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half-torn rose
withering old love,
you are dead

Lizzy Apr 2014
when my hands turn to claws
and my eyes burn red
i sometimes cant hold back
the things that i have said

the fear of unrequited love
of losing someone so dear
is always so present
always so near

and im still learning
to push these delusions aside
to just breathe and be with you
and let the seas have
a calmer tide

its these past fer days
i'v been under so much weight
the bad thoughts cant hide
from everything attacking me from the outside

so i attack myself
and i didn't mean for you to feel the shrapnel
for you to see the blood
but i'm drawing a treaty of my sides
the irrational and logical
logic is in charge now
irrationality has surrendered

now we can be happy again
we can be like we were before
you made me fight even harder
fight this war for you
my anxiety makes things in my relationship really hard but im not going to let it ruin something that made me so happy. im not gonna let it push him away. so im letting go of my anxiety, so i can embrace his love. and im praying he'll embrace mine
amelia ware Dec 2014
I am torn in two.
My head pulls one way
My heart pulls the other.

I am torn in two.
I am drawn by the future I should want
And enticed by the one I actually do.

I am torn in two.
My mind follows the plan of the man who loves me
My eyes follow the man who never will.

I am torn in two.
One half is content with the way things will be.
The other half yearns for the lives I will never live.
Miss Saitwal Jun 2018
They bruise their pupils with the sharp roses.
They built an empire with fur and sequins.
And lived with poise and jealousy.
Burnt and alive, torn yet together.
The prudent of all, dangerous of all minds.

Survive, said the father
Believe, said the Jesus
Sofia Von Sep 2012
You’re lost
I can’t find you anywhere
I listen for the sound of your foot steps
Your breath


Its getting late
I'm perspiring
I'm hoping you’ll be strong

Strong like how I am
Or maybe how I want to be

But you’re not
You know you’re not
You probably wouldn’t stand a chance

I run

Hiding in the bushes as the bright lights shine

I’m a crminal, I’m a criminal, I’m a criminal

I hear a rustle
I hear a squeel
Frozen muscles
Is it you?
Im sprinting now
Home, home were you’ll be I know it
It has to be
I’m not worried everything’s fine

I don’t care who sees me now

I'll **** them up

I'm on a mission
I've gotta save her
I've gotta prove I'm fretting over nothing
Which is worse than fretting over something

Stomp stomp creek
Warm air
Familiar smell
No sound

I walk to the bathroom
It's nothing

To her
elizabeth Feb 2018
so this is how we end.
with tears staining the collar of my shirt
and chewed up fingers grasping
for something that's not there anymore.
my heart still open and full of you,
yours emptied,
any remnants of love for me gone.

when i had painfully thought of
what the world might look like after we had run our course,
i imagined a clean cut,
like scissors gliding through the silver speckled wrapping paper
i covered your birthday presents in.
both of us knowing it would be for the best,
our life together equally split between us.

i never imagined our end looking like this,
my body full of gaping holes made up of
uneven sides and coarse, harsh edges tainted with memories of you,
the way coffee stains a t-shirt,
bright at first, impossible to get out, and eventually
leaving behind a soft color and a vague scent of a time before.
no matter how many times i wash it,
it's there.
this cut will take forever to erase,
my years are now dedicated to recovering from it.

so, this is how we end.
my mind still calling out for you,
in hopes that one day you will reply.
the other side of my bed empty,
all happiness from life gone.

we weren't supposed to end this way.
we weren't supposed to end this way.
Poetress2 Apr 4
Within these lonely walls of mine,
sometimes I wish that I could die;
I curl up in my Mickey Mouse sheets,
and quickly pretend, that I'm asleep.
Just like the nights I've faced before,
I hear them open up my door;
They quietly lay down in my bed,
and I truly wish that I were dead.
I push their hands down, everytime,
but to no avail, they begin to rise;
The shame and guilt seems all too real,
for that is almost all I feel.
They leave me torn,
they leave me shamed;
They leave me damaged,
yet it's me I blame.
Sara Kellie Jul 2018
Look what they've done,
torn you apart.
In the name of fun,
some kind of black art.

I'd been thrown into the lake,
arms and legs tied.
I sunk to the bottom,
they thought I had died.
Out of the depths I arose
wearing a beautiful dress.

Some kind of new magic,
like a good witch.
A white art.
I don't seek revenge
for I have a pure heart.

It's now they'll see
that they could never be
someone like me.
Because I'm the greatest
******* in a dress
they'll ever meet.

Poetry by Kaydee.
The more times you're hurt, the less likely you will retaliate in the same way. Understand the serenity that comes with this, the more immoveable you will become. Covered in blood, bruises, fractures and breaks but . . . . . still stood smiling because *****, you're more than just a ******' witch.
We need to finish this
But I don't know what this is
Is my heart yours?
Or, is it his?
My heart is breaking
I don't know what to do
After two weeks
I thought I was over you
Why did you do this to me
You locked me in your eyes
You smiled while you spoke
You will be my demise
We've had this unspoken thing
Why couldn't you let it end
It could have gone away like it never happened
But you drew me in again
It's been almost a year
That I've had these feelings for you
If this doesn't end soon
Who am I being married to?
Lexi Guffey Nov 2017
I met him at a conference.
I sent him my gratitude and congratulations,
And as our dialogue continued we realized how similar we are.
He was going to the next event,
so we met up in September -
his eyes sparkling like stars in the night sky,
or embers of the inferno his mind produces,
his laugh as contagious as the plague,
and his voice as smooth as milk and honey.
A kind-hearted boy
with a witty tongue.
His hand, my hand, colliding.
Is it on purpose?
We learned about leadership,
gazed at monuments together.
He tells me this moment is perfect,
already my head's spinning,
and I’m wondering if we will make it out alive.
We spent the entire day laughing and commentating
on everything that happened,
submerged in analytical discourse
on what it means to be alive,
our experiences,
how little time.
We only came up for air
when our eyes linked,
and we stared.
He looked past my eyes
into my soul.
He says to me
“That's a nice thought you’re having”,
Exercising his intuitive prowess.
I laughed and wondered if he really knew
of the chaos raging in my mind.
Before we knew it,
the bus pulled up.
Of course, I wanted to stay.
I’ve been waiting for a boy like this,
and there he was in all his beauty.
Charming, suave.
I grabbed his hand,
holding on like this might be the end.
He says
“Don't cry. This isn't over. We'll still talk,”
The nerve.
We both know
this can't last
But I know we wanted it to.
And so I nodded,
letting myself fall.
I closed my eyes,
Trying to take in this moment;
to remember how
his hand felt in mine,
the depth of his eyes -
like a thousand worlds or a vast starry night,
the ring of his laugh -
how intoxicating.
I wish I remembered
what we talked about.
Instead I remember trying,
not to be sad
because deep down I knew
that happy endings only happen in the movies,
and our story was ending
before it began.
We hugged goodbye tightly -
for a second
I felt safe,
It hurt to let him go.
I watched his smile fade as I stepped off the bus.
As he vanished I stood
like I’d been struck by lightning,
peering closely as if I’d see his face one more time.
He was gone for good,
and all at once this dream was over.
My phone buzzed
"I really miss you"
But in a month, will you?
I sat on the plane that night replaying his voice in my head.
I couldn't help but think
'he could be the one'
And maybe he could have
but timing was not in our favor,
and life doesn't wait.
The problem is, my brain
but my heart still wants
to trace the lines on his hands,
to memorize the curves of his face,
to feel his lips on mine,
to hear the inflections in his voice,
to learn all of his quirks and imperfections,
to know what he's thinking,
to smile with him forever.
And instead,
I will have to learn how to be alone,
to forget the butterflies and the plans,
to swallow how much I care,
to resist pressing send,
to recover.
It's not supposed to end this way.
It's supposed to fail
when you fall out of love,
not when you love too much
to be so far
I suppose this isn't a very relatable poem, but it is true! This is something that's just been on my chest for a long time, so this is a poem that I needed to write. It's weird how just typing the words makes me feel lighter. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it even if it's not an "oh that happened to me" kind of poem.
Pax Sep 2018
I fall into the deepest dream.
Hug by darkness, i give in.
Then by miracle i was torn
to be reborn.
it's been long...
faith Sep 2017
something powerful from up above,
a feeling,
its got you reeled in,
from up above,
its come to cover you,
smother you,
until all you can think about is love,
oh sweet love,
but love is also a weapon,
made to pierce your heart till it bleeds,
but why does it have to hurt so bad,
you feel like you're being torn apart,
by piece,
until a new lover comes along with a new weapon of love to torture you with,
it's a cycle that cannot stop,
and you don't want it to.
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