Swells Oct 2017
i am deficient and undergrown
beating battered fists into every word
that made me sink too low.
i took the breath that would turn me blue
and gripped like a mad man
onto all the threads i thought
might have been attached to you.

i built churches and mosques
out of matchsticks and glue
but not even bringing them to flame
could summon you
and among the pyres rescinding
were the prayers i left in the hands
of the faith that left me too.

and litanies shook their teeth at me
and bellies bellowed and growled
while my fingers grew numb and faltered
under empty words and drivel
in a world that was always too loud.
among tongues sprouting with jargon
where the ties bled at the cut

i no longer knelt at your crown.
Elizz 2d
"Be the light in someone's darkest corner. Even when you aren't your own." ~ The Context Kid.

Flames fizzle from the ends of my hair
Always the exit of a dark tunnel
Never the entrance
No one ever WANTS to stay
That's what I am
Spinning through darkness

Digging through it as if it were someone's empty tomb
Always there
A constant presence
Deep breaths
Count back from thirty

Light flows from me on the outside
But all there is on the inside
Is an internal slash
From my heart to my mind
Seeping out like a broken oil line
Velvety in texture

Like an untuned guitar string
At times it's comforting
Something to float in
Something that is comforting
Other times
Obsidian obelisks
I watched as my soul
Shuddered out of my lukewarm body
Impaled on that towering

Lightly thrumming stone
A tall tower
Full of regrets
Full of inner demons
Full of everything that I don't want to acknowledge
Full of every single dark thing
That coats my nightmares
And ties my waking hours

In black silk laced ribbons
A pretty package to be opened at your whim

I didn't necessarily hear
But it looks like you could use a light

— The End —