Kaleigh lynn May 23
Why fear something so close so near
something inevitable
Is it where we'll go that scares you?
Is it how you'll leave?

What irony that we fear eternal darkness and sleep
but we seemed so deprived of these things
A wilting rose rested at your tomb,
A soft melody drifts in the wind

As you lay dreadfully wasting
people remember the words they say
Rest in peace
how could we not?
Were forever stuck on the train of
Dont fear death just live...
Ivan Sokac Apr 27
There is a tremble in my glancing eye.
Station is full,
and one after another are preparing to depart.
I dreamed of them all.
I know where they are going and where they will arrive.
Good for them!
Such a huge horizon and infinite space.
I am wishing them farewell
with well known pictures in my head.
Need to get away swiftly before I become insane.
It's already too late.
And I didn’t even drink my coffee.
I did not feel the ardor between my fingers.
...And they are already gone.

Train station is full again,
and one after another are preparing to leave.
On a golden bedding
Spread for you by June -
Silken, fresh tedding
Beneath a sluggish noon .
Ah! Your fragrant silhouette
In a blink of my eye!

But we are in the winter
The time to surrender
To the stories that unfold
Of the children and the old
Adding cold to cold
Around a hearth of clay

As I look through the window pane
I glimpse a scarlet tourist train
Across the scintillating snow
Coloring the leaden no-show
That shut him out from the rainbow.

Oh! Your fragrant silhouette
On a summer wheat show!

© LazharBouazzi, January 21, 2018
toukakouka Sep 2015
his stomach swelled, while his breath sped
from his mouth, sounds like city transport
freight train lungs
and mirror's weight,
and worth in love
body, decrepit
his eyes dilated under pale hospital light
his lungs, burning
lay stale and frigid; a hospital bed's height.
"we began wanting to be embraced
became unable to walk alone"
Say, pretty baby,
won’t you climb aboard this train with me?
Now, now, now, pretty honey.
Don’t think twice just come along.
It’s been a long time coming,
and we’re sure to be a long time gone.

When I got up this morning,
heard the whistle when the train got in.
Yeah, when I woke up this morning,
heard the train as it rolled in.
And I knew it was gonna be a good day.
I’ll pick you up quarter to ten.

Well, your daddy, he done left you.
Left you in that pourin’ rain.
And your momma, she’s no good, child.
Causes you all kinds of pain.
But me, I always been there for ya.
Come along and your heart won’t ache again.

You’re just workin’ day and night.
No friends to call your own.
Workin’ as a waitress day and night
with no friends to call your own.
Don’t you know I’ll be your friend, girl?
I’ll be whatever and you won’t have to feel alone.

Well, I see your got your dress on.
And, yes, I’ll take that as a sign.
Yeah girl I see you got your hair up.
I will take that as a sign
that we’re headed to Chicago.
I’m glad you made up your pretty mind.

Say, pretty baby,
I sure am happy you’re here with me.
O, yes little darlin’,
you made my day shine oh so bright.
Not much longer though, my baby.
We’ll get there ‘fore the end of the night.
Ooolywoo Jun 2014
My life is so dull like a wide flat floor receiving all the step than it can bear
No motion no flow, everything is quiet
Just like a silent night, nothing beats

There is no wave in my ocean
Nothing is moving
Sometimes I wonder if my train is on track
If my wind is blowing
If my waves are floating
There is a mask of clouds in my sky

Where am I heading at? What is this place?
My mind is traped in a deep dark hole
Walking towards the unknown, fear is my only companion
I am running like a breathless runner
Trying to find a way out of this cold world

I wish things were crystal clear
I wish I could figure things out and see clearly through these shades before my eyes

I want to feel my feet on the ground
I want to hear my step as I walk through the gate
The gate of glory and happiness wide open in front of me
Waiting only for me to pass
I am a beginner who wants to express my feelings through this. It is actually my second "poem"
guy scutellaro Mar 2016
corporation against company,
train rider against commuter,
the animal's instinct is to destroy
and somewhere between a beer and 2 hotdogs,
cigar smoke and chatter,
joe got hit,
his legs bent,
and his ass hit the canvas.
...and somehow through the roar of a 1000 voices
I can see and hear
the ref
chanting into joe's wondrous brown eyes
"oh shit," joe laughs a bit bemused
perched on top his vertebrae of stairs,
"oh shit,"
and the he climbs back down those bones
into a quiet night...
there is distance were a building once stood
and the field that was the farm
that made way for a factory
is a field again
where no wheat will grow.

I kick the ground trying to unearth
the ashes of joe's fire
but the angry earth just bleeds dust...

...and down at marty's grill
the shadows lean forward
with one quick stare
to drink up the dreamer and his dream...

when I leave
I watch a boy with a baseball bat
beat a dog.
joe was a professional boxer. I watched him die in a fight at the blue horizon in phily.
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