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mrp3rs0nality Nov 2010

This is something tht I didn't have to have
I guess u can say I'm a victim of my swag
And whts tht u ask well thts my personality
The qualities and characteristics tht makes me 

Anywhere I go I leave w/ at least one friend
Humor w/ a little sarcasm who can contend  
The key to this is to stay ahead of the next man
See things happen before they happen w/o pretend
Which means u have to keep it real 
Be ready for wht ever but still remain chill 

Add all these factors up and thts not even a quarter of me
Even tho I'm giving u the blueprint equaling me is something u will never be  

You see people wait to see wht I'm going to wear 
Which makes it hard not to notice when people stare
But I don't care cause I give people inspiration 
The females sweating me w/o the perspiration 

And it's  amazing how some women hang on ur every word 
No matter how rude, obnoxious or absurd U will still be heard
I mean in all actuality a **** is wht they want 
Y'all embrace them inconsiderate ******* types ladies don't front

But on the inside to project this persona brings about alot of pressure
With ur preconceived notion of who I am w/me left to measure

So u can actually say tht I'm being me for you 
Even though u believe all my qualities to be unique and true
Because to be honest u put me before you

In an attempt to negate your own low self esteem 
Whether it be an acquaintance or a small association You make it bigger than it seems 
Placing me in undeserved high regards
Feeling tht I possess the best hand when you hold the trump card

You see this is just a brief look at the other side of the fence 
And even though it may be hard for me to convince
It because of ur interest tht my popularity exist

             By: @mr_p3rs0nality
@mr_p3rs0nality 11/29/10
Sumeria Jun 2019
The stars, the moon the sun and the earth is one beautiful  realiy. When you meditate when you just let tht logic thought tht only ur left hemisphere of the brain  kicks in. Then you see day from night but when you are in a 3d stage you will say apples is just like oranges. The way u deal with pain is wat we been taught  say a pry  an only God knows wats best and we turn da cheeks and suffer in silence  *** we train to submit to  an allegory man. With a allegory story with a book  tht u must knw wat u reading to knw the truth behind every word tht was written.the truth is  we all or spirits  tht will go and will return.  The age of Aquarius is approaching some let tht logic thinking come in play some just scared to let it go well watever da case maybe we all know something is more to us then wat we been taught. So next time you wanna use your free thinking just look at the little things such as dogs and see they are  just other formed of u and when you realize tht gasp tht in and you see the stars, moon, sun and the earth is a big reality.we must come in terms before it to late. ☮️
jasmin allen Oct 2011
My heart died once it was bout a month or two ago
It was when u left with a “I’ll be back one day”
I just found out recently you won’t be back one day
But its ok cause I don’t feel for u in the same way I used to
Of course I look at u and say thts my ex baby babe hubby
My first LOVE
Tht I had a life planed with
Tried to have kids with
The guy I gave my virginity to the person tht I thought was worthy of it
The person tht made my life wonderful
But thts all over wit now
I’ve moved on
Let u go
U want to be friends but thts not possible
Maybe later down the road but not now
My heart is slowly being reborn
I don’t c relationships like I used to
But when I do find a guy thts amazing
Thts my cloud nine
I’ll give him my new heart
And hope and pray to god tht he don’t break it
(Like u did)
I don’t tell ppl I love them unless I actually do
But like Keri hilson says “we were just a beautiful mistake”
Cause we were we had everything in our hand we stood by each other closer than any one
But I’ll find tht in someone else tht isn’t just gonna up and leave
He won’t be a mistake
But let’s see how life plays out…
MJ Smith Nov 2012
Last night thought to myself wats the meaning of life? Praised God n spread his love right? Sure you'll meet some people that are mean n thn some that are Wat if u meet someone u love? Do I tell tht person tht I love thm or do bottle my emotions ?  Bt Wat if they ask me if I love them? Well god says never tell a lie even if the truth hurts! So tell her I love thn things get complicated bt hw shldnt they get easier ? Ig not but I was told tht if u love tht person alot u fight through some tough times n ignore thm n mental erase thm. So I do so cause I love her n things got easier  but thn wht if we get sick of each other ? U probly will I was told thn they said u gotta keep things new n exciting ! So I did so n it got even easier bt later it got hard again ! Bt it's always gonna get hard bt ur love for tht person should make it easy!
Even though I hate somethings since u love I learn to love. N I hope u do the same. So wats the meaning of life praised god n if u happen to find someone u Lik on the Way maybe u shld hold on to thm aslong as u can! Until the end of time
asia Aug 2018
can i tell her tht
she was her.
i wanted
all of she!
i juss knew
she is
to be w me..
her... she is
juss so beautifully.
eyes, nose, lips
& body... mainly
she is her
her is she
wow she’s so
i juss want her
to be with me
can i make you my
queen on saturday?
nvm.. i think
she’s has somebody..
sadly i thought
maybe it
was jus an imaginary
but now were friends..
and in the end
can i tell you tht?
she is her.
her is she

... i wanted her to be w me
Nandini Jan 2014
It started entirely in the womb ... Wen ur mom first knew tht she was carrying the other half of her world within ....

When u were  in ur mum's womb she nurtured u wid luv ..Nd u thanked her by kicking her inside .

When u were a few months old she kept u warm always.. and u  thanked her by wetting the bed .

When u  were 2 yrs old she managed to feed u wid all the chores piled on her .. Nd u thanked her by making a mess of the house .

When u were 6 yrs old she took pains wid u doing ur homework .. Nd u thanked her by hiding all school homework.

When u were 9 yrs old she bought a new hockey stick for u ... Nd u  thanked her by losing it in the playground.

When u were 12 yrs old she bought u a pen wid a floral design .. Nd u thanked her by saying u liked the one wid the cartoon design on it .

When u were 15 yrs she bought u a new bag ..Nd u thanked her by saying u dint like the color .

When u were  18 yrs she gifted u a bicycle .. Nd u thanked her by demanding for a bike.

When u were  21 yrs she warned u against the world's evil .. Nd u thanked her by having accounts on several social networking sites.

When u were 23 yrs she bought u a new dress.. Nd u thanked her by saying tht it was out of trend .

When u were 25 yrs old she asked u not to work in a night shift .. Nd u thanked her by saying tht you were an adult .

When u were 27 she was seeing a boy for ur marriage ... Nd u thanked her by asking her not to interfere in ur life .

When u were 30 yrs old she asked u to eat well nd healthy during pregnancy .. u thanked her by saying u were consulting a dietician .

When u were 32 yrs she offered to take care of ur kid .. Nd u thanked her saying tht the day care was better .

When u were 35 yrs nd ur mum was 60 she wanted u to get her some medcines .. Nd u said u were busy in office.

When u were 38 nd she was 63 ... U thanked by not caring enough for her in her sickness.

When u were 40 and ur mum was 65 u were trying to thank her by asking the doctor to do his best to save her .

When u were 40 ... U cudin thank her now tht u knew Hw important she was .. Coz she wasn't breathing for u to do so ....
I love you mommy ....
Valueing parents is the best way to thank them for letting us be a part of the world...!!!
Nandini Jan 2014
If I skip a heartbeat .. I would end up dead
You're tht one heartbeat I neva wanna skip.

I keep waiting for you , thinking about you
When the sun has painted the sky in pale tint of orange
Though I'm stuck in dis time lapse... I cud skip a heartbeat for you ...

Destiny conspired against us .. to separate us forever
Miles and miles I have walked ...searching for you
Evry thudder of my heart echoes wid your memories ...Coz I cud skip a heartbeat for you ....

I loved you to the point of zenith nd the pain as well tht you gave me
I hope to tranquil this pain of mine ..hence I cud skip a heartbeat for you ...

I'll always be waiting for you , coz hope is the only rule tht the human race has thrived on
Our destinies will collide again , once again the universe would conspire for you to be mine ...
and that day again ...I promise I'll skip a heartbeat for you ....
jasmin allen Oct 2011
I’m on some new **** since last week ha-ha (fade)
**** love
I don’t care the way u think rite now
Cause I don’t wanna be loved rite now
I’m goin though a faze were boys are boys
And wht u say but hittin in quitin
Ha-ha we speakin the same lango
And I just don’t care
Ready for tht roller coasta ha-ha
So give be some of tht yum yum yum
Tht good stuff
Cause u fine as **** id tap tht is an instant
Thts wht I told u (ha-ha)
I don’t have a heart for the time being
Let’s play each other
Player (ha-ha)
And then wake up ( ha-ha tht was fun)
Imma score for a winner in the end
a fine *** mother *****
MJ Smith Nov 2012
I want you to get what you deserve And thats the best
And I times I don't give you my best and you deserve better then that But I  promise I'll give u my best from my heart !
I know times get rough between us n I know I can get overactive but  u deal with that with your best effort I guess what  I'm tryna tell you is tht your the BEST BABY and I want nothing but u all I want is YOU! I want all of YOU
And I don't wanna share it with anybody :) I wanna care for you  and take you to a place where your always gonna be safe
This **** right here is long term
People say we're too young n stupid
But I don't  think so we've gone through things that a lot grown ppl have gone through
So I smile and think me and my girl is something real cause we've already have gotten through tough things whats gonna stop us
you and me are a team that can't be beaten !
Yesterday I told you get deja vu a lot and I had this weird vision of you older in this white dress
and then I woke up from my nap
I was scared n couldn't stop smiling I was scared that I might mess this up but smiling cause I was like tht dream was amazing until my mom called :/
So when I say "I love you"
I really mean it ! I can't go a day without talking to you or and I struggle when I can't see your beautiful face
So listen when I say this Reina
And you are the BEST
asia Aug 2018
my heart is broken but open
fragile but closin.
my heart tht you chosen
will you embed it?
my stomach is turnin
it is fckn hurtin.
ig im overdosin...
so many emotions
how could you cheat.
the hole in my heart
my heart is explodin
ig were now opponents
blood is now overflowin...
and now tht i think.
why did i open?

now im completely broken...

but open.
Sumeria Apr 2019
If i die dont come to me as a peace offering crying over my body i dead in a better place away frm you. Please speak for the time will come when you see me again and i ask you wat have you done my love to be in my presence then i will ask you did you love the ones was less fortunate then you did you show your love in a way to get my attention. Then you will say i havent did none of wat u ask me then i will say depart frm me i dnt knw you and never once gave me a chance to show your my blessing i had for my children so now im here u ****. My body but not my soul i am tht i am and tou will suffer all the day tht will come til you understand tht power lies with no man on this plane just . Me your ppl makes me sick just to knw you contradicting my words and twist it around for your favor i will say my words is the only thing tht i show as a Covenant between man and me. You let these false teaching lead you and your loved one to doomed.  The only way to turn is question every teaching tht come toward you and trust your heart for i live in the temple and not the church. For ppl speak so high of the church. Is noting more. A sinners playground i tell u the truth turn away at once thus say the lord
Sorry guys if i mispell words. Im using my cells and things come. Out wrong at times
billy phang Oct 2014
Oooh beatiful  girl ma diamond  ..u a my wifi  coz i feel connections between me ad u...u a very extra hot like a hot  Nandos peri peri chicken tht  i hv  8tn.<3:-);-) i see u evn u are not thr.u make me  feel so high tht i could talk to rain ............,,,,,,,,,but i will make sure tht if u  dnt acept me i will tell ma parents
#she fainted
Vilene Joubert Nov 2010
About 2 watch a m0vie
I'll b seeing it Through my eyes
I hope its ur face I find

Its been so long
Since I felt ths way
Dnt knw wht 2 say

Thrs no sense of direction
No commitment
Nothing tht wud make me run away

Not once did u judge me
On how I am
Nor hav u tried 2 change me

U r fine with wh0 I am!

U knw I can not love u
N0t tht I dnt want 2
But nxt 2 me u stand

Ur da only 1 thts different
Da way u stood tall 4 me
And defended me
No1 has eva done tht 4 me!

I knw ths 4 a fact
U & I will walk 2getha
Quite a distance

I'll be seeing you in my movie
I'll be waiting at da bar

Thr I will thank you
4 being da best I'v had s0 far
Ever since we met its lik i kno who u r
Its lik we are locked togethr on a shelf in a little jar
Ever since we hugged i feel so squeezed
Were missing a kiss my lips u wud tease
Ever since we held hands i never want to let go
If I still held on our path wud stay aglow
But now my path is dark and my feet are sore 
Ever since this all started i knew tht i hav had this feeling before
I dont think i can find true love any time soon
If i keep trying my heart will blow up lik a balloon
I cud just stay emotionally stable for a bit
Bcuz if i dont in my chest there will soon be a slit
I love listening to ur heavenly voice
I wud listen to it all day if i had a choice
This one is for a certain girl I have been talking to over the weekend. Im trying to prove myself to her.
Here i sit heartbroken and dead
My last bit of blood for u i wud shed
I wud fight until i cant fight anymore
I wud walk beyond the limit as my feet get sore
I wud do just about anything wen it comes to u
I wud do so much tht u wudnt kno tht id do
If we were a couple i wud go out of my way
Jus to say to u "hav a nice day"
I wud treat u lik the only ******* earth
U jus dont kno how much to me u r worth
I want to cherish my life with u 
Its jus the fact tht u dnt even hav a clue
If we were together i wud keep one half of my hart and give the other to u 
Only so tht wen were together its not in two
mrp3rs0nality Nov 2010
My women: 

As I lay here and stare at the ceiling 
I can't help but to get this feelin
To display some sort of affection 
To the mirror image of perfection 
That lay beside me tht I call my queen

Queen u might ask ? 
Well that cuz she deserve it! 
I mean she endured it better yet ignored it
Frivolous mind games and *******   
I tried to pull off 
And to wht cost when all tht was lost was the trust she had built up from a foundation 
When there was no wrong answer to the (U + ME = "US") equation 

Then there was the separation 
where we both flirted w/different temptations
Moving aimlessly w/o a particular path
Actions not adding up even when using the simplest math
U see cuz we added selfishness and stubbornness 
Then subtracted the forgiveness 
Multiplied by the bitterness 
Which left us divided due to the pettiness 

Well when all thts factored out wht will be the solution 
Could this relationship be restored  or is  tht just an illusion
With all the problems we have already endured 
Can this disease called "Being Apart" be cured 
U know b/c I don't know if u may have heard but I have really matured and I will not be ignored

I Stood my ground I let out an sigh of relief 
Not knowing her reaction I began to tremble like a leaf
She came close and looked me square in my eye 
As she began to speak her voice quivered as if she was going to cry

"Y can't I get rid of u" -"It's b/c of U the reason why I act the way I do"

"But my love for u can fill an ocean 
The affection we share fuels my devotion" 

"I'm under a spell and u are the potion 
But don't write this off as going through the motions 
When I am bubbling over w/emotions"

"So don't use are fondest memories as a tool to continue being cruel with the end result of me standing there being your fool or even worst the subject of ridicule" 

As she explained her point of view I couldn't help but to think 
How I could just let something go as quick as an eye can blink
But her love for me out weighed all the bad 
And it was sad cuz whenever I did things to make her mad all I could do in response was say my bad. 
Why am I so lucky to have her in possession and do I really deserve this angel of mine? - is the real question 
But I learned my lesson
Matter of fact I have a confession
I feel like you in my life is a blessing 
How this relationship has endured the ups and downs was really something 
And sooner than you think matrimony is comin but for now it's pleasure having u as My Women

                By: @mr_p3rsonality
Jay Sep 2012
the fairytales i conjure up
never seem to fade.
its like they're haunting me;
and its daunting to believe
that they'll never come true...
with you.
i dream of olden days,
the pictures we'd take
the things tht we'd say.
jokes and love and happiness
love and infatuation and your sweet kiss-ing
keeps me reminiscing. 
but for what purpose?
im losing tht need to love you
if i cant touch you, hug you...
let love not flow like
can we glimpse into the past?
just for this moment,
let me hold it.
i miss the days;
without a question
and my fairytales linger,
like the sour smell of spoiled GOODS.
yet, i cant let them go.
but i have to keep steadfast:
Stormy blue eyes search the horizon from atop a parking garage
The storm despritely rages around the pupil as it searches for the sea
But alas, even eight stories up, endless towers block distant waves from the mixed blue
Yet they still search on, darting back and forth
Trying to find something tht matches the wavy blue eyes
I don't even know, lol
jasmin allen Oct 2011
Got this feelin when I wake up got this new chick (aw I love my new *****!)
We gots lips that ****
Make u stair (like oh my gosh!)
Cant handle both us together (its crazy)
We so amazing so amazing
Its so amazing
Lifes amazing
The way we look is so amazing so amazing
So amazing so amazin
Together its crazy its…
So amazin amazin so amazin
Together we so amazin so so amazin
You cant take my new attudie its bitchyer than yo *****
Flipin ppl off left and right (**** u too)
Saturday nite was so amazin so so amazin
**** them haters not my fault we da ****
Love its so ah( scratch tht forget I said tht)
Life is so anazin so amazin
Its so amazing
Lifes amazing
The way we look is so amazing so amazing
So amazing so amazin
Together its crazy its…
So amazin amazin so amazin
Together we sp amazin so so amazin
Dancing without pants get ova it
Higher than the ah in amazing
Livin care free once again (plans on fun on plans)
****** wit yo heart dude (sowii ha- ha)
Now off to chill get smoked as hell
Had a long *** day ha-ha it was so amazin so so amazin
NitaAnn Oct 2013
******-Angry girl took over last night. She is explosive with rage and it is fierce and uncontrolled. She physically and verbally abuses the little girl inside of me, and although she is not a threat to anyone but us, she does like to verbally abuse Dear Therapist, via email. Sometimes a few months will go by without her taking over, sometimes only a few weeks, but she has been present since Monday, relentlessly torturing the rest of us. She wants to die. She cannot handle the pain, the past is overwhelming and she knows of no other way out. She strongly believes that Dear Therapist manipulated the 5 year old into trusting him, and then once he declared victory of getting the untrustable to trust, he decided he could just take off and not be there for her. And Angry Girl HATES Dear Therapist for that! Because after all these years of independence and never relying on anyone to help or “be there”, now the baby who cries for Dear Therapist’s help at night, drives us f#%king crazy!

Not only did ******-Angry girl cut me last night, she sent some emails to Dear Therapist. Emails that were discovered today when I checked my sent file. ******-Angry Girl wants to cut the whiny baby out of my body. She hates her. She wants Dear Therapist to go away. She hates him too.

Below is an excerpt from the emails sent to Dear Therapist. It’s ******-Angry Girl’s anger that scares me. She will **** me…it’s only a matter of time. She won’t stop until it happens. She has no will to live she wants only to escape the endless pain.

Angry ****** Girl: I am not fearful of death. ******* welcome it! Hope u enjoyed ur vacation! Thanks for caring and taking my "fear" seriously" (huge amounts of dripping poisonous sarcasm!) Ur so great and I'm so nothing! So I shouldn't be missed! and I guess ur "best" doesn't include calling me bk n 24 hrs- does it? For future reference, get a ******* back-up! There will be times when the "crazy" clients can't wait for a week to ******* deal w/a "non-existent" fear!!! **** u and ur ******* rose colored glasses! I'm not afraid of ******* dying! Dying will be a ******* relief!!! **** that man! **** that sorry man who calls himself Dad! He ******* Ruined all of it! ******* hate u! I ******* hate u and ur ******* "stay present"! U ******* stay present in my body every ******* nite! I ******* told u it was bad! But as usual, u blew me off "it’s only 3 emails" no big deal" **** u!!! It may not be a big deal to u, but it was a huge ******* deal to me!!! But **** it! Obviously that wasn't impt to u! Becuz I don't matter! Nothing here that can hurt me right now!?!?U go ahead and believe that - w/ur rose colored glasses on, dear therapist- becuz he will **** me. And when he does, don't ******* preach "theresz nothing that can hurt u right now, Nita" nothing. Ur so ******* wrong about that! In fact, I'm offended tht u even said it! How contradictory of u! "ur fear is real to u- I've nvr said it isn’t" Really? That's not what ur ******* saying now!? I hope when I'm dead u don't preach that **** to someone else. I hope if someone else comes to u and tells u he's going to **** her u ******* think about me and what happened to me- and ******* believe it! Becuz it IS real right the **** now!!!! It is ******* real!!! This could not have worked out better! ******* ***** is aware that u don't hear her now- so she won't tell anything! We are done- I can cut her out of her misery! Finally!!!

It will never stop. There is no way it will ever stop. I am discouraged and hurting. There is no escape. There are no answers. There is nothing but this endless pain. And he doesn’t care. I tried to tell him, but he doesn’t listen. It’s worse when he’s gone. And he can kiss my *** with his “Put it in a safe container” – HELLO!!!! There’s no way to contain it! It’s like trying to put pour rain back into a cloud! Why the hell can’t he see that? There’s no way to ‘check’ the pain at the door when I ******* leave his office! It’s ******* Hotel California! There is no escape! I cannot leave.
So tired of the fighting with the ******-Angry Girl...need to find a way to make her stop...put her to rest for good. I am battle-weary and so tired...I am waving the flag of surrender...
Chidera Abaratu Aug 2017
They called them selves friends
not just friends but very good friends
but truely they were disconnected
and this was very impossible
to on lookers because they
saw them as friends who
were so close and connected

But they knew as friends
that they were far apart from
each other just like parallel lines
tht would never meet

In a friendship where both
were meant to be active
and supportive so that
their friendship would grow
and blossom for all to see
and for all to admire

It was only one person
that was doing the work
it was only one person that
was being active and
supporting the friendship

Ony one person felt hurt
only one person had to apologize
even though he did nothing wrong
making her seem good and
making him seem bad to on lookers

With time the friendship
stopped growing as it used to  
because it was only one person
who felt the need for the friendhip
while the other felt that the frienship
was useless so there was no need trying
and this made the friendship turn out
into being a one sided and an unappreciated friendship
Allison Rose Nov 2012
what is lft

of th towring giants

metal skletons tht have
grwn brittle

wth age

but we cnnot retire thm

tke them dwn nd let them
rst in peace

becus we are sure

tht as long as the rmaining piecs

stay stnding

ther is smthing tht can
nvr die
i still luv you...i doo..but from the looks of it were through...neva plan your life with someoone
tht young ,unless your 4 sure or certain tht he's the one....i neva thought seeing yu with
anotha girl...this time will hurt this much...but i have seem to lost all trust...the gurl
is different from me...and thtz true but i neva thought that we would be through
this soon...hoping tht i was gonna be the one yu call boo...but by the looks of it now...
im fooled...
mrp3rs0nality Nov 2010

I've notice u b4 walking my way 
With Plenty attempts 4 me to say hey 
But my reluctance always seems to let u get away
Who r u really -it's a mystery to me 
Ur Beauty and gracefulness is all I c 

I often look in the mirror to practice my conversation
U know a brief introduction a bit of charm and a little persuasion 
 Wht Eva the occasion ur always dress the part
I know a women like u have broken many hearts
Where do I start when I do get ur attention 
Should I voie my good qualities or share my intentions
And that is only to insure u be treated like the goddess u r 
Do I have to possess a significant income jewelry or a fancy car
Well thts just something u would have to c for urself
Come b a part of this voyage me & u no one else
****** Cupid ur a muthafucka got me all tangled in my emotions sounding like a sucka 
But *** it I can't keep this feeling inside 
Got to lay it all out on the table -I got nothing hide 

Wht qualities make u boo -is my question to u 
I mean who r u really and wht r u into
It's like a riddle w/no answers a mystery w/no clue
And at the end of the day I'm gonna be me and ur gonna be you 

But all this information I just keep inside
And it is because of tht reason why I write this scribe 
To gain ur attention I have had many occasions
But when ur near it's like my mind go on vacation 
So with tht being said u keep me in amazement 
And until I build up my courage just consider this an INFATUATION 

                By: @mr_p3rs0nality
Someone lives in a cave
eating his toes,
I know that much.
Someone little lives under a bush
pressing an empty Coca-Cola can against
his starving bloated stomac,
I know that much.
A monkey had his hands cut off
for a medical experiment
and his claws wept.
I know tht much.

I know that it is all
a matter of hands.
Out of the mournful sweetness of touching
comes love
like breakfast.
Out of the many houses come the hands
before the abandonment of the city,
out of hte bars and shops,
a thin file of ants.

I've been abandoned out here
under the dry stars
with no shoes, no belt
and I've called Rescue Inc. -
that old-fashioned hot line -
no voice.
Left to my own lips, touch them,
my own nostrils, shoulders, *******,
navel, stomach, mound,kneebone, ankle,
touch them.

It makes me laugh
to see a woman in this condition.
It makes me laugh for America and New York city
when your hands are cut off
and no one answers the phone.
Deshunte' B Aug 2014
Depression is more of a emotional illness so to speak an less of a mental illness those surrounded by many and trust none due to the flaws of past judgement, never saying a word, true introverts to any & every situation tht may really hurt us... Allowing u to continue your ways while cutting ourselves off frm those around us, thinking "they'll never notice"  few days passed and our points proven when we dont receive tht anonymous message or texts (where are u? Are u ok?) Those who judge others often question themselves giving more the reason not to listen or take offence when Real opinions are stated, take note keep it movin life continues I jus hope an pray tht my flaws placed on a pedestal dont delay me seening the lord at the summit for final judgment*,,..
Am that gal tht brightens yo day
Ever th bubbly, mercurial lass tht feels no pain
You say, i am always happy
Tht am gud at it
But wat u will never realise is that am a dam gud actress!
Reality is too painful to face
My bubble myt be a fantasy bt atlst safe
I knw wat its lyk to walk down an empty street
Listening to my demons torment me
Asking whr r u running to child?
Dnt u knw we r home
Dominique Jul 2015
With all the cards against us we gotta make it manage i swear to God i wish i cld mke yu harm proof what they dont understand its a bigger pic tht i cnt b taken out of ill nvr play yu like lebron vs jordan they say time is money but its not im broke so time all we got n yu cnt mke tht back so give me all yu got treat me like theirs no tomorrow....death over dishonour angel eyes short hair stay the same let the seasons change im willing to build noahs art known it cld b torn apart i aint got a image to uphold i keep the truth i been the truth  im a young simba in his youth. im wondering wat comes with being a better man put Tyson Ali  Mayweather in a ring &  they still cldnt knock my love 4 yu
Just a bunch of thoughts i wrote while at work.
Salacious Alice Apr 2015
I guess i was wrong..
I was once right..
Ur the wrong i thought was right..
The right tht went so wrong..
The love so wrongfully right...
Autumn Feb 2013
is it sad tht alli wish is for your acceptance
                                                             is it sad that i wish for you to look my way, and smile
                                                                                                    is it sad that i hate myself for likeing you
is it sad that youtake my breath away
                                                           is it sad that you mak me want to cry  out in pain
                                                                                                    is it sad that i got jealous when i saw you holding her hand
is it sad that you are the cause of thoose scars
                                                           is it sad that you are irresistable
                                                                                                    is it sad that when you defend me it makes me want to scream and laugh and cry at the same time
is it sad that you make me me
is it sad you are you
is it sad you are the one i love?
is it sad you are the one that makes me try?
is it sad that you are the one i hate?
is it sad
at all
stupid of me to
is it dumb of me
like and love and hate and need you

Am supposd to b rytn abt hm.
Wat i wnt hm to do to me
Do for me......
Bt the moment ths pen reachs th paper she comes out
Her tht little scared gal
She wnts hr pain bared to u
Shz troubld
Inside hr heart
She hates every1, mst especially hrself
Shz manipulative, shz th mothr of pain
Tormentd little brat
Not all wounds heal
Shz damagd, u cnt help hr, i wnt let u
You see shz th main personality n am hr strongest outer ego
Th othrz r weak
Am in charge, she creatd me to protect hr
Am doin js tht. U wnt her.
Yes i knw such a pretty gal n yet such an ugly soul
Nandini Jan 2014
I try to blur my mind wid smoke
So dat your memories don't cast their shadows again
I'm inking all of dis down wid the blue nd black pain
As it gushes through my veins like adrenaline rush
I listen to the music we used to submerge into...
but tht brings back the painstaking turbulence within...
Through liquid tears filling the brim of my eyes
.... But
But the truth is the world robbed both of us of each other .....
And now dat I'm dead on the inside my pain is incarcerated within ...
Everyday wid every drag I stab u living inside me ,
Now tht you've left me all alone .. bleeding
Coz you've done dis ....
You hve to breathe widout me if dats Wat brings u happiness ...
I have to let you go ...Coz I love you ,
Coz ....
My heart says love him ,
My mind says hate him ...but they both wish I had him .... I'll always luv you
It's just dat uve lost the best thing in life ...ur brain has accepted it but the heart denies every feeling of losing u ....
Sumeria Nov 2018
My mind is empty my heart is cold im lost in this maze call life hear me o lord for god is within my soul im connect to the cosmos the bring light. Night fall s sun rise just to live the yday for this life is just cycles wat was yday is now for the time is cycles karma wat going come around but my. Mind is empty so u say but i have the key of life for im the chosen one who can decide life and death for im the mega of all living thing for i have melanin so i rule over you and take back my spirit. For u have lock my power tht i had and distory my key for the day will come when. The game is over and i win . but til then my mind is lost in the dust.
Sonia Motwani Nov 2015
In the dreams of happiness my search took a turn
Granting me my wish tht was so sublime yt stubborn
Yes..I found you in tht never ending gleee
As the ocean of love inside had he..
That magic of lord I got from thee..
Yes I am drowned in that very vast sea..
Insane Reverie Aug 2014
Oh yes! i love you babe
all my senses and my heart react to ur love
"oh my heart,how do u feel in there?"
slowly it respond"IT *****"
oh no-no-no,it wasn't me babe
it was this heart
hey heart,u can't be rude,not at least with my love
oh my mind speak " u my lady,u r crazy.that guy u love doesn't even worry"
hey mind,have u seen scars on my skin?
skin exactly knows how much I love him
preety were the pictures of our said eyes
but mouth said "how ugly is tht guy"
but babe,I didn't say that
oh,ur smell,its way toxic & lungs complained
but I never did babe
your voice was husky,I prefered tht way
but later ears started to worry
but trust me babe,it wasn't me
oh,how u touched my hair and now it falls
is it because it misses u or u that poisonous
ya,fine ! Wish no more babe,wish no more
I did love you once
ignorance is a bliss& now m satisfied  
enjoying the fake pie,saying I love you
just to make me high
oh yes,babe now I  realize how " Love is a lie"
This poem actually is dedicate to those so called "love".
jasmin allen Nov 2011
teddy bear teddy bear turn around teddy bear teddy bear touch the skyyyyy....
i sleep with my **** like its my teddy bear cuz its my teddy bear like it like it my teddy bear
i dream of those leaves they are everywhere they they are everywhere
i wake up and the smoke disapate
i was so high last nite but now its a different day
if i were ****** tested it would be to there dismay
i cant wait till the cash bounce back my way
order some more kush its mi main entree
now here bad ***** smoke some john deer
we dont gotta be hicks to take a couple hits
got tht **** burning like a wick oh **** i cant feel my face
i sleep with my **** like its my teddy bear cuz its my teddy bear like it like it my teddy bear
i dream of those leaves they are everywhere they they are everywhere
my teddy bear alwas got me feelin safe
im in the air like will & grace
hahahahahaa ***** i spit in ur face
come here baby come get a taste
i never knew green was a flavor
Kassie T Aug 2014
With you it felt like nothing else mattered. Glass shattered to the ground because I'm grounded. Your fist pounded my face in and after that I knew I was caved in. A new born slave, beaten into my own grave. I never knew you would hit me like this. You say you love me but really you're hurting me, physically and mentally. Mentally Im trapped and I can't fight back. He says I better not tell a soul or I will be seeing my death slow. It seems like there is no way out. Its hard to tell my mother Im in trouble. Physically I am torn. My makeup, to cover the scars and bruises. My heart bruises because Im extremely wounded. Doesnt anyone see that I am hurting? Help me! I drop down on my knees as I pray to my father. I rise and he caught me by surprise. He hit me so hard, he slashes my eye. Blood is leaking everywhere, I'm a new born slave. Wondering why he beats me now, he made a dramatic change. The next day I woke up. Cooking him his breakfast, waiting for him to show up. I feel so ugly inside and out. I let this man abuse me but this can no longer happen. Into the kitchen he comes, while I have my surprise. A frying pan, headed straight for his thighs. I hit him so hard he drops to the floor, I had to knock him out so I hit him once more. Onto his back and then to his head. I thought he was dead and I called 911 instead. I told them I was a victim of abuse. They came in a hurry and they noticed my eye. They sent me to the hospital because I was traumatized. I didnt think I would ever get out. It took me 5 years but Im finally free. According to Gods will, he set me free. And my husband, he's in jail. They sent him with tht big *** knot I put on his face. I am getting a divorce and now I am no longer a new born slave.
I wrote this in the eyes of someone else. This did not happen to me. But I do want you to know if you are in a abusive relationship it's okay to tell someone. Get out now before it gets any worse. Know that God Is Good! He is able and he can, set you free.

By: Kassie-T
jackie Dec 2012
listen to a higher love..but i cant find it
searching under rocks and hurdles that i create in my head unable to fill this.
questions circulate
the torture i place on my own plate
to eat and swallow like the shallow tears
that wont surface for over the years
I have hardened my jaded heart giving me solemn and yet peace
i have to learn to release,

release the pain, let go of the demon tht lies in wait
for me to give in and exhibit my inherited trait
selfish, not selfless like tht which i yearn for
draining good hearts and killing my own
fill this whole with what i own.

taking and taking leaving sludge of regret
listening to those demeaning voices in my head.
saying youre just like her you cant walk away
even when if it means

being alone possibly forever.
Sephra G Jul 2015
a choice tht wuld make me hated.
to do it for myself is rong but I still made it.
******* see a fatal bomb nd cant say ****.
I aint some type nd I ain't ur average *****.
I got regular ****** tellin me to be perfect.
please.. as if I needed the service.
I hold it down on my own, I deserve this
lookin lyk a trillion bills tht I made *****
I keep it real ur games aint on my playlist
nd if I'm ur biggest problem ur right to feel lyk u ain't ****

— The End —