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kevin hamilton May 2018
broadview hotel breathing
in the trick mirror
of sunday moonlight
lethe, my dear absolver
you tell me glass only breaks
and never flows

and the river vanishes, too
before my eyes
like ghosts in the morning
and cursed wine
plucking mental pictures
from the jaws of drink
worked 36 hours straight and wrote this. not sure if it makes sense, too tired.
kevin hamilton Jun 2017
at dusk
the lights went out
and never came back
left my earthly husk
through the lips
the whiskey spoke
and it sounded nice
easy party trick
broke into your medicine cabinet
and saw my face
in the bathroom mirror

stay awake
and we'll stare at each other
until we become familiar.
Grace Dec 2015
Maybe this is what trust is
Your scorching hands
Searing my shoulder blades
“I could if I wanted to”
Turned my insides gray

Thirteen year old skin
Stretched thin
Ached to peel away
Where your fingers had played

I was an instrument
But that’s not how I preform
I can only make symphonies now

I loved you
With every pulse behind my skin
Blood didn’t have to make the bond
My protector
Becomes the predecessor to all my fears

If you’d press your ear against my chest
A reverberation of no’s would pound your eardrum
Freshly thirteen
Stolen firsts
I can never right again

“Don’t act like you don’t want it”
But it was you
Who mastered in pretend
Every word I write makes you more and more fictional.
larissa Jan 2018
how did you fool my heart
into believing that you were the home
i had been searching for
when really
you were the one
who left me homeless
John Stevens Jan 2015
(c) 01-25-15
The cold has come
What once was green , now brown.
The air is cool
Promise of Spring to come.

Boys are gathered
Practice begins
for the games
to see who wins.

The ball is passed
Ball aloft at last.
Through the hoop
the points are cast.

They finesse the ball
as they pass and trick.
To out wit the opponent
as the clock does tick.

They win they lose
this season thus far.
Led by great coaches
has been better than par.

When the games are done
whether lost or won.
It is all in the fun
As they have a great run.
Basketball is upon us. The bleachers are hard but the fun is great.

Has been 6500 reads.
11-18-16.   16,100 times
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07-28-17.  28,300 times
05-18-18.   42,400 times
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10-18-19    62,000 times
Who in the world is reading this?

Version called "Baseball"
S O P H I E Jan 2019
touch teasing
tongue twisting
taste tempting
tension taming
trick turning
toxic timing
tear tumbling
timid tieing
tranquil tripping
Martina Jun 2019
I don’t know what to tell you my love
Now that we lost it all
I don’t know what to do my love
Cause I can’t make you feel ways you don’t
Questions I can’t give an answer to
Was it all real? Was it all true?
You once begged me please don’t run away
And it’s kinda funny how things change
Cause now you’re the one that got away
I thought you loved me but no fear, no harm it was just a false alarm.
What can I say? I wish you well but I wish you stayed.
Songs that remind me of us now have a different taste.
And today I just feel sick cause
to make me think you love me
what a clever little trick.
Francie Lynch Nov 2019
The collective elective
Threw a bag of human waste
On the White House steps,
Torched it,
And stuck around to watch it burn
On TV.
Oni Olusegun Mar 2018
When I was a watermelon
I thought I was pink
Now I see watermelons;
They are all green --
Maybe I am not as pink as i think
Maybe I will never be
Kora Sani Aug 2018
your mind is playing tricks on you again

it's not safe

that girl you know
it's not you
you don't know her

her face is familiar
you see it everyday
you use her to type these letters

she hates you

you don't know why

she's beautiful
but you can't tell
she doesn't want you to know
all the truth's of the world

open your eyes girl
you can't trust her
Kaila Lynch Nov 2019
but the atmosphere is pink    and nothing is blue        except for his eyes      his eyes are polished     crystal        and nothing is grey
except for the thing        in the corner of the room
Been reading The Trees The Trees by Heather Chistle
Raj Bhandari Oct 2018
Alexander T Sep 2018
someone said young love at its finest
it more than that dude
its life
its living

she is everything
she is still my best friend
and thats more than I could ever ask for
she is love

I know I need to give a little time
help myself get better
for her
for her family
our family

she still loves me
and I guess I was just scared that I would never hear that again
but I know I will
because our love is neverending
even if we cant be together
we will always be the best of friends

she said that
even if we arent together
we will always love
always be friends

and I cant ask for more
just knowing her is a blessing

so to the dude who said
"young love"
ur quite wrong
adults cant even love this way

sure we get mad and argue
but we get stronger each time
because we want to
because she is life
she is everything

this is more than love
more than life
bigger than the universe
that last poem was a little sad, but that was my feeling at the time. and this is the smarts showing through.
Time crawls
Its pace is unalterable
Our earth rotates
There are days and nights
The Sun never sets
Mental projections these
To keep us occupied.

Laced with confusion
Truth lies buried
And things are priced
Tears and pain
Along with consequences
Are all accounted for
No one dares to laugh.
I stare at you,
You stare back.
I was always so amazed,
And you just like the feeling.
Salivating at
His wife's best friend
"You are cute,
irresistible, mesmeric
... "
Her ears
He kept on to bend
Flower banquets to
Her house
He made a point to send.
At the end she said
" The day after
Tomorrow on the sly
Come to my home
True to your desire
You shall enjoy
The fruit you admire!
In the chimney
Igniting fire
Putting off the light
I will let you
Take delight.

To make tempting
The record moment
Of happiness under the blanket
I will put on nothing.
Like a banana minus a skin
I will let you a  felicity
You had never seen."

In the dim light
Quickly naked
He jumped into the bed.
He made haste
As he has no time to waste.

"What a sweet mango apple
That could be enjoyed by a couple
My dove
It is only you I love.
Had I though
I loved somebody else
My life was in a mess."

A resounding slap
That accompanied
"A cheater go to hell!"
Rang in his head a bell.

It was  with his wife
He slept in her friend's bed.

Double crossed
Crest fallen he began to
Hit the road
Telling himself
"I am a sod!"
To be fair sometimes Men should evaluate themselves from Women's angle.
I torment the salt of the earth,

~"Who am I?"~

Eat up the children from unholy birth,

~"Who am I?"~

The ravens caw and come to pick,

~"Who am I?"~

Off woeful ones that I've made sick,

~"Who am I?"~

See travelers on the road of pain,

~"Who am I?"~

Rider on the clouds drive you insane,

~"Who am I?"~

I'm coming for you, I'm coming quick,

~"Who am I?"~

My art deception, my craft, -the trick...

The Sumerian storm god was a goddess adopted by the Hebrews as, "Lilith," or in the original, "Li-Li-Tu." She was part of a cadre of evil sky spirits who could manifest themselves inside animals and humans and due to some ancient wrong were particularly found of killing or making suffer; men and male babies. She was considered a daytime goddess and her thundering storms gave her the epithet, "Rider on the clouds." She is related to the Greek Artemis(as a huntress), Phoenician Astarte, Ishtar, Hebrew Lilith, Sumerian Anatu, Egyptian Anit, Aryan Tiamat, the Hindu Devas and the prototype for ritual witchcraft. She was a completely evil character.

Tu is action, Ana is sky so her name represents the ACTIONS of the SKY!
Alexander T Sep 2018
I give you my everything
and now it seems like you have deserted me
I know its not true
but it feels like it

I hate me
I hate me
I hate me
I hate me
I hate me

I cant say it enough
did I ruin this

did I ruin it before it even started
all the things we have said
were they 100% true
because I just dont know anymore

everything is leaving again
I thought we had something
and you just took it away like it was nothing
was it real
or was it a dream

im sorry baby
I know im horrible
I know I would do that too
f**k im sorry if this hurts you
you know who im talking about
Gods1son Aug 2019
When it's election time,
That's when people really matter
But when you get into power
You can less be bothered

Your true colors get revealed
The hidden intentions of your heart
begins to manifest
You start to care less
about the same people who
consumed your sugarcoated words

Look at you now, acting like the lord of all
Soon to switch colors
when your tenure is about to be done
And you desire to rule us once more

Here you are again,
showering us with nice words and acts
And bam! we are deceived one more time
How quickly we forgot the things that
you put us through

You managed to sneak your way in
And here we are, complaining once again
Please, who do we blame this second time?
ryn Jan 2015
\       |       /

\               •think my               /
pen's almost dry•it's get-
ting oh so hard•ideas seem to just
\   fly on by•i'm unable to deal any more   /
cards•bottom of the barrel•i seem to be
scraping•trapped in a long, dark tunnel•
coherence eluding...the words that need
inking•i need a simple little trick...•to
soothe this perpetual itch•need my
/        bulb come on really quick•hope-        \
fully as soon as I flick on
/               the...switch•               \
|   ooooooooooo   |
Sara Kellie Jun 2018
The head fuckery of societies rules.
The indoctrination in our schools
has led to the homeless on our streets while politicians count their seats.
The privileged few, too rich to mention
fail to reveal their true intention.

The NHS setup to break by psychopaths all on the take.
Big business stripped of all its gold,
no pension funds left for the old.
Big pharma, they don't miss a trick,
they're making you & I feel sick.
They push the pills that ring the tills
even though they know it kills.

With the best advice and greatest will
our kids are on **** & fentanyl.
While drinking water turns a son
into a daughter,
it's Atrazine that makes
a King a Queen.

While we're divided black & white,
we'd never stand up to their might
So take your neighbour, hold their hand and together we'll reclaim our land.

Poetry by Kaydee.
Utopia is a planet with no borders & free movement of a free people.
Hg Jun 2018
there were 2 at 2:22
1 was me and 1 was you

we took the night to pick our brains
open our thoughts and share our pains

you said you'd wear 2 pairs of jeans
cause kids thought you were too skinny

i said i think that love's a trick
cause everybody falls for it

you said you don’t know til you try
i said that is exactly why
then you read words within a prose
to my surprise they’re ones you wrote
i said i write poetry too
when i don’t know what else to do
cause paper is shameless, weightless, dead
and pain weighs less outside your head
there were 2 at 2:22
the exact time of when i knew
1 and 1 could make us 2
but fall again i cannot do

i’m sorry if at all it hurt
when i left without a word
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