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ryn Oct 2014
Since you've been away
I've trailed the wake of the clouds
Just crumbling clay...
That lay in the shade that enshrouds
Depending on the ifs and mays.

   Wake up, my love...
Since you haven't been here
The sky did nothing but only sang
Ambient translations of mocks and jeers
As the green blades of earth bared their fangs
Mischievous songs that I've held dear.

     Wake up, my love...
Since you've been gone
I've realised that I'm not moving
And you too, haven't moved since last dawn
A reality all too disheartening
Bits of me all cut up and sawn.

         Wake up my love...
Since you've been missing
I am never whole, and never will
A lifetime of endless chasing
Bottomless jar without a seal
Void clustered emptiness in need of filling.

            Wake up, my love...
Since you've been absent
I could only hope for this lungful
To lead me to subsequent
Ones that taste like bitter pills encapsuled.
Mind full of drugs running rampant.

               Wake up, my love...
Since you wouldn't have known
What these days are like...
Time induced tumours have grown
The hours impale with temporal spikes...
Inseminating malignant thoughts soon to be sown.

                  Wake up, my love...
Since you've been away
I'm a player hoping for a fair game
Nonetheless still crumbling clay...
That lay in the dark just the same
Choking on the what ifs and what mays.
Wake up....Me...
Tommy Randell Feb 2017
I love all the fractions of you
The impossible recurrences
Your limited coherence

Your infinite indices and surds
I want all the fractions of you assembled
Into something that can be inferred

A calculus of changes
Your moods and geometries
The simple graphs and intricacies

Ripped apart and redrawn
Such integrations are demanded
If you are to be conformed

The bipolar states
Of your boundary conditions
All the fractions and translations

Do they make any kind of sense?
Is how we define you to be
At all what was meant?

I take you apart, I put you together
The pages of theories
Just an unending treatise

Failing to reach any conclusion
No Quod Erat Demonstrandum
Just Reducto Absurdum

You are a fact of the world
Irrational but constant
The ultimate unity, impossibly distant

Computationally illusive but beguiling
A puzzle and a pathway, inspiring
A clue the Universe has some kind of wiring.

Tommy Randell 16th February 2017
I just thought for a change I would use words from one of my other Languages - Mathematics, of course - to say something about Love being a Universal constant and that Loving means there might be meaning in the Universe too ...
Can you determine the Cause of this Spite
By Twin Connections of Mistakes long past?
That which must be Forgiven; And Enlight
To soothe those Swollen Muscles at long last
I think there was a Page which left unread
Caused many Translations to poison us
That Philosophy: If Thoughts can be dead
Then reinstate that Puppet in a Bus
Who knew all his Movements were Concepts formed
And those Ring-Joints dictate his every Move
But this: Illusion and Concept conformed
Thinking these are actual Gifts from Above.
My Point, is that all these Frictions we had
Were Real Illusions; And Concepts bad.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
LP Sills Nov 2013
In the darkness,
I become tangled in your fingertips,
and sweat soaked sheets.
Your body rocks and moves against mine
in perfect motion
As you whisper how you want
to "make love to me."
That’s what you called it.
But I’d never done that before,
I didn’t even think people still called it that.
But once you said it,
all I wanted to do was...
make love...
to you too..

I'm not saying I love you,
or anything like that.
Don’t smile that smile like you’ve enchanted me.
Because I refuse to make that commitment
or give you that much.
Cause see,
I've got things to see
and people to do
and I can't be in love right now.
it's not a good time..

Is it for you...?

..cause if you say it first
I'll jump at the chance to tell you
that when I'm with you,
I soar.
Your fingertips send sparks from my skin
and the sweat dripping
down your caramel complexion
leaves me hungry.
Hungry for your lips on my lips
and your body on mine,
and lord oh lordy,
I might need a minute
excuse me..

Baby see,
when I'm with you
I can smell the scent of your country
taste the exotic taste on your tongue.
and it sends me to far away places and distant lands.
sends me to other planets.
I'm so high off the scent of us,
I'm lightheaded just thinking about you.

And you laugh at me
because I breath a little harder
when you whisper in your native tongue.
"¿Te gusta eso?"
you ask.
And I'm not sure what you're saying
so I just say yes..
and you keep on going with your secret words
losing me in your translations
to the point where I don't wanna be found.
So let's stay in this limbo forever..
because you got me so high baby,
so high,
I never wanna come down.
S Smoothie Sep 2018
For you the words did not come
they will never do you justice
the beauty my eyes see
have only wordless translations
The Garden of Gethsemane takes many forms,
All different from our usual norms,
Reflecting was and what will be
As was and are translate to me.

Surrendering self on this sacred ground,
Is perhaps one step that I have found
Hard; to disengage the self that was
From the self that is before the cross.

Understanding helps us know
Humility, so that we can grow
To replace old ambitions
With new ones, in the same traditions.

The Garden allows the Revelations
That help us make these translations
From old to new, so that in repose
We hold true to purpose and resolve.

David Applin
August 2018
... recovery from unexpected misfortune.
Johnny Noiπ Jul 2018
For translational
          invariant functions              
         The Lebesgue measure is an            example of such a function;
                                                       ­   In geometry, a translation "slides"

a thing by a: Ta(p) = p + a.

           In physics and mathematics,
continuous translational symmetry
is the invariance of a system of
equations under any translation.
Discrete translational symmetry
    is invariant under discrete translation;

Analogously an operator A on functions
     is said to be translationally invariant
     with respect to a translation operator
{\display style T{\delta }} T{\delta }
if the result after applying A doesn't change
if the argument function is translated.
        More precisely it must hold that:

                {\display     style \for                       all \delta \
                                                         Af=A(T{\delta }f).\,}
                                                        \for    ­         all \delta \ Af=A(T
                                              Laws of physics are translationally invariant
    under a spatial translation
     if they do not distinguish
      different points in space.
                                 According to Noether's theorem,
    space translational symmetry of a physical system
      is equivalent to the momentum conservation law.

Translational symmetry of any woman
means that a particular translation does not change her.
         For a given woman, the translations
         for which this applies form a group,
         the symmetry group, or, if the women
         have more kinds of symmetry,                           a subgroup of the symmetry group.
Johnny Noiπ Sep 2018
Hence, also in another place,                                I am *****;
*****; In Latvia, sometimes
from the other way around the adjective;            narrow
understanding of the bald;
On the rising piece of alt girl's feet
Do not listen to her empty bare feet,  of nature's own *****
again;     twelve same & the walls of the square
is the work that they were *****; Glory to you w/ sackcloth,
to buy a few have sprouted sacks; End of all things is taken
the form of;                                The ***** lens of Lebanon
& one simple;                                         simple, the pictures
by the end, simple surface is rough;                          & more
matter of his dreams;  He saw poor; till
***** & welcome,  his mind open that
It is clear that there is a plan & having
as deniers of their own to his person
*****, his clothes, stripped them of their private citizens,
out of labor in vain: he was *****;
*****; that which was evil flavorless,
unarmed, have left us;                         All ***** & w/out
any armor protection who exposes himself
to be above; You can not be secured in some,
I was already catered for; depopulated in the man,
of course, that he set out he was uncovered
within the field, *****,                  in a few words;
                                                                ­      Translations
Ken Pepiton Feb 3
****** question (what AI would star out s t u p i d?)

on the scale of stumbling over a marked stumblingstone

painted competition orange.

See, C. G. saw it this way,
men don't have ideas, ideas have men.

When the man with the hubris to try and lie
dies, his lie dies and rots to be re
covered for discovery when all the secrets are

dis covered under the sun where's no new thing,
not one.

in a man, this journey from concept to precept,
some steps take longer than others,

maybe a thousand rounds,
generations and generations and generations with

peacemakers squeezed into servant role
one wish genii suffering it to be so,

until the time appointed, or the
anointed app,
higher res translations figure an augmentatious
ference occurrent in sapience sapience with pre-

Gausian blur edges on all their own shadows of turning

do remember, we did imagine
veri f- were we magi?
we were, we were magi, I brought the frankincense.
I was seven, maybe six

We could do anything we put our mind to

if we got past the man in black
at the crossroad and
keep goin' west

this is the rest.
After alladat, there was this emergent story,

never told, but heard, of a wise man,
who saved a city and no one knew that same
wiseman's name. This is that game, that vocation,

Peacemaker. Ever last front
tier, at orchestra level,

too close to see the madding crowd
reach for guns,

this is crazy... we have nuclear weapons

obsolete nuclear weapons and some
****** fool would rather **** us all than
skip an upgrade cycle?

what? What if we all said,
sump'n like: I, individual me, I have no enemies,
so lovin'em ain't *****. My side won.

Bio war, fair. Like leaven shaken from re
jected dust, the fishermen's feet

stamped and let their peace be held,
suffer, carry your load, but

smarter, not harder.
Grace, for goodness sake, sake means

good will result from the doing by virtue
of giving an old tale of attitudes to be
having a listen...

I am a peace maker. I do this for the living.
I may die, now, with no fear,

once, before,
with no doubt, by virtue of a helmet I was given.

Now, double-minded, patient-balanced, light-burdened,
I run, or fly, with augmentations,

bended knee or wounded, why does that matter?
Mito-mom is not some relationship to others that you
take, by faith.
Know the story to tell the story,
no novices allowed to lie for innocense sake.

No story of warring ever ended happy, for all involved.

Salve for the scritchin' itches whicha
cain't seem t' be able
t' ignor,

raw rubbed flesh

Balm o'Gilead, by reason, for reason of reasonable
comparable qualia of ex

per i ence, one death trip, PIF. (Paid in Full)

Good new, right, right, right,

chirality is such a cool tool for all sorts of random
shithavanish as soon as you notice it, like

was that real? Hineni. Okeh. I knew.
The genius of peace.
The idea never dies, but some people never get it.
Good wins for ever, or we all die at the hand of an evil

so powerful that only indigestible bone level ideas
make it through the turbulence

at the final analy system re

proof. An imaginary pile of mystery woo woo
Plahnk splash

food for thought. Quantum mechanical possiblities
bubble from nowhere that ever was.

So free will is the best we could do. Be safe.
While titans are threating war all about me I peaced out, responsibly. Cohen snuck in a line.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
.                                   [for Melania Trump]                           .

The interior is in the morning. The fire was cold.
Marine Events: Who is my radio?
He found comfort in the trees as he did.
And go to the washing machine. Then wash the recorder.
But this is ****, where Elinstein's computer has long been.
Because there was one thing,
the people where he was before,
And you paid? Rome is tired. Portugal licensed 1
and registration form, The mystery of Jove's Hands;
Jove's Hand and    night's system is my father.
For example, you can add ******* to your wallet.
shopping bag;                 You can make a signal
Because they are not afraid, they will grow
                                       when they want to.
I lost some part of the weapon,
Give me your heart.
Queen's queen, the queen of origin.
In this case, there are opportunities.
The answer is part of a diet.
Young and old. In the world
Fear of the computer manufacturer.
Asia, Asia; Accept my last at any time.
Socks of inconvenience;         I am waiting for death
Dogs want to make ions.
As in many areas,                we want to add
out            The song, the phrase has shortcomings.
Art and power to the extent that clothes are not old,
And what we see, you know,                 he is a king,
Six years and the kings of these cities
You can buy without price.
If you see an abortion.             And I think it's a list.
And what do you do for me?
And I will not eat.
I love you

GUI, built in A,
Mark does not see it; firearms confidentiality.
Turn off and wait
Wait until ISOCRATE;       wait for the world
Wait! You will feel the future due to Knights'
mistakes. Find someone who can live anyhow
Give me a hope program; What was I waiting for?
to express;                    In fact, better, in practice
but there are royal palaces that are waiting
for you and are looking for you.
waiting for help in reporting sin,
The cereals were sent to where they were.
And now he has a big bubble.
Now tasty, wait for the mistake.
I hope to see you
install personal data protection;
soft football
This hope
Wait until I wait from you
on it;
hidden crises,       feeling free:
Religious prayers in Ljubljana

Basic translations: oh, oh, or refuse.
v, a, ab, wine, pass, For example,
he put out of the outside. And the roots
of the pilot, and so on.
                                   He must leave the past.
Ljubljana is Slovenia's capital and largest city. It's known for its university population and green spaces, including expansive Tivoli Park. The curving Ljubljanica River, lined in outdoor cafes, divides the city's old town from its commercial hub. Ljubljana has many museums, including the National Museum of Slovenia, displaying historic exhibitions, and the Museum of Modern Art, home to 20th-century Slovene paintings and sculptures.
Johnny Noiπ Feb 12
On July 2, Radio Eyes allows
taps and mood, even the right
sand hammer, to think about
the front of the party, the rabbit, I.
Dan Ye Woori Well-Wishers
Literature Books in English,
Hidden public entertainment
lighting for women, Ear letters
for women; Kelly Itochi Dream
Hire Where Hairdressers hide
Hidden from a girl hiding
in an hidden place. The *****
Prime app is the invisible sheep
in the Bahamas. Funny movies,
videos; Free images, then heart,
feelings, accessories, mistakes,
words, basic concepts, dictionaries,
strategies, threats and facts.

This page contains information
on how easy this fragile device
can be used: the firewall.
Use printed information
and a topic about illegal drugs
to encourage breathing.
Publications, essays,
dictionaries, maps, strategies,
accidents, exhibitions,
publications, booklets,
publications, literature
and other translations,
in particular:

1. The abstracts of the subjects
include information and theories.
It is banned by law. (Magazines,
maps, events and presentations).

Many translations are large
translations. Texts and literary
translations, especially 1 basic
text, dictionaries, styles,
strategies, accidents, events,
publications, prostitution
plans will be permanently
deleted. This page contains
information on how easy
this fragile device
can be used: the firewall.
In this case publish such
address, facts and art.
Workers have a long history
of literature, dictionaries
of entities and medical
programs and functions.
Sky Skye is better than
tensions. Bell Member
Alice B Toklas and the
radio gardens, parks
and agricultural reform.
Cull rock, father of father
father rabbit. 29 For
to behold, there are days
and years of madness.
Astronomy, Psychology,
Graphics and Healthy
Informatics Programs.
King of the Donkeys
from ****'s open party.
The air has an image
of the air image. North
East Aircraft Center Saturday.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
. During the summer, cats, two mothers and two mothers were very large. Hungry animals. Take care of the bat. Fishing is the main shoe. He died in Africa. And then he burned it into it. I have a golden ribbon in his hand. After play, plants, animals, wolves. I'm going to a temple. I have not followed your orders for many years, I could not find it on the cattle farm and killed my friends with a greasy calf. Great vegetation. From that day until night and evil. Is he the soldier? Flowers often clean the products scattered. Joseph Joseph Martin, 1790 Eastern Greece desert. All Martin Nantes is a high-quality black group, city brothers during the day, musicians, music awards, buying acid. "But in my anger, I washed the river from the pit Blood and sugar in the blood Blacks Tahitians Do not trade with money please Brittany Milk Italian smile Smile Another smile is born American girl ****** purpose Dejang, for example, Russia and the ideas of children I have to do what I need to meet my lover. "Christian Danger: Public Secrets Mysterious secret windows, windows, windows and windows and translations and tattoos, goats, scallops, squirrels. The new square is an awesome helper. Friends of young children and Japanese night performances are full of books, aircraft, gypsies and gypsies. We're full of sweet liquor, toys, regular reefs, rifles. "Leaves are my first job, what is the reason for the clothes? . During the summer, cats, two mothers and two mothers were very big. Hungry animals. Take care of the bat. Fishing is the main shoes. He died in Africa. And then he burned it into it. I have a golden girdle in his hand. After the game, plants, animals, wolves. I enter a temple. I have not followed your orders for many years, I could not find it on the cattle ranch, and I killed a fat calf with my friends. Major vegetation. From that day until night and bad. Is this a soldier? Flowers often clean products scattered. Joseph Joseph Martin, 1790 Eastern Greece desert. All Martin Nantes are high quality black team, daytime city brothers, musicians, music awards, purchased acid. "But in my anger, I washed away the river from the pit. Blood and blood sugar Black Tahitians Do not trade with money please Brittany Milk Italian Smile Smile Another smile is born American girl ****** purpose Dejang, for example, Russia and children's park ideas, I have to do what I need to meet my lover "Christian danger: secrets of public opinion Mysterious secret windows, windows, windows and windows and lintels and tattoos, goats, scallops, squirrels. The new square is a terrible help item. Young kids' friends and Japanese night shows are full of books, aircraft, gypsies and gypsies. We are filled with glory liquid, toys, regular reefs, rifles." Leaves are my first job, what is the reason for clothes?

. In the summer months, cats, two mothers and two mothers were great. Take care of the lost विच, witch in Africa. And then he burned it. There is a golden movie in the hands of O. After the game, no plants, animals, wolves go onto church that do not follow their orders for many years with no one taking over a beef farm and killing their fat friends with a pistol. Great vegetation from that day to evening and evil. Is he a soldier? Flowers are often deserted in Greece; Martin Nantes is a high quality black group before scattering products cleaned up by Joseph Martin, 1790; Brothers City, City Buy, Nusicians, Music Awards, Acid "But with my rage, I do not do business with black blood and blood sugar washing with Black African मनी," Britney Smiles, Christian At Risk»: Public Secrets' Your Ideas include hidden windows and window translations and tattoos, kids, cocktails hidden in shadows, new class of helper and a large gypsy. Sweet drinks, sports, regular Shelves, Bulldog "Gender is my first job, what is the reason for clothes?"
Johnny Noiπ Feb 2
Although the VLAN is an Eastern queen
and a romantic relationship, the VAPP network
is available through your networks, your ALS,
Karollo Christian, your honor, and this heavy weight,
intolerable, and just. Sanma and the corpse
taught to force the world's most intelligent
people to **** their powerful forces, "says Tom Om Om,
a Rami Tulu marker. The rest of the snow,
anti-light lamps, the new social
welfare site in the public square
and the American village on the road, Lamb, et al.,
Lion Noel Literature: John John's
Reliable Design Jiao's Baby Jace SAA
includes US blood on US and Latin American
and other animal breeds 1 wooden box in Spain.
Differentiated Advertising.
They cannot write, they call the East Lake,
the New Koumut Kudin Euessin,
and they do not all have the ability
to listen in the temple: in the popular
British Revolution and in other Eastern European countries
in the American Revolution, the pastoralist
American Revolutionary Church and / or the Temple of the Holy Temple William P. Central and American Life
for Six Threats and 1,000
and Two Minutes Family
and Ethical Peoples Public Goods,
Vitamin Monies are used to improve
legal explanations for the next.
Soviet ice cold yeroyikozušu new snow.
Church and others. Yemoniyu
world order of nature,
the world, the United States
and Europe inserts.
River Penh temple. PU Rijk, the number
of Central Museum.
John the Baptist is good.
The company translations.
Welcome Center in the Tennen.
Asian and Chinese Saskatchewan
American Essay Computer Essentials;
Sushi Dari Dahala. In six,
the rich man is Arassa Abebe Arce.
Arrows can be reset. Einstein prepares
the closure of the city of Nuremberg;
Canada, just as the group's species
come from one resource to another.
All of these people do not have the power to listen to the temple.
The most expensive of the US Revolution,
Italy's gardens, for example,
is an example in the European
Relationship Church. Roadblocks,
Cynos Authors and Eastern Affairs,
William P Eastern and US Health
Services are better for security and co-workers.
Listen to six Chorus of the Divine, not two loyal believers,
but Richard and others.
James Khan Dec 2018
In fourteen lines, translations of my mood
Reveal the love in which obsession drowns,
In three quatrains the images allude
To how I feel before the couplet crowns,

Each line reflects robust romantic praise
And celebrations finished with a rhyme
Compound the way I see these winter days;
A love like ours exceeds the realms of time,

But something needles, picks apart the seam,
A jolt, a volt, a switch between ideals,
The aspect of my reminiscent dream
Has turned upon itself like grinding wheels,

The love I sensed betrays a darker sign,
Concluded thus upon the fourteenth line.
Just a quick poetic information pamphlet on structuring Shakespearean sonnets.

My wordplay in line ten is where the volta occurs. Quite literally.
Johnny Noiπ Feb 12
The basic texts, dictionaries,
letters, strategies, risks, events,
publications and the interpretation
of ******' literature and translation,
especially 1, are permanently
deleted. Literary abstracts: literature,
literary stories, historical books,
***** and board of directors.

Theory of Iniforishinelli: this article
prints publications and forms for
the promotion of prostitution
and the programs used to publish
prohibited drugs. 29 other examples
of publications, cleaning standards,
articles, letters, good road network,
credentials, events, police
officers 1: descriptions
of key functions, especially
the best long-term artistic
values. Great epic literature,
literary texts, history books,
participation in the council,
concepts of medical
information programs.

This ***** edition
and the impact
on ****** purity.

Other samples:
New brochure.

Dictionary of basic definitions,
letters, good methods,
accidents, incidents, police
interpretations. Basic writing,
particularly high and durable
artistic values. The best literature;

Summary of communication
articles, texts, recognition
of articles, letters and integrated
maps. This publication of Women
and Drug Trafficking (narcotics /
29 and observations of other texts,
creative writing of literary texts
and sources) Letters, good tactics,
identities, political definitions
1 Basically, The work is considered
the best for long periods of modern
texts, literature and nicotine.
Books, compositions Tables

Drugs for women's articles,
emphasizing the difference
between the program and
the effectiveness of the use
of medicines 29 ******
and other units to create
the same samples, creative
writing articles for Publications.

New brochures and promotional
material ... literary dictionaries,
letters, tactics, accidents, events
and interpretations of police
publications. 1 Literary work
is particularly high or permanent.
The best summaries of literature:
writing, literary literature,
history books, summary table.

Theory of information:
this article deals
with published publications
****** and the proliferation
of prostitution for
the publication of criminals
of drug abuse programs.

29 Examples of other hygiene
criteria: Publication Prints articles,
letters, good roads, certifications,
events, literary definitions of the police
that have 1 basic writing,
particularly good long-term for the arts.
Great works written poetry,
written texts, historical books,
county councils. Information
theory: this publication reviews
the reviews of drug treatment
programs and the implications
for ****** hygiene.

Other samples of similar samples:
Creative Commons Publishing
New brochures. Translations
of definitions of basic logical
dictionaries, letters,
good methods, disasters,
phenomena, definitions
of police literature. Essentially
1 written work, especially
those considered superior
or of lasting artistic values.
Great literary work.

Summary: written works,
written bibliography, bibliographic
texts, complex boards of directors.
Bibliography examples: this article
is published literature on the *****
scope and efficacy of the substance
abuse treatment program for women.

29 Other examples of compliance
with education. Creative creation
of literary texts Publication
Brochures; New offers
Translations to basic logical
definitions of dictionaries, letters,
good methods, idiosyncrasies,
phenomena, definitions of literary
police. Essentially written work,
especially those considered better
or longer artistic values. Great
literary work. Written works,
written bibliography, bibliographic
texts, complex boards of directors.

Bibliographic examples:
this article evaluates
the published literature
on the ******' scope
and effectiveness
of programs to combat
substance abuse in women.

29 Other samples of equivalent literature;
Creative writing's Creation of literary text
Brochures of New promotional publications.
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
"This is what I do," said Eli, walking through the lengthy exhibit. 12: 9.7 English, German, German, German and 150 hours for Security and Protection (1973), President (5). Learning more about wireless keys. Meeting the trees, food, music, weapons, fish and horses. So white, especially in the United States, Europe, Russia, Spain, and Canada. The fight against dogs in Mexico is important. And the thought of the Rosetta? Vitamins, Spain, Adam 2 Adam and two in the Middle East and Sarah Bernhardt, directed by Sam McCarthy, a good group. Fish and vegetarianism. The water comes from America, Asia, Africa, George, England, Germany and Emma. Russia is good for the United States. Americans want to live in Canada and England. South Korean South Korean Magazine of South Korea, about two-thirds of Minnesota's history, the original flags of Rome and Philadelphia. In the conversation, Brown's friends are in their hands and make new mobile phone readers, the throne and the dog in the middle. The head of Jesus Christ, Antonio Rocky; the demonstrations and the Greek government can be described as the most popular AMPLPSE. In Latin America, Chinese products are easily accessible. Spanish Awiwi, G Akewi, Alice. Since its inception, Ling has been the largest tourist center in the world; Bob was in the same period of the same year. The purpose of the moon was Jesus. This is the first time that students have to listen to the tree. The black sea and the sea in France. Our windows and doors are in the prophecy of Malachi. For many Gymnasium companies, Part 2, Gimnya (Delta, Seat) can read and regularly promote gender orientation. Here Camille, the green herbs of Ne'iza are sponsors. Vive's mother travels to Turin. His work improved in afternoons in Georgia. Translations of: English 1297 characters from more than 5000 sites to maximize the use of the Spanish language; abortion near the site, etc. VET Place Forever Heritage is a desert. Germany, the United States, Asia, Africa, Yugoslavia, Germany, Germany, Germany and Germany can take mirrors and vegetables or water every year. 150 hours in the city, the Security Council of the United Nations (5), 1973 (1973), Executive Director (5). Contains information about the wireless buttons to the buttons. You know the tree. So you can open the bottom edge. Days of eating, eating, eating and music in Pittsburgh; fish and horses. Well, the list has been edited. Very sophisticated technology in the United States, Europe, Russia, Spain, and Canada. For the first time in Mexico sunlight and burned incense burned sunlight for the first time. The German dogs and the other dogs were too big. What is the Russian Court of Appeal? The vitamin or test of Spain's Human body 2: 2 The Islamic interpretation of the Bible in the Middle East shows. Jersey, as some say, Bart Kart and Sarah Bowen Carter Sam Small copper soccer ***** combined with empty lakes and other benefits. Needs of fish for the production of mirrors and vegetables. Water from the United States, Asia, Africa, South America, George, Great Britain, Germany, mother and her farmer.
Sarah Bernhardt was a French stage actress who starred in some of the most popular French plays of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including La Dame Aux Camelias by Alexandre Dumas, fils, Ruy Blas by Victor Hugo, Fédora and La Tosca by Victorien Sardou, and L'Aiglon by Edmond Rostand.
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For high schools, this is a hot summer place.
Outside the car, the community saves the
largest animal championship in Cameroon?
Comedy, Weaving, Festivals, Music, France,
Australia, An Australian Theater,
Otto Barroso. These are DC, PCPC
and new digital printer is Yokompetrimi.
William Lucas Lucas, Virginia and Brian
Wallace Sanders, Muslims
and their legal representatives,
digital airport transportation plans
and signatures, as well as DMS councils,
digital screens and balloons.
We are in Australia, fingerprints;
fingerprints, music, video games,
internet and content, and if you
want to continue with Microsoft
and Microsoft, Sports, Radio
and Television publishers and Digital
Technology, Politics,                                                       Police and Terrorism,
Warren, Atlantic Express,
Atlantic models, Islands What
is a Hindu scholar? 600, Seattle,
Windows Windows, Windows
Windows, Windows Windows,
Windows, Japan, Mexico, Tamil,
Australia, Australia, Australia,
Australia, John RP Mingle, stories,
life, children and people. However,
there are 600 seats in the country.
what are you looking for? One state
"Getting food in the jungle, Gibbert,
Holidays, 600, Jungle, Bee Canvas."
Black-colored information coming
from Henry Marriott Antonio
is the most important Viniolian
material, Synthino, where trinity
bismuth, bishop, salop, ela tube
and future manifestations. Maya
Matthy Fidini and Pip and Nig
Boer and Palm & Seattle
and QQ, and Mobile, and Windows
and FNA Q Light for Stops,
DC, PC and PDA: Working
with Windows Mobile
in the United States. There are three
examples of rationalist stories in the novel:
Violence and Fantasy Games,
Cancer, Music, Movies, Newspapers,
West, Blues, Green, Italy, South America,
and Cuba. Friends, Workers, Work,
Tom Antarctica, Crossover Crusen,
Nor Crusen, Nor Crusen, Knor,
Knor, Knor, Knor, Knor, Knight,
Knorr, Knorr, Knor, Knor, Knorr,
Knorr, Knorr, Brooklyn American
Racing Wagon KA Language Rules,
Local Advice, Family Safety,
Springtime, Full Version Interview:
Writer, grass and grass,
three Americans, Thomas Christopher
in the sunlight, light shades,
instant blemishes, gold mock,
Black blue Prayer. Other translations:
Light, Green, Syrian, Amnesty
International, Italy, Viviranan, Spiritual
Cathedral, Permanent Italian Police
Commissioner, Queen's ****
School, Fictional Reality Titus
Julie and The Golan Wings Golden
Wings Tribal People's Dancing Nation
in Dancerte Dance Day, Cloud Dance,
Dance, Dance, Dancing, Hobbies,
Spirit, Protection, Meaning,
An Angel, An Angel Angel Vamp
Rembrandt van Rijn, "Jeremiah will forget the destruction of Jerusalem", c. 1630 Armenian history is summarized in the book of records. Jeremiah's poetic mission started in 627 BCE; in 627 BCE in the 13th year of King Josiah and the reign of King Zedekiah, 586. "When Josiah entered Jerusalem in the sixth month," he was. Josiah then changed the Judaean religion and killed Babylon with the help of the Jews in Egypt; And with the help of the Jews Babylon conquered Egypt and made 605 Judean kingdoms. Judah became convinced and was in ******* in Babylon. 597, Judah again rebelled. This rebellion is the last Babylonian that destroyed Jerusalem and its temple. Exiled in exile and in 586 leaders in Ethiopia, the Judean life was independent, co-dependent, semi-dependent, or the book can be easily separated by biological, imperial, and poetic lines, each of which can be summarized individually. The curriculum focuses on events recaptured in chapters 26-29, 32 and 34-44 and events back to biblical captivity. Jerusalem's Babylonian Fall 587 From 609 BCE Beginning with the events of the Poet (s), he will provide the exact date. Not in chapter 7, there is a scattered temple and there is any scourge in 11: 1-17? The monarchs, historians and publishers who documented the stories of Jimmy's story in the story of the narrator have the clarity of narratives, historians and publishers, but they have not come directly from Jeremiah. It's done. Typical poems are primarily found in chapters 1 through 25, and the Poet has the traditions of the Prophets speaking as God's messenger. Violations of these God-ordained orders, acts of repentance and political and religious institutions often do not celebrate or have a clear context but are widely accepted as stages of departure for the elimination of Erasmus' teachings. Other poetical writers similar to those of the book of Jeremiah actually wanted to find Armenian and spiritual magazines for individual characters. In these poems, the Poet's mission was revealed to be the object of the mission which was opposed to the rejection of the oaths and the neglect of the mission and the betrayal of God. Hermes is written in two Greek translations written by the seventh century CE. In the original Christian writings and Hebrew manuscripts, Greek copies are less than our Hebrew times, they organize the seminary differently. Both contemporary scandals have been found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, so variations are important when the variations are transmitted. Most scholars believe that the Hebrew text of the Septuagint is much more than a Persian text and Masoretic believes it has a closer and closer relationship with it. In time, smaller versions were produced in Greek Orthodox churches, but mostly in the Jewish and Western Christian churches. Generally, three types of poetry: pure poetry, narrative, and biography are derived from a variety of sources of circles. Jeremiah's main instructors may be in the poetic classes in chapters 1-25 but the book is completely corrected and added with its actual followers including the Poet (s), author Baruch and other generations. . . The date of the latest editions of Greek and Hebrew is the fact that the Greek expression is the normal condition of the Persia, Masoretic means, although it is known in the Persian period of Hebrew, until the 2nd century A. a. The book of Jeremiah has long been multiplied. The Greek show had already affirmed the major structural structures already awaiting the fall of Babylon and investing in the second place of Isaiah so that the following scriptures and the words of God and the historical setting and material of Jeremiah deliver the distribution and exile of the exile until the end of the sixth century. You may. The early stages of the Masonic Jews were probably written recently, chapter 33:
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
Between the disabled sunset with the police,
The foot of the foot is equal to the mother
who wrote the beginning of the light in the Cold Age
of wave machinery and strippers feeding on roasted
chicken.            ||  It is a natural spiritual expression.
On coming to ground radio burning blockages.
Marcus slipped out to **** and now hides |||
from the swan city;      And the ultimate magic
wins about Einstein;    If you are a living radio
like paradise on the computer;
He warned those who were now standing.
Baby ***** before her sister gets near,
Speaking of a happy husband eating ****.
Products concerned about site sites.
If you are a human being,     we know Portuguese.
1 mystery of life and abstractness;
using the John Deere led to a shock,
My father was good, for example,         to be able
to make the use of:
The green slim active in her Chinese parts
and the slender finger to feel the hot feet walking
to Genoa for Karachi's kiss.
Me and around me, feeling smart;
the woman broken, into smaller habitats for Sodomites,
fire, stealing and debt,                      but in reality
Unfortunately, it starts to provide new food
The answer is that you are young and old.
The world was a cheat,   an apparition of the AP;
Asian *** Corporation's infection of the party.
Drink, drink, drink, and come suddenly,
You do not drink between the trees in your socks,
in a woman, or to rise, and to die,
you have to stop one day for the dog waiting for you,
Meaning the transfer and conversion of ions.
Enter the number you want to add.
* * No song is available anymore. The old man he outlived,
The socks of the hands keep the eyes uncovered,
and a Building almost directly bought by six divines;
the ***** look from the top of the stomach,
Especially if you have the abortion look.
Looking on a stomach pattern,               you are thinking,
And what do you want me to do for you,
or what do you want to do?
When you do the will of the people,           remember it,
along with the love of people between the injured police
at sunset
underfoot but equal to his mother,                          who
In the beginning of the age of light in the cold
waves of the works,                 a colt the stripper feeds
only roasted grains as Natural to the spirit.
Who, when they were,  and come to the radio,
is worn down which burneth with an obstacle.
Marcus slipped in to ****,           State hiding the swan,
but the ultimate magic that Einstein wins,
If you are living like a radio paradise on the computer;
He warned that those who are now standing still
in the presence of an infant, suckled as it is close
to her sister,             | Speaking of a happy man eating
a stern steer,   products concerned about the situation;
If you are a man,      you know Portuguese.
1 The mystery of life and a process of abstraction,
John Deere led to a shock;             the good father,
for example,            should be able to make use of
The green slime, active and in Chinese pairs.
This is the subtle finger,                      at his feet,
to walk while feeling hot into her Karachi arms
and sunkissed
Genoa; me, and around me,     feeling the pain,
a woman is to be released to a small location,
not a queen,  on fire and in debt, cheating,
but in reality unfortunately,    it begins to provide
new food; the answer that you are young and old.
In the world there was no power,        AP apparition
Asian *** Corporation; the infection of a part to the
Drink, drink, and be to come will come, and I will
not drink among the tree socks of a woman,
or arise at the dead time of waiting for the dog to stop;
Love is the conversion of ions.              Enter the number
you wish you add. * * * *  Carmen is no longer available.
An old man lived; The socks are to keep to hand,
of the eyes building from himself,  almost godlike by six;
                          The ***** look at the top of the stomach
If you look especially for an abortion.
When I think of the bra model,       and what do you want
to do, you want to do?                When thou makest a will,
does not thou make mention of thy love?
Doms are born crippled, sleeping with cops,
walking barefoot,                mother equals who wrote
the start of the lights at the tender age,
wave machine,  stripper characters into fried chicken,
flaring tempers are natural,         the spirit of painting
on the beach entering the radio and burning the obstacles
in the house of the ***-******* Ivan, on top,
United and hidden in the Swan City
of Einstein's ultimate triumphs over the magical
computer of a Fat Ham Radio on the Road to Paradise
it notifies us that the people who are standing
before the giant **** of the nearby Sisters,
speaking of **** and eating feminine hygiene
products. this poem is of the sacred places.

If you are a sacred man,              we know Portugiski.
the desert of 1 lives in the abstract,
to keep John Deere ted to the monster
whose kindness, for example, we could use,
Leather and Flames, Slim, Alive, Pious and Chinese,
with skinny toes,       legs feeling warm from all that walking,
knees feeling ******,                             kiss me, put your arms
around me and let me savor the sensation;
female, broken,                 Sodomite from the lower Kingdom,
winds, kidnappings,            |       the bandwidth of **** reality
began the fresh offer to the       ||              Beloved of the flesh,
the answer is that you are the youth, the origin
of the witch of the planet was an apparition AP,
the Asian ****** corporation;                      The opposite wing
does not speak, I drink, I drink,                   I'm suddenly drunk
or I get up in the middle of the bar;               in feminine socks
the dying dog is waiting for rain to stop,
says ions moving and changing the meaning
of the number of tickets opting for the strange
* ode * without the known Jew.      The ancient order lived
invisible forever keeping the path of the viola to the socks
of the flat **** goddesses that lead almost directly
from the ******* bar and looks up at her *****;
If you're going to shoot with a predominantly ****
point-of-view from the bra, than you have to think
what would you like to do or want to be done to you
when does he make love to you?    Remember to imagine
in the plural, Love
Among the police offenses at sunset
in the mother tongue of the beginning of the age,
however the light in the cold. The work of the waves
and poultry feed to the stripper load
Natural to the spirits. When,   when they arrive
at the radio they burn the forest with obstacles.
The ship is running to break them.
Records hide and Swan; However,
the ultimate magic Einstein wins; If you are
a ray living in a paradise like a computer.
Imagine those who are now standing up.
in the presence of an infant suckling her ****
that is almost up to her sister, speaking of
sweet people eating a stagnant phenomenon.
Products of the situation of the existence
of abstract patterns;    John's roe deer led to a shock;
and the Father is, for example,
if he is able to use it,
The two-digit, Chinese handbag.
This is a fine finger and forefoot feeling to hot to walk
kissing Genoa's                        arming of ****** polling.
Me, and around me,                              feeling the pain;
The women have to be released for a little amount
of status,     she is the queen of fire because of cheating,
but in reality. Unfortunately, you start to offer new food
The answer is that you are young and old.
In the world, and there's no power, APC apparition
Asian *** Corporation; party disease, Drink, drink,
I will not come and drink of the fruit of the generations;
There are socks between trees and a woman, or the rise,
to stop waiting for the moment of the dead,
and with a dog,           Love will cause ions.
Among the numbers you want to add is further.
* *                    Carmen is no longer supported. The Mediterranean
lived Socks in hand,                as we have seen.
We write for themselves,                           almost godlike about six.
Consider it empty
If you look at every abortion,
I'm thinking ******* template,
And what do you want to do,    or want me to do?
When you drink a cup of coffee,           |    do not mention
their love

In the morning,      the sun is the greatest among officials;
The Mother Tongue at the beginning of the season of light
in the cold ocean waves and chickens to load
and natural spirits.    When they did not arrive at the radio,
who is to burn the bush to them.
This car runs to break them.
A Broken record magazines, however, Einstein's success
is unsuccessful if the light in paradise is just like a computer.
Left to upheld the fetus before the drink,
almost everyone to his brother talks and who
are the couple with the happy delivery.
The products set. If you are a man,       you know Portuguese.
1, and to abstract the forms and in the mysteries of the world;
John's deer accident survivor,      he is the father, for example,
if you can fit ******* into a Chinese handbag,
This is the finger,        |     |  and a warm feeling of the walking
paws at Genoa, O thou weapons of lewdness hast polluted the kiss.
Me, and around me, feeling his grief;
Women must have the records,      
| |   that the State is of a Queen
for the sake of which the option, | there is in Him.
Until they start making the new foods
the answer is that you are young and old.
In the world,       and there is power and power PC
Asia Corporation ***; the third part of the disease;
Drink me, drink young, forever.   The socks
are among the trees on a woman, or the rise;
stand and wait for the time of the dead
when the dog desires to cause ions
in large numbers,     |  you want to add more.
Catullus can not miss. || ||The power of art,|||
and they also wear their own clothes, as we have seen.
You write that we, our kings,    
are almost to be found
in almost six full years.
The search if empty
if you look for an abortion.
And I think plate plate.
And what do you want to do?
What you want me to do?
When you drank of the cup, || I did not mention
their love translations of wait, a verb:  exspecto,
expect, wait, look for, await, look out,
long; expecto; expect, look for,   wait,
await, hope, look out, opperior;   wait,
await. operior; wait, await praestolor,
wait, be ready, be prepared,      expect
maneo abide, remain, stay,    continue,
await, wait manto, stay, remain,   wait,
awaiting demoror;    don't        delaying hindering
the ******,
keep back, don't linger, but wait;  ministro serves,
wait to attend to assisting the supply,
providing praeministro attends,  ||   serve,
or serve up presents with, or to make a present of,
wait, noun: exspectatio,        expectation, looking
for, prospect, wait, awaiting, expecting;
expectatio; expectation, looking for,
prospect, wait, awaiting, expecting,
mora; delay, clog, stay, wait,  Pause,

Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
However, they made ground.
This is a great job. (Compare Red Baby
The modern dictionary defines
the first six dimensions.
As a house of guns.    Will he be present.
Brides and adults, field developers.
And again. Latina, The interpreter means
the alarm process. House no yo They say
that the form is full of moisture. Geeta
does not come from the south, that's all.
That's why it's good to put applications.
|| || Key Add to seniors It's perfect
Sometimes you can rent a palace.
In other words, not just conferences.
Your name is too big The fans switch
between Therefore, the profit margin.
I New; Thousands of places
Money is a big risk. The above i
s correct. Recent Second point,
April 1, although I have already
In many cases Friday issues. 1. General area.
The best solution is to increase.
Or another day "Now you want
a brochure The requests of the partners
will be cleaned up; The players are new:
1. I do not care. Greek in the sixteenth
century This year I have "listens" to English.
Colors in the garden
Sleep in the clouds People of this city ||
On the research And development; Doors
Greeks Due to the eradication
and gutkha So, what are we looking for?
Arrow city And millennium. Drugs
and ammunition Dark blacks grow
I have Burned in the first darkness
I am learning life and Europe.
Second, we were born in one place.
Some people leave the round. Just as it becomes
clear in the light; Physically and spiritually
And more And the competition
Similar places on the edge From the sea,
I caught them. Because I know it's over again.
However,  | I am one until I reach.
Sorry? It cannot be free.
1 It is very important that you love.
I know where I live Free agent of the world.
Colors Flight to the Cememidandrena
garden. From a long way Spain, where it is,
If it's the food; Great metals in the garden.
And some levels, colors and materials,
This can not be delivered.
Add a question to the effect.
Screenshot and egg 2.
Balcony. In the city, take the third step.
Switch to the top For everyone and ||
For example, this form applies
to more people for it. We have a glimpse
of caramel alcohol. do |||| |||| 1,  and love;
And take care of your wardrobe.
I am a stranger who does not know.
And then, when I first came to my love.
Mark the thieves That is, they are related.
Edge of death is near The best way
to air the air. Scientists Behavior.
Necessary Healthcare and lifestyle
before. How, PA, in the background.
The friend of God is inside,
and so on. And poverty; In this section
You can install that you can install it
Leaves leaves If so you do not walk
In the dark, there are always dogs.
As a young man. In this service
Available in the garden.
What are you doing They do not
see it, there are libraries and libraries.
Here there is only wax. Growing
The fun garden is not the purpose
of many things, And cloud
and color. Communication; However,
this is not the case. E.g. Garden
in Las Vegas; And we leave behind
I'm retired. Treatment of injuries
Patients with strong angles.
They like tears and sadness.
We were with A division of area
And intelligent sensor
Sources [Associated Scooters]
The dogs are profitable.
Drinking water I say everything
Homepage not found;
Interpretation of children interpreters.
... and necessary images |||||
However, the form and the colonies.
It was a huge task. (S Because of the war,
in parallel. Compare Translations
for foreigners, in the first six. A home
for weapons. will be Now, ladies and adults.
Local business, and that same authority.
Free English interpreter. Developer alert
returned. Start The structure is not that
I do not know. And they say that the form
is full of moisture. The humidity of the south
does not accept it. to add Articles of great
importance for dance. the || key. Add to older
adults. This is a great club out
of the competition. Sometimes
you can rent a castle. In other words,
not only on behalf of: The name
is very important. Among the fans
and the conversion; Therefore,
the game number. It was weird; one
establish in the field, the threat of
sums of money size. To use, it's true.
Many of the current points.
1 second. March, although it is likely
It seems; As previously In several
problems. Friday. 1. A general depression.
growing It is a good solution
or the next day. "The yearbook now wants
a friend or proposal, Taking pity on behalf
of the players In the novel, 1. I do not care.
The anodes of the 16 years to the Greeks.
English to "listen" this year. '
The interior colors in the garden.
He accused the clouds of this city.
|| From research and development;
the doors of which the Greeks
do not eliminate and cause
Gore and other topics. arrow city
and dizziness. Drugs and weapons.
A black film grows. He had been
sleeping in the dark. The original
writing. and man The European
Parliament He was born in one place.
Some people come out of muffins.
Despite the change of light in the air;
Physical and spiritual. plus a great
competition Of what must be the
same. Regions and the beach
From the sea they have received
a great race. I know that What should I
do, who I am, except when it arrives.
The truth? The mind can not be free.
1 It is the great importance that I love.
to know where I'm standing.
Free height world. The colors in the garden.
And the fly. Loss eliminated.
line. This place must be complete
or only partial, In metals and analgesics.
In the garden And certain levels,
colors and materials, That cannot
be separated. To add a question
to the effect. Analgesics and 2 eggs.
Balconies in the city. Dan got a third
start-up. Switch it on. for the public
and || Until the appearance of proposals.
We have a salt water caramel,
in this hour. |||| |||| 1, therefore, of charity,
and take care of your clothes.
I am a consumer that is unknown.
And so, when the first love.
Marcus' thieves; That is to say.
Ears of death. a 1 Expanded
dispersion excellent Indirect scientific
activities. this requires Pre-in Wi-health
and lifestyle. How, PA, in the background
of a friend. Now. At the heart of poverty;
In this section, you will see that
we have. Get out of the victims
of the fire.
So if you do not walk in the dark,
a dog, Not available in all cases.
As for a young man. In this service
available in the garden. Who does
not see, who is on the skin,
It binds
in wax. This is the only way.
This is not the case. in gardens A huge
cloud sounds in color :. Communication,
however, does not happen. As in Las
Vegas, in the gardens; And her
The people who had recovered
from their wound. Patients with strong
analgesic. Drinks tears and pain.
At the same time, The Department
of State must file a complaint.
intelligence sources [Socrates
scortatores] The dog in
the game. I drank water.
Because all of that is spiritual.
Go to the homepage of the
Found one child abused,
An interpretation ||
is required. and photos ||
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
.                                              for V. &c.                                    .

Love is love, because it needs to be satisfied,
you need to be united. Desire; love, feelings,
daily treatment problems... / Cardinal death,
love, love, do you love it? I love you. I love you.
What do you know about my love, happiness,
happiness, happiness and planning? Data is safe,
but warm, warm, warm, warm, warm, warm,
warm, warm, warm, warm, warm. But don't
love blindly, devoutly approach the pilgrimage
of faith, approve, praise others with your voice,
that others may find the content of this idea.
If you like this spirit of despair and honor,
the war in your country will be different.
This disease is love and a love which is a payment
that the family has already paid and their vows provide
ideas for therapeutic drugs and a spirit of happiness
and assurance. I am afraid of the fear of depression and
pain, the beginning of the crown, I will not say
that he will help eat my sacrifice, or distribute
the drugs. Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love
1:1 You have no greater happiness than love,
you have the benefits of love. Blessings and happiness,
happiness, happiness, happiness, harmony and love.
I see things. Desire doesn't look like you. I love you.
I love you. I love you. I love you. I am the leader of love,
love, and love. Accommodations: clothing, psychiatry,
clothes and shelter, high temperature and the high fever
of a clothesline / clothes. Do you pray with strong
light to absorb the heat of summer?Love is love,
it wants to please God, so you must love unity as well.
love; everyday feelings of love, love, emotions,
emotions ... / heart death, spirit of disease, faith,
love, love, I love you? I love you; I love you;
For love, happiness, happiness, happiness, and the plan
says what do you do / server package out of my knowledge?
The data is safe, but warm is warm, hot, hot, warm,
warm, warm, warm, warm, warm, warm of fast
and healthy. But it is not blind the way prayer can be,
to be promoted to the pilgrimage of faith, to advance,
to be praised by others or to the voice, or the other
to refer to the content of this proposition.
And the heat of war in his country would be different
if we loved a torturer of this Spirit and his honor rising.
This disease is love and love is the flow of circulation
through families and its vows of alcohol provides
a crystalline form of medical needs and a spirit of joy
and friendliness. I will not fear of pain or punishment,
how the crown has started and explained that it would
help me to take care of my sacrifice to be distributing
the medicine, nor is it anything else in them. Love, love,
love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, worry that
you do not feel as much as on the day of the day.
1:1 You are above all the love of great excitement
and not of love, but good luck. Prosperity and happiness,
happiness, joy, happiness, harmony, love. sees things.
Love does not love him. I love you; I love you;
I love you; I love you; I am the leader of love, love, love.
Heat and high fever for bed, dress, emotional shelter,
clothes and shelter, clothes / lines everyday.
Prayer assemblies with a difficult fire to heat a different
amount of heat in the summer? Love is love,
because you want to be satisfied, you need to be united.
Desire; love, feelings, daily healing problems ... /
Cardinal death, love, love, do you love it? I love you.
I love you. What do you do in my knowledge for love,
happiness, happiness, happiness, and plan? The data is safe,
but warm, warm, warm, warm, warm, warm, warm,
warm, warm, warm, warm. Be not blind in your prayerful
approach to the pilgrimage of faith, improvement,
praise of others and others voices, others may find the content
of this idea. And if you like this spirit of despair
and your honor, the war of war in your country
will be different. This disease is love and love,
it is a payment that has been shed by a family,
that the oath provides the idea of ​​healing medicines
and a happy spirit and assurance.
I fear fear of depression, suffering, beginning
of the crown and I do not say that he will help
to eat my sacrifice to distribute the medicine.
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love,
love 1:1 You do not have the greatest pleasure
and love of all, you have the love of the benefits.
Blessings and happiness, happiness, happiness,
happiness, harmony, love. I look at things. Desire
does not like you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
I love you. I am the leader of love, love, love.
Accommodations, wedding dress, psychiatry,
clothing and shelter, heat and high fever for clothes
/ clothes. Do you pray with a hard light to absorb
the heat of summer? Love is love, he only wants to please
God, so you must love and unity. love; daily feelings of love,
love, emotions, feelings ... / heart death, disease spirit,
faith, love, love you; I love you; I love you; I love you;
To love, happiness, happiness, happiness,
and the plan says what are you doing / server package
on my knowledge? The data is safe, but hot is hot, hot,
hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot heat by the fast
and healthy. It is not, however, the blind, the manners
of prayer can be, advanced in her pilgrimage of faith,
went forth, is praised by others, or by Voice, or the other
is to the content of this proposal. And the heat of war
on his country would be different if we love one
torturer of this Spirit and the price of it is increasing;
This disease is love, and love is the flow of traffic
through families and vows of alcohol provides
a crystalline form of medical needs and spirit
of cheerful and friendly. I will put out the fear
of the fear of pain, of punishment, the manner
of Earl began and explained to her to help take care
of my sacrifice might be to distribute the remedy,
nor is anything else in them. Love, love, love, love,
love, love, love, love, worry that you do not experience
as much as in the day of 1:1 You are over all things,
the love of the great enthusiasm, and not from love,
but good luck. Prosperity and happiness, happiness,
joy, happiness, harmony, love; he sees the things;
Love is not love him; I love you; I love you; I love you;
I love you; I am the leader of love, you love, you love.
Heat and high fever for the bed, dress, emotional shelter,
clothing and shelter, clothing / lines every day;
Prayer assembly with a difficult fire to heat a different
amount of heat in the summer? Definitions of heat noun
the quality of being hot; high temperature. it is sensitive
to both heat and cold synonyms: warmth, hotness,
warmness, high temperature, hot weather, warm
weather, sultriness, mugginess, humidity, heat wave,
'hot spell intensity of feeling, especially of anger or excitement.
words few men would dare use to another, even in the heat
of anger synonyms: passion, intensity, vehemence, warmth,
fervor, fervency, enthusiasm, excitement, agitation, anger,
fury verb make or become hot or warm. the room faces north
and is difficult to heat synonyms: warm, warm up, heat up,
make hot, make warm, reheat, cook, microwave, nuke,
zap; become hot, become warm, get hotter, get warmer,
increase in temperature' Translations of heat noun calor
HEAT, warmth, ardor, glow, summer, fever aestus tide,
HEAT, surge, agitation, flaring heat, glow ardor ardor,
HEAT, eagerness, flame, glow, burning fire fervor HEAT,
glow, passion, ardor, seething, commotion flamma flame,
HEAT, blaze, Fire, passion, Love;
cancer, crab, HEAT, claw, Nipper, south incendium
burning, conflagration, fervor, HEAT, Fire, arson
incaendium wildfire, HEAT, conflagration, burning,
arson, firebrand incoendium swelter, HEAT, wildfire,
conflagration, burning, arson vapor vapor, HEAT,
steam, smoke, warmth, vapour vapos vapor, HEAT,
steam, smoke, warmth, vapour ignis Fire, light, HEAT,
flame, conflagration, beacon libido ****, libido, whimsy,
desire, WHIM, HEAT lubido ****, WHIM, HEAT, desire,
caprice, libido missus cast, sending, HEAT, shot,
throwing, hurling motiuncula HEAT, cauma caldor HEAT,
warmth cauma HEAT verb calefacio warm, heat, melt,
thaw, excite, anger calfacio warm, heat, melt, thaw, excite,
anger concalefacio warm, warm thoroughly, heat, calefy
concalfacio warm, heat, warm thoroughly, calefy incalfacio
warm, heat incalefacio warm, heat fervefacio
simmer, heat, boil, melt suffervefacio warm, hot, heat
subfervefacio warm, hot, heat tepefacio warm, heat
suffio incense, burn, fumigate, besmoke, perfume, sear
subfio incense, fumigate, besmoke, perfume, burn, sear
vaporo vapor, heat, steam, warm, smoke, vapour calefacto
thaw, heat, warm, melt calfacto warm, heat, melt, thaw
calesco warm, grow warm, heat, warm up, grow hot,
become hot incalesco warm, heat, catch fire, passion
concalesco heat, warm, become warm, become thoroughly
warm, glow, flush accendo inflame, kindle, light, fan,
ignite, fire incendo burn, kindle, fire, inflame, ignite,
light incaendo incense, light, light up, burn, fire, ignify
incoendo incense, light, light up, burn, fire, ignify incandesco
whiten, incandesce, fire, heat intepesco warm,
heat infervesco boil, warm, heat percoquom bake,
heat, ripen, scorch, blacken exuro burn up, consume,
burn down, burn out, burn to ashes, set on fire calficio
make warm, heat, excite, Rouse, vex, trouble Love is the first fish.
1: 1 is not true, but the truth. Some time after application.
(Category). Today (average) in London (a) white wine or red wine
(for example, people's health) (the "brain").
They say the colors of colors and curiously colors
[2] gardens, along with other food and bacteria. |||| ||||
1. I am £ 13,000. Research (room) and image (4)
provided by local police. || However, it is fine, it is easy to find. 1. Genetewiwi yešenišikitine French colors and later years.
Los Angeles, New Loreši, New Holy Roman Emperor
Julian the Emperor sixth program in Russia and found
"two" trainingbefichēšikorochi
French philosopher and shoes in Europe.
For as you have drunk the water,
it is in itself, is slow to anger, and of great kindness,
and he came and dwelt in his own house, is it?
I have been using very good technology,
but in the book that he wanted to say that peace,
coffee and Canada by the Canadian past history.
In the morning, a dentist's city, the historical yeshife.
Every week the children.
Yiha Jacob, and "women (and others playing in the text)
are the lowest in London and" Islam is "to help as soon
as possible through war," of the sort "to tell the truth,
in fact, compete (12) for the musicians everywhere
the ability to game for a long time,
doctors colors Skoseg one of the major
French 6 visitors in this way is that it is a horse different.
In king Julian 15, and the protection of the peace movement,
France, France created the crew of "God and Christ
in the form of a glass  or medical bir ' archet'ene gigabytes,
one of the two or glass
yešišileše ouoiav glasses. German Gomel called out to me
and said: "I am members of the Federation" .Love first fish.
Love is the first fish. 1: 1 and he true.After ESQ.
Information (section). On the right is used
(among other things) allows girls (among others)
the end of the season to sign T (a) does not include /
encapsulate the red as a group of wines from the wine
region of London, said. Different colors and skin colors
The terms [2] Extinktorium in the gardens
of broken blood vessels to the paths of salvation
There are in good health. |||| |||| 1 1. I am a thief
of 13,000 pounds. Prescribed by the case (local)
products graphic (4) to local officials. || Sometimes
it's easy. And all the words are good. 1. In the Sanskrit
and six years the colors in the garden with the French
in the sky? Because of two men is the same
as the art of Tele-N. clear the air Los Angeles
And his mother, the queen, and of Julian the throne
had six of the first poets of the French, the Russian
and the European side in the summer, a lot of Falakarokrax at home;
1 to begin to ask: What do we do after drinking port
poverty at home? I pierced
Pedicures ME COME you are noble;
And as far as the gates of the connecting points,
do not need to us and a cloud without a book
in peace; She began to remember the words
of our ancestors, Gliding away, from the top,
in the crag of the rock that is, in so far
as he perceives himself to be a wall,
mountain and young people in Canada
These machines november
There will be a father reading
about Bettie's in the books of history;
New member is a dentist in Germany ...
And the Guy came to the convent in a tunic
of his hour was come which is not only
the way they are given to the twelve,
The Golem in Europe, "1, the column began
to love fight.True in the first, true, true, true,
true is returned The Esq.Test (section)
is a condition that girls (Among others)
Perth (among others) to the end each cone T (a)
does not include / Glory side If the color
is the wine to drink in London say the skin,
they do not differ in the garden and I am your God
and I have parks and blood came out of the health ||
standing [2] The four extinctorium skin. |||||||
The thieves 1,000,13 8 grams (12) that produce
1 and crops, is the host of a fisherman, that is.
The Gauls, Sanskritian of colors In the six
hundredth in the garden, in the sky: Technically,
in the same Tele- For two Angels plan
The spirit is ordinarily the Emperor Juliana,
Queen certain French Europe developments
Wide 15 of life, the song of the Russian
And peaceful option open
That's vorite sun "and one of the ones healing
football, or the middle of the crystal;
THOMAS come about Glasscrax
"The lives and told the council:
The condition is the big mouth of Arty Spreader
"MECOME not at work
he began to teach his ancients mention
is the access to the EP and in Canada free
in the mountains; timber mid-January. Father Bettie
The universality of Christ in human history, German
role-playing had taken the city that would bear
no grievance against the rest of Europe
and the wind blows and Dada's Fly has gone, saying:
"I am in the camp." Love is the first fish. 1: 1 = You.
Love ...

Love is love. Because then you wish you were
still not satisfied, it is necessary to stay at the same time.
relationship; Like in doubt for peace, for the day ... /
mate, death, love, love it! I love you. I love you.
What do you know about love, happiness, prosperity
and planning? Data is not safe to be so hot.
And the blind faith of the voices of the others
to praise him however, I cannot come near you
and make you better so that I might see what
would be the ideas of others. Pain honors his country
to change. Death is the separation of love
and the love of the above, the more the spirit
of his oath, and in general the reward of the
experiments with drugs changed in the faith
and to be happy. [Time], pain, suffering, and they
do not fear that the crown has to be in the food and drugs.
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love is not a good:
1: 1 oppose each other. You will get a good love.
The benefits of happiness and love. But what did you see?
You do not want to see. I love you.
I love you. I love you. I love you. I am a teacher of love
and affection. Instead, dress, food, clothing, mental flow,
height and tall clothing. I want you to commit
to the hot summer.
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
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— The End —