Samantha Vaughn Aug 2013

Did you feel that? There was a tremor through my skin,
A tingling sensation, coming from within.
The vibration of music, rippling with the bass;
I always thought the game, was all about the chase.

But now that I’m here, I feel the music chilling down my spine;
And all that I can think of, is how to make you mine.
But my eyes just can’t seem to focus, with this eruption of feeling,
They say that music is feeling, but it’s through the magic of hearing.
They might be right, but these needs have moved to physical healing.
See I’ve suddenly got tunnel vision, and it’s toward you that I’m steering.

My hands are getting clammy, but my vision is getting clear.
All I know right now is that I need you; I need you closer than near.
Closer than close, close to touch,
I need it right now, and I need it so much.

Did you feel that? It’s a tremor through my skin,
This tingling sensation, coming from within.
The vibration of music, now tickling my bass,
Sometimes the game we’re playing, doesn’t require the chase.

Just a touch, just a kiss, just a small simple stroke,
You’ve got my body convulsing, craving to be choked.
Breath’s getting shallow & emotions dripping thick,
These pills that I’ve taken, have given quite the kick.
See my frequency is rising, and I think yours is rising too,
So I’m watching your body, and I’m waiting for your cue.

Did you feel that? There was a tremor through my skin,
A tingling sensation, coming from within.
The vibrations of music, weaving in and out of the bass,
I now see the game that we’re playing, was never about the chase.

Wrote this after meeting the love of my life.
(c) Samantha Vaughn
Hana Gabrielle Mar 2012

almost metallic
your fingers pull me closer
I can't wait anymore
let's digress
into the silence
of understanding
fill in the cracks
while you calm my tremors
Find a new sense of serenity
that I never thought was meant for me
when I found you
I realized you were missing
don't leave me
but don't make promises
that you can't keep
I know that you're under
these starry nights,
with or without me.

Aditi Apr 2015

And I was falling,
So fast
Reducing constantly
To become nothing

And I was barely breathing
A heart forced to beat
Eyes bloodshot
But you could not see

And you were blinded
From the self-despair and pity
A heart
Torn and stomped all over

And you were shaking
From the tremors
only You could feel
But I could not steady your hands

I was waiting for you to save me,
I forgot magic only happens when you least expect it
You were waiting for me to notice
You forgot I was too caught up fighting my own battles

You were bitter
Over the times I had let you go
You forgot
I loved you w every ounce of my being
I was broken
Over the times you did not care enough
I forgot
You are a human with your own limits

And so we fell apart
In the most common ways
We forgot what we had
Because we were too busy grieving what the other person lacked

And now that the end is near
I see where we went wrong
I loved you and you loved me
But love
is almost never enough

And I got my wish
With my last breath I took your name
The earth shook,the sky turned black,
This is my last farewell
I'll never see you again

So many aftershocks have got me losing my grip and when that happens, I write, a lot. RIP people who died in Nepal and strength to their families. Also people in north India like me, just hang on. I know it is hard but... I can understand. and every life is precious so just take care of yourself and those around you
marina Nov 2013

maybe my hands shake because
i've been told settling is wrong,
and my fingers have been kept
in their skin for too long

(if i shed, i'm sure i'll grow wings)

Arielle Dawn Sep 2016

Alone never, forever, always my choice
Mindset blown to pieces, losing my voice

Is it up to you, up to me? Why do we dwell?
Who knows, can time really tell?

Time, destroyer of all
Attempting to heal us until we all fall

Sticks and stones, they hurt our bones
Words kill you, kick us from our thrones

Lost, desolate, insane
Rain engulfing me, drowning in pain

A sucker for the remedy
Drugs be the medicine, allegedly

The battle ongoing
Have I lost or are we growing?

Forever unknowing
Feelings nothing more but slowing

Days filled with nothing else but rowing
Grey times, the hurt overflowing

little lion Dec 2017

everytime a shiver goes up my spine
I can’t help but remember your touch;
the way your                     fingers laced together against the curve of my back
                                                            ­           while you molded your lips
                                                              ag­ainst mine, fusing my skin to yours.

everytime I see you
I see the smile that I fell in love with
and the pool of lust in your eyes
that was enough to bring
me to my knees
before you.

hearing your name brings me back
to our midnight conversations
in the dark,
back when                                                             love was kind                  
                                          ­           and your words planted flowers in my veins

every breath
reminds me that
after everything
                                                 I was not enough
                                             to satisfy your hunger,
that the taste of your lips
was the taste of a
desire so stale
that it could

now I lay awake
crying in the dark,
wishing for your lips
against mine.
                                                         I just want to die.
just kiss me,

It would be easier, I think,
if my nerves were not so jittery,
wriggling under my skin
like small electric shocks

every time I nervously approach
an unknown thing,
a child handed a glossy new toy.
Is this how it is meant to be?

So young, so young,
life full with gaudy possibilities
at the arrival of another birthday,
presents losing their allure,

the rattling mystery beneath the paper,
my sweet cluster of friends
revving off into the distance
and I am left to wonder

who will fill the white, sad gaps.
I see you, I remember.
I see you, I remember you too.
A lengthy list splattered with letters,

wiry and black like a belch of string.
There is only so much
one person can do
when their hands are ravaged

by a peculiar numbness,
when their syllables and sentences
begin to stick together,
form a blood-red thick lake.

Written: August 2015.
Explanation: A poem written in my own time. All feedback welcome. Please see my home page on here for a link to my Facebook writing page.
NOTE: Many of my older pieces will be removed from HP in the coming months.
liz Nov 2012

It’s when you begin to tremble
tremors in your breathing
that I worry.

limited experience
and uumined knowledge
are the real driving forces

lets quiver together

flare them nostrils !

your heart requires more oxygen

and your body more blood

Corey Mar 2017

From time to time your eyes weaken,
your face reddens, and body trembles.
And in those moments my soul is crushed,
the heart of this flower grows cold.
Despite your emotions, your actions, flaws,
I've never loved someone more.
But when you begin to shake,
my body aches, hoping this time that I can help.
You tell me to let you tremble, let you cry,
but what if your earthquake pulls down our house?
Despite my fears, my sadness, hopelessness,
I allow you to shudder and weep.
And when it is over, I go and test the grounds,
looking for damage to our home.
But you've assured me once and I'm starting to see
that your tremors do no harm.
And the aftershock is a stronger Love.

Primrose Clare Dec 2013

roam the fingers, thin and light.
beguile by the brooks, chilly and frighted.
rust in trunks, tinkle bells in hums,
greens they run, yellows the sun.

down the ripples, silent and long;
appear books, of language and song.

in the books, shall be love-
veiled beyond views
from branches I once sew;
the stains in the berries, the one in teas,
redden every morning, on laced napkins;
the love of ballet songs; in waves of faerie wands;
The cloaked mist, in time, of the faces I still want.

I'm scared


I can't even do a simple task
Such as holding my phone

My left hand trembles
Why oh why
Does it tremble

Is it just going to be temporary? Or was it because of the past 3 hours? ><
aurora kastanias Jun 2017

Trembling he entered the bar with a cheerful smile,
In a dark green suit and a Panama hat.
Sun-dried wrinkles on his face and hands
Dotted with brown liver spots, passage of time.

Buttons of his white shirt open to the trunk,
Roman summer at last, a little too scorching for some.
Cherry angiomas glittery red,
Dilated blood vessels showing off his chest.

New freckles he never had and not to be
Confused with his only solitary mole,
Stuck on his lower bluish chapped lip
As he shivers struggling to raise his coffee cup,
To the mouth with both hands for just one sip.

In silence he dribbles and drools succeeding to gulp
Down the last drop, asking for the check
In a broken deep voice, one that has smoked a cigarette
Too many, scratching his drinker’s nose as he wobbles
To the cashier.

Paid and ready to proceed his wallet refuses to fit
Back into his rear pocket.
The frustrating challenge a matter of patience,
To which he inevitably renounces as he surrenders to hold
On to it while he waves his goodbyes to the bartender.

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