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the collective's trending
is unending
this form of trending
has proven to be mind bending
trending                                                        ­  
it's as though the collective's trending
won't be ending  
nor in the foreseeable future
will it be suspending
would appear that the trending
is always ideally lending
to the collective's  
trending befriending
trending                                                        ­
aren't tales of trending
made for those
who enjoy the extending
of a happy ending
I'm trending love.
I'm trending hate.
I'm trending the fact that you always reply a little too late.
I'm telling you that you are less than enough.
And when you **** me, its a little too rough.
Pounding away like you're shooting a gun.
All too soon.
I never come.
Too pretty to make you feel let down.
Fake it always, you're the shittest rodeo clown.
Take off your ****** face.
Eat me wide, go on, give me a taste.
Sink your teeth into my bare flesh,
feel my history in my blood
seek me out in all my mess.
I am showing you darling
in my very sweet tones
that my succinct naivety is nothing more,
than what you want from your white ash bones.
I am trending you
I am trending your ****.
I am trending the look you wear
and the music you rock.
I am seeking a feeling more than text, a wink or smiley face.
Look, At, ME.
Am i that easy to replace?
Bitterness is found in the sweetest pill
i'll bend your ***, i'll bend you over,
I'll ******* at will.
I will move my trend towards your neck
outpour my lack of interest in your ear,
tell you what it is you want to hear.
*******, and **** your nation.
**** your distinctive'taste',
and your senseless judgement and interrogation.
I am not some sweet-***-****-drive-by-shooter-girl,
I have ******* brains,
I am seconds away from tearing apart your world.
I am living safely from behind my defensive line of white hair,
**** that ****, i don't want closeness
rip my clothes off, don't leave till i'm wanton and bare.
Oh and i am trending your messages
I am trending all of you.
I am not trending depression, ****** up or feeling blue.
I am trending love, trending the great divide.
I made it through and over, to the other side.
I am not what you will ever believe me to be
a glimmer, of a hint, in a riddle, is all you will see.
I am trending what is insane, and what is not,
I am thinking, your thinking of,
'what the **** has this girl got?'
I am not here to make you laugh, or for you to wish for more,
I am here to be left broken and wet,
on your kitchen floor.
I am trending honest, i am trending passion and life,
I am trending a big fat ****** smile,
Because I am not your possession or your future wife.
I am not trending your **** size, or  your 16 positions in one night,
I don't want you to cry on my shoulder
I am not trending 'your mother', i have earnt that right.
Look, At. ME.
Second chances rarely come as few
and when i walk away, i will walk away with a taste of you.
I am sweetness, i am luxury divine,
make me bite you, scratch your back, forget the time.
But at my cost, at my control, this will be,
you are not my attachment,
my soul is not your key.
I am trending love, i am trending ME
for what is locked within, is never for free.
What a trend
broken poet May 2018
i had a poem that was…… trending……
at first i was happy MY poem was…… Trending!
but then i thought……
why should MY pain be…… trending……
why should MY scars be…… trending……
why should people applaud to MY pain
ryn Dec 2014

                       wishing, for
                              your writes to be
                                noticed•simple sign
                             that they have not been
                          missed•with every view
                     and every like•your popu-
               larity does spike•somewhat
          places your art on the poetry
      map•between major players,     
  you close the gap•constantly      
checking to see  who's been              
reading•you're always deli-               
ghted to see the 'yellow                      
•a wish...                            
    for those who                             
     are writ-                    

secretly hope not only for your words to be
reaching far and wide, but also... trending
* the above does not apply to everyone here.
Alan Dickson Feb 2013
My poem is trending!
My poem is trending!!
So that's what this feels like!
Yay me!!!

Then I read the most
Work I have ever read
It had been posted for two years
It had one "like"

My poem is trending...
*.  .  .  y a y .  .  .
clumsy trip up the 17
steps to the paisley sheets
me behind you and
saying the same thing
with a new twist
"hey, know whats trending?"
"your sweet ***"
"you smell that?!"
to which you reply
"farts is trending"
no able to erupt
in the uproarious laughter
necessitated by turning
a tired line on its head
i cover my mustachioed mouth
with a sweaty palm
to cover the guffaw
that would most certainly
awake my roommates
you always in the lead
giving *** for tat
the style of humor
i searched for yearningly
and never found
that is
till you released wind
and then told me about it
this poem is about **** jokes...sorry
Nat Lipstadt Nov 2015
the ****** heart
(if ownership of a poem makes you proud, considered it to be...trending)


~for PoetryJournal~


the afterglow of the aftermath,
the chest pounding demanding,
tolerating-no-delay apprehension
of the transcription
of what is

the ****** heart soaring,
the lean-back exhalation,
wet eyes that only you
have secret knowledge thereof

this is why we write,
why we beings believe,
because we ask,

by the asking,
we grade ourselves,
both by
our words and deeds

step back and
accept the notion
that feels not wholly right,
for inherently tinged,
streaked with human pride,
that all possess,
and possessive of
our all

you are value,
by the words you have chosen,
by the only human
that can give truth to its essential

you poet,
are trending
Miami 7:09 am
Nov. 28,2015
What is this trending thing?

This color is trending
That cake is trending
Someones life story is trending

BUT what is this trending
Is it truth bending
Is it one persons idea of this or that
Down the lane my steps are wending
Can this become trending

Oh well I shall just watch for signs
and hope I see it in time
to join the line
maybe then I will be trending too
My pain is trending on Twitter.

It went viral and I guess they loved the bitterness of my words.

If only they knew where it came from...  

My pain is trending on Twitter.

I cried and cried so many nights and they all replied with a like.

My pain is trending on Twitter.
I don’t get much sleep because lately, I’ve been really sad so I write to feel a little better and I hope these poems help you deal with whatever you’re going through. ❤️❤️
ryn Oct 2014
Collab, collab! Oh thoughtful collabs!
Amalgamation of two unique minds,
Merging of dual thinking labs!
Cerebral workshop of life's diverse grinds!

Collab, collab! Reinforced true!
Melding of minds and honed crafts,
Mounted up with bolt and *****!
Assembled solid in monochromed poetic drafts.

Collab, collab! A trend that's trending!
A fad that now seems ever growing...
Each other's style we will be wearing.
Matching ensembles, yours for the liking.

Collab, collab! More of it please!
Ocean of creativity, pearls ripe for picking,
Journey for two across artistic seas.
Wonder who with next I'll be swimming...
Tribute to all collab attempts!
Keep it up people!!! :)
s Jun 2016
have we become so gullible?
commissioned words
dictating what's laughable
forming opinions as herds,
pretentious nerds
the Storypicks & what nots
just doing their jobs -
twisted, language snobs
we're sensitive & sore
over easy-target-*******
ordinary comments or
passive war zones
insulting behind screens
cyber bullied celebrities
out of context interviews
conversations -
scaled & skewed
trivial issues
disproportionate views
trending news.

When did we lose all our humour?
chasing offense at sensational rumours
tell me what’s the trending 'fume off'
so I can also lose my cool and scoff
'*** was that a comment about ****,
homosexuality or abuse? you chaep
It’s only okay to joke about gods,
thrashing men and *** and farts
you’re a ******* celebrity
each word's a responsibility
the onus of being on record
every breath a scheming plot
how dare you be so human
a billion followers,
all ready to pinch & zoom in'

But is it ok to joke about education?
poverty, riots, and homicide investigations?
what about pedophiles, ****** & animal rights?
or hunger, suicides & parliamentary fights?
Where is it that you draw your line?
or do you just let the trending news decide
Matthew Harlovic May 2015
Once the positive trending tags
outweigh the negatives,
we’ll find continuity
within our contemplation,
our emotional state,
and our existence.
But as the negative trending tags
outweigh the positives,
our continuity will be conflicted.

© Matthew Harlovic
DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I understand the complete concept of poetry. It is a means of expression, whether it is out of contentment or depression.  More than anything else, this poem was out of empathy. I CANNOT be the only one that is upset that the negative trending tags outweigh the positive ones. I am NOT telling you what you should write about. I am reflecting on an observation. Do NOT get me wrong.
Isaac Jul 2018
We all want our poems to trend and get views.
But when that is your focus, you're the one who will lose.

Striving for popularity can cause you to lose clarity.
Pulling you down a hole of insularity.

Instead, look ahead!
There are new horizons to be tread!
New poems to bloom happily in your garden bed,
no matter whether they are noticed...or even read!
Written 27 July 2018

Focus on writing a poem more rich with value than all your previous poems.
Tex Dermott Jul 2015
Star of Bethlehem is trending but is not liked.

I do not understand how Star of Bethlehem trended with only two likes
Seán Mac Falls May 2015
Massive egos shine
Mostly drivel on HP
Just Poetastery
Lamest so called writers NOT poets, egos unbridled
Phil Lindsey Mar 2015
Oh to be trending with
Praise never ending
For poems I’ve shared on this site.

Likes and reposts give me
Reason to boast -
Justify staying up through the night.

Notifications are
Cause for elation;
The judges DO like what I write!

But a poem too plain
Causes heartache and pain, and
Is often my poor poet’s plight.

No comments, no hearts,
Silence tears me apart
As the view numbers start to get high.

Doesn’t anyone care?
Is it cause for despair?
Don’t they know how hard that I try?

And who really can blame us?
Our desire to be famous
Is a standard set forth at our birth.

Though it’s narcissistic,
We allow some statistics
To define the extent of our worth.

When I group words together
My soul is the tether;
I am sharing a part of myself.

The peril I fear
Is that no one will hear
As the words gather dust on a shelf.

So when the words are ‘bout right
I choose to quit for the night,
Add some tags, then I hit save and send,

‘Cuz when all’s said and done
We’re just writing for fun,  
Who cares if the **** thing will trend!
PwL   March, 2015
Thank you to all who read what I post!!!!   ;-)
Alan S Bailey Jan 2016
I would write my poetry every single day,
To be trending
Not to be trending
It couldn't matter either way,
I'd write it because it is what I love
To do. Poetry isn't a game for popularity
Points, it is a form of art, and even  if it
"Isn't cool with you," I will still just do my best
To write my honest feelings through and through.
Probably an instant failure. I'll just trash it (as a private poem) Sorry to waste your space, guys.
jeffrey conyers Nov 2012
Out in the word of social space.
I'm trending.
Just floating along.

Fulfilling people reading.
While I'm trending.

No, i'm not lost.
You can easily spot me.
I'm easy to catch.

Like pushing in a letter upon the Internet..

I'm no mystery.
I'm similar to you finding your front door key.
I'm trending

This won't be the last you'll ever see of me.
Arcassin B Oct 2014
By Arcassin Burnham

Did you ever consider segregating,
The good ones from the *******,
The devils and gods,
With trending honorables,
Or symbolic presses,
Call it lame meetings,
Random trending would be my guess,
I'm ******* crazy,
In reality I need a physical test,
Fail it then then turn it in,
Then tell every in class their all ******* pests,
Like I said I don't need your pity,
Nor your sympathy,
It was the end of me,
But also the beginning of the new me,
I will never rest,
I just need some time to think,
While this blows over,
Being hated by many,
But no luck with clovers,
Violent black kid in America,
Do I sound like a good person,
Mistake me for a fool,
Leave you with one of my curses,
So strum away lady,
Cause I'm not listening,
I'd rather be frozen in block of ice,
Then be trending.
Carolin Jul 2014
If we read a poem that's trending would it be heart mending ? I'm sure though the time taken for reading it will be worth spending. Would you sit here darling beside me and read it out loud while looking up at the clouds. Together we'll watch the magic that will happen for you and me , after reading that trending poem while sitting down by my side ~
Tommy Randell Mar 2019
I'm trending in our local pub
By sharing links on Facebook
About their beers and lunchtime grub
Waxing lyrical about the facilities
How smart the restrooms are
How convivial the ambience
Sitting chatting at the bar

Trending doesn't get me much
No cheaper drinks or better food
No faster service , no sprinkling of stardust
In fact it doesn't do me any good
So far was I can ascertain
There's a few more smiles
Maybe a few more people know my name

But it's good you know
To spread the word and join the gang
Trending gives me the feeling
It might be a good place to hang
And maybe one day when the time is right
The odd bar snack will come my way
And I'll get that coveted
Pub Regular of the Day! Yay ..!
Janine Jacobs Jun 2015
My words are trending
now I'm seen as a poet?
Your algorithm is flawed
that little sign offends me!
I dont write for you
I don't care to impress,
fame and glory is not what I seek.

I give voice to my world
with a pen as my weapon.
Bleeding onto pages
every feeling, emotion and thought,
bonding it forever in ink.

Profoundly thankful for the ability
to captivate with a spell of words
to weave together a phrase
that tugs at your heartstrings

I share what I feel
and see and hear and wonder
I am glad you can relate
however please bear in mind
this I do for my sanity not yours.
The most beautiful poems often don't trend!
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Watching Trending videos on YouTube,
2 of the top ten videos are dead,
which means I’m watching ghosts,
having deja vu see it seems I’ve seen this scene before,

Rest In Peace Mac Miller,
Resit In Pease Xxxtentacion,
this spirits have be writing frantically,
going for gold or at least an honorable mention,

want to be anything except forgotten,
skin is fresh but core is rotten,
scent of cologne watching Post Malone,
give an interview on Jimmy Fallon,

seems we’ve fallen,
and our idols are a sign of where we’re at,
war never stopped it just changed forms,
from Germany to Vietnam to Iraq,

as the sun sets over San Francisco Bay,
I watch the colors run,
indifferent to the cause and the effect,
nothing’s perfect but the sky always looks so beautiful,

as I gaze out this bedroom window,
in a house I do not own,
just touched down from Australia,
back in The Bay for another round,

taking a moment to reflect,
in my feelings as the sun sets,
and it feels like we’ve seen it all,
even though we know we haven’t seen anything yet,

watching Trending videos on YouTube,
2 of the top ten videos are dead,
which means I’m watching ghosts,
having deja vu see it seems I’ve seen this scene before…

∆ LaLux ∆
JJ Hutton Jun 2010
every time we fall in love,
they call it trite,
a false fairy tale.

love is weak.
and weak ain't trending no more.

every time we speak our mind,
they tell us to shut up,
too young to have an opinion.

the youth is unreliable,
too many fresh hormones.

every time we stand up straight,
they cross us,
crucify us.

acquiescing is appropriate,
they gift certificates in frames for that.

every time we subscribe to a higher code of ethics,
they call us radical,
salivate, and spectate as we are torn asunder by lions.

love should never transcend national pride,
here it's guns, god, no homosexuals or mexicans all the time.

if i make a stand, and you make a stand,
and the dominoes begin to fall,

if i inspire a dozen, and you inspire a thousand,
the gears will grind, the tide will turn,

the lions will all be too full,
they surely will run out of nails,
before they've crossed every single one of us.
Copyright 2010 by Joshua J. Hutton
For whatever it means
I am trending
Growing popular ever since
Though For silly bendings
In my class seven
I made a mark
My village felt my presence
I had **** in my pants
But I was young
In my class eight I scored very well
I was known throughout the division
The young knew my home
In my highschool I was the worst prefect
And the whole district schools knew it
In my university once again
Many are surprised
And my name is trending now
My nickname is everywhere
What a ****?!
This famous nature of life
Is taking me somewhere.
I am worrying ...I am playing to be cool but my cool is shouting
Everybody know me,
And I feel the lose
And the openness.
love, #life, #sad, #you, #depression, #pain, #hurt, #death, #heart, #heartbreak...  

I wish these were not trending tags,
this makes my heart ache.
I understand life has hardships but,
this is just hard to see every single day.
All  of  you who post things like this,
know that I am here for you  all.
I love and care for each and every one of you,
known and unknown you all have someone who cares.
I want to reach out to all of you please know that I am here for you, all of you!
so few of my pieces
tend to go on and trend
which is proof that they
aren't of the right rend

the behind the scenes
selectors don't like my stuff
they reckon it smells worse
than camphor *****

for some time I proffered
sub standard work  
which has met with their
side way smirks

the officials who have oversight
at the trending room
are of the one mind
in wanting my poems to doom

yet I shall try to better
my output of daily disasters
so they'll be more appealing
to the trending masters
Ann M Johnson Aug 2014
I don't know the secret to having poems trend
There are some poems I feel certain that they will trend and they do not
I have read many excellent poems that did not trend, the list seems unending
I still feel that they are worthwhile ,especially when they caused a laugh or a smile or even a  tear when I really need a good cry
If the poems effect me or others I feel they are successful no matter whether they are trending or not
I feel bad for fellow poets if they get discouraged if their poems don't trend, the heart is such a fragile thing to mend, especially if discouragement sets in causing them to question their talents or ability.
My advice would be just write, if it trends great; if not keep writing don't give up
If you are writing to an Audience of one or 500 just get your feelings out you many be surprised by the results someday, you poems may really touch peoples lives that can relate to them.
Whether the poems trend or not Keep Writing!
ALamar Jul 2015
Mindless texts
Posts ending with emojis and hashtags
Billions of words randomly tweeted out
Ideas and conceptions
Time and space attaching themselves to certain perceptions
Relevancy belongs to truth being spoken through reality and fantasy
Miranda Renea Aug 2016
I can't keep up. Constantly
Texting, typing, talking, to
Everyone but no one. These
Screens that become closer
Than our lovers hold secrets
We'd never tell each other.
We practically kiss pixels,
But people are forgotten
And passed on like last
Year's old phone make, as
If compassion wouldn't take
To trending.

— The End —