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nivek Sep 13
with a motto backing up his call
a tee shirt emblazoned with blood
through broken and missing teeth
howled for his mate and for his food.
ˏˋDalPalˊˎ May 2015
child-like thoughts run through my mind in between the thoughts of adulthood coming at me
and all i can think about is the children's code
an infinite amount of everything out of anything
substituting words to mean something else

tongue we would only know
i'm feeling my youth tonight
so sit back while i speak to you in code:

the thought of complete bliss will always be the year of 2008
filled with sunny summer days
vampire weekend
and not a care in the world
adulthood so far away
the whole WORLD in our hands and all the ambition at our fingertips
memories tap into my brain constantly
tap tap tap
dot dot dash
.. / -- .. ... ... / -.-- --- ..-

weekends filled with computer games
because that's what all the cool kids do right?
days of portal and nights of runescape

the sun is shining
we close the blinds to keep the glare away
we are chell

night time falls
creative gamertags emerge
we take on lumbridge together
mouthoil and lavenderbrwnie making their way

all on one screen of a complex calculator
binary running through it's circuits
01110111 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100100 01101001 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01100111 01101111 00111111

symbols with a key
the easiest way to communicate on school grounds
passing notes
only we would understand

^(&$# RQH%QW%*D
E(H% R($T#% *%

I've seem to misplace the key
along with our time

almost 20
and our new method is a great one
so i'll give you something you're very good at breaking down:

it's raining harder in the backyard than the front
We both have that same feel
I don't even have to ask to know
but one day
the sun will come out
it'll be high noon
there will be sun and warmth all around the property
and we'll jump on the trampoline
tie dye some shirts
and talk in code once again

olive juice.

for a friend.
not the cleanest.
Mr Shankley Mar 26
An old deflated football
where the lonely magpie sits,
singing melodies of memories,
of a trampoline and a stolen kiss.

When I couldn't tell the difference
from your smiling eyes of green,
if underneath you were reptile,
or just plain naive.

But with my pocket full of dust caps
it doesn't matter much at all,
run away, take chase,
shoelace slapping against the wall.

And if our little fingers are strong enough
to make a promise that will last,
i'll keep this magpie singing,
until our cigarettes have turned to ash.
You can’t paint the Sistine Chapel with a roller
You can’t carve The Thinker with a jack hammer
You can’t write a symphony on a Kazoo
And you can’t dance Swan Lake on a trampoline

You can’t bake a cake if you have no oven
You can’t sew a gown with a knitting needle
You can’t build a house out of Lego Bricks
And you can’t win at Lotto without buying a ticket

Why do my eyes not notice the humming bird
Only that the nectar tube needs refilling
Why do I not glory in a field of orange poppies
Only struggle to walk without stepping on one

Why do I pass up small kudus when offered
So I can wallow some more in rejection
Why do I long so for the glow of acceptance
When I have no use for the face in the mirror

We all have to work with the gifts we are given
Talent is not something you can go out and buy
You can’t sigh your way into winning the race
And you can’t coerce people into your fan club

You have to dig deep if you want to find oil
You have to cast bait if you want the big fish
You have to believe that the war can be won
To put down your pen and ******* your sword
That first step is always the hardest, especially if you're not sure of the way.
MARIO Aug 2018
Your eyes were a most lovely green,
Quite the most lovely sheen,
I was addicted to them like caffeine,
You lit up my heart like kerosene,
My heart jumped like a trampoline,
It bounced around like a pinball machine,
We took a little trip to Aberdeen,
You did awful things in between,
I saw things meant to be unseen,
I just watched like a computer screen,
My heart sunk like a submarine,
You slashed my heart like a wolverine,
And now my hearts in smithereens,
Once upon a time you were my queen,
I got tired of that sad routine,
Every smile so plasticine,
How silly we can be as teens.
You found me
stuck staring
at rearview mirror reflections
of wintry, dusk intersections
of everything leaving me
all at once.
A forced exhale
of asphyxia caged
in collapsing lungs;
my mouth,
a fountain spring,
that coughed out
pools of blood.

I wish I saw myself
the way you saw me;
not a red traffic light
wounding speeding cars
on winding streets,
but an antique heirloom
priceless enough
you'd only wish
you could keep
in a heart-shaped box
you saw in dreams.

But, I'd cut my tongue,
paint my lips cherry shades
to blend with cells that'd stain
handkerchiefs you'd offer.
Make you believe
this isn't going to foster
because you are indecision,
unfinished watercolor landscapes
of summer forest fire skies,
a sun-kissed Pacific wanderer.
And I am true crime
untouched evidence of break-ins,
remains of faulty locks and lights.
I am mosaics misaligned;
static, seabed cracks
from forgotten fault lines.
Gaping fissures of sand,
and salt that won't let me stitch
frayed skin-deep fibres
barely holding me in.

Oceans would have to empty themselves
into whirring cyclones and high tides
for our selfish sense of touch to collide.
Ice caps would have to sink
deep enough to even bruise my skin.
And I wouldn't want to watch
more Shakespeare end
before it begins.

See, I am the one
with sharp edges,
but why
did you have to be the one
to clip my wings?

There is only an abyss
without a trampoline,
a safety net,
a bed of waterlilies,
I could fall in.
And I am so tired
of paradoxes
and ironies;
of always being wanted
by someone who doesn't even
want to be kept,
of always being mended
and then left
with more dislocations,
and fractures,
one after another
each taking longer to fix.

Now, in shapeless parcels,
without return addresses
sent out into the void
these words will echo
of love
I never intended to borrow,
and shadows
of false hope
you never thought yourself
capable of
giving away.
Herb Apr 11
Chocolate covered trumpets
Played by Cotton Candy boys
And clarinets dipped in caramel
Make a sweet and sticky noise

There's a parade today in Toffeetown
Praline Street has been cleared
The Bubble Gum Band marches past
As the Root Beer Float draws near

Here is the Candy Apple Cadillac
The Grand Marshall in the back seat
He's waving and throwing out peppermints
Which land at the onlookers feet

The weather could not be more yummy
Warmed by a Creamsicle Sun
Praise God, the clouds are not raining
Or the Queen's Taffy Taffeta would run

And look!  It's the Toffeetown Pep Squad
So funny as they dance, prance, and sing
Performing fantastic maneuvers
On a Cream Pie Trampoline

And now the festivities are ending
The street littered with gum drops and cake
The Jelly Jam Janitor starts sweeping
He'll throw the leftovers in Marzipan Lake

But a great time was had by all
Parades are a lovely invention
Now Toffeetown must prepare
For next week's Dental Convention
Grace Ann Sep 2018
We were young and dumb and learning to grow up in a world that wanted us to stay young
We kissed under the stars at the lake with our shoes thrown down the hill
Our hands intertwined as we experienced what a french kiss was--
messy, sloppy, and full of my long hair
you would call it weird

We thought we were older than we really were
annoyed that the adults couldn't see that we weren't children even though we still were
We complained about rules and your step-siblings being sent to watch us
We would sneak out of the house at night where we would dance to no music in the streets
and would lay on the trampoline trying to figure out exactly what first, second, and third base were
We didn't really know anything even though you played baseball

We were freshmen in college
miles apart and set up by my best friend
I resisted initially but our connection was instant and I finally realized this is what love was
not awkward kissing that never felt right
not experimental touching
it was true and funny and it didn't judge or get upset if my weird long hair got in the way of a kiss
It was losing my virginity and staying in your arms all night
It was you.
It still is you even these years later
I'm sorry it took a while before I could get to you
silentwoods Oct 2018
It's the cool autumn breeze that smells of earth and new beginnings.
It's that one country song that makes me feel nostalgic.
It's the ominous clouds and heavy air before a thunderstorm.
It's that moment of bittersweet emotion after reading the last word of a really good book.
It's watching the sun slant in through my bedroom window and create a mural on my wall.
It's rolling my windows down as we near the shore, and breathing in the salty air.
It's hearing my mom's contagious belly laugh.
It's that tired-happy feeling after a productive day.
It's when the Ferris wheel pauses and I'm at the very top, admiring the lighted world below.
It's the lump in my throat and tears in my eyes during a heartfelt prayer.
It's my niece wrapping her chubby little arms around my neck and putting her head on my shoulder.
It's laughing uncontrollably with my best friend at the grocery store, and not caring what people are thinking.
It's lying on the trampoline and watching the stars on a summer night.
It's the adrenaline running through my veins after a run.
It's listening to the sound of rain pounding on my window as I'm tucked under the covers.

It's the little things that impact me in the biggest way.
elaine Aug 5
I told you I didn't want to be alive anymore. Maybe not death, but the way I was living wasn’t for me anymore. You held me close while I was fighting back the tears and demons. That night, you got me to sneak out, you didn't want to be alone either.
That was only a few weeks ago, do you remember it? Can I have that lovely, midnight boy back? Did I ever even have him?
That boy is who I think about when I speak to God about love. Although whenever you talk about love, you really mean lust or your blessed ex-girlfriend who is stuck in a long term relationship (****** buddy, really wish I could help you out here but I’m selfish. Why can’t you like me like that?)
You asked me to hang out a few days ago, I agreed, of course. I miss you more than I can admit. I told you, no ***. You texted me back, “what’s the point in hanging out if you are going to be boring.'' But what’s the point in falling for a guy who’s an ******* half the time.
Honestly, my version of the “good” you is pretty *******. I mean I wonder if my friends truly believe that you could have said half the **** you seemed to have genuinely meant. I always, always, present you like the best guy you could ever be. Here I am, once again, not even attempting to badmouth you. You really know how to work my mind. I give you props for that. Midnight boy, the one I admire the most, where did you run off to this time? I miss you. Come back.
Somedays I fear you only lived in my mind. My dear, I’m going crazy. I can’t sort what is real and what isn’t. Did you really say all those sweet things to me, darling? Or did I picture you saying that?  I wish I could get out of my head. Usually, I rant to you, but ranting to you about yourself would just simply be obscured. So maybe you can read my poetry someday and realize every verse on every poem is soaked in you.
The real problem is you never truly wanted my love. Maybe it made you feel better, maybe you felt powerful with it. Knowing I would do anything to be with you. Really it should make you feel like a ****** person, leading me to believe you really wanted me. You made up things to ensure nothing came real between us. Parents, sports, lust for any other godforsaken female on this planet. Hell, once you told me you don’t know why I even stay around. That if you were me, you would have left a long time ago. That made me think. Would you really? You told me it was a sign we always ended back in the same position. Underneath the stars on your trampoline. The sun would be coming up and I would curse time for still moving in a time like this. A time where everything was so peaceful and lovely. We would distance ourselves for a month or so. But, we would return back there, spilling out our souls. Or at least I did. You told me I knew everything about you, yet you feel like such a stranger to me.
God, please send this boy some help. I tried, I really did. But as the saying goes, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. I want all my prayers about him to be granted if that isn’t much of a hassle. I’m wishing you could hear this all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried over this boy, yet I only want the best for him.
I’ve cried and cried. But he doesn’t shed a tear, for anyone.
I hope this gets to you someday.
Julian D Aug 2018
Sat in my room for hours, glancing up into the ceiling,
confined walls narrowing me in, so deep I land in the pouch of the room,
jumping on the trampoline cushions to peek for the exit,
but I was stranded, in a cubicle that constricted me in, disallowing my
departure, I screamed for help, as the volume of the music heightened, where the ballroom danced, an army of people,
drinking champagne and wine,
I could hear the sound of laughter roar upstairs into my room where silence
could only hear the sound of a choir with bass violins sharpening the wood,
as they took a sudden pause, the music ceased,
I could hear them snickering silently but visibly, at my exile.
#lonewolf   #fortitude   #omission  #perseverance #outcast
Anyone Aug 2018
I guess we were bored,
Or looking for something new.
And there was a party coming up.
Someone's hosting debut.
So we thought we'd ask around,
See what else was to do.
And our **** dealer told us
He sold other things too.
He nicknamed it dizz,
And it sounded quite fun.
So we talked all about it,
Decided to get some.
We all pitched in,
Asked for five or ten pounds.
And went and collected it;
Tin foil bound.
Accompanying us
Was a sober mate.
He said it would be fun
To watch and spectate.
So we unwrapped it,
Crushed it,
Poured it,
And drank it.
The taste was disgusting,
Of abstract chemicals.
But we swallowed it down,
A moment; seminal.
They said twenty minutes,
So we sat and waited.
Our hearts were pumping
Way before eight.
And we went downstairs,
Sat on a sofa,
Biding our time,
Sipping on cola...

And there.
What was that.
A feeling.
It entered the chat.
Some warmth,
No stress.
And then a
Very deep breath
Of fresh air
And emotion.
Like emerging from the bottom
Of a very deep ocean
You had been down for years.
Reggae was playing
At very high volume.
And none wanted staying
Where we were.
So we got up keen,
And started dancing.
One even went on the wet trampoline
And bounced
Up, down,
Up, down,
Could've gone till sundown.
And the sky was gorgeous;
Metallic, steel blue
Mixed with orange and yellow.
It was quite the view.
But time was
Moving on,
So we packed up,
And were almost gone
Before keys jangled,
And the door swung open.
A parent walked in,
And caused a commotion
Of boys rushing out,
Mumbling words and plans.
We left quite abruptly,
And sprinted and ran.
Once round the corner,
We couldn't care less.
Nonchalant as usual,
We enjoyed the success.
And we walked and talked
About pure, utter, *****.
The iPhone X, some girls,
And the absolute banger that would be tonight.
So we strolled around,
The sun on our faces,
Feeling elated.
Going some places.
A recounting of a fond memory of mine.
Gods1son Nov 2018
Ever thought about a child with a disability
watching his/her friends through the window
jumping on the trampoline with tears in his/her eyes

Ever thought about an innocent man
serving time, getting instructions from a fellow man and the grieve in his heart

Ever thought of people going through pain they didn't deserve
Not like anyone deserves pain anyway
But some are stuck and can't find no other way

Yea, I will agree that life is not fair
Everyone is not getting an equal share
Some have way too much to bear
Some live everyday in tears...
CRobinson Oct 2018
My heart breaks for you. Tears overwhelm me every time I think of you.
I remember your flowing dark brown hair that reached down your entire back.
My God, it was beautiful.
We’d jump out of the bathroom window onto the trampoline to see who’d go the highest.
It was incredible. We were so innocent... for a time.
But things change, usually for worse.
I recall walking in on our brother on top of you and our sister.
Both of your eyes were swelling begging me to do something.
Sadly, I had no social cues to understand what was going on...
**** my autistic brain.
I should have stopped it.
I should have told mom and dad.
Instead I failed you.
I feel like it’s my fault you choose a life of debauchery.
Rock bottom can’t be real because your keep finding ways to dig yourself deeper.
First the drinking, then the drugs, now choosing to become my “brother”.
When I first heard it set a clock in my mind. A countdown ‘til I hear of your inevitable death.
You say it’s a choice, but in reality you’re willingly stepping into death row with yourself as the executioner.
There is a way out though.
And I beg you to take it.
Please, shave your sunken face and come to the true savior.
You’ll no longer need to fill a hole in your soul because He will restore it in its entirety.
I just hope it’s not too late.
My sister came out as transgender. Yes I know its a hot topic, but my sister is ill. NOT because she is transgender, but because she has a load of mental health problems like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, hypochondria, and sadly so much more. She was even hospitalized for these issues at one point. She thinks that this is the answer to her feeling better.

I need you all to hear me when I say that I love my sister no matter what. Yes I am a Christian, but I do not and will not ever shove the Gospel down anyones throat. I love my sister dearly, I just want her to get better from all her mental health issues but she refuses any help.

I do know that transgender people statistically have a higher suicide rate, I am not sure why.

I hope this clears up anybody who may come at me for being insensitive, I just wanted to share my heart.
Napolis Sep 2018
Under your
big nippled

delicious back


tickling my

chin as you

fly by

over head.



off my

belly ,

as you

over me

and my



our passion

was a

ring circus


soul grapplers

and sin.

and what
is left

to us
now but



and out,

cuts unkind

the ticket
and price

of our

love's admission

we each
paid full ticket
that summer.

to be
even for
the shortest

of times,

under your
big nippled

the greatest

show on
Elizabeth Burns Nov 2018
My haemotologist told me today
That I'm pretty interesting
I'm quite cheeky
And I should write a book someday

As he was doing the bone marrow test
I told him my stories
Ridiculous stories from my life
The hilarious one of how I crushed my toes when I was seventeen
(don't worry, I do have toes today, but that's a story for another day)
The enchanting, exciting tale of how I broke my arm
As he was injecting into my bone
I wanted to scream
I merely told my story
"I was jumping on the trampoline and i nearly jumped on this little boy's face-"
"you jump on people's faces? Now I'm scared, girl!"
"No, no. To avoid that I... I... I jumped back..."
And then he started injecting
And needles scare the hell out of me
And I screamed
"back and back and back and back...AND BACK! OH GOD, IS IT OVER YET?"
I've dealt with so much pain, but I still can't handle needles. Cancer tries to set that fear alight, but I'm still afraid.

"No, not yet."
I guess that's what my life is
This endless amount of pain
This constant betrayal from life
"okay okay okay, I'll tell another story. Do you know I had a disease only 1% of the world gets when I was 5 and I nearly died."

He then told me some of his stories
I didn't quite listen
Because pain is unbearable
He told me a story about bananas and orthopedic surgery...
Then something about him wanting to be a singer, but him also miming in the choir like I used to
I told him I could sing
Then they wanted me to sing in the middle of that procedure
No no I am not a girl of mediocrity
If I sing, it has to be perfect
No pain making me off key
Then he said something about Neil Diamond

And then it was over
And I didn't quite complete all my stories
And he told me
"You're a smart girl
And interesting
Write a book someday
And don't give up your studies."

Six months of my life on hold
Let's see how this goes
Let's see how many stories I have to tell at the end of this
I promise you now though
My story isn't over
And one day I will write something
Something Inspiring
And something good
A classic
Well, I'm hoping

Haha, a physicist writing a book?
Let's see how this one pans out for me
Lekha Nath Sep 2018
As I looked up
I saw the fluffy clouds
I want to go up there
This expanse was binding
I wanted to observe
So I lay down on the green lush grass
With my eyes open
Blinking was not permitted
My eyes watered
But this was one beautiful gift of nature
That I couldn't miss
It was everlasting
Is it real?
I want to  dance on the candyfloss
Like I jump on a trampoline
I want to be carefree again
I want to live again
I want to go up there and play
I want my childhood back
I want my innocence back
I want to go back
I want to grow up again
Mend  all the mistakes I made
Start afresh
On the clouds that dance
In the sky
So fresh.
Let's go
Let's take the omnibus
And jump on the clouds
Like carefree kids again.-L
#poem #poem

— The End —