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Drifter Jan 2015
why are you so cute?!
i can't breathe
i used my last
on saying "hi"
and "how are your classes?"
and can i kiss you?
which i swear
i almost said
but *******
do i want to
to feel your hand again
brushing mine by accident
hot ****
i remember that
and oh i can breathe again
to say "bye"
and "see ya around"
hopefully tomorrow
and the day after maybe
hopefully always
i miss you already
a tribute to a ******* adorable unedited stream of blotchy, nervous thoughts
Cat Fiske May 2015
in a long sleeve
to cover the evidence

And painting an expression
of contentful bliss

But it is simply an illusion
for the sake of others

Denial the easiest act to employ

Crimson tears stream down
and pool on the floor

A slight shudder
from the sting of the razor’s kiss

Momentary reprieve
from the turbulance in her mind

This pain her only time of joy

But the outside world only sees
the smile on her face

A subtle attempt to make it seem
like nothing’s amiss

Her false expression
of happiness forever a burden to her

Because no one wants a broken toy…
Old poem
Stu Harley Dec 2013
when evil
cast her net
a wild sea of
turbulence and tribulation
fight the swift currents
swims upstream
to spawn
Arcassin B Mar 2015
By Arcassin B , quinfinn , wendy , soul , kate , mosaic , king , liz , Joel , susan & corinne


I'll Always be there,
Is a very strong line,
So benign,
At how so many liars use it,
Make their levels rise,
Put your lighters in the air,
For the lost love,
Like a volcano without eruptions,
Embedded in a time frame,
Freeze for the camera of deception,
This ain't who you fell in love with,
Fell too deep in the demons pit,
A devil with pretty features,
You had time for conversation,
But you wasted it,
By punching in your clock for another lover,
That I had in fact thought was my friend,
So when you say you want to be there for me,
Please just dont pretend.

here within the dormant, still holding fire
what lies beneath cannot be concealed
by the test of time or the trials of amore
give truth as you wish it to be given
turn existence into the art of living
i await you under dreams of purpose
and ours will stand the tests ****** upon them
words mean little when not secured to emotions
and we have swam these tempestuous oceans
define me with your loyalty
and count and what will ever endure
the better nature of you on me.

Do you fathom my eyes,
Blind to your smile,
You believe,
I'm ignorant with bliss,
To be honest,
There are times when your right,
I pray you reach a day,
Of satisfaction,
Come to realization,
There is no other love,
Secure or comforting as mine,
I'm just waiting for...
This true peace to waive upon you,
Until then your just,
Wasting life in turbulance,
Not meant to be true,
Just remember,
I too have a heart of fire,
If appeased by another,
Quite possibly released in desire.

Have I been thus?
Well, guilty as charged
But not for another LOVER
I ain't a vamp gal at large!
Sometimes I just got bizi
If I couldn't go out with you
You knew that goin in
You know what's at stake
But now you're in the grass
Like a cold blooded SNAKE!
I see through the veil
I see your ways
Now YOUR face is pale

Just go away....

please don't play them games 
I know you aint going to be with me forever 
I see they way to look past me 
you were a real smooth talker 
Why would you ask me to stay 
I guess it was never ment to be 
I just wanted you to see
their isn't anything like us 
your devil eyes 
dragged me down to my knees 
when your broke the heart of an angel,
now you see you've made a devil outta me 
im replaying your lies to others 
Playing the same game you played .

You said you were there
But just like my hair
You fell out
Truth like a Baby Ruth
And I ain't biting
Search. High then Low
For the lost love,
Like a tide with no moon
This is just a card game
No goldfish. No direction. Joker. No hearts.
This ain't who you fell in love with,
Flashback, looking at the sky
No wings, Should've of known this was a lie
Drunk on her beauty, 
But she was dehydration
And like a clock, 
You were two timing
There at the the secondhand,
Stood who I thought was my friend, 
You said you were there,
But you were just lying.

Baby, we encounter the waste every day
Bottom feeders posing as prophets
Can’t you smell the decay
Throwing false promises around 
Like it’s some kind of game
Look inside yourself
Deep in your heart
Before you rip my soul apart
Do I appear anywhere within
Now, are you strong enough to be genuine.

Being true holding the line, 
Counterfeit promises, 
Ain't going to be for me, 
So cool it with all your excuses babe, 
Love is the realest of deals, 
You can't stuff me around, 
The reel of our misconstrued movie,
Don't plot a genuine gamut, 
It'll only ever be an sickening compromise, 
Caring is the juice I need,
So feed me no more sucker tricks, 
Babe you're stringing me out, 
To be there,
Yeah right, 
That togetherness jingle rings in my head, 
Don't bait my tender hook, 
Then up and leave, 
There ain't any future in that for me,
On a cold and lonely road.

Your receding steps
echo upon my forehead
like dripping torture.

Drops of memories
patter down gently, wet your
unused pillowcase.

A gulf of unsaid
endearments erode the shore of
common happiness.

Silence, like water,
a universal solvent:
breaking down years of
bonds which held us together,
watching love spiral away.

carry on as though we've never met
use your energy towards lighting 
someone else's way
with the unfueled fire of your burning promises
and careless words never meant for me.

Lies steeped in wanderings
of a discontented mind
looking for what it may
potentially never find

musings of another
not to be left wanting
lingers of what could have been
often can be haunting

* taking leaps of desperation
without a single care
for one who would assuredly
always have been there

This a fickle flittering flame
down it sure will burn
leaving a heart full of love
undue reason to yearn*.

Feast your eyes on the best collaboration in the world , hell!!! Maybe the universe I don't know lol I just wanna thank everyone that inspired me to do this , I love each and every one of you guys and for the people that collabed with me I love you guys and you inspire me to do this poetry everyday , and I thank you , now let's make history !!!!!!!✊✊✊✊✊
cheryl love Jun 2014
It is my legs
My shopping bag
my companion
My float,
The two oars
My extended arms
Parting the water
In my little rowing boat.
We get there eventually
There are complaints on the way
But we ignore those and soldier on
Loweing the drawbridge in the moat.
Tricky I grant you, in your best frock
No man to help, just me, and my pal.
Keep calm, our motto, or we do rock.
Frothy waters jet up our way
Every now and then
It is like the rivers lets rip
Pulls out its cork to say "when"
Turbulance, oh yes, it is a scary time
The boat behaves like it's on the Irish Sea
Stiff talkings to and patience then it is fine.
We sail to the bank oh its a stone throw away
We disembark like a liner on the ocean
I tie it up to the nearest tree
Walk off through the wood in time for tea.
Piling the two carrier bags on board
It is chocs away into the moat
Back to the castle we go, my home,
To rest, me and my little rowing boat.
Mo Gee Dec 2012
To live with a measure of luck or pain
You may not know what will make you sane
But you are always part of this game
As the feeling of the pain rubs in
And you start to think that you have done a sin
You look right and left or all around 
But you realize that you are bound 
It's like freedom and sorrow 
From a game that you cannot borrow
And constantly hoping for a different tomorrow 
You wanna live doing it right
That just causes you to get into a fight
And keeps you up all night
It doesn't matter because you cannot feel
But you keep on hoping for the time to heal
Like hot and cold or black and white
Day and night it's another fight
A war that lives in your mind 
And all to do is just to grind.....
James Apr 2019
The shadow of our tempest is a devil to curb.  
Allow it to simmer,
lest it shall disturb.
Becka Vees Jun 2012
Cut the forget-me-knots.
Dot the t's and cross your eyes;
My balance is a flight-risk.

I knew swindlers of used expressions,
Their attempts: relentless!:
Plucking and picking at taunt silouettes.
Close calls splintered by tall tales.

I held on by the skin of my teeth.

Swindlers with twisted policies
Racked on the broken back burner.
They got scare tactics
Slipping fast from mal-practice.

We we're born to withstand such turbulance
But just in case- i fasten my seatbelt.
Knees bent and heartfelt,
I render these empty spaces moldable.
Heavy minutes move mountains.

Little boy blue beat the big bad wolf
And balance is always a flight-risk.

(Written 4/12)
Jose Valdovinos Sep 2014
As plains pass by they leave their Thunder cry's
I feel them with a passion, or its just my heart that's roaring inside for passion.
Passion haha what's that know in days.
For passion to me is love, to care and be cared for. We dont lack it just hide it .
To know that trough turbulance and rain storms a destanation will be reached
A wonderful heart filled with love and joy that roars loud, louder than these plains that go by every 10 minutes, that i thank for making me feel small and insignificant but yet againg so big cause of all of these emotional feeling im overwhelmd with that make me human, i miss these plains.
Ben McDermott Jun 2015
Shaking 10,000 feet up,
Terrified of every bump.
I realized,
It was a rough start,
But it will smooth out.
It always does.
B Ellison Jan 2013
The failings of man confound, as tremors urge seas to crash upon shore. Turbulance follows in your wake. Each wave hurled towards land disrupts the peaceful sands of days passed. Coastlines are forever altered, our innocence lost. As tide and life ebb away, a hope for reprieve surfaces. All that is found are the barren shells that once housed promise of shelter and stability. No more. These hollowed skeletons serve as unspeaking, unmoving reminders until the surf returns. The sands and I feel settled before the undertow rips away our shoddily compacted reserves. There is no escaping this cycle. Our only choices are to forever struggle against turmoil, or submit to uncertain seas.
BangzIII X Mar 2015
Yes,there's nothing I love more than turbulance.
The breath taking,
eye widening,
teeth clenching thrill of it all..
And what I love about it most is your face when your legs are spread far apart like newly weds after an ugly divorce,
nevermind the other passengers,
that fine attendant asked if she could join.
I'm known as a Pilot too,so lemme assure you of a safe arrival,
this flight could be waaay better than the peak of most highs,
and can never be spoilt..I never knew a cat that was ever this moist.
Or a fish that never needed water,but I don't eat mine raw,
unless the caviar looks right.

So lemme show you the skies,
soar all planes of ******* and ofcourse I'll open your mind.
You can keep your heart,
what's below your diaphragm is what I want,
only if the diaphragm's motion can be paused from below and above..

Welcome to the Mile High Club.
brandon nagley May 2015
Holiday cheers, the spirits now here to up the downpit moods! Where *******'s go singers, and companionship is far beyond due!

Stringed up longing, stuffed feathered innocent pleasures where the gravy spells of finer of many dinings!!

Bring good tidings you attitude bringer, you dope sick slinger, thine gun has drawn itself to fast!!!! Parties awake the deadened vines, where ghastly projectors contract the powers of unearthly glass!!!

The world moves to slow!, STOP, look ahead fantasizer, the escalated wheels to fast!!!

Sodomatic beauty, input newbie, your thistles are spreading the fences, where trashcans and benches distinguish flawful fate!!!

A fulfillment of vows, a timeless volgate. Proverbial collection's detest the furnaced crucible, where Loophole's are bound and bagged to be stench!!!!

Glider of turbulance, father of remembrance, forget what thine holy teacher has taught you to be???
betterdays Dec 2014
sitting at the old oak table
sipping on cold redemption
thinking back to when i was
not some one else, but far less than myself...

turning memories over to
discover the fossiled  id
and the ambered ego"
damaged, dismembered,
by the time of slow, low moving sadness...
that created glacial time..

now, exploring
the barren forest,
like an inquisitive tourist
hoping to find the keys
to the locks that i left behind
whyfor i will never know...

but the former self has hidden the  relics all too well....
(and we bless them to
their  hidden eternity)

and the cages remain sound
the lack of treasure, remains

...and i .....and i....and i
can retrace my steps...back
to the days ....of serenity...
and forsake the turbulance
for  the  promise of sunnier days......

sitting at the old oak table
sipping on redemption
...warm and refined.... over
to see....your love reflected
Paul Donnell Dec 2016
Heavy foot steps and lead laeden words.
Trying to create sense of this emergancy of birds.
Predators hiding lurking in the laminate
sealed in with a kiss the layers are feeling permanant.
Clear obsidion mixed with volcanic ash.
Crushing down on me, im gasping for breath.
Shaking like a mountain just before the eruption
trying to remove myself from this plastic corruption.
Daisies die in feilds..
Deers burn as the air horns call out the catastrophy.

You all need to run from me.

Silence in my self, I am no longer seeking
i need to break free and sing just as birds sing.
Calling out the warning; shaking up the evergreens.
its all interconnected.
Hyperspatail turbulance im screaming in my bed
im worried
im afraid
im trying
its working
i think that the plastic might just be burning
the toxic
the posion
its all gassing off from me
dont breath me
i feel like its something.

I could just be werid. Relaxing in turbines, i think im just trying and poems lead to calm minds.

Make sense of me. Make sense of you.
And you.
And you.
Im caought up in the subterfuge.  Capracioisly grapsing
for what im not sure.

Cattawompus canyons are cut into my heart. Im so confused information on piecharts
, the values dont match
the legend is misleading.
God seems to be warrenting this healing.
Kicking in the door
creating a dizzy storm.
Cyclopeon rage
stolen from days of yore..

Its time to let go.
Its time to grow.

Just understand me . just for a breif moment. I am harmless. I am less. I am lost. I need rest..

A bunch more words too honest too painful. I write poems to unleash all that is shameful.

This hurts.

This is needed.

I am bleeding.

Just so I am.

Just living.

Just leaving.

Just kidding.

Just bidding.

On when its all ganna explode.
On when the subroutiunes will need a defrag machine when the bios gets corrupted when the system wears down when i will stand in the light looking like a ******* clown.
Because i trusted.

Why is this so hard?
I am 24 years old and cant drive a mother ******* car.
Fear is a disease that i can not squah on my own
a whole battallion of star ships need to warp into my home and disrupt the radio frequencies that speak to me
in dreams the nightmares unending the face grips and rending my cheek bones are tensing my teeth are condensing milkbones and raw tones

This excitment inside me
burns out the live feed
darkness envolopes mailed sent by trumpet
these echos of my thoughts
repeat the words taought
like liar and loser you dumb ******* ****** acomplish not nothing but your something is ******* just so god ****** worthless they all wait for your face to turn to a frowning grimice of you drowning you floundering ****** you sociatial ****** you cautious cat crawling as dogs get the tasties of life while your wasting your time just complainging this echo echo chamber needs to be ******* obliterated. A star dust deconstruction and rebuilding of the most primitive functions.

Take me from my own head.
I made my bed.
Id lie in it. But. Its made of my own meat and guts.

.. I need your ******* help.

Be you. Perfect.

I trust you. Despite what these echos say bouncing in my brain.


This is too much.


I think im just werid..


Please dont run.
Paul Donnell Mar 2017
Too much coffee or a bundle of nerves gone bad either way inside the confines of my lower intestine i hide the makings of interstellar war. nebulous hyperions hypothesize the comings of a gratuitus turbulant gravitational trebulation. The trumpets will sing im sure as i scream towards a silent night I am but a silent sight.
I think im just nervous. Get this, its worse and, im trying but its.. Ya never know where friends stand aint done much for them been a long time since I found a new storm to set up in. lightning rods making neurons here we are,
i am a social *****.

The bubbling bravado of new hopes to swaddle are dopped and crushed. the fontenal of my chitinus exterior is pressed and my fear is here to be pulled out and dangled in my face it feels shameful.
Words pass the throat and are shreded by smoke stained teeth and i think if i fumble enough my bumbling lips may stitch the sentence back up and i might just make sense.

My hands are shaking again
My heart is racing and then
My mind races and bends
Anxiety is the buzzing bashful brother of exitment and bravado
Lashes out in spazzy gestures
And sends my head space on a trip to burning pastures
Bragadosious i am not
Bed ridden sad sappy ******
Pent up and
My thoughts derail again
Where the hell are my friends
They didnt go anywhere
Its all in my head

Twitchy turbulance tackling full force into tubluar pathways my blood
Paul Donnell Oct 2016
And you...
You always show up in my dreams.
I can see your light dancing,
Glowing underneath.

Conversations shared in space
I think im astral projecting
You feel real when im asleep

I always snap awake,
Groggy and meloncholy
I Left the window cracked again
Cold air is creeping on my skin

And I
Hate its getting colder
And I
Know novembers closer
Hold on
The turbulance is growing
tastes bitter when its snowing.

You are a phantom now and tables have turned.
This haunting winter air makes me lose my nerve.
I carry on till i can crawl into my bed
Fall asleep,
Hope i can see you again.

Your voice feels like cardiac arrest
System shock; overload

Your words grab me by the shirt
Lifts me up; magic force

Youre always there through the worst
In my dreams; i strain to hear
I listen out..
November hangs me again

30 days of hell

Im tied to the gray in these skies
Chains made of remembrance
Solitude is what i find.

The worst always comes
with the cold
Please show up..
Melt this world
uv May 2018
My ears cant bear violence,
which may end in innocent silence.
revenge is what it starts from,
and ends always in turbulance.
bombs and gunshots is all left to hear,
who will hear the voices and screams
of victims of the crisis.
its all over the world
a world meant for peace,
cant we just live in harmony
without the thought of greed.
i wrote this more than 10 yrs back and it is sad to see its more applicable today then it was back then.
Paul Donnell Nov 2016
My hands are shaking again
My heart is racing and then
My mind races and bends
Anxiety is the buzzing bashful brother of exitment and bravado
Lashes out in spazzy gestures
And sends my head space on a trip to burning pastures
Bragadosious i am not
Bed ridden sad sappy ******
Pent up and
My thoughts derail again
Where the hell are my friends
They didnt go anywhere
Its all in my head

Twitchy turbulance tackling full force into tubluar pathways my blood
desiring is denying presence
acting is finding balance
feeling is their both turbulance
Ash Nov 2020
Sometimes everything is okay
Othertimes the world eats you up.
The turbulance of flying
The rough waves on an angry sea


An ever moving unpredictable thing.
Somedays you feel like a new person.
The sun makes you smile on the coldest of days.
Sometimes you don't know why you bother.

The funniest joke won't make you smile.
God why is there more downs than ups.
Why can't we be more content with this amazing life we have.
The feeling of so much love with out the means or words to show it.
How can love be so restricting.
If we could only express ourselves better.

But how...

— The End —