Maggie Emmett Nov 2014

Fragrant hot laksa
thick wriggling yellow noodles
creamy coconut
green coriander and lime
eaten with hot chilli you

Non-traditional Tanka for two!
ZinaLisha May 2014

what to do when your body starts to tingle?

take a cold shower.
turn on the fan.
drink some water.
turn off the R&B;
blow out the scented
look around and it will all start to make sense...

" what to do when my body starts to tingle?"

place a pillow between your burning thighs and remember that you are single!

Sarah Ellis Mar 2010

My Heart has been asleep.
Boa constrictor
coiled --
with all his strength.

Heart numb,
there is no feeling
constrict --
tighter, tighter --
I cannot breathe.

He releases my Heart;
he does not want it
any longer.
Heart still asleep --
I cannot move.

To move is to feel pain.
Heart mangled --
he slithers away,
so unfeeling --
he cannot love.

But slowly,
light, dark,
light, dark,
Heart begins -- ever so slowly
to tingle.

Jack Apr 2014


Melodies ~ ringing on soft cool winds,
dangling from tiny strings in metallic forms
Swaying in harmony with your smile
reflecting the mid day sun
in glimmering highlights of whipped cream whispers
on wings of stained glass dreams

For it was that day you kissed me,
for the very first time ~
(When buttercups blushed as I held them to your chin)
and my lips tingled, unending,
understanding this was more than just a touching of skin,
a melted meeting of two

~Music called to us from the branches above,
serenading our hearts in sweet blissful sounds
on soft grasses, fingers intertwined~

Your eyes, hypnotized me there, in that place
and you kissed me again…this one held
Passion breathing, love had found me
coiled about me and clung to me
On that day, unlike any other
I could imagine…I fell for you

Now as cool winds blow
and leaves cascade in multicolored waves
That wind chime, suspended from that old maple rings,
singing sweetly of that first kiss,
a musical remembrance of that day
of which no reminder needs due ~ for my lips they still tingle

Koceila Ayouni Jan 2015

Run through that land,
Use nothing but your hand,
Rub the surface into tranquility,
Surf on the skin nightly,
Don't forget to stop and slow down,
You have nothing to fear, come on now,
Oh this familiar tingle,
This peculiar electric feel,
Have the heavens anything to offer?
Have dreams anything to peruse?
Has life anything left to uncover?

We all have that experience. We can loss both eyes and all senses, yet have the ability to still remember that one person, or persons. Touch is what makes us human. Touch keeps us sane.
Meghan Jun 2011

That feeling
That tingle
That want
That need
Its coming back
So silent- unseen
Ill sneak a quick one
No one will see
'Cause I'm the happy girl
Sadness can't be

I don't cut
I don't burn
I don't stab
I just yearn
For that next quick fix
Oh when will I learn?

I scratch
and I scratch
and I scratch
and I scratch
Until I look at my arm
and see one bare patch.
Where the skin is removed
A scab will soon form
Then my arm will heal
So nice and warm.

I feel disgraced
and say never again
I believe myself
But I go insane

As the cycle restarts
And I begin my peeling
I think back and remember
That feeling
That tingle
That want
That need
Its coming back
So silent- unseen...

MsAmendable Mar 2016

My jaw is frozen
Ice and fire creep up my numb face
Circling my eye with gentle hands
Tingling across my stiff lips
They call it 'filling,' but when I touch it
It feels invisible, empty
Unreceptive or responsive
Numb like dead feet
What a curious feeling
That numb is

I went to the dentist for my first-ever filling, and can't get over how weird the freezing feels
Vanessa Grace Oct 2015

I am tingling with the thoughts
that my body simply

Greta Wocheski Oct 2016

the birds tweet,
i do not tingle.
the wind blows through my hair,
i do not tingle.
you touch me,
i feel sparks
as if
an electric current is passing through me
and that's when
i tingle.
                                                                ­ - g.w

Eileen Prunster Nov 2012

That inexplicable fluttering in the stomach
a feeling in the air almost like held breath
if you keep still and silent
you can almost hear something coming
not music
not voices
but a silent tension that heralds
and i feel if i wait long enough
something exciting is going to happen
to me
any second now
if i can just keep still and quiet enough...
although what i expect to happen at my age
i don't know
it happens at the begining of every summer
and I feel a girl again
full of breathless inexplicable excitment
where you know anything can happen
and will...

not sure I've managed to explain what I'm trying to, perhaps others know what I mean anyway despite the poem not being particulary good, do you ever get that feeling? at the begining of summer where you feel a teenager again almost holding your breath waiting for something magic you know will arrive if you can just keep still and be open
K Balachandran Dec 2011

Mint wine
on your lips;
removing with mine
each drop.

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