Silent Thoughts Oct 2014
Empty we stand here
With our palms facing upward
Begging for a hand

Armored eyes pass by us
Blood pumping through fragile veins
We’re all too afraid

Our hearts contradict
Our own inability
To find what we seek
OdotLondon Sep 2012
There are three sides to a story
and I've shied away from each
lost my touch I've grown so numb
to my own feelings
now a new language that I'm
in no way familiar with
only fluent in silence

My problem is inspiration
before long turns to disinterest
will to a won't
or a can't
or a don't
so I don't

words are objective
their meanings subjective
so splattering words on a page
like paint on a canvas
or colors on the world
is a step in the right direction
a try

a seed
that will hopefully grow into a
strong poe-tree
with multidimensional branches
that I can climb to escape
But there's no escape if I don't try.
Keith Faherty May 2017
your mouth is a wristwatch. i stare
impatiently. noticing strange things,
folding the corners of my page-wanting fingers towards you.
the breaths taken
say so much about the situation.
killing children in other counties
while we wait       
my leftovers get shoved behind your
it takes a moment to stabilize.
Jack Mandala Jul 2015
She used to be so shy and innocent. She was anything I ever wanted in a girl. I would think to myself, how can such a beautiful girl be so stunning, yet withhold such a charming personality? She was truly a gift from God, and I treated her like one. But slowly, yet surely, that image proved to be a striptease. She was an angel growing devil horns. No one could stop her. Her inner beauty shifted from love to lust. Her outer beauty became sexual rather than angelic. She changed for the worse, and all I could do was watch her reshape into a salacious figure. What is there to do now, move on? Move on from someone who provided the positive emotion to my life? Maybe I could wake up with a positive attitude and embrace the single life. But how do I embrace the single life when I desire a companionship? I don't want to embrace a life I don't aspire. No, what I seek is revenge.  Don't settle for loss. Don't take what she handed you. Take what she owes you and turn it into vengeance. Swear by the devil's word and make her swallow your retribution. Take the upper hand and chain it to her deathbed. Show her who the real winner is. Wait, but don't latch the chains on too tight. Give her enough slack to contemplate. Enough slack to realize her mistakes. Give her enough time to re-consider. Enough time to consider change. Show her the past, and how it used to be. The past led by an angelic child. The past where another child fell in love with her presence. The past where their humble beginning was destined to lead to a promising future. A future where they settled for intimacy rather than detachment, and a tie rather than a loss.
I called this tri-polar because the poem shifts from sadness, to anger, to forgiveness. This was actually a snippet from one of my journal entries. :)
Sergio MP Feb 2014
While I sit alone wondering why,
I came this far, and yet so nigh.
El sueño viene, me atormenta,
y dice "no gana quien no intenta"
Mais quel faux rêve m'a attiré?
quel prix y a-t-il à gagner?
quel prix y a-t-il à payer?

Borders are set, love is far,
"living abroad will sure be hard",
everyone said; with goodbyes in their hands.
Y la vida anda, corre, sigue,
y mi ausencia se cementa,
se vuelve firme.
Je serai un souvenir,
un sourire nostalgique

My friends will love the past of me,
the times we shared, the best of it.
Pero yo ya no existo, y cada día me pierdo más;
y ellos no existen, la rutina puede más.
En sentant trembler
ma réalité,
je dis à Dieu, à l'Univers,

"This adventure
better be great;
for love and life
behind are left"
Brycical May 2014
We create from:
vocal cord vibrations.

From word,                                          
time ripples..                                      
millions of outcomes.                              
Yet us, only conscious of one.
Barton D Smock Jun 2013
jesus on the cross

my sister is sometimes obese.  she has mild heart attacks in cramped third floor apartments.  she gets beaten by schoolmates who impersonate hospital staff.  I am always going to see her it seems when she is in someone else’s bed.  it is to this thought she has recently clung.              

jesus in the tomb

my sister keeps me from sleepwalking.  she says I am her dream of being skinny.  she has lost so much weight already I am almost too happy for her.

scripture that may one day represent scripture**

we are able to buy food, but here’s the catch: we eat it.
Jimbo rode the tri-county circuit
Holdin' on to the seat of his pants
(They gotta lotta nice gullza)
Ax slung way down low so he could feel it
Bumpin' the hardcore grind
Feels so good when the wood rubs against the 501 metal buttons
Scratchin' up the back o' dat Fender P Bass
High on the stage
In front of crowds or in a cage
There's a kinda woman who'll dance all night
Same kinda woman lookin' good in the spotlight
That kind of woman show her breasts if the price is right
For Jimbo and the band it's free
Three sets in and she's just now ready to party
What most will call a party
Somebody yells "Play 'Free bird'" 10 times
Jimbo can't let that go on
He takes his sexy ass bass from his sexier shoulders and he walks all the way to a dead end drunk soldier
"Listen man, like you listen to the band, we don't much like playing 'Free Bird'.
It's too damn long and
It's a Skynyrd song and if we was gonna play we'd wait until the encore
When everybody's drunk and shoutin' for more, too wasted to care how bad we screw it up"
Well that drunk got the gist and he might have been pissed but there weren't no denying the logic
"Free Bird"'alright for the end of the night
Third sets just too damn early
Jimbo kept his promise, he played that song and it damned sure sounded like shit
But he'd been right cuz all the night they drank whiskey and rye and nobody recognized it
They put it to rest, packed their gear up as best they could
They went lookin for marijuana and women
Jim couldn't tell you what the other boys found but he bought some Zig Zags and he lay right down with a
Heifer who had her eyes for the guitar player
Who wasn't interested in heifers
She was gonna show Jimbo what this heifer could do
Then ask him to tell Mel the Guitar Man what was in store for him if only he'd change that red light to green
This is what the tri county circuits all about
Yours for the asking if you've got a
Shred of talent
Jimbo thought that heifer was fine
Thanked the little lady for a mighty good times
She said, baby tell that git picker I got a surprise
Jim told her, sorry sweetcheekers, Mel only likes guys
At which point she seemed defeated
Maybe she'd been a little too conceited
Jimbo turned and stormed right out of the place
He went lookin' for that girl who'd flashed her titties in his face
But he didn't find her
Rake Nov 2014
Its not your actions
that define you instead the
colour of your kerbs.
Triangle is a straight line
Wielded together over
The phantasmic ecstasy of
The dusk comes
While dawn is still
But, we never hear
The incoming calls of
Dangers lurking ahead
Well, do we ever care?

we walk on a bended path
Our roads are cracked and
Shaped with sledgehammer
We made 180• with curves
Time is never ours
Well, do we ever care?
at dusk, the sun leaves
pomades on our faces
Yet, we sleep unwashed
Hoping for the dew of a
New dawn to cleanse us

We own the key to great
Ancient path to tropical diadems
But, we are stuck in this
Triangular path of our
We are clouded with illusions
We choose our beliefs
We always do
Yet, we never choose
To break the loop

Triangle is
a three -sided straight line
We love 180
so, we are afraid of breaking
Out of this triangular loop
For the fear of losing our 180•
Maybe one day
When the dawn awakes
Forcing the understanding
of the golden principle of
We may break the loop
And walk 180 down into
The Labyrinth that awaits us.

"We are captives
of our own identity,
leaving in the prison
of our own creation."
Sergio MP Jan 2014
J'aime la façon dont tes yeux sourient
quand ta bouche est triste;
And the way your nose wrinkles when your teeth show up
as laugh ruins your sadness.
I like how your eyebrows loosen and the valleys

en tu frente se vuelven planicies de alegría.
Me gusta que tengas que esforzarte para estar molesta conmigo.
Et j'aime encore plus  *that I need no effort
for smiling whenever you show up
Miguela shine Dec 2015
Power Of Love

Here goes the a man in a boat
Whose face resembled that a goat
Alone he would stay
Awaiting the day
When the woman he loves provokes

Odd Summer

The day that you see guys with guns
Your first reaction is to run
Oh yes you should flee
You fear what you see
For guns water filled were in fun

Loves Quack**

A girl she fell deeply in love
The guy he flirts with all the doves
Her heart it will break
The break leaves a quake
When hit he will splat like a bug
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