KA Dec 2014
and my heart is at rest.
the spinning stops
the air goes still
and my heart beats
Jude Allen Nov 2014
Cold, damp;
Dreary, grey.
Nothing special,
to me
its Thursday.
Inspired by one of my favorite lines from the film "Rocky", on the "anniversary" of the same Thursday portrayed in that scene.
A C Leuavacant Feb 2015
Thursday evenings spent with you
Each Growing more repetitive than the last    

I see that you still recognise my face
But can tell from the dullness in your eyes that you cannot make much sense of it  
You feel the memories  
But your search for their meanings have long since reached bitter ends  
Leaving you Cast aside in the sterile loony bin

Oh, What such a bitter enemy is the clock on the wall
How badly the passing of time can damage us  
How our greatest gift can turn so rouge
rotting us away from our core
Turning even the strongest of love
Into a cascade of dust and insanity

How unjust but fearfully true
That our greatest of pains
In the real world would not even be strong enough to cut butter
I thought of how it seems like,
Oh let's make Chloe feel crap day.
Then I remembered that it's Thursday.
So yeah,
It really is.
It's always Thursdays.
Sometimes Thursdays have been fine.
But when a day of the week hasn't been fine,
It's been a Thursday.
I don't know why.
Thursdays should be good.
I have good lessons that day.
It just seems like,
Everything's against me then.
No, not people.
It's just feelings.
They appear from nowhere,
With no reason to be here.
No it's not very extreme,
But it's my less good days.
It's a Thursday.
soray Mar 2015
I miss you more than ever. Your chords on Saturday afternoons, your hugs on Sunday morning, your smiles on Monday chats, your kisses on Thursday nights.
Anna Oct 2014
someone called to say you died
his voice was soft
but urgent

I’m sorry
but I’m happy for you.

Monday Night Football on a Thursday.
Preseason. Johnny Manziel, running.
The nurse is a signal caller, too.
She flicks the wrist like Rodgers,
puts spin on it like Manning.
Once a rookie, now a seasoned vet.


Monday Night Football on a Thursday.
Network glitch? John Gruden, talking.
Anxiety lurks in the tall grass
still licking its paws. My head's out the game.
I've become an easy meal.


Monday Night Football on a Thursday.
If I had another John he'd go right here.
I miss my mother, and how she smiles
like my illness only increases my value,
puts gold in my veins instead of chemo.
Rex throws his clipboard, I lose my appetite.


Monday Night Football On A Thursday.
No more John's. Get over it.
Game's almost over. My head fresh from
the toilet, pieces of everything falling out
of me. Broken. Stumbling. At this moment,
football is enough.
And if I loved you Wednesday,
  Well, what is that to you?
I do not love you Thursday—
  So much is true.

And why you come complaining
  Is more than I can see.
I loved you Wednesday,—yes—but what
  Is that to me?
Timmy Durden Apr 2014
I don't know what else to say,
its finally **thursday
Jillian Jesser Dec 2015
It's Thursday
If it were Wednesday
It would be the same
again, you are not here
     I think to call someone else
and have regrettable sex
and forget you for a night
but I don't
I'm tired of it
I'll be alone
I think I'll sit by myself
    and talk to the gods
they don't exist
but they are nearer than you
Wedyan AlMadani Mar 2013
Thursday night stress
no words to express
bottles and cigarettes
shots, more or less?
now it's time to undress
living life with no regrets
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