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Sam Maye Jan 29
Well how lovely.
A new boy comes into my life
treats me as if he knows me well
he recognises my existence,
sets my heart on fire
fixes it as if all that heartbreak
melted away at his voice
his laugh was a comfort
and yet I can't help but wonder
if he'll be like HIM.
hahahahahahahahaha welllll ****

backstage: Romeo
tries it on
Juliet 'its 'im 'ard

the slap
shocks the extras
they pause mid-make-up

Juliet's received pronunciation
slips back into her native Cockney
Romeo told to go forth and multiply

anyway, Paris is
more her type and
oooh his *** in ahhhh...those tights

she winces with each kiss
taste of cigarettes

an audience applauds
the curtain falls
glad to be just Jane again

she takes time
to un-Shakespeare her self
boy but she could ****** a kebab

Romeo: once again Andy
her ex & yes yes
she wants *** but...not with him

Paris: now Peter
gives her a saucy wnk
"Hmm!" she thinks "Hmmm!"

she imagines him
nakedly mad for her
sans tights...sans everything

alas that wink was
for Tybalt...*******
another night in bed with

- Stephen King.
I was at a garden party dahling and an actor was amazed that I would know Coward's Sail Away and be able to sing it. He then told a story of Stephen Sondheim chastising him for destroying his leading lady's(the actor's wife ) composure on first night by having an affair with some less than leading lady. So I guess it goes for the big guy's too....all the world's a stage I guess.
Irate Watcher Mar 26
I wonder if you think of me in the night
I know it's a waste of time
Even though I think
I can read your smile
I can't
get over it.
I tell myself
I won't be broken
if you decide
I'm not worth it
or just want to
dip your toes in.
I want to fall forward
go all in.
Be your new best friend.
I want you to hold me.
My eyes roll back
and imagine...ughhh
I'm feeling weak just thinking
about how you'd touch me.
Pardon me if I shake.
I'm just so excited
trying to tell myself it's ok.
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's ok.

— The End —