KJSC Nov 2013

The anger doesn't go away
No one makes the anger what it is
It's just something that has always been there
The energy of the universe
Unable to be created or destroyed
As dictated by the first law of thermodynamics
So it is
So it changes
So it converts between people
Anger projected and harnessed
And eventually a build up of anger so big
Released so violently in a human reaction
It's always there and it's always in me
Just a potential anger so easily triggered by the surrounding world

They call me short tempered, but really
I am an exergonic reaction
Spontaneous with a small amount of activation energy
To release my anger onto the world around me
Leaving me drained of energy until more potential stores within me
Like it always does

Arvind Krish Dec 2015

I came to know you first
In my Chemistry class..
First you sounded like a lil' toddler
with all the pressure and volumes
But when you made your steps
all the pages made me feel like
lost in b/w crying toddlers.
No matter how much I tried
Neither could I understand you
nor console you.

Then after 2 weeks of separation,
you came back
This Time In Phyiscs!
Now with all those complex equations

Now I hear whispers
In corners of classroom
They tell silently
"He's there in Biology too"

a simple funny poem that came to my mind after seeing an fb troll..
Raina Grace Aug 2014

On a swing sat a girl.
She sat, and she sang.
Cars drove about,
A telephone rang.
The usual noises
Went through the town
As the girl kept swinging
Upwards and down.
Then the swingset was empty
And nothing was heard
But the creak of the swing
And the caw of a bird.

She disappeared. But don't worry, she's safe.
Riq Schwartz Apr 2013

I'm cracking up
Like rotten eggs
Like seven years
Of shitty luck
Like old mosaics
Losing tiles
Across my windshield
Sending thoughts
Into the ether
Each one taking
Part of me
I'm cracking up
Like cheap ceramics
Broken, scrapped,
And then replaced.

Hedonic Nihilist Nov 2014

Let us be then: you and I
In an exchange of energy, you and me
I will give up for you what you give up to me
And we can exist entirely

But let us go then
And we can debate about the usages of words that no one else but you and I will ever know

And I will love you to the passive voice
You will be loved by me
I will be loved by you

Let us break the second law of thermodynamics
Because you and me
we're better than exchanges of energy
I am perpetual to you and I will be to you a violation of the laws of entropy

Every movement that we make will ease the chaos in our lives
And let us do then what we're not supposed to do
And let me go then where I'm warned not to go
And I will take you and you will take me

Forget entropy
And just love me

This is highly irrelevant and romanticized
me Jan 2013

Physicists believe this dimension
may be nothing more than a hologram

But they have not run their fingertips
down the curve of your back

LR Thompson Apr 2016

Entropy is increasing
Slowly reducing order to disorder
Like all things must
As confirmed by thermodynamics
And witnessed by aging
To the point where all things
Is the malady of experience;
A means to interpret energy
Such that
Whatever choices
You must face
The first law is final:

One conversion
No waste

b e mccomb Sep 2016

i'm on top of the world
and waiting to crash

i'm glad summer
is over now
always had too many
false expectations
and winter is better
because everyone
sets the season's
standards low

(except for christmas
but fuck christmas
except don't actually
fuck christmas
because the pine needles
would probably hurt)

i just want the dishes all
washed and my bedroom
floor completely clean and swept
before i jump in front of a car

(go ahead and hang
me from the chandelier
it's not like i need
my neck in one piece)

but there's some kind of concept
stating that anything left to itself
will steadily grow worse so
if i go now it may just all decay

(flowers sprouting out
of the sink drain and the
ivy on the window taking
hold of the kitchen walls
grass meandering up
through my floorboards)

last week you promised
over cups of morning coffee
that you would do
anything to help me

but that was before
last night when i washed
the coffee pot five times
brewing out the limey residue
of all the things you've said
and this morning it tasted
slightly of vinegar and
i remembered that you
got so lost in old grocery receipts
inside plastic bags under the table
of your own colossal problems
that you just forgot.

(if i were less anxious i would
definitely be an arsonist by now)

and i don't know as
you know about that
concept the one i was
just referring to

(the one that explains
why procrastination
will kill us both
you in your femoral arteries
me in the vicelike death trap
of my fucking head)

because i don't know as
you know that behind
the mania in my eyes is
three four a.m.'s
two five a.m.'s
one six a.m.
and six months
of three a.m.'s.

every time i fry a fish i'm
mentally putting my face
against into the pan and
the lid over my eyes

(and you just want
salad for some reason)

i'm a paragon of raging
domesticity these days
and you're saying how right
you must have raised me

(really it was all your wrongs
that raised me right that way)

you keep accusing me
of being mad at you
so okay i'll just say i'm
fucking mad at you

because you can't
control your house
or who lives in it
you can't even take
care of yourself which
means i could lose
you tomorrow and
you don't care that i'm
suffering and dying
just as slowly as you are

(somebody has to
take responsibility
for your actions and
i've always been handy)

you call me selfish when
i learned that from you

(hell only knows
everyone is at least
a little selfish some
just hide it better)

but the other thing you
taught me by example
is that if you want
something done
right you must
do it yourself

(fuck it all
you'll see one day
what i did for you
and fuck it all
because i can't save
either of us but you
had better believe i
can clean a fucking house.)

Copyright 9/13/16 by B. E. McComb
Hannah Feb 2016

We are all falling into chaos;
our houses of cards are crashing.
If we could zoom out time like you can a camera lens,
we could see the spectrum for what it is and maybe we could truly witness universal entropy increasing-- it's always increasing.
We would be witnesses to the truth of dust, the truth of chaos.
We could be seers of time and space and float above everything, escaped from the race.
Instead I can only witness my small blip of time from own my small perspective.
I will watch politicians and global warming and the world run around in circles and I will call this chaos.

The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of any isolated system always increases. Isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermal equilibrium—the state of maximum entropy of the system.
the entropy of the universe (the ultimate isolated system) only increases and never decreases.
Brian Nutsch Apr 2016

I belong to those you know, flesh and blood born from a womb
I take place in this space in time, emitting heat, adding to entropy
Some of you want to leave, believing you are higher, better, wiser
Leave this place called home, Earth.

You will fly far, reaching the darkest recesses of the stars
Capture nothing in a glass jar and bring it back
Jettison among novae, hoping to find a true reason for life, sparks.
I tell you this lonesome traveller; you are but a rocketeer of light

A day will come when you pass, leaving behind a rotten mass
What will happen to this body that conquered the universe?
I know not what you saw; but it is never enough for those who see, belief.
Given up to the cold in which you float, weightless and forlorn

I keep my feet upon this muddy green wet garbage can that you have abandoned
Call me oblivious, for the stars will not answer my souls yearning, finding hope in something unique
Physically content to sit out the fire, until my Designer has called my spirit to a new dwelling
Oh you cosmonaut, seek elsewhere to find veracity

Changing your name from spaceman to soul-sojourned
Knowing that these planets and suns all come from One
Seek thy face whilst among the heavens
And you will know why I stay, but not for long

I am but a traveller passing through this world. Looking for a home

protection from the vengeance
created by slavery
that is what the American institution is
that is how it formed

Ned Carter Mar 2013

I have always been
And will always be.
Nothing created or
destroyed, You see.

inside us all.
Star stuff makes up
this tiny blue ball.

directing the course
energy and matter's
chaotic discourse.

Never dissipating.
Always in flux.
I'm still here,
and that is the crux.

Do not be sad,
nor shed a tear.
I simply changed states,
I will always be near.

So say your goodbyes
to this one incarnation,
And know it isn't over,
temporary emancipation

Particles spinning
here, but not.
Quantum reality
more than one shot.

It never ends,
we will always be
in different forms
that's our reality.

irinia Aug 2014

it is just enough,
too many in depth lessons.
pain always asks for something,
fear has run out of options,
joy wears light dresses
loneliness refuses dinner,
despair sits at a crossroad.

these are just contours of events
obliterating "the vital impetus"
as in a probabilistic game
or in the second law of thermodynamics
blissful equilibrium is just a special retreat
some form of inner spacial homogeneity

this is just a moment
before dinner is served
on a peaceful evening
by a lake
catching the last rays
of the singing sun

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