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Jayantee Khare Dec 2017

Mind can be a Spider ...

Swinging between the things
Spinning a web of threads
Elastic thin intricate
To hunt food for self
Or end up eating itself...

~One can be a think tank
Stuck, but no outcome


Mind can be a Silkworm as well..

Confined in darkness
Spinning a cocoon of fibres
Strong lustrous fine
To be weaved into
Useful valuable fabric...

~One can be a writer
weaving words twined with thoughts
into beautiful write

Just a thought to ponder upon....
marianne Oct 2018
like daisies to the sun
magnet to the moon
sweet tang of peppermint
face raised with shining eyes

like dancing cabbage whites
plums clinging to the branch
roots warm in cool brown earth
hands reach and nestle close

like vines around the oak
clematis shoots in spring
sweetpeas through the fence
four arms in twined embrace

like rosehip to potent tea
hatchling to chickadee
from green to aubergine
my love is sprouting wings
Rakha Mar 2018
who laid on the flower bed
whose hand calmed storm
whose breath ghosted fate
with whom i share a womb

whose fingers twined mine
eyes locked on to my bare chest
feet dragging my steps ahead
lungs breathed into mine
- it is i, reyner
of adoration and stolen glances
mariamme Apr 2018
i spent the glowing sun today
in a little meadow, a thin dress on
and nothing else, hair twined
not by your fingers, but
the wildflowers replaced them
the glowing sun was warm, like
heat from your skin but
not as rough, nor as dark, nor as rich
            and your quiet laughter was replaced
by hums of bees & solitary creasing of smiles,
                                       sadly, but still sweet.
i spent an hour in bed, satiny skin all alone
my hands had to make do
in your absence but i still thought of you.
Her thoughts and I,
we stay awake
waiting for someone,
hoping for somethings
for the heart in pain
needs no tending
just a pinch of the divine
and that silver lining.

I think of the moments
we gently stole
from the curious eyes
of tired souls
our driving the distance
to escape our own
and finding the universe
in our palms, unfold.

There in the coffee shop
she stares at me
from the helpless tea bag
in scalding water.
In the bottle she would get
to quench her thirst
I find her asking if
my need's greater than hers.

The empty seat of car,
in front
is taken in her absence
by her memories warm
The gear shaft
without our fingers twined
is stripped bare
of our naked thoughts

The rains when they come,
they flood my heart
for a stormy noon
is still parked within
when the highway was lost
behind a sheet of rain
and in lights all turned on,
our tongues were mating.

Her breath is all over
this gluttony of a glass
half filled with wine,
half consumed by need
Now, the dam opens,
blood rising to the lips
flooding me with her thoughts
she can never read...
Where do you find love?
In the absence of your love...
Ciel Noir Jul 22
death is a river
that never stops rising
life is a vine
we can never stop climbing
reaching into the sky
twisted and twined
low over the river
that waters the vine
Yenson Sep 2018
Listen to the slivering  paths of the Autumn breeze
The coming velvety skies drenched in ink reflecting silver stars
Wave goodbyes to the elusive flawed brown stone with pensive eyes
A heart will gasp years ahead for callousness past shown now in tears
Remember those golden sunsets for now woeful days are never azure
Watery eyes and wrinkled mask lament a time you could have shared
A King's ransom at your feet twined with an  honest heart assured

Hear the whisperings of the mockingbirds and muted cold choruses
Rainbow starlights betrays pots of gold hidden never to be found
Maidens dance retro and the harpist pluck for painters with brushes
By sunkissed shores blends of contrasts joyous in customary ponds
Smiles pure from honeyed caves same when as waxed spears plunges
Save me a place in the delights of Troy and tell Helen to send a sound
Bring me home to peace and love, rescue me from lions in golden cages

[email protected]
Denise Uy Sep 2018
The rope I'm gripping tightly have
taut fibers twined around each other.
I wove them that way, meticulously.
One string after another, its form gathers,
and I'm proud of my craft.

I've used it to save myself and others,
pulling and tying knots, anchoring.
A tightrope to dance on over and over,
Tugging, stretched, fighting, breaking,
but my rope's getting slippery.

I've used it so much it's hard to hold on.
It's overused and now

Only a matter of time before I can cut it
without effort,
just one scissor,
and it's no more.

I'll tie it back together but I can only try so hard.
It's wearing down, going gone.
It withers and soon I'll have none.
Nothing to save me, or them
if I start abusing it again.
I need a break.
md-writer Jun 27
it wasn't till I walked there
all alone,
that I realized all the beauty
I had missed.
A smiling face beside me, and
fingers twined with mine
were focus, thought, and scene
for the eyes of my young mind.

it wasn't till I walked my path
a good way on my own,
that flowers once kept hidden
from me
began to bloom and grow.
A smiling face above me and
a ring of friends around,
hands full of pencils, paper,
and notebooks full of ink -
for what might be the
first time,
I've begun to truly see, the
wholeness God intended
when He stooped to create me.

no smiling face, nor fingers twined,
nor hearts ablaze with
love and fire,
nothing can ever steal the place
of my soul's sweet

to love is to be is to will is to do -
to do is to love, and

dear God!

                 I love you.
in the whites of our eyes,
no language can interpret,
in the skins of lost bodies,
no soul can birth rich flesh,
in two hearts beating twined,
by all what blight moon shows.

i have walked alone as you,
creeping in avenues so alone,
i have made peace in sorrows,
that you share and i sure know,
we both stride with mists of rains,
white washed by what moon shows.

this world, cast for walking ghosts,
those who know but shadow speak,
avenues trod, unspoken indifferences,
spoke fingers that long for heated touch,
bodies crying need for moist engulfments,
beneath shroud, beams, what moon shows.
Beth Bayliss Apr 1
i'd never seen anything more ordinary than a scrap of tinfoil
until you twined it around my finger
and asked me to marry you
one day, babe, i will.
Silver Raven May 26
They hold an untold truth,
that is linked to you.
Listen to the sounds,
As they slither around.
Coiled and twined,
Growing in size.
Latched on to your screams,
As they enter your dreams.
Fight the battle long and hard,
Until they are nothing but shards.
But the truth will still remain
until your emotions are slain.
Origin: Had a dream about a snake laying eggs that were actually maggots and they grew in various sizes. Quite disturbed honestly
We were born on the starry sky
Bonded to each looking each other
In inter-twined roads and shining highway lights
That's the way it was
It happened so naturally
The solar system ruled everything around me
We were finally free
Like jade plants and houses on Sunset Boulevard
It had been so long since I had brought fuschias
I knew what I had to do all along
I had to take you every day
Away from the motionless night
Into my caravan
And first, I put my arms around you
Then you put your charms around me
I can't resist this sweet surrender
We found love in a hopeless place
That memory may redeem
Into another universe made just for you, after midnight
Ormond Jul 2018
Its form was made for sky,
Reaching into hung heavens.

In the amniotic soils are blood
Veins of bone becoming root.

At the earths breaking is light
Green within the sprouts barking.

To the golden sun on its journey,
The trunks ring into skies praying.

More leaves do come as everlasted
Springs in new revolutions of years.

All the twined branches are knotted
As they grasp the blue firmaments.

And scriptures of heavens proclaim,
Here be journaled leaves, life seeding.

— The End —