Caitlin Jan 2015
For always being there.
For caring.
For loving me; You don't even know me.

irrelevance10 Apr 2013
"Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ will suffer persecution,"
he said, "But don't be a victim.
Don't blame God, don't blame your fellow man.
Don't mistreat anyone else for any reason.
Live every moment as if you are God's publicist;
his name and his Kingdom.
Let your every action bring honor to his name.
Be happy that you are his servant.
Be happy in any suffering you experience,
and know that better things are in store.
You will be taken care of--always."

I always knew he was right,
and yet I still lost my way.
The darkness spread like cancer
over my heart, and I became too
ashamed even to pray.

I know I am seen.
I know I have failed.
I hope there is hope.
Erin May 2013
Look at the comments, and who do you see,
it's the kind, motivational Timothy.
Spreading good thoughts and advice to me,
The father of our website HelloPoetry
Shout out to Timothy! xo
May 6, 2013/itsjusterin
Once there was a man named Timothy
Who wanted to crawl down the chimney
To deliver his gifts
He considered his lists
And lighted a fire for him and me
djkckat Oct 2016
Madalas tayong magkasama
Damdamin ko'y tuwang tuwa

Pag nakikita ka
Puso ko'y kabang kaba

Puso ko'y kumakabog
Dugdug ang sabi nito

Ano nga bang meron ka?
Na hindi ko nakita sa iba

Magkaibigan lamang tayo
Pero pasensya tinamaan ako sayo
A poem made by my friend, Michelle. Inspired to the max lol
Barton D Smock Dec 2012
i.  therapy

please push this toy car.
it is going to the beach.

     in this activity, one makes a flower
from the parts
of a hand.  it is obvious:

people have time.

if I sob, it is so you know
to turn your head.

ii.  daydream  

if art, be sure to place the couple
on the donkey

     have them pass
a sunned whale

neither see.  

iii.  I can’t make myself cry without you

     I give instruction, I say sad things, I put my ear
to a belly of disparate


iv.  a therapeutic image of your likeness

( foreign as
  one’s wonderment
  in coming across
  of mitochondrial disorders
  or the oral
  of reading ahead
       nicking oneself
  on chevrotain )

v.  terminology

Cat Fiske May 2015
today was supposed to be your birthday,-Dad
I took your place, -Maria
Mommy cried in the kitchen,-MaryAnne
Where have you been?-Mom

we never got to throw,-Dad
My life's such a waste,-Maria
I found your spaceship,-MaryAnne
Where did you go?-Mom

Missed your birthday,-Dad
Never got to use your legs,-Maria
Daddy says it's the farthest you've ever flown,-MaryAnne
I feel alone,-Mom

Missed your photo,-Dad
To walk around this whole big mess,-Maria
We found your spaceship,-MaryAnne
you're not ever going to be alone,-Mom

you never got to uses your head,-Dad
Its not what it seems,-Maria
Did it hurt when you hit the ground?-MaryAnne
I love you babe,-Mom

to find out what this whole world thing meant,-Dad
but it is,-Maria
Where have you been?-MaryAnne
Missed your photo,-Mom

Missed your photos,
Missed your birthday too,-Dad

I took your place,
Life's such a waste,-Maria

We found your spaceship,
Its the farthest you've ever flown,-MaryAnne

I cried in the kitchen to let you go,
Why can't you just come home?-Mom.
About a miscarriage I am most likely to get one if I ever get pregnant, I really want a son, more than daughters when I am older, I am probably going to adopt but I always loved the  name timothy, so I just would love if I had my own kid it name him that, And there are girl names I love, but I really Just don't want a daughter.
Born of a man who smiles
Never would he have a frown
A friend to walk with for miles
A king without a crown

They said he had special needs
But his heart would never fail
He would only do good deeds
Everybody knew of Timothy Dale

Always he had something special to say
He would stay with you, yes he would
He would always brighten up your day
Always trust in Timothy Dale you could

Even those who began treating him bad
They tried to make poor Timothy cry
He would even help them if they were sad
Timothy Dale, even for his enemies he would try

Children loved to hear him tell his stories
To tell them, well, he was the best
Told of long ago heroes and their glories
Told how they braved the trickiest quest

A time came when Timothy Dale grew old
And then poor Timothy Dale cried
There were no more tales left to be told
That was the day when a whole town cried

Those who would say poor Timothy was not bright
The entire town said he was the cleverest man
Now Timothy Dale is up in Heaven's light
He is telling Angels all the stories he can
Copyright © Chris Smith 2009
Timothy Apr 2013
HaPpY bIrThDaY fRiEnD
TiMoThY aNd GrEaT wRiTeR
WiShInG yOu ThE bEsT!

~ReGaRdS, TiMoThY~
HaPpY bIrThDaY,
TiMoThY! FrOm, TiMoThY!!! :):):)
© Timothy 23 April, 2013.
Mike Hauser Dec 2015
Received my copy of Timothy's first book of poetry today (Reflections in Short Poetry) and am already thoroughly enjoying it! There's nothing like having pages to turn...
It's pictured in my cover photo and can be purchased from
Thank you to Timothy for this wonderful book!
Thought this deserved a repost! Such an enjoyable book! If you haven't gotten yours order it today...perfect for Christmas! Let's support each other!
Sally A Bayan Feb 2017
w e
...the paths
of life,  comes
a time when roads
t u r n   to  z i g z a g s
sometimes beaten, painful
to walk on...and the blue sky
darkens to gray...and the clouds
hide from us, and the sun sets, and
we need arrows and rays to guide  us
t h r o u g h:::::
From nowhere
.........any hour
y o u    appear
b r i g h t     as
morning  s u n
your   BEAMS
you are a light
that guides us
.....through the
[[[ D A R K ]]].

...For Timothy...

Copyright 2014
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
...found this older poem...from three years ago...written for Timothy...
...I repost...for Timothy...
martin Sep 2013
Not one to visit graves
I find the dead poor company

I might look closer at the lichen
Or observe the yew tree canopy
Or read the names just to see how fashions change

But for those left lying there
I don't see them, they don't see me
One day I'll be like them
Scarce a memory
Timothy, one of our most active members, has been on hp for a year, one his specialities being graveyard poems.  Thanks for all your comments.
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