject
Sharing my uncommon delusions
Over and over explaining
My poetic conclusions

Yet those who have never ever lived a rhyme
Are prone to leave the unexplained behind
Who simply label you from a book
Quickly stop reading and give you that look
A book of broken soul’s
They write ya a prescription and send ya home
Traveler Tim
(Honestly don't remember writing this)
Truckin' onions down the Grapevine
Jake brake blaring
I am almost HOME
sang the feller drivin' onions,

Singing common man songs
just getting' along

Makes up words when he can

He's an uncommon man
but he takes a lot of pride
in what I am.

They're playing sad Merle Haggard songs
on the radio

Rollin' onions down the Grapevine

Airbrake smokin' smell heavy
fifty miles by now,

Singing trucker man songs
Just getting along

all downhill from there

He was an uncommon man
but he took a lot of  pride
in what I am.

They're still playing  Merle Haggard songs
on the radio
There's onions on the freeway
Clear on down to
Button Willow.

I guess old Merle died too, today.
I later saw that wreck as a poster in the dmv, when I wen to renew my farm labor bus driver license. I remembered back in 2016 when Merle died, I think.
The eternal council
A group of black disciples
All knowing
This is why they keep going
Determined and outfit
It’s a common gift
For the people of this cycle
Inter-dimensional at a angle
They see all, They know all
This is why they can’t fall
Always been a part, Always burdened from the start
Celestial glimpses as a art
Frequency is the common key
And this is what they teach
Where the opposed are the decreased
No matter any battle or uncommon disciple
They know whats coming: It’s reliable
Their purpose lacks evil, its all for the people
And any corruption or stolen melanin
Cannot deprive the win from this powerful council
It’s in the nature, it’s a seal in the paper
It’s upon the bark of the brazen tree
Where all the demons flee, where the gifted get their energy
Like the hieroglyphs upon the source
Prepared within the proper course
It’s the preachings upon the stars
Pointing clues at who the true gods really are
Like the truth shown in specs of media
The proof of the visible dominator's
And the majority doesn’t even know her
Just stuck within the grasps of one giant needle
Preventing the truth from being see-able
And yet we’re suffocating in the air we call breath-able
And each day as we unknowingly sin
The real pain doesn’t even start to begin
From the start, they tried to peel us apart
Good from evil, evil from people
But the sad truth is: it’s non-separating
It’s like we’re all bathing in this sad little craving
Of the idea of the “powered” all behaving
Thats why they’re sad, they can’t help us
Because they think saving humanity is a must
This council, this group of black disciples
Does know what happens, while the real ancestors are laughing
Another great reason to be a part of this eternal council.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
These are the comprehensive bones of Ossabus

The United States, and without his wife
And the outcome will fool unique historical
interpretation of history; the activity of the heart
called the wind as the day goes by, so that
the cerebrum decreases clearly suggests harm;
my friend is going to heat up the film
configurations of the product characteristics
and French, the role of the Jews? That it is so;
history by the new and change, and is a fool,
and sent to each of the massage and pain
And once not only *** fish safe.
"And it is if one of the problems",
Clinical can not miss: depending on Ayagọ
This weather to heaven is less is made
from a set of products that are left behind;
Thank you is what you need eighteen.
The removal of more than deaths of the targeted
advertising campaign that she ministers rumors;
Quboiam apertures Shadow restaurant.

GE is the gate, waiting for the bread of women

American Nephilim finds a wife and lives
in **** they dream of having six; water
is carried blue; Half of kids with poetry's history
war in the air, the ground with a big heart
needed barely Rainbow yellow baby had
a year old ***** the spirit of their parents
knew the form of the Medusa energy center
walking friends, and converging the heat
of the fall of it, will list 1 on the rock, the Gallic
and the School of bend and out of it are the
flight of the rich man of the Jews, to kiss
for the change; and for a proverb of madness
of the conversion of the barbarians to the
morning, leaving us in the morning
of the United States and *** T fees. It is well
known that one of the lips to the mirror and was
kindly and found that it was now ever used
in the field of alchemy, and cerebellum;
that is to say, from the weather to sleep and died
in a dog who once was sometimes useless dance
ever mobilization which they have not yet girls
have their own style of play, the guys would
not have pleased to tell me the cat who died
was a kid In the meantime waiting for her pieces
of peanut concept;         Take care of the shadow
of the food of the hole.
GE to the bone stands for the cakes of women:

American life, and without his wife
having been found dead, Seventeen reported
having kidney's historical story of war in the middle
of the air the heart of the works for the world,
so great that it is not uncommon at the age
of the yellow and yellow rainbow
Parents do not have the form
Companies in Medusa, walking among friends;
and by the way the heat of the way,
that does not have to fall in the two sides,
and 1 album of the rocks and the French School
the rich flee to and the parts of the A,
that is in the middle of the Jews,
through the kiss of a change in it;
And the stories, and the changes were mad
All morning until the people gave us
In the morning, the *** and United States t-bills
money. It is known that one of your lips
The reasons why they saw through a glass,
and saw me but now it's always in the field of alchemy,
collection, snake, that is to say the thick weather
Heaven of the dead, With a dog, that is,
dance dance now remains without it is not a ******
recommended guys taking mode. Give me a kid,
and I will promise:a dog that is at the door of a dead man;
and waiting long for your wife, take care of three jobs
to fix the holes in the shadow of food.

GE to the bones to wait for the loaves to the women

United States and without his wife
we have seen the remaining seven levels
having cancer story history in the middle
the wind heart of the works for the passage,
so far you're not frequent at age of rainbow
rainbow and yellow parents do not have the form
Centers in Medusa, walking among friends;
and by the means of heat of the way,
not to fall on both sides and three volumes
of rockets and French libraries the rich flee to
and the parts of A, who was in the middle
of the Jews through the kisses of a change in it;
And the stories, and the changes are foolish
It was all morning until the people gave us
In the morning, *** money and US dollars
money. You know that one of your goals
The reasons they see through glass and saw
me but now it's always the field of alchemy,
snake, snake, that is to say of weather in Heaven
of the dead, With dogs, that is, this dance dance
exists without being a ****** recommended people
taking position. Give me a child and I will promise:
a dog is at the door of one that is dead and then
waiting for his wife to maintain three jobs
             of the holes in the shadow of food.
GE is to wait for the bread of the bones of the women,

United States without his wife we have seen
the remaining seven levels; the latest arc having
historical mean; the works of the heart called wind,
Often they are so much the age of the rainbow
of things not seen the form of the iris yellow
The Centers of Medusa walking with friends;
and heat means that out of the way;
emergency three sides of anxieties
and live a rich and driving the French libraries
And the parties are in the midst of Jews through
the orifices of the change in it; the stories
and changes in the foolish it was early
in the morning all the people,
who also hath given unto us, even to the
In the morning, the dollar funds ***
funds. Handed down to you, 'You know, that one of
for now we see in the mirror and saw no reason
but me, ye have not always remember the words
in the field of alchemy, snake the snake',
that is to say the weather conditions in heaven,
the dead dogs, that is, the dancing dance
recommended by people not being a ******
Lieutenant. Give me a child, and I promise;
And dogs who have died abroad
keeping a wife of the tribes of the jobs in waiting
for the holes in the shadow of food.
Threw a couple benzos in the mix yesterday
which was very unlike me, but it paid off;
The time was spent at a good friend's house.

Started with clonazolam (not to be confused
with clonazpam), this designer benzodiazepine
is as potent as xanax but with a longer duration
of between 6-10 hours. Abuse often leads to blackout
states and it has been dis-affectionately nicknamed 'clam'.
Being cautious of any compound active in the microgram range,
At first I ingested only a fifth of the illicitly pressed tablet.
It had light but noticeable effects which cooled my mind enough
that I consider dipping my toe in my preferred class of compound.

Perhaps an hour later I insuffulated 2mg
of 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylthioamphetamine,
Better known as DOT, the first of the Aleph series.
This produced a bare threshold of effects, including
minor thought acceleration (to counter the benzo)
and a hint of warmth throughout my body.
I left it at that. It is a good sign for future inquiries
into that rather mysterious series of compound.

Later still, I wrestled with whether or not to try another benzo
which was gifted to me when I mentioned I had never tried it.
Chlordiazepoxide, in this case going by the brand name Librium.
Prescribed to treat anxiety, insomnia and symptoms of withdrawal,
It has a half-life of between 5-30 hours. However,
An active metabolite of chlordiazepoxide (and also diazepam)
is nordiazepam - active for between 36-200 hours.
Can you imagine taking a drug which lasts eight days?
Hence my hesitation.
After some consideration (fifteen minutes of quick research
followed by fifty minutes of feeling the psychological weight
of the pill on my palm), I ingested a small black and blue capsule
marked "LIB 10mg". Of course, such a small amount
would not be in my system for so long.

Shortly thereafter two of us went down to the shop.
I floated through the isles, settling upon a carton of apple juice.
A slight but nonetheless uncommon feeling of happiness struck
me during our walk back. The fresh air was good, I could feel
the vague comfort of distinct experience. Perhaps this reads
as if it's nonsense, and I know it, but a sensation reached
out to me from my past, recognition of the pattern of being
I was currently pursuing, a mindset.
I suggested we split a small dose
of an exotic trip I'd been saving.

It's duration was appropriately
short, 3-6 hours. We ate 7.5mg
of 5-Methoxy-N,N-diallyltryptamine,
Commonly referred to as 5-MeO-DALT.
I believe I have had the honor of bestowing
upon it the colloquial name Foxtrot.

It probably did not effect us much,
I certainly could barely distinguish its
effects in the mix. Silly of me really, I don't
even like benzos, I had just been in a bad place
recently; this session reminded me I did not need
to escape anything, everything I once loved
is within reach. I'd give some credit for that insight
to the influence of psychedelics, despite the
quieting presence of axiolytics. Ultimately,
Insight is not a product of any drug. It stems
from experience, and no substance can dispute
the immutable metaphysics of mind,
Whatever its form may be.
Sabbatical's end.
Pastelblitz Oct 2018
I will admit
My fear is


And it’s one that leaves me tossing and crying

Trying to fathom where I went wrong

And how I could fix things

And my mind becomes messy

A ruin

As I cry into the cold air

With his voice on the end of the phone trying to ground me

As I slip away

Into the past

I long to forget
My biggest fear is being abusive and honestly I’m trying to figure out if I was ever abusive. I don’t want to be like him and I never wanted you to feel like I did. But I’m scared I have
I take from the rich
And I give
To the richer
Grow money trees
And then watch the world wither
I've slithered
In gardens of green
Dripping red
With a purity hood
Draping over my head
I have poisoned the fountain
Of youth
To retain
My control of this endless
Monopoly game
As my capital gains
A skyscraper a day
To the skyrocket stock market
Locke's do I pray
Upon all to be blessed
With a lavish excess
But succession of kings
My investment ******
To breed wealthier nations
Uncommon in man
Through unhealthier rations'
Invisible Hand
Do I muppet the mouths
And harp on the heartstrings
As I tug on the chains
Of the slaves
Freedom rings
And that fat ***** can sing
All she wants
I will cling
To this power
With eagle-lied,
Vulture talons
I devour
The will
And then **** the bills
Blood that I spill
With impunity
I am the law
There is no order stopping me
No cherry topping me
No master forces endorsed
Are out-shopping me
Spending spree
On the lost souls
Now to bending knee
And enthrall in the terror
Of my urban sprawl
Making maggots of masses'
Automaton dreams
Into my gilded ages'
New pyramid schemes
You can call me a liar
Truth is
No concern
To the one who reigns fire
With oil to burn
Down upon the deniers
Until they all learn
I'll recruit body bags
To preach life to the choir
And when the screen lags
Train these dogs to play dead,
Lay their own on a wire
In so doing shred
The carnage they desire
So I can play God
And with demons conspire
A masterful plan
To command the economy
Zombie hive mind
Get in line
For lobotomy
My progeny multiply to consume
And consume
And consume
'Till the ******* last fume
Dissipates into space
The good fortunes of Earth
All amounting to waste
With the mother who nurtured you
***** and disgraced
The four steeds of Apocalypse
Nothing but paste
For I win every time
It's you humans
At race
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
An Adult in all da flair
And ze Child that lives in air
Have one thing uncommon

And zat is ze pressure to make few mistakes
Once zat is ze same for ze child

We have truly robbed children of zeir childhood.

Being a child itself should be a sign that a lotta mistakes are in order. Once you start pressurizing not to make them too much, congratulations, you loser.
(Tried a little fake French accent. I like ze fake accents!!)

— The End —