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Jessthemesss Dec 2018
I want to tell the world of my joys,

I want my confidence to bleed into those I care about.

Let my light be what sparks the world on fire.

I am focused, I am brave, I will not falter.

No longer will I cower, I am a raging force,

A force of good, the spec of hope you drink in your coffee.

My words will ignite the passion in their souls,

Sunshine will sing from my eyes,

With promise of changing the world a smile at a time.

Shake the trees of complacency,

Let these syllables leaping from this page be your first step,

Step into the sunflower laced fantasy world that fills my mind,

The bubble lettered day dreams that drips with optimism.

Pinks, yellows and greens leak out into the desolate grays of this world,

Push passed the mundane repetitive cycles we live in,

Create something with color and vibrancy.

It is here in this state altruism I pull my strength and happiness,

So here my friends,

Borrow my point of view,

taste the delicious strawberries I painted with my tongue.
Marina Nov 2017
whatever happens with us, your body will inhabit mine
tender delicate your love making like
the half - curled frown of a fiddled head fern and forests
just wasted by sun your traveled generous thighs
in which my whole face has come and come.

the innocence and wisdom of the place my tounge has found
there, lived in satiate dance of your ******* in my mouth
your touch on me, firm, protective searching me out of your
strong tounge and slender fingers reaching where i had been waiting for years for you in my rosy wet cave. whenever this happens
this is us.
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
They said my hand is a weapon

Because it's covered in dirt

So put it away

Before someone gets hurt

They claimed my head is a bomb

Cuz they hear it tick tock

So you best just stay put

Instead of risking a walk

They said my tounge is a sword

Quite deadly but small

So I finally agreed

And beheaded them all
carminayasmin Aug 2018
bathing myself in this thirsting quench
and now I’ve come to see you
as a drug. a pill.
but not prescribed.
Staring blackly at me
on my bedside table
                  and it’s teasing me.
teasing me with the sugar cane
that erupts when it skims my tounge -
I drool.

alluring my own deception  with your
succulent crescendo
that unravels it’s way down my whole
     voice until there’s none left.
And its just the way it sets me so ablaze
that I cremate casually  in your
immaculate ignite.

                       Knuckles clench to restrain that
                 sentiment that nostalgia
             that world that lies behind your door I always see myself
            linger through ghostly.

I’ve never been
29 August
my urge my battle to stop myself from you
Umi Mar 2018
I am darkness I am light, I am chaos I am might, lies and truth unite,
Fear and bravery, envy with hatred and love finally combined,
I am the difference between illusions and dreams, nothing as it seems,
Nightmares and mirrages, a realm of infinity and finite by its means,
I am fusion and fission, with one simple yet very complex misssion,
Energy and indolence, a wall, another fence, questions upon answers
If small lies give rise to grand falsities, what is the truth gonna bring ?
A place where you should be able to feel reality and fantasy's sting,
Apathy and concern unite, come closer I don't really bite, trust me,
My teeth look sharp, yet they are blunt, you can rant or stay calm,
I am a living death wandering yet standing still, does it make you ill?
Generosity and greed are both present while they are missing, still!
Control the lies of your uncontrollable tounge, listen to the silence,
Could we possibly agree that this unanimity relies in total dissension?
I am the discouragement for your precious, little yet pure intentions,
Aimlessness for hope of a future unexplored yet near enough to grasp
I am the rue in pride, a lamp without light, elusive but not transient,
A harmonic ramgage, riots over the horizon in undefined dark light,
I am malevolent and benevolent, bent yet straight, right behind you,
What am I ?

~ Umi
If you can solve this riddle I give you a cookie °^°
This took very long to make and actually combines my old rhyming writing style and the one I engaged myself in a while ago, I do hope it is somewhat enjoyable ^-^
Madison Apr 2019
I am just trying to forget;
Your lips on mine,
Your hands on my waist,
Your name on my tounge.
You're on my mind
And I can't help but think;
Your lips are hers now,
Your hands are on her waist now,
And it's her whispering sweet
nothing's to you at midnight.
It's her, not me.
I like to drift aobut the oprah show

with my laptop open, sipping bourbon, it smokes my eyes

and stings my tounge

I like to drift about like this,

I like it when the benches to the barstool are sepraated by groups of three

and I like itwhen the tender leans towards my direction

I like the  laptop open in a giant kazooo, in an inredibly modest church

I like the laptop open while I'm searching for pens and pencils

while I'm picking roses

Iwhile I am farting

now listen,

I like the laptop open because I am flawless,

valencia Jan 2019
my tounge got stuck to the pole when i licked it,
just like momma said it would.
and when i played with those matches
my fingers had to be bandaged, they were so red and burned.

this could be a poem about the savagery of nature, the pain and the love the wind and the fire that is inherent on earth.

instead it’s a poem about people, because they always touch things they shouldn’t.

i touched the flames, and the man touched the girl when she hadn’t wanted him too. all i ever think about when i hear that story is that i wish she had something toxic in her veins, some poison to melt him to nothing.

god should have made girls deadly if he was going to make monsters out of men.
Gavin Oliver May 2019
The final curtain falls on a tragic love broken. The leading man too nice for the leading role. A heart ripped from a bleeding soul.

After the show hot tears flow from reddened eyes. Naive to trust insipid lies. Time will heal scars opened by vicious tounge.

Am I bad? Am I mad? Too much too young. The kiss of death , execution of love shattered in a million scattered pieces. Cold friend ... isolation I now embrace thee
Karisa Brown Aug 2018
I want to make people laugh
And as their eyes dance
I sing inbetween the rhythm
Of a half naked clown
Another poetry lit

As you may presume
I have a knack for the gloom
But uh uh my wicked bunny
Trix are for rabbits and
Laughter for the kids

So eat your heart out
Pull out your tounge
Make your soul bliss
As laughter hangs from above

And kiss the stars again
As the night returns its moon
To the window in time
Whom we'd all like to meet
Again soon
Krison Nov 2018
It was of the sand,
That found for me to stake upon this gamble of a purpose.
To onward journey, stout of heart, within it lines to draw and part
and dedicate my time to all that live and then depart.

And subjugate the sin of wait.
Dare i chance alignment.
To spite the constant vein of me.
That of constant bye.

For it was within the sands.
That truth illuminated
Divining is of destruct and of grand endeavor.
Those were lessons I to learn.
Yet warnings seen, but not to heed.

So to venture bold, embark.

Here I found myself about, a place that i not know.
Lacking proper courtesy that guides the proper tongue.
At a time of caving doubt in youth while throwing caution.
Such foolishness and acts so grave with naivete.

So of this, my letting go and future now to grasp.
Then of me to newer name and shed of me my past.

That led me to a village, shambled as it small.
Oh so sharp in all contrast,
To all i'd ever known.

And then to her so small of frame
with trouble trembling.

Did I find, i've much of want and more to givings be.

The hope I find within her eyes.
Those burning eyes aglow.
Yet shaking did i look to see, the grief she held alone.

For she with nails so black and pained
with eyes of sapphires ancient flame.
Screamed, "anne nerde"?

To this I said within my lip.
My English voice that caused such shock.
"hello", and then ,"who, you"?

And puzzled as i've not the faintest
slight that cause her hate
and run away and then dismiss
or understanding me.

That left me to the mighty awe, and my stupidity.

"Am i the image of the anger, she must see everyday,
A reminder there's tomorrow, or of horrors yesterday"?

Faintly nothing can be had, so i had chanced hello.
This is me and who are you.
And her away to go.
So i was lost to all the why,
and all who heard it so.

Then to suspect, short of counsel and left of reason why.
I shatter peace with solace small and and watch you drain your eye.

So to all that spun around
with jaws so slack with shock.
Made of this a curse and huddle?
Of what, they they took of stock?

They must be of the panic.
They must be many dead
And this is now my crucible
and now i know there dread?

" How dare i cause such great alarm? in such fleeting passing
" i said hello, only hello
and then, but"who are you"?.

All but mine
All faces white blood.

And then the moment shock!

For then i heard, "olu"!!!

"For I said, hello and who ," but she heard only death.

And forgiveness in this place
Was shown not least the trace.

Awaken this, the anger, rage  the mighty great temult.

For announced by all around  
"You utter with most care.

This place if of the teetering
and none dare hear dispair."

So please a caution with your greeting.
For broken hearts here tear

And the tokens of your kindness,
Can be swallowed up in here
Its brought to doom, this little girl by violence and it's snare
Was brought to this, by fault of tounge
bignine and shambled care.

Then better us
To purse a lip
And hope the slight be small,
The reaping can be had
But never excise fault
It is of divinty
So pray we judgment halt.
This is of the manner known
Yet are still unseen

For all the slights be large or small
None are are fully owned

And All the workings good of heart
Must be done 
and done discreet.
some of this is in turkish
valencia Dec 2018

1. and your eyes light up sky blue, sea blue doesn’t matter what kind of blue because you’re shooting bullets from your mouth but they just ***** my arms.

2. i’m floating above you, electricity waits at the back of your tounge and with every word you throw at me like stones i just get lighter.

3. you’re yelling  and crying and shouting all at once, mixing up the sounds of the rain with your voice. i just lie on the ground eyes crystallized toward the sky like i am asking god himself to shield me from your rage.

- persephone 2018
Hearing of death kills me,
Its words cut threw me like daggers,
Yet, with a voice like honey,
I have a great fear of death yet I went out of my way to kiss it,
Its cold embraced me,
Its tounge beckoned for entrance.
Its kiss was sweet,
Only to be disturbed with a bitter aftertaste,
Battling for dominance,
is a battle for which I have one,
death has left me,
Only to fall for HIM again.
Turns out I'm not as innocent as you may have thought. Yes, I have tangoed with death many a times. (Suicidal).. This poem can also reflect love. It depends on how you look at it. They heart as well as love.. is a treacherous thing. Yes, death is a ****. (Gay as well... very much gender confused.)
Megitta Ignacia Jun 2019
tiny little tablet
with water you dissolved
as you fell to the surface of my tounge
my taste buds cried out
it lingers on

tiny little tablet
works like magic
rides out water into the stomach
travel through the blood stream
my body absorbs every molecules
ease the pain, heal the hurt

tiny little tablet
tiny little baby dose
can restore a full sized human body
you're so small
yet so powerful
drowsy starts to kick in
good night
210619 | 8:24 AM tumbang kemaren ahirnya ugd juga. Trs abis diuap dikasih obat kecil-kecil, begitu ajaibnya obat sekecil itu bisa nyari dan nyembuhin penyakit di tubuh manusia. God is good.
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