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Emeka Mokeme Aug 2018
I know the feeling experienced,
when everything crumbles
before you without warning
because you were not paying
attention or prepared for the
pressures of the pesky people
who contends with you to mess
up what took you a lifetime to build.
Everything crashes and tumbles
before you just like that.
Starting all over again is like being
born again in a world of uncertainty
full of intriguingly mesmerizing awe
and revulsion.
Where do you begin from here,
how can this happen to you,
you wonder how much time you have
left to get things done all over again.
Don't worry about it,
just begin from the beginning.
Pick up the crumbs,
the left over and the pieces of the bricks
and pebbles thrown at you to forge again
the blue print with resilient
attitude to create the masterpiece
that will guarantee you a unique
spot in the world that stands you out
powerfully into the spotlight.
Unbeatable and a valued and
treasured friend in the world.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
DaSH the Hopeful Jul 2014
I wish I could give you this beautiful pain
   Its captivating to endure
        To watch it unfold inch by unbeatable inch

            Its long

            Makes you hard and callous
And makes you grovel in gravel begging for the end
     And it becomes a road
          A winding, twisting road that wraps around your throat

      A gorgeous asphyxiation blurs the smiles of the passengers in the cars on the asphalt
   And you blur into unreality
         The road ends

   The film in your head stops

And your left sitting unblinkingly...
Abstract Agony at its Finest
Jami Samson Jun 2013
Instead of a red cape is a plain T-shirt and shorts,
Accompanied by a smile that can make a heart fly;
Beneath all this is my superman.
He may not be unbeatable in all sports,
But he doesn't even have to try.
Because no matter what, I'm still his biggest fan.

Laser eyes and X-ray vision,
Or even eyes that could see the future;
These are nothing, compared to his eyes.
Just staring at them gives me satisfaction
Than staring at any other picture.
Because in his eyes, I can see that love lies.

His hands aren't bullet-proof;
They can't stop a crashing plane,
Nor can they bend gold.
But my reasons are way over the roof,
That even through a hurricane,
It's still his hands I want to hold.

Super strength or super speed,
The ability to fly or to travel through time;
All of these, he has none.
But there really is no need;
I'd still write him poems that rhyme
Because his power on me, will never be gone.

So who cares if he really isn't a superhero?
Kryptonian or not,
Still, on Earth he was sent;
Not to be everyone's superman,
But to be my one and only hero.
He's the best weapon I've got.
Lois Lane may have her own Clark Kent,
But I have my own superman.
#5, 2011
JustChloe Apr 2014
You thought I would fail
You expected me to crack
You wanted me to run and never look back
then your confused when I don't do that

Your pressure I pushed it of
Your challenge I took it
You told me I was nothing and I ignored it
I beat it

I didn't fall
I stood tall
I beat you all
You can't make me look small

Because I am unchangeable
not tolerable
but favorable
I am Unbeatable

You thought I would fail
you expected me to crack
but I beat you
and I'm never looking back
PJ Poesy Jan 2016
Worm eats through to penetrate.
Trespasses, what ***** deeds?
What ichor is this to venerate?
How dare eat, how dare have needs?

Godly viral load unbeatable,
no t-cell left to count.
Wriggling in puddle inconceivable,
**** upon this crucified mount.

Lazarus, risen from the dead,
no dog now licks your wounds.
Lepers now banshees are instead
social workers which we swoon.

And the Roman laws and judges
continue blame, hand down sentence,
as degenerative generation smudges
out from existence, ***+ penance.

Dissected and pinned against wall,
this writhing experiment oozes.
Whilst priests and politicians naw,
compassion and AIDS funding loses.
We writhe. Yet, AIDS survives. Will any of us?
Edna Sweetlove May 2015
You can't beat deep prostate massage: just ask any gayboy.
Manas Oct 2013
I am invincible.
Unbeatable. Headstrong.
Each step I take today,
with a marked conviction.
My blood pumps with purpose.
Over-saturated adrenalin
Finds rationale a bit overrated.

All I remember next,
as my thoughts follow my fall,
Is a question that has haunted me often.
Where'd I go wrong?
Wasn't I invincible?
Unbeatable? Headstrong?
I hope this makes sense. Tried writing something after ages. Any feedback is sincerely appreciated :)
Jessie Nov 2013
I am a white, Jewish girl from Florida.
Hit me.
Hit me with your white girl jokes,
Your Jewish American Princess stereotypes.
I will giggle and squeal right along with you.
Because yeah,
I do order white chocolate mocha frappuchinos from Starbucks,
I Instagram pictures of my nails,
I take selfies, whiten my teeth, straighten my hair,
Shop at Forever21 and drink Naked Juice like it is my job.
Yeah, my daddy buys me things,
I don’t pay for my data plan,
There’s no way in hell I would drive a sedan,
I wear Nike shorts and avoid any nearby cameraman,
And let me tell you, I love jamming out to old school Britney Spears.
Hit me one more time, because none of that means I am any less intelligent,
Any less diligent,
Any less likely to face judgment
Than any other slice of diversity around me –
I am a white, Jewish girl
My nose is not its own cartoon,
I eat bagels (but I absolutely hate lox),
I’m not tan or even the least bit tinted,
And god knows I don’t wear Uggs.
Tell me I need to get married young,
Major in business,
Wear clothes that leave me airless,
Get some of that European gracefulness,
But don’t tell me I’m dumb.
Don’t tell me I’m not thoughtful.
I’m a white girl.
Take a glance at my resourcefulness,
Understand my goals of being ambitious,
Get rid of your own stereotype-inducing cockiness,
And notice me in all of my flawlessness.
Because I am a white girl,
And I am unique, strong, inventive,
Empowered, passionate, adventurous,
Indomitable, unbeatable.
I am an individual –
Not part of some whole that you put me in to stabilize your mold,
Not the example of a societally scatterbrained ***** meant to be your centerfold,  
Not a previously worn-out piece of clothing thrown to the gutter unsold,
Rather a human being of my own rules and my own morals
A human being with ideas and intelligence and power,
A white, Jewish girl,
A person.
Anthony Garcia Mar 2014
Everyone has a dark side
But there's no shadow without light
With you, the shadows of my heart subside
I wish to once more hold you tight
To again witness the beauty of your eyes
Eyes I could lose myself in, if time allowed
Eyes so blue, they rival the open skies
When I catch your gaze I'm instantly wowed
When I'm with you, pure ecstasy surges through my veins
Unsure if I'm dead or alive, in heaven or just dreaming
For the tenderness of your touch alleviates my pains
Your touch that tickles so much I feel like screaming!
At last, when it's time to part our ways
I hold your hand for as long as possible
Because the euphoria will soon die and leave me in a haze
If only I could defeat time, the unbeatable obstacle
So that our joy will never have to cease
However, all good things must come to an end
I know I can't stay, I need to release
And pray for a chance that I might see you again
Lark Train Jun 2016
You smile like a wolf about to ****.
Your cruel, sharpened fangs barred in spite.
Your voice was gold, your white cuspids alight.
You smile at your prey; we deer stand still.

I know the smile shall end where it will.
I know it never reaches to your eyes
And I know, like one bitten once or twice,
That the wolf closes its eyes to ****.

The wolf leans in too close, panic sets in
Stumbling through apologetic speech in
An effort to get somewhere else, again...

The deer springs into action, can't win
For wolves hunt in packs, the wingman swoops in
Now trapped by foes unbeatable, I'm slain.
This is a Petrarchan sonnet about wolves and deer.
shayfer Jan 2015
I'm tired of always being on edge
when it comes to you.
at one time,
for one moment,
someone else took in your mind
and i'm sorry i cant forget it.
im sorry i question you
about everything.

she makes me sick to my stomach
and the thought of you two makes me sicker.

yes you came back
on your hands and knees
and yes i forgave you
and yes i am stupid
but for once i wanted to believe in that unbeatable love
that is stupid
and crazy
with everything else in between
because everyone has that love at some point.
Shiny Apr 2017
Each day was like a ride on the slowest vehicle on Earth,
Each day was filled with an emptiness,
Each day brimmed with  melodrama,
Each day started with the thought of the day end and
Each day ended just like the doodle on magic slate that got erased,
When you have so much to share, so much to give,
and when people around you just take all,
you lose the tinge of hope that there is a
possibility of indestructible love in life,
where there is no giving and taking but sharing,
But there came a day, when everything changed.
I met the people who mean the life to me,
just when the sun was setting.
Each day from then on begins with the Sun rising all so bright,
extending the radiance, so warm that the entire day gets lightened.
Each evening we meet and the long strolls we take and
Each minute we spend together leaves
an indelible imprint on my memory forever to cherish.
Each step we take is like the luminous steps of enlightened people.
With each step, there  is a new path down the earth,
where the sorrows of each get buried down deep, forgotten
and replaced with a desire to face the tribulations of life.
I still vividly remember the magical evening we all met.
For the first time,
When you are shown the beauty of the evening star,
When you are shown the change in the orientation of stars,
When you are shown the beauty of the world around you and
when you see your buddy treat a dog that passes by like a comrade,
you just cannot help falling in love with life.
When you realize that your ideas of unbreakable trust and love,
which you had started to doubt because of some misplaced trust,
could be all be true, it is a miracle.
It was a surprise to me when words that were dear to me,
words that I had not spilt before, were spilt freely.
From the beginning, it felt like we all belonged together,
sharing a bond that cannot be broken by time or any force.
When you have found friends for whom
you would not even hesitate to lay down your life,
there is a new found freedom and a gleeful feeling.
I feel like like I have sprouted wings,
perpetually free to fly because
even in our greatest despairs,
we will stand together as one family.
If any thing is unbeatable in this world,
it must be
the Human Tongue!
KJSC Jan 2014
Just because I can laugh in the face of my enemy
It does not mean that I am strong
It can mean that I am weak
That the fight inside me
That used to make me curl my lips and snarl
At those who oppose me and all that I am
Is gone
It can mean that there is nothing left to do
But be complacent
For there are some enemies that cannot be beaten
Some people are enemies simply by existing as themselves
They are so hardened like cement
In their own idealized perfect reflection of their lives
They see it every morning
And they continue to be the reason that I see nothing
But my own fear
After wiping the condensation from my mirror
The unbeatable enemy makes me laugh
Not because I am strong
But because it is amusing
To think that I once thought
That I could beat them
J Drake Dec 2012
What can I confess? I love her and that will never change.
I've tried. Nothing works. There is no way to push it out.
It will not be defeated. It is an unbeatable love. An immovable force.
It will not be controlled, it cannot be told where to go.
It simply is, and will never cease to be.

Rest cannot be obtained by mere sleep.
Refuge is a distant memory.
Your steps become nothing more than the distance between you and her.
Everything is her. Nothing is not about her.
Laughter is only a reminder of the type of innocent happiness you feel
When she's standing next to you.
Smiling faces are always a prelude to the glowing memory of hers.
No thought is had that isn't in some way connected to her.

The sun seems dim in comparison to the fire this love embodies.
It is otherworldly. It is unfathomable.
It is that brightness which cannot be perceived with the eyes or
Conceived in the body, but merely felt with the soul.
You see it more clearly through the amplification of tears,
Behind the cracks of the heart.

You work. You play. You sleep. You eat.
And nothing fulfills. Nothing satisfies the soul.

Your future is behind you.
And she stands there, grinning, waiting on you to remember her, reminding  you to forget.

But I will not give up on her. It is not in me to let go of this love.

Our destiny is written in the stars. Our happy ending imprinted in my heart.
writings concerning the love of my life
Ink Jan 2014
If I ran
The longest distance
The highest mountain
The tallest troubles
I still wouldn't be
Trained enough
To dodge your **Big head
Zach Gomes Apr 2011
Oh, Progress!  We found you at the back of
The movie theater, spidered around a boy
And we watched.  Progress, couldn’t you
Wait til the previews were over?
At least we could tell he was gentle.

Which reminds me of the story of the father
Who beat his son until the son
Could beat back, and after the son
Killed his father he went cross country
Beating everyone on the way
Beating the mailman, the bar back, the students
He kept on traveling until he knew he was
And he traveled more and went on beating
When he met his dad in down in Santa Fe
They sat down to drinks and talked
About beatings and beatings
Then they kept traveling West.

Yes, Progress you were a ***** girl
Ignoring whatever went up on the screen.
18 seconds of mutilated armies and a Noble Charmer’s
Ascent to the throne.
17 seconds of painstaking laughter and a fat man.
19 seconds of a young man’s rise to success
His defeats, resilience, his ceaseless winking
And his moral fiscal triumph in the end.
16 seconds of naughty men in suits drinking highballs.

For a movie theater, the chandelier was immense.
Dangling, finely cut glass
Suspended over the audience, crystals tapering
Down to rows of translucent points.
Bret Desrochers Oct 2011
I was wondering, will it be alright
If you and I could sleep tonight
Side by Side
We no longer have to hide

We can come out and say
That we no longer can keep our love at bay
Your smile lights up my world
As feelings and fear swirled

We no longer will remain unknown
We no longer can compete with whats grown
What happened to our curiosity?
As you run into my arms, at extreme velocity

I could hold you all night, maybe even forever
This bond, nobody can sever
Girl your a page in my book of love
Next to beautiful and an ever lasting dove

Thinking remains an unbeatable task around you
Can you just one more time take me through
On how you were able to love me
Baby just one more time pretty please

We no longer will remain unknown
We no longer can compete with whats grown
What happened to our curiosity?
As you run into my arms, at extreme velocity
Copyright; Bret Desrochers
Melody Feb 2011
If February is the month of love.
Well ***** it.
I've been so messed up all month I've started thinking crazy and
frightful thoughts.
I'm so ******* up I feel the knot in my stomach getting tighter and tighter
every possible second,
the milliseconds, trilliseconds, billiseconds.
I want help,
Help from someone who understands and knows how to rid this strong wrath from my body.
Someone who has felt it before.
If February is the month of love,
Then how come there's people dying?
The cursed love we pump through our veins,
Is that it?
It's like this every February!

I'm fighting a battle,
And it's winning.
It's February....
The month of cursed love....
..........................................................No note needed...
onlylovepoetry Sep 2017
a plain poem (the first time I came in you)*

a plain poem, light and effervescent, a flim-flan tasting,
plein de absurde rimes, full of nonsensical rhymes,
a lattice of criss crossing pastry sugary lines, the ones,
cannot, struggle to deduce, induce, reduce
from my constipated vocabulary

oh well
the first time I came in you,
entered, bidden welcome,
suffused a bridge between
the party of the first part,
the party of the second part,
sugar lightness airy nonsense,
two spirits dancing the singular
pas de deux of their finite lives,
a performance unbeatable,
lost to the perfection annals

Shockingly, Surprisingly, Summarily,
did not compose an ode,
don't mine a new vein of ore,
even write a plain poe poem

as best can recall,
at the candle melting of the
sealing wax of the deal,
gave an honest speech,
instantly falling fast asleep
with nary a grunted word

ever since l,
cannot write of plain love plainly,
so she makes me pay with a
new living elegant elegy daily,
a quatrain, what a pain,
this iambic panting meter
love poem writing

jeez louise,
how I wish could write of
roses red and violets blue,
get back to sleep,
oh well then,
back to work

got to make those sad moans,
hers, go away,
so please excuse me

near ten years later,
still paying the dues of the
initializing error of my way

she rumbles-mumbles in her
pre-awakening dream state,
so please excuse, got to go, think up
some implicated complicated  
verses to soothe away
her simple poorly hidden anxieties

you see,
I am happy paying
on and on,
writing like the devil furious,
she is stirring, coffee soon,
cafe au lait
if you get my meaning,
but still cannot beat,
repeat, re-alive
that simple plain living poem notated,
when first I came in her*


9/24/17 6:49am ~7:17am
Charlene Tatenda Aug 2013
Buy the cheapest train ticket to a town you’ve never heard of.
Get off at the fourth stop and go to the nearest bar.
Flirt with the unattainable and fight the unbeatable.
Once you’re kicked out, head to the nearest gas station.
Stock up on Skittles, Starbucks frappuccino, powdered donuts and sour gummy worms.
Talk to the guy behind the register about how much you love your friends, tolerate your mom but definitely not about how much you hate yourself.
On your way out buy a cheap Polaroid camera and head to the local park.
Ask people to take pictures of you in front of the fountain, weird trees, sitting on benches or laying in the grass.
Look through the photos and smile, because this is you at your finest.
Go to the movies and throw popcorn at every love scene.
Visit a cathedral, sit in the last pew and just look up.
I can guarantee the most breathtaking paintings will be up there, so drink it all in.
Mail yourself a letter back home about all the little things that make you happy.
Call your first love from a payphone and pour your heart out, even if it goes to voicemail.
Go to a playground and swing until your feet touch the sky.
Buy a homeless man a Happy Meal and listen to his life story.
Invite the girl you met at the bar to a picnic under the stars.
Ask her about forgotten dreams and do not go home with her.
Visit the local library and write uplifting lyrics on Post-It Notes and stick them in your favorite books.
Go find a lake or a river, a creek or whatever and look at your reflection.
This is you, beautiful, talented, confident, one-of-a-kind you.
Do as you please now.
Swim, cry, or skip rocks.
Then go home and forget everything you did, but remember everything you felt.
robin tarox May 2013
Always afraid of the future,
I fear what it might bring...
Life can turn to a scary adventure,
But to my hopes I prefer to cling...

Life is full of surprises,
Everyday yet another situation...
There might be lack of advices,
But it never forbids a solution...

My hands without doubts will tremble,
Life will hit hard to give me pain...
Despite of the agony I'll be unbeatable,
Until I stand up and hit back again...

So many years of ignorance,
But only now I came to understand...
I will never fail to advance,
Until after each fall I once again stand....
wordvango Jun 2015
To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear the unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

To right the unwritable wrong
To be better far than you are
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest, to follow that star
No matter how hopeless,
No matter how far
To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into hell
For a heavenly cause

And I know if I'll only be true
To this glorious quest
That my heart will be peaceful and calm
When I'm laid to my rest

And the world would be better for this
That one man scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

Writer(s): Mitch Leigh, Joe Darion
Copyright: Helena Music Company, Andrew Scott Music
Elaine Powell Dec 2015
Darker than black
Sweeter than barries
More magic than faries
You're a black mamba baby
Poisonous and timid
But wild
And that look in your eyes is so loud
Howling like a beast 
Eat me up like a feast
Your vains are black 
Filled with the ink
Used for scripting your bad dreams
You and I are two black souls 
An unbeatable team
Some say you aren't right for me
And I'd say that's true
But honey it's been a long time since i've followed rules
Jahanvi Goyal Sep 2014
I cry
Choked by the society
Its orthodox mind, sinful acts
I cry
Bounded by rules, stuck in the ivory tower
Deprived of the freedom to be
I cry
Victim of this chaotic world
Non-functioning organs, unbeatable heart
I long
For a place that is
Bloomed with love and humanity
I long
For my wings
To fly
To the haven of tranquility
John F McCullagh Jun 2012
His pressure was mounting
along with his weight.
He got into training
a little bit late.

In the grey light of morning
He'd be seen on the street.
sweating it out
on sneaker clad feet.

He sparred with his partners.
with few in the stands.
Then pummel the light bag
with lightening fast hands.

The fight date was approaching
and no one in the State
gave him much of a chance
of escaping his fate.

The champ was unbeaten.
He ground his foes down.
They'd be down, looking up
at the Champ looking down.

How then to cope
with an unbeatable foe?
This cup would not pass
even if he wished it so.

He was not getting younger,
This was his last shot.
Would he be one more challenger
that history forgot?

He was no timid soul,
avoiding the chance.
He'd go down swinging.
No regrets, he would dance.

He stepped into the ring
and they stood toe to toe
They touched gloved hands together
When the bell rings, you go.
Sharon Thomas Apr 2015
There he goes bidding good bye..
and people here take a long sigh..
when they roll down his records which are so high!

He was born a different kind.
With his shining glory visible even to the blind,
his name itself calms down a terrible person's mind.

He is a man with an amazing sense of purpose
n the owner of a distinct personality
In whom patience and simplicity is bestowed immeasurably..

And that's all which led him to the title of GOD
Who miracles the world of cricket with bat n ball!

Here I bid him bye
Along with million other fans
Who alike me can't think of a match sans that man.
A thunderstorm will seize this day,
and we have a zillion words of thanks to say,
Who turned our life in this memorable way..

And this is my wish for him on this last game.

There wouldn't be any man who can erase your name
the rest only seek fame!
You are the one, who won million hearts,prayers..
You have aspired to inspire.

Here we end that wonderful tale of a great man
Which budded here in our land of India.

And this tale is unbeatable and unrepeatable
Cos there's none who has set their sail as he did. :)

                                                          ­                                  (C)SharonThomas
Ananya zootz Aug 2015
If I asked you to stay
Would you rather let me?
If I wished to blow all the troubles away
Would you rather blow with me?
If I told you that my heart skipped beats
Would you rather say yours do too?
If I jump yelling I love you
Would you rather kiss me thank you?
If I hug you with unbeatable happiness
Would you rather wrap your arms around me?
If whispered never let me go
Would you rather lock the door?
It's sudden and its not
You know and you don't
It's beautiful and terrifying
You await it and dread it
Rohit Rohan May 2014
The bus roars on
With blinding speed
Sparing nothing behind
Crushing each object on its way
To where it goes?
No one knows.
Passengers sit
Going along
Towards futility
Pockets heavy
Like never again
Expressions dead
Like never before
In a trance
They were not so always
When kids,
They'd never known of the bus
Till while growing up they heard about it
And till it finally made
That perilous halt
Right at their doorstep!
Yet they wanted to keep away
But were stealthily enticed
Pushed into!
Inside the bus....
On the bandwagon
And once inside
The noise and shine
All shut their eyes
And blinded their eyes
Froze their brains
And now
They became one of them..
Them travellers...
All in vain to be...
If only I'd stayed behind
away from all this show
I'd have had so much more!
Who wants the comfort of these seats
Or the delicacies they serve here
Niether the coins of gold and silver
They keep stuffing in our pockets
Making them heavy
So I can't get up
And run out
And I guess
No matter how much i wish otherwise
I have to stay
So that each time I pass my house
I can throw all coins I've collected
And yet
Each time my pockets feels light
I wish to go out
More coins
Bigger and shinier
Would be stuffed in
And the weight
Would anchor me down
I miss all of it!
All of what is out there
I can see
See... but do nothing
I look around in the bus
Eyes with fulfilled hollowness
And underlying concealed longings
So devoid of joy
Or any emotion
Blinded by ever increasing ambitions
Yet decorated
With memories
That slowly drain away
When did they last sit with friends
On a careless bench in the park
When did they last stop
To feel the air all cool and comforting
Dance around them?
When did they last feel
The joy of the innocent raindrops
Hearing it pitter patter on their umbrellas
See it skip in the water
And then feel it dissolve in their skin.
When last did they sit with their mothers
And cried their hearts out?
Or just talk with her
Thank her
And tell her how much they love her
When did they last spare moments
To forget all world
And get lost in old photographs
Remains of the past
Of time that was the sweetest
And that which never again would be.
When last did Anton who sits all faded at the back
Paint with his beloved brushes
Coloured the canvas
Coloured his world
When did Raghav
Who now lies beside me like a lifeless carcass
Last flirt with his romantic guitar
Wearing music
That made him look so full of life
Their fingers are all decayed
Under the load of crude machines
When did that old man
Last hug his son
And kissed his daughter
What was the last time when
That woman danced
To her favourite songs
Not at a party
Not for concerts
But for herself
To give her that joy
And the sheer euphoric high
We have missed out so much!
Stray walks in the parks
On cold grass
Thousands of sunrises and thousands of sunsets
Gazing at the ever changing clouds
Dancing with the winds
Talking to friends
And family
Who are real and not just some animated strangers
Who appear each night for an hour
And then ravish
We have missed out on those walks in the sends
Just staring at the opera of water with ripples and wares
Admiring the night sky
Watching those many birds
Fly high
We have missed out on those unbeatable flavours
That mothers conjure.
Those rides on the bikes,
Away from worries.
Those strolls with the beloved.
Those heartiest of laughs with siblings.
Those cleverest of pranks.
Those sweetest of quarrels,
The sheer enigma of accompanying silence,
When we sat with ourselves.
Oh! We have missed it all!
Now the world is this bus
Where each one travels
Willingly or otherwise
Passengers keep adding
Once in,
You cannot go out
And the slightest of attempts
Raises so many brows
And all stares are on you
And so you have to let go
Just continue sitting in the bus
Lying there like a prisoner of our own law
And what you get in the end is nothing
Just pass on the legacy
To travellers who come
Keep coming.
I know how much I've missed
I know how much I've lost
Oh! How I'd give anything to get out
Where i could have all that i really want
This world with its ways
Constantly suffocates me
Darkness smuggles around me
My tears are all drained out
My voice lies buried somewhere within
And emotions have long extinguished out
Driving me mad
As each second counts ahead
I see the bus marching gallantly
Destroying all dreams
That are strewn ahead
Some of them are mine
Or were....
And more of them will come
And be destroyed
And can I do just nothing
But sit here hopelessly
Be led
And driven
To empty glory
Away from all that I have?
From all that I steadily lose?
From all that I care for?
From all that I want?
Oh! Enough!
I have had a lot of this ride
Now make way for me
I am done with this confinement
And now I reclaim my life.
Ah! They stare at me again
Raising their brows
Horrid expressions
As if I am wrong!
Who cares what they think!
I am now going back
Some of them want to come with me
But are scared of others
But I have seen a lot!
Take these empty coin of yours, I say
Throwing them all away and rising up
My breath is returning and so is my voice
I'm going back to where I'll be free
And happy!
And be able to live and not just drag on!
And so the bus slows and I shout to the driver
Stop this world!I want to get off!
Ocean waves rise high
Powerful but can do no harm
The raging sea can do it's best
It's anger will be to no avail
Reduced to a mountain stream.
For love is the mighty force
Stronger than a hurricane
Unbeatable in its strength
It is built on solid ground
A foundation for well built towers.
Love is a friend that stands in wait
Those mighty waves subside
No sign of any turbulence
For love is unbreakable.
And all obstacles will be erased
For love is the power that will stand.
The power of love in its many forms
Romantic love and agape love .
Healer Nov 2018
My heart remains invincible ,
My Brain from start was unbeatable.
There is a war going in me ,
Where peace was never affordable,
This disease which I am suffering is untreateable.
Hal Loyd Denton Jan 2013
Yesterday we stood in the shadowy mist unformed all about was wonder mixed with uncertainty the
Tiny lights touched the soul and as they did they burst with enlightenment it would be like a wand that
Contended with life’s atmosphere a filter that replaced impurities and its power was unique it was
A cross wind that became infectious when it absorbed those around you it to purified from these
Kindred ones and like new snow they fall gently and then with the rising wind they drift into banks that
Create comfort and in this particular sense if you were forced to defend yourself in a situation at the
Most opportune moment when you might be undone by this and become hateful and mean a soft and
Gentle soul comes into your life and allows you to Bearup and then the unthinkable takes place your
World is up ended the life you know as a church going family stops without warning you go
From sleeping on a church pew at five to setting on a chair in a loud boisterous tavern setting
Your dad still brings men to their knees not by lovely prayer but by fists that strike and strike
Until you stand and watch as a man’s knees buckle and Buck goes down but my before
Mentioned friend will be an influence on the whole of your life if you are forced to take some
One down you don’t do it as a mean thing but as a just thing by following that philosophy I
Made a friend out of a life time minor enemy always fighting he and his brothers but in gas
Station by given mercy after victory a new friendship emerged two streets now without
Animosity went most places together what brighter light in the firmament can there be than
Peace but to think you can achieve this entirely by entreaty of kind and sensible words are error
At times only force can speak to another mind that is consumed with selfish contention the goal
Is the same and will restore sanity to the one who is lost all reason no man will find right living
Without the most essential ingredient and that is to find the sacred opposite that was created
To be anchor and author this is the Donna of the most compelling of all lessons where the birds
Of the most southern regions live with plumage of purist white the arresting the confession and
Surrender spreads their wing gathers to the nest though brittle are the branches joy emanates
Across vast regions water and land where otherwise would be inhospitable the song is heard of
Nightingale the turtle doves lonely mournful cooing attracts the soul like a magnet man is
Afforded the greatest gift through ethereal sublime qualities he can with ease live life and be
Transformed by love no other agent holds this power it distils aggression removing far away its
Rough and dislikable features a team unbeatable a genteel women and a gentle caring man
Marieta Maglas Aug 2013
(Mary was talking to Clara about Surah and her curse.)

I have no courage to act anymore, and for nothing the time I spend.

Having no hope, I decided to follow the path of the fate almost to the end.'

'You know that beyond it, there's oblivion and death. Thus, you have to fight!'

'I can't change Surah into what I would like her to be, but you're right.'

'My dear Mary, I have an unbeatable plan, because the time is short.

On her birthday, when Frederick will come back with his wedding escort,

You will go to the castle to ask Jezebel to come here one day to stay.

Remember, there is no hunger, when in the deep forest there is no prey.'

'But, my dear Clara, Anne is so scared, she will never accept in that day

To keep Jezebel far away from her, though she will feel safe here staying to pray.'

'The curse has effect all day long, only that day, so we can be home at night.'

'The next day, they will marry. In the darkness, with demons I will be able to fight.'
(­Surah was searching some poisoning and medicinal herbs on the wild slopes of the mountain. Clayton was walking around.)

Surah stopped to rest on a crest, and she felt something as a raindrop.

She smelled a cool air emerging from the crevice of a rocky outcrop.

She realized that a great cave could be existent in that natural wonder.

She heard a rumbling sound, and she thought that it was a thunder.

She saw the waterfall, which was hiding behind it the entrance of a cave.

The cave was too low for her to enter, and to do this she wasn't so brave.

She asked Clayton to crawl inside, but he noticed that the entire entrance

Was blocked with rocks and vegetation, and to enter they had no chance.

'No person ventured here to remove the underbrush and the *******.

I heard that a wild beast lives in this zone having the teeth very pinkish.'

Returning the next day with ten village people, they entered as spelunkers.

With the aid of lights, they slowly became the beast legend's debunkers.

They renewed their visits daily, proceeding a little farther each time.

They unlocked the entrance, and entered a little room, which was sublime.

It was followed by a narrow passage, which was leading to a secret chamber.

'I'm tired', said Surah,' because reaching this crest was a real clamber'.

They started to break an amount of rock off by using tools before

They penetrated the distance to enter the passage. They heard a boar.

'We are inside', said Clayton. 'After a half of an hour, we will need a pause.'

The passage was interrupted by a chamber. There, they saw some jaws.

It was a king chamber having white walls and a height of forty feet.

'I'm exhausted enough', said Surah.' I'm thirsty, and I have nowhere to sit.'

‘The walls have white travertine deposits of flagstone and brimstone.'

Surah slipped and fell down on the floor. She let out a long, deep moan.

Fossils of sea lilies, shell fish and snails could be seen in the limestones;

The slightly acidic groundwater slowly dissolved the bedrock to make cones.

Along joints, fractures and bedding planes forming passages and rooms,

They walked on a floor sounding as broken crockery, and creating booms.

— The End —