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Shofi Ahmed May 2017
Art, a smile like the one
on the face of Mona Lisa.
Curved like the waxing moon
above the sea.
Light a flame before a face
yet to be seen.
What will it prevail,
will it show once for all
a slow tilt on the smiling lips
—a curve softly locks on
a rose from the sun,
or a shadow beneath the moon?
This is a poem from my book Zero and One available on Amazon.
Kateasz Oct 24
In the blackness that surrounds us
There is nothing but the soft tapping of leftover rain
Rain that blurs the concept of an outside world
And trickles down my spine
Before settling in the pit of my stomach
Soft and dispersed yellow light
Brightens us enough for me to see your profile
There is a dance of our eyeline
When I look at you
You look away
You look at me
I look away
I cup the most vulnerable parts of myself
In my hands like a baby bird
Here. Take a look.
And peer up to meet your eyes through a half curtain of hair  
But you don't push me away
Until beams of light ******* our bubble
And reality seeps back in
I wonder how long we would've been there
If it didn't
But it did
So I stand up
And my legs protest beneath me
I pray you can't see the earthquake you caused
I am intoxicated by your presence
And the world begins to tilt
The flowers tilt and twist their heads
to gaze upon the Sun -
but shy,
she hides behind the occasional cloud.
I once saw a ruffian young
A would be brute
At home, no doubt,
In the grubby grecian clubs
So unworthy of their legacy.

The tilt of chin, and cocksure slant of eye
Told of a life most lived
In unimpressed contempt.
But then he met his girl, and,

The crafted affect cracked like plaster;
No more the aping swagger
Nor the bumptious over pluck

An unhid grin.
And an unhid soul.
And the rapid intuition
Peculiar to lovers.
wordvango Jul 19
the  bitter wilt on droopy petals  when yesterday
her tilt was to the sun strong as stems
could rise her sweet beauty to the skies
holding lips and arms and blossoms open
long enough for the breeze to romance
the nearest bee into a trance
is like the circle or a dance
of life that glances knowingly back
with wry amusement a sly smile glance
saying told you so  so many times
you should have known by now,
old friend of mine,
time is really nothing
but your
I'm In Team Leo Sep 2017
It is she you greet in mornings bright
Lest to you hard luck has laid favor
She who brings forth a view of new light
And lets you carry an up tilt lip
Another riddle in the form a poem! Theme: emotions.
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