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Hisham Alshaikh Jul 2018
You are beautiful
You are tremendously beautiful
You are marvelously beautiful
You are astonishingly beautiful
You are magnificently beautiful
You are breathtakingly beautiful
Inner and outer

You are beautiful
You are the definition of Beauty
Or shall I say, what is Beauty compared to you
What is Beauty compared to you ?
It feels shy and ashamed when I describe you
A weak meaning it has when I describe you
A meaningless meaning it has when I describe you
Never existed it wishes when I describe you

You are beautiful
For your beauty I searched
Every language ever lived
And every word ever existed
And the romantic era that occurred
Could not find a way to describe your beauty
Could not find a way to tell the world about your beauty

You are beautiful
Vocabulary will be invented
Words never existed
To the dictionaries will be added
In the dictionaries will live
In the lovers tongues will breath
To describe your beauty
The one and the only beauty
The living and the dead will forget about Cleopatra
Because your beauty is ultra
A new period will start, The Beauty Era
Your era

--Hisham Alshaikh
You're Beautiful. Version 1.
Cné Apr 2017
slipping in her wet painted petal
bitten by the sting of his bee
her first time, he fumbles being gentle
excitement dancing in his driving need

instinctively possessed
arcing her hips experimentally
his maleness sweetly carressed
teasing his need, tremendously

each submersion in her sweetness
peaking waves swelling in her breast
entwining rhythmic explosiveness  
pulsating gush, plunging over the crest
Metaphorically speaking... lol
RK Sep 2017
I remember the gift I received from you.
The perfect rhythm, joy of harmony.
Your gift was with me everywhere
Until ...

Truth became blurred...

I followed the mood intentionally.
Moving slowly, questioning the intrusions flowing through me.
Bypassing the lie telling me -

I am, broken.

Remembering that rhythm - descending.

I chose to feel thoughts of peace
The noise quietened tremendously
Aligning me,
Albeit temporarily.

Feeling  that rhythm -  vibrationally.

Deep, deep deep I knew,
beneath the turbulence
"I Am " growing , growing in truth - watching affectionately,
knowing and remembering your gift

Re-membering that rhythm,  "I am" already healed.

Ascending graciously.

Hello to all my friends at Hello Poetry.
Please accept my apologies for not responding to you comments or your likes.
I found it extremely difficult to write in any way shape or form over the past good few months. it seemed my mind only wanted quietness and I followed the mood. I lived very quietly and then this evening - this poem came. I hope you understand,  and also enjoy the poem. . I'm hoping to read and write again soon.
Carter Ginter Nov 2018
I love you like the moon
Igniting the path before me
Glorious and bright
I love you like the stars
Unable to break my gaze
From your beautiful light
I love you like the trees
Standing so strong and powerful
Cleansing the air I breathe
I love you like the ocean waves
Pulling me into your arms
And out of my head
I love you for you
Because you are amazing
And the way you love me
Is better than any drug I've taken
And the way you kiss me
Is sweeter than any sugar I've tasted
You are warmer than the sunshine
Shining across my bare skin
You are kinder than anyone
I've ever come across in this life
You let me be myself and embrace it
And you love me through my faults
I am the luckiest human alive
To share this existence with you
I love you tremendously
And I look forward to all of the amazing experiences
All of the the pain we may share and conquer
Every moment
In the beautiful life that we build together
I still don't sleep well at night sometimes. I miss you, whoever you are, or maybe I just miss having someone close to me I can put all of this love into, an outlet for my affection. Whatever the case, I spend my waking moments wondering where you are and my moments asleep wondering when. It's honestly getting harder to tell the difference between the two, the two infinite worlds of possibility where wild, unexpected things happen. Or don't. Sometimes the reality is more interesting than the dream.

There's a certain sense of tranquil quiet when you're lonely that I can only appreciate for about 5 minutes before my heart grips against its iron bars, looking for a key or a file or a spoon to leap its way out of my chest to freedom and adventure. It writes Morse code letters on skipped heartbeats to you, but I am a miserable translator and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for my past, for all the wrongs I've committed in the nebulous black leviathan night, the almost-nightmare state of bleariness and hypnotic suggestibility. Clarity only comes when you spirit your marble curved likeness in the warm wooded embrace I do so long for in waking life.

I ramble and you float away, O kind angel of faint hope, white stone wings beating tremendously in sync like the buzzer of an alarm clock, striking me asleep again for daylight, somnambulating across the barren black-tar desert in search of water and finding only more black sand.

The nights have become more torturous without your colorless gaze. Please get here soon so I can tell you about how I've known you all my life.

With fondest regards,
Saumya Oct 2018
They will always be able to see the happy and contended you, and admire  or envy that. But it takes a deep heart and a tremendously empathetic person to admire your simplicity, your flaws, and love ya for that, and admire you with your imperfections . behold and perceive the pain, the worries and fears that you go through often, but is all so perfectly  hidden  within your deepest shell, that no-one except you and a precious heart can really  see, and still love the way they always did, despite discovering the real you now.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 2018
Because of you,
I can say what's
on my mind,
laugh at myself
and put a smile
on a sad face.
I do the
impossible things
with the
right mind set.
Because of you,
I became better.
Your inspiration
motivates and propels
me beyond the limits.
Because of you
I became a superman
doing all kinds of
amazing and supernatural
tremendously incredible
great things with
giant strides.  
Because of you
i can climb
all the hills
and mountains like
the Spiderman.
Because you are
by my side I
became more than
a conquerer.
Positivity became
my ally and
generates me to
a spiritual high.
Because of you,
I know everything
is working the
way they should.
And for that
my heart is so grateful.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Ashly Kocher Dec 2018
Seeing the deterioration of a woman who once could run circles around us young folks, is frustrating and upsetting all rolled into one....not only for us, but for her, tremendously
Fajeh Jan 29
How did home,
so clearly imprinted in my mind,
that cocoon of happiness and friendship,
belonging to me so profoundly,
inseparable connection of doing and thought,
become that placeless
area of frozen cobblestones?

When did my home,
my all, my everything, my me
change to tremendously
that no one can recall
the distant origins of what once was
my who, my when, my how,
my entire world;

Where are the muffled voices of my existence,
once without me,
collapsing in one instant,
as I always feared?

How did my imagination vanish,
slowly at first,
but definite in the end?

When will I awake in a world of sound again?
The symphony that I
used to dance along to
all my life;
music no one will ever hear.

Years have passed,
questions persisting in my head.
Today is my after-I and as so often
My thoughts are circles around themselves.

I have come further than my mind can comprehend
Driven by dreams, thought, and fear.
A cell in a body of what everything
is, was, and will ever be.
Cohering with a billion others souls,
Never knowing,
But always counting on who I have been.

I am sure there is a path,
I just can’t see it still.
Red Jun 11
I yearn for solace
And not what will keep me up in a vex continuos of this and ever going
is my hopes towards this step

never ceasing
and constantly flowing is the reason why i smile in this time

So i ponder upon the cause of
Such relentless for awhile
Is it the dharma for the actions committed
or could it be lady luck that stands
besides me

Whatever it is
I relish in what is yielded
For succumbing
To the felicity that makes my heart
beat happily
Is what i live for tremendously
sammy Feb 1
Filled with beauty.
Filled with admiration.
An admiration louder than scorn.
These yellow giants stare at their goddess in awe.

They’re happy flowers with smiley faces,
sun praising angels.
That when their goddess’s light is unveiled, they shower in her glistened kisses.
Though when she leaves, they sense her absence, and are left with the feeling of unpleasance.

Such graceful worshippers can’t help but embody the sun.
Amber, a sort of honey glow color, within each petal, of each sunflower.
Sky high, it’s green stems towers it’s environment.
Towers it like an ocean-cliff.

Vibrant and warm.
As free as air, they stand tremendously stunning and yellow.
That yellow.
The yellow from a lemon.
The yellow so bright, so alive,
like their goddess’s.
These yellow flowers,
These yellow giants,
Are the sun’s very own yellow guardians.
Look at me now dad, never thought I’d get to this point in life
Where I no longer hate you & now understand the lesson you taught me in life
See the thing was, I resented you because you were never there
sent $80 a week but that only made me think you didn’t care
Mama was strong enough to deal with the pain & raise me right
but inside I was lonely & sometimes I couldn’t sleep at night
You were that missing ingredient that I needed for a healthy life
& I believed that being my father came with a price
It’s funny how I hated you for so long just to see that I was like you
making common mistakes of a man just like you
but no disrespect, everybody gotta make mistakes when they grow up
stumble a few times in life before their maturity begins to show up
I don’t know the full story, I just know I lost my dad before knowing who he was
feeling like a lost cause because I was always looking for his love
I’m still your son, you’re still my father, that’s something we can’t change
but I forgive you for not being there even if this means things won’t change
I see you have other kids that you’re raising & I’m happy that you’re being that man
that they need, glad that you’re giving them a chance
to know the man that I never knew but I’m proud of you
& I pray that God keeps watching over you.
And with that being said, I’ve grown up tremendously & I no longer hate you
☆ Poetic Venom ☆
It takes a very mature & strong person to forgive the first person who broke their heart in life but we must all learn to forgive, right? Took me a long time to get to this point in life but what can I say, I'm getting too old to keep letting things stop my happiness. Moral of the story, forgive & let go but never forget.

— The End —