Adilson Smith Oct 2017
Why do so many people seek
The quiet cliques
Of strangers
Found in quiet coffee shops
And undercrowded bars?

It smacks of truer times
I suppose,
Of clans and tribes;
Elemental membership
Granted without trial.
Any advice on the first verse? It's kind of clunky, and four cups of coffee can do nothing about it :)
Jordan Rowan Jun 2016
I died on a Tuesday and found my way in the news
Caught between a commercial and karaoke singing girl
Was the appearance of the killer but they only had his shoes

I approached the desk and rang a little bell
Saint Peter took out a pen, found my name and said
"You're not on the list, you must be looking for Hell."

I tried to appeal for trial in Heavenly Courtroom Twelve
Judge Jesus and Judy had to declare a hung jury
And during recess I had to find a bed in Purgatory Hotel

In Room 237, I met a man named Avery
He was a little cynical and said that this was typical
That "it took them 18 years to finally save me."

In the morning I finally I got to hear the verdict
Led by a jury of peers such as writers and queers
They said hell awaits those whose life isn't worth it
Eleete j Muir Jul 27
An eye for the Mother
An eye for the Abba
The eye for thy self
body soul
spirit mind
wrath what does
seek what thee do
an eye for an eye
a tooth for the truth
respect whofore thou art
sheep for sinners
lambs for saints
religion for all
gods shut the gates
until love is the one
and death can never be won
Running a race
escaping fate
destiny is a trial
Gaia will disgrace
home is the ground
sky high we fall
to hell and back
a misus event
doomed creation
the virus will
will try and prevent
salvation prosperity
life is key
each to their own
for you and ME....

KM Hanslik Jun 21
You remind me of all the reasons why
we can never be what we wanted to, why we can't
be soft & pliable because the world would pound us into
a million trial-and-error experiments,
and our time is too valuable for that.

But your eyes are dull today & you remind me
of all the ways we are still soft & we can't ever escape our own natures;
we were built to bruise too much & we were built to keep
getting back up after being pushed down

We were built for something other than the smoke
and metal we fill our heads with;
we are made of galaxies
our veins are filled with chemicals,
discarded leftovers of evolution's errors,
But we can still paint new colors over
what's aged and fading
if we can figure out how to unlearn
the lead in our fists first.
zach Aug 5
what sunrays crest the mouldered skull,
how pundits drivel for pride’s purpose!
masses slumped in ruined guile
mouthfuls to a prudent ear.

all down this lurching hell I mull,
how mud rolls off the natural femur!
bodies spared a bludgeon’s trial
sojourn in the rot of years.

discord’s touch directed here
an ebb & flow of morbid sort
her scepter straining far to catch
a branch splintered by howitzers.

dissonant as olive drab
one plough pulls up a loud retort
echoes of some nightman’s watch
the fatal shell’s full whirling mirth.

‘neath dawn’s gold-shroud drive opal dusts
each trench gangrenous in a lull
fluted jowl suspends its shouts
carnelian fog divides the clear.  

no blanket or a bier to shade
the pulsing loam so brimming full
of youthful frames not so splayed out
Folded over, so austere.
I accidentally posted this before it was finished. Now it’s finished. Inspired by the melancholy feeling of the whole Great War. I feel as if there was a certain horror in images of this carnage that no war before or since has been able to replicate , even if others had a greater human cost. Men with injury of every limb and part, men with horribly mutilated faces begging on the street, starving. I mean not to be depressing or to say that I can understand or put to paper the hell that was the War. I only mean to ensure people still think about what so many went through only a century ago.
Monsanto's roundup
never failed to kill the weeds
Monsanto's roundup
being known for deadly deeds

of late a court case
has hit the headlines
on behalf of a grounds man
who'd sprayed roundup
over rambling vines

he'd ingested the product's
residual mist
whereupon his body became
sick from its whist

other plaintiffs are gearing
up for a trial date
which will mean the suing
of Monsanto won't abate

hefty cash payout
can but damage the company's
profitable reputation
on lawyers presenting
evidence of the weed killer's
lethal saturation

and people in countries
off shore will obtain a chance
in litigation against the corporate entity's
expenditure advance

Monsanto's roundup
never failed to kill the weeds
Monsanto's roundup
being known for deadly deeds
Do not hate those who are racist,
pity them because more often than not
they are ignorant, due to lack of life experience and little education

despise the upper echelon
for sitting in their oval towers constructing a society for their own benefit
to keep themselves fat and rich

race is a concept without a solid foundation created by the upper echelon to distract people from the REAL issue

we are stolen from every single day
because we pay more in taxes than the top 1%

we do not have rights

you are only given the right to a fair trial if you are white, and even then it falls short of fair

teachers, who spend more time with the next generation than parents, are compensated at a rate that should be deemed unacceptable

corporate America is destroying the planet,
porn is warping the mind of young boys

sex does not stand for what it should be anymore

every single thing shown on Tv has an alterior motive

social media is literal poison to the human mind

there is no democracy, only an illusion of it to keep people’s fear at bay,
to feel safe and protected

all we can do in this life is try to fight against the upper echelon’s meticulous scheme to brainwash every last one of us

yet, they will never succeed as long as some of us realize the bullshit we are stepping in daily
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