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Lyn Senz Nov 2013
She camps out inside
and tramps in all night
with her trove by her side
on the stove there's a light
and she claims she can't hide
blaming no one in sight
and I know when she's lied
it's when she says she's alright

there's a hole in the door
she can peek thru
and a bowl on the floor
for the leak to

give its drops from the ceiling
from the roof they won't patch
from the cops she's concealing
all the proof from her batch
still I can't stop from feeling
she'd be a pretty good catch
if she'd only be willing

to change

©2011 Lyn
zach Jan 6
coiled like pillars from some haggard spigot
farthing for farthing, queens’ faces turned down
giver’s gaze trembles in glum acquiesce  
threading tramps’ trinkets through latin & crowns.
emimg Oct 2018
we could have the summers in italy
the peaches in paradise
the dawns and the dusks and our toes in the sand
but we're doing the vtc and ecstasy
listening to scratched disks and taking shots of drain water
dreamers only think in French you tell me
so i chant the words
je veux tout in my head
i want the nutmeg stuck on the walls in my nose
and your moans in my ear till 4 after midnight
i want the silk sheets wrapped around my neck
the tongues in my mouth
i want to get familiarized with the richness
when a balenciaga shoe hits me and the euros are in my bloodstream
i want to be used to it
     the velvet carpets and red lingerie
     the colosseum and vatican city
     busboys with scruffy berets
     expensive wine in busted hotels
     chocolate fondue and burnt pasta at the cartels
     michelangelo's david and authentic fur coats
     tramps and 2 dollar bills down your throat
     throwing ash trays at the sistine chapel
     gifts of china tea cups and diamond rings to forget the scandals
     fat cigars and the bonnie and clyde lifestyle
i want it all in italy baby

je veux tout
je veux tout
gas stations and cheap hotels, threat of eternal Night
but I breathe upon the balcony, stars provide their light
             Luna's beauty view, exoplanets spin
                          madness is the mind
                        I choose, I lose, we win
Michael John Dec 2018
in the 60´s
(and for most
of the seventies)
there was
free school
free school
free education
there was free
there was free
health care
(free prescriptions)
free eye tests and

there was cheap housing
(homes not investment)
council houses!
where the rent was less..
(only so called tramps
were homeless..)

and there was hope
even we had hope
hope is a thing with
(emily dickinson)

— The End —