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Bless me this Mentor of Sole Beauty's Heir
Yet Strong but Soothing Overtones bespoke
Your Man won your Lot; Such Blue Maiden Fair
Whose learned Feathers brushed my mind pre-note
Which perchance teach me this Indigestion
Of Quarter-Terms whose gods we must rely
Your Patience, prized, covet my Attention
Which by tri-week's end I will soon come by
And hope within months my Master become
Whilst you dear Lady try to taste our Flag
I realize, this Truth: Work most embalm
Then my Skills effect to Experience had.
Before I forget, I'll thank in advance
This Dumb Poet's Song in foolish romance.
Time to be in Tune with my own Best Dad
Much would it take to cause Celebration
Sermons apart, yet Insights I just had
Took me some Yards taped for Inspiration
Rarely such Species can just Understand
The Skirted *** most Males eliminate
Still most Sires force their Sons on Demand
To spout their Seeds for Pride to propagate
If you can recall those Sales-Slips within
How Footed and Devote your Presence was
Tri-Dimed Corporate; Or Sea-Tigers therein
Is just the Greeting Card I'll Love at last.
Senior come hither; In Prime Deposit
Father my Mentor; In Wisdom ask it.
With Good Business brewed is Good Business told
Confirmed the New Mentor who taught us well
Such swig a Sterling Medicine behold
But knowing our Skills his Avid Trust spell
Forsought this Blue Trade our Clients rely
Was that our Webbed Gifts can reciprocate
That within those Months our Service apply
To increase the Bank's volume aggregate
Such now our Eagle wears; Tri-Coloured Schemes
Weaved in pleats forth to Genious unique
And if we can prove to maintain those Seams
Will he be Proud of our Learning oblique.
Once that's done, to the Pub he tips his Zest
All the more content our Minds would not guess.
James Floss Jan 2
Bless me Padre for I have sinned
My last confession was 3 poems ago

Padre, I watch ****; food ****
Lamb shank in a garlic fennel sauce

Pig parts unknown wrapped in bacon
Tri-tip and tripe marinated in marrow

Padre, I eat my veggies
(caramelized broccoli florets in a Béarnaise sauce)

But **** that man Bourdain!
Again and again and again!

I find myself drawn to pork stewing
In decadent assorted sweet-meats

Padre, I need a chlorophyll cleanse
Please accept my humble supplication…

What? Three kale martinis and one cauliflower?
I repent! Let the cleanse begin!
Hg Dec 2018
what’s the Wi-Tri password?
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
This is how I saw it said John.

Jesus heard from God, YHWH, biggest imaginable mind,

mind to mind,
I and my father are one

the scripture can't be broken
if I do not the works of my father which I have been sent to finish

believe me not, I wrote. I write. There is a bubble
where if one were to say I  write
and by writing, I ask,
what are you

Who is this old man?
standing afar from the scorners

I was asked. Was it challenge, scorn or

curiosity tickling the child in the blindman who
said he could not see me writing,
I am not a writer,
in the bubble that man lives in.
He now lives in my reality.

In my world I am the light.
I banish darkness with light from my phone

Fantasize, know ye not what I have done unto you?
Granted. Ignoring is easier. Truth makes you free.
After a while, you know when you are lying.

If ye know these things happy are ye if ye do them
Some one among you
has lifted up his heel against me
has lifted up his heel against me
has lifted up his heel against me to crush my head

who is it?

Oh, thank God, I thought it was me who received the sop.
What kind of Christian am I?

One like the writer of the manuscript taken as good news

do your works, whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it
the spirit of truth

I will not leave you comfortless,

the word which ye hear is not mine, but the fathers
My Peace Give I unto you

Did that burning monk in Saigon do that for me?
My Peace Give I unto you
he said that, I bet.

Not as the world gives? Am I alone in hope?
I do
write, hoping...
chosen out of the world, oh my am I
follow through
good news from a far country
now have they both seen and hated

the spirit of truth

you should not be offended.
If you are, get over it.

The sending required the going
the spirit of truth

What kind of Christian am I?
This is an old man, retelling
he chuckles when he recalls, do ye now believe?

was followed by a wink,
I have overcome the world

and this is finished, all beyond is unbelievable.

Timeless stateless state
Thy Word,
John said, as it flows from me in my comfortzone.

Be with me where I am, these have known…

Am i? Are those old words words for now, 2019?
Whom seek ye?

As soon as he said I am he
It's the next day old man John woke up

spent some time in his carnal mind sorting
things out.

If I have spoken evil,
bear witness of the evil, then the story
of Peter's tri-denial,

the poet, John, tells the tale

the legendary good news

What is Truth? I find in him no fault at all.

Barabbas was a robber. Ecce ****.
Whence art thou?

How did John know? The comforter? What kind of Christian am I?
The spirit of truth

Joy to the world, that was the message.
conciliation where ciliation itself was never known

ere now.
It is finished, he bowed his head and gave up
the ghost.

My witness is truth.

Confident, competent

compete to win
winning is not sinning

we're in.
Comfortzone verified. My peace is my witness.
Don't test me.

Patience, do your perfect work.
Truth, inspire expired hopes.
While listening to Alexander Scourby reading the Goodnews from John, the deepest walk down that road, for me, in quite some time.
James Khan Aug 2018

(don't you call me a clidian, you square!)

Alright. Sorry. Tri-thagorus instead...

(what's your angle here? where's the point?)

There ain't one, not in Thales of MillerTime...

(now you're just talking in circles, idiot!)

Noah's Archimedes principle?

(oh boy, ANSII: eight -bit block of holy wood in a bath and the ******* phone rings!)

Ha! Gauss! Prime example!

(lemma take a look... nah, Higher Powers aren't divisible by egos ergo (GoD < MaN)),

Euler preciate this one.

(meh, cheap trick Wieferich flip-flop, wash at thirty degrees in totient lotion)

You know what? f (u) = c × k ÷ (y) o/u)
Paul NP 6d
Hyperion know this,
Will The Window Goes
Where you will flow
And Here The Tide Flows
You will know

Super Symmetry in the distance
I know my words are a mist
and when I crave intelligence
so will you brave for sentience

As I crawl you fly
as you sprawl I die
As I am you are Aum
Aum I am Aum

Athena Athenot
You are not
Grail of the small moon
Grail of The Sun Loom

Sun moon sun loom
I aum you
Sun groom Son tune
I aum you

A pyanos chords afford boards that store hoards of floors
floors of tors and tors of ion torsion, torso in the foretold
stories of begotten fathers eclipted by a room in the center of the sun
i am sternly aum above and beneath. tri- midular modular maiden
souped in the senses of Satan so stop hatin' hatian hidan. Ha, Den Tien
Nine I suppose ate Seven Discs, six six six, Phi For Three, Half Four Sum I am One.
Johnny Noiπ Dec 2018
Women say that love is a good year for the United States
urban white men women mother woman night network
night night Allah, Australia, the American people, speed
daughter The best of three; Russia, Europe, South Asia,
water Min Ara Canada, Canada, Google Brown Stars;
Grant blood fire changes the story Cool German friends'
blue Greek, dog, color, white air, half Thomas.
The incapacity of the Christian front prevented
the ignition of animals and small cheeses from
the blood of the ****** ****** battle,
and the question in French and Yankee;
******* ******* ******* full day
golden brown of a dead donkey Roberts
Brazil calls the ****** orange citrus orange
from the hand of the old Google Brown
Brown Grove playing the daughter of
Christina, daughter of the Italian Imunju
Somewhere in Hebrew glasses of the night
landscape Sun Jorge II summer power Braille
Poem. It is time to play the Dunlop Voice
with the colors of the flowers that are used
in wild and specialized companies,
like Saudi Arabia, to protect Asia
and make sure the ads are tigers.
Eli Museum MX Easy Easy Bravo
King Rico Writing Earth's
Free download Vitam SAP
Modern video Cigarette treatment
Register Doors Country England D
Family Topography Family For the
whole family Help French Health
Star-oriented products Einstein Table
Highly Complex Memory area;
Philosophy Memory Recall Memory
early maturation of the main entrance
General functions of the door Family
obedient to God today, Marie Marie,
window of the master cinema, lake,
Sea of ​​Coral, area of ​​the sea, plastic,
Veswa, Giorgia M works in a lifestyle
where Barbie Barbears began About
shat best kisser interviewer Aṣadọrọ's
eyebrows attracted me controversial
conflict between genius Jack Backpacker.
This money spoiled prostitution
and so on. Wash these white pears
and finish with soap, oil, umbrella,
spices, glue. Moon States, Evan,
Ivan, Bulbian Bar Acid Ice Cream
Bar 19th Century Club Club; Mad
African Dress Royal ****, Beautiful
Beautiful You can also find more
information about Raja Amarika,
Saphaida, Sahiri Jiwan, Auratāṁ,
Iratāṁ, March, Sagitarius khīmī »,
core rats , impressive Vada Hari,
Paramata, āsaṭrēlī'ā, zippers, afarīkī-
amariīkana garaarza, garalaza, MAM,
baisāṭa Tina, Russia, yūrōpa, Italy,
yphrrypa -phatry-frysry Camana's
enfolding play, caṛhāna Khuna, dōsatāṁ,
the establishment of Badali Jaraman
Teddy Bear Yunika of Avam Pan is not
corrected or Warra of Veto Choice to
prove that this is the name of the wife
of Pharaoh and Sisters, they walked in
the hand, it is useless. Bulgarian
bullets Khali Khali Citara Janavara
The last day, Lana Raja is a new person
who is in a state of life in the state
of China. DHI Robota Agala krīṭīna
iṭālī'ā hē'araḍara ALARUKA PARAKA
Bala phārasī lost asamānāṁ potential
acānaka suputarāṁ ingenious reasons
sanasarāvāṁ? mala mary za Sudara
ṭaimpala Version of the Russian library
of the library Philalaza mukhha Philata
Zhenshchiny govoryat, chto lyubov 'eto
khoroshiy god dlya Soyedinennykh Shtatov
belykh gorodskikh muzhchin Zhenshchiny
materi zhenshchiny zhenshchina set'vecher
noch 'dnya zelenyy allakh Avstraliya
amerikanskoy skorost' lyudey doch '
Luchshiy iz tri Rossii Yevropy Italii
Yuzhnoy Azii vody Min Ara English
Kanada Google Braun Zvezdy Grant
krovi ogn 'izmenyayet istoriyu nemetskikh
druzey kholodnoy goluboy grecheskoy
sobaki, tsveta, belogo vozdukha, polovina
Tomas. Nedeyesposobnost 'perednego
khristianskogo zazhiganii preventor
zhivotnykh i nebol'shiye syry iz krovi
****** krovavogo buoy, i vopros na
frantsuzskom i Yankee; Prostitutka
Prostitutka Prostitutka ******* polnogo
den 'zolotoye zolotoye tsarstvo mertvogo
osel Roberts Braziliya nazyvayet glupuyu
oranzhevy tsitrusovyye oranzhevoye otruki
starogo Google Brown Brown Grouv
tolkuyushchey doch Docheri Kristiny
docheri, docheri ital'yanskogo Imunju
Gde-to v Hebrew stekol nochnogo
peyzazha solntse Khorkhe II leto sila
sila tantsa Bal stikhotvoreniya. Prishlo
vremya, chtoby igrat 'Dunlanda Golos
s tsvetami tsvetov, ispol'zuyemykh v
dikoy prirode i spetsializirovannykh
kompaniy, takikh kak Saudovskaya
Araviya, chtoby zashchitit' Aziyu i
ubedites ', chto ob "yavleniya tigr Eli
Muzey MX Easy Easy Khrabrogo korol'
Rich Dat 'Land Besplatno skachat' Vitam
SAP Sovremennykh video Cigarette
Lecheniye Zapis' Doors Strana Angliya
D sem'ya Topografiya sem'ya Dlya vsey
sem'i Pomoshchi frantsuzskikh produktov
zdravookhraneniya, oriyentirovannykh
na zvezdy Eynshteyn Tabel Vysokogo
                                                 kompleksa oblast 'pamyati Memory Filosofii
vosstanovleniye pamyati pamyat' or
ranneye sozrevaniye glavnogo vkhoda
Obshchiye funktsii dveri Sem'ya poslushnym
Bogu segodnya Mari Mari, okno kino
mastera, ozera, Korallovoye more, morskoy
rayon, plastik, Veswa, Giorgia M robotayet
v obraze zhizni God Barbie Barbears nachal
slyshat 'O interv'yuyera
Braille (; French: [bʁaj]) is a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired. It is traditionally written with embossed paper.

Dunlop is a brand of tyres owned by various companies around the world. Founded by pneumatic tyre pioneer John Boyd Dunlop in Birmingham, England in 1889, it is owned and operated by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Wikipedia
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
History of War, Rena Bana, is an attractive colorfulness;
campaign Ronnie and Bert Curt Trinity The $ 'fapticall',
which is a tri-tot, I was childish I do not know what to say.
I do not know what to say. Not know what to say.
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Synonyms: Hymns, Praise, Ponies, Awards, Trials
"I came in the eyes of Sid's Parisian girlfriend In the beginning of the 17th century: Panelicule France, Giria-tatat, Paneglycos
Latin Board of Governors on Aglisys · Agorallian General Assembly.
Example: canmoliaeth; multiple names: customer's voices 1. Awards or . . . labor labor. "The Last Definition of the President's Visit"
Honor: Award, Prize, Gift, Tight. Expressions of praise and gratitude.
At the beginning of the 17th century,
a noun of France's acroada, acroada (Provençalacolada)
latin "Consum" Since the people, since the neck; multiple names:
1 It is Ruta, respect, or better. "This badge praises the music of 1940"
Synonyms:. Awards, Awards, Remuneration,
Honors, Awards, Celebration, Praise, Admiration, Praise ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
"Friendship, and please praise each other"
Honorable praise, praise, "***** award prize prize prize, prize,
beauty, beauty", ****, righteousness . . . handmade . . .     and respect, evidence, proof Proof
He paid a historical historical record. Historical equivalent,
mineral workers, ... payment. / Name / Name: Email info :.
Fit Song of praise and conquest.
Promote expression In the latter half of the sixteenth century
you will be given a name of yourself (_ 0, Mimi song,
beauty song, beauty song, praise, praise, praise, praise, positive
com Please note that we are awarded the prize.)
We will do the following
2. Multiple Nagasaki "I am powerful in prosperity."
                                         Beauty and worship.
                              All women, love of your child, love||||
Cornelius' is a fascinating story of a man in the fight of different kinds
of furniture. Nonchalant, Ronnie and Bad Trinity's optical campaign $;
One boy does not know what you will throw. 1 I do not know what you mean. I know what you mean. You are already starting |
to post comments. Definition: Award for testing "One hit in Paris
is in the eyes of a girl with pumice stone early 17th century, France Panelicule, Giriatatat, Paneglycos
General Assembly's Algorithm; Land Standard
Design Rules Aglisys. Example: voice 1 award can demolish,
Delilah and many acclaimed developments. . . work.
"The president's last visit." Beauty, awards, prizes, tight gifts.
Praise and thanks for the expression. Early 17th century
It depends essentially on the standards of "disabled people"
of acroada (Provençalacolada) |
of many names and necks in France.  
One filter is not good, respected. "This is a sign |
of praise music in 1940 Definition. Awards, prizes,
commissions, Great glory and honorable estimation,
praise, praise, praise                    "I want to admire each other's friendship."
K's praise, praise, "Death Prize Award Prize"                      |
Medicinal face beauty, ***, baked ... ... evidence of justice |
and respect He paid a historical record.
Historical PI degree has been established. Minerals ... wage workers. / Name / E-mail message:
And he will glorify the victory.
To promote the latter half of the world
and to be the expression of, I give you his name (0 |
| Mimi's song | _ Beauty of beauty, beauty, praise, praise, praise,         |        praise song,
) Please be aware that it is a COM award
                  We will do the following steps.
2. Tally Nagasaki-ensis "I am one strong & happy.  ||
Beauty and worship. All young women love love" | |||
In day,
I know
a burden.
A person,

It's just,

What is love,
but quotas

In night,
I go
by Tri-Met.

I hold
neck upright, tall
as I

I left a
hollow husk/
body double,
sleeping on
my couch,
beside my
dead flame
and her bed.

Between the snoring,
and my black feet,
I escape easily.

What is love,
but quotas

When I escape,
I can be who
I know I want to be.

So in the crisp night,
in the fresh rain,
I take a time slot,
so I can dance
away my pain.

I never knew
it was easy,
easy as this.

— The End —