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Margaret Jun 2014
I've gotten in trouble before
          though it hasn't been for awhile
For a shirt too low
                  or a short too short.

And I took time out of my day
For boys who couldn’t stop staring.
min May 2017
trouble is our destiny
only two can play this game but

who will get hurt first?
who will love first?

these calls which i declined
these text which i just read

i love to tease you
i love to see you angry

you keep shouting at me
you keep calling me names

i thought you could keep up but
i just can laugh at you

there are no rules
and there will never be

but how can you win a serious game
with a funny player?

let that sink for a while sweatheart
Nancy E Tracy Feb 2015
I pedaled so hard to get to the place
that I thought that I knew was right

And when I get to where I have got
I sometimes find out that the right
that I thought was right.....
was not

So I picked myself up and I dusted me off
although I'm a terrible sight
I got on my horse (I hope no one's  watching)
and galloped off into the night

It isn't so bad to make a mistake
just go to the end of the line
a lesson you've learned just like everyone else
and you start all over again

starting over is not such a horrible thing
sometimes it's all for the best
your perspective is better, your mind is much clearer
you've triumphed and won like the rest

A good sense of humor and love in your heart
are required for a life without woe
you'll never be able to live without those
and we all have to learn to let go
So many people are so afraid that they'll make a mistake that they are afraid to try anything new....
Look at all these wannabe gangsters
Terrorising our streets
That one's wearing camouflage trousers
Just wait till you hear him speak
'Dems bear skills mate'
'Can you lend me fifty bar?'
He sounds like he's from Los Angeles
Doing time in the yard
But he's not
He still lives at home with his mum
And his pregnant girlfriend
And he's under the thumb
You see them outside Tesco
But they're not shopping for pesto
Let's go
They've seen the old bill
He's known around this town
For selling dodgy pills
Guns, knives and slang
That's what you need
If you wanna be in their gang
No education
Just a stolen Playstation
And don't forget the ****
Even on a school night
They're out doing speed
You'll see 'em in the park
With a bottle of cider
Then they'll start
On a poor old-timer
Tracky bottoms
And a Burberry hat
Chav fashion
Cause they think they're all that
But the funny thing is
They don't have a clue
They don't think like
Me or you
They think that they're rap stars
Dreaming of fast cars
But they're just wankers
More like 'wannabe gangsters'
To all those troubled people,
who Deprived themselves of food 'cause they
were a size 20 instead of a 2,
who possessed Drawn comfort lines or
Engraved scalding designs all over their bodies,
who attempted to Snip their lives away from
the grand photo of life,
who fled from a place we call Home,
who Drank alcohol like water,
who Smoked nicotine like a campfire's burn,
who Did the worst of the worst imaginable,
I am here to let you know that there will
always be Hope.

To all those troubled people,
who Deprived themselves of happiness at
the Expense of someone else,
who possessed Gaits of Emaciated strength,
who attempted to Hurt their loved ones for
the Sake of protecting oneself,
who fled from a place that no one Knows,
this world needs your Uniqueness
Beauty, Dignity, Strength
Your Tears can water gardens of Happiness.
Pain can climb Mountains of pleasure.
Tell sadness to Hang itself by a noose,
Tell sadness to Shoot itself in the head,
Tell sadness to Indulge in poison,
Tell sadness to Jump off a building,
Tell sadness to Bleed itself.

For you cannot know what tomorrow will
do not let Sadness overcome you.
You're your own hero, a steadfast one
Make Sadness **** itself and spare Yourself.
I outstretch my creative hands to you
to all those Troubled people
never let go of what keeps you Going.
No one can take away your individuality since you're your best judge.
I can't find my heartbeat.
My Fitbit flatlines,
and my senses overheat.
Danny Nov 2018
Room was so messy
Friends sadly waited outside
Better decisions
Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
You are trouble. He said with sparkles in his eyes. Is that good or bad? She no more than whispered. How naive, child. To think trouble could ever be perceived as anything but destructive. Bruised is she, the troublemaker with her loyal and trusting ways. To be needed, to be looked at. Not as a challenge, something sinful but something worth staying. Leave her be, if all you see is a firecracker begging to be put to your fire. You are trouble, and she your purest desire. Don't put the blame on her. Your meekness is on nobody but you. Leave her beautiful, not broken to judge her trouble before goodbye.
Mike Hauser Oct 2018
The trouble I find
Most often with time
Is it keeps on ticking
Tocking it's bite

Taking you out
Without much thought
Through the daily grind
And nightly bumps

All the burning hoops
Time sets on fire
Says it's okay
But we know it's a liar

Never slowing down
Where a man can catch his breath
Till you make your exit
... Stage Left

The trouble I find
Most often with time
Is it keeps on ticking
Tocking it's bite
Donall Dempsey Aug 2018

She did not know
how it had come to be

but she was having toast
and tea with Titus Groan!

Mervyn Peake appeared
to have drawn himself

with pen and ink
the very essence of his creation

as if he had stepped forth
from his book.

The man himself
in flesh and blood.

A living caricature.

Mervyn said nothing.
Just stared into  the depths

of who he was
lost  in himself.

Her boyfriend said nothing
depressed beyond belief.

She said nothing.
Too young and too naive.

Sitting with Steerpike
as it were or

in a candle flicker
now with Mr Pye.

She picked up a slice of toast.
Bit into his words.

"The trouble with my toast is that
it’s far too full of bread."

The echo of his voice
lost inside her head.

Inside him, she
could hear him say

"The trouble with my looking-glass
is that it shows me, me."

"Must you..?" he seemed to say
"Keep up an intimate conversation...

by quoting
myself to me."

The silence stretched and
stretched until it snapped

back into a tiny sound
the ****** of a spoon on china

bringing time
to an end.

The moment going on
forever despite what

time had to say.
We all silent now

the 77th Earl of Groan
...fallen asleep.
M-E Nov 2018
White lilies, clover
Sunflower and dandelion
Having a dream


My front yard is vast
It is surrounded by fence
Captured pigeons


Draw with my plume
In poetry and prose
A dream to bloom
My first Haiku poems :)
Dani Oct 2018
There is something I need to get off my chest
Something deep, something intense
It eats away at me at night
Coming to the surface with the loss of light
But it’s something that I don’t want to let go
It’s something for only me to know
So there it will sit and simmer and bubble
Leaving me with nothing but trouble
Don't believe that the starlit is dimmed?
the starlit is bright beyond belief.
Now beady is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the starlit is dazzling.

I saw the dreary spread over of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the mist.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the mist,
Gently it goes - the dull, the dismal, the gloomy.

How happy are grey thunderclouds!
Are you upset by how morose they are?
Does it tear you apart to see the thunderclouds so troublesome?
Samantha Nguyen Jul 2018
when we are kissing
          (i’m pressed against your chest
          your arms around me).
i spin. not with confusion but with joy.
like a dancer spinning along with music.
you’re the music that winds me.
can you make me your princess.
          (love me, satisfy me).
i can be a beautiful girl
in a cute dress that you’ll run you hands over.
i could feel your skin,
          (my hands slip under your shirt)
my prince.
we can’t get in trouble
                    ( worries…)
since we have the power.
it’ll be okay.
princesses don’t get in trouble.
          (it’ll all change once i’m queen
          and you’re king).
i’m only queen so you could be my king.
assuage me/ answer me/ gratify me.
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
You're trouble, you're toil.
Yes, trouble and toil.
With you I think I'll bring to the boil.
A pinch of salt and a teaspoon of oil
but not too much, your taste it'll spoil.

I'll take off your beard.
To eat that would be weird.
But gristle that makes your knees
into crackling . . .
. . . oh yes please.

With mint sauce on each cheek,
two kebabs that are seekh.
Not keen on the chin
so I hope you don't mind,
that goes straight in the bin.

Chop, chew, swallow and digest.
Can you guess which part
of you I like best?
It's your nose that I grate
all around the edge of my plate
and because I've asked "Please"
that you try not to sneeze.
It makes a much better garnish
than parmesan cheese.

Savoury poetry by Kaydee.
I'm just messing now.
Donall Dempsey Dec 2018

Armed to the teeth

(all newly acquired)

you delight
in biting me

leaving little
indented marks

like moons
that glow on my arms.

“Don’t let her bite you like that! ”

Her mother scolds
both her & me.

I laugh.

“Let her practice! ”

My flesh willing to be

to ease her
teething troubles.

she looks up
at me

(all chortles and drool)

takes another
nip of me

“Naw...naw...naw! ”
gnawing at my flesh

smiling up at me
with all her little teeth.

I kiss her
on the top of her


adorned with
a classic kiss curl.

“Da...da...da! ”
she thanks me.
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