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Alyssa Underwood Nov 2015
There's a peculiar kind of beauty that can only be experienced
with the innate knowledge that the moment is fleeting
and the most intense beauty can only be seen in
the presence of both light and shadows.
For it’s often in the loss of a thing
that its worth to us becomes
most precious and by
letting it go with
grace we can
best savor
its purest
that the pain
runs so deep only
because the beauty ran
so deep and that without
it having once touched us we
wouldn't now know the emptiness
of its loss, our grief will eventually turn to
thankfulness that it ever touched us at all, and
we will be left awed by the mystery of its haunting.
may May 2018
The person who always
knows when something’s the matter
But doesn’t pry because time will tell

The beauty you hold
doesn’t just come from the outside
But It is flowing within  

You have a kind heart that not everyone
Deserves to see but you show it to anyone
You think needs a pick me up

Everything you’d want in a best friend
Could be found in you
So I worry about you going away

I could never get tired of our late night talks
The ones where we just lay in the dark
Because I can tell you anything and everything

But as it turns out
Everyone has a different definition of forever
And I hate that I’m waiting to see what yours is
I don’t appreciate my best friend as much as I should. When you read this I hope you’re safe and I’ll see you soon :)
For the first sparks
Of sweetness
in me

For the first figment
Of complete
That he kept
in me

For the lasting love
Of warm
We keep
burning together
Thank you x
km Nov 2018
gone too soon—
you have lived all your life
making others happy.

now that I think about it
what a selfless person you are
always putting others needs before yours

you believed in me
more than i ever believed in myself
you were the one
who pushed me to reach my full potential

i wouldn't be the person i am today
and still be the shy girl I used to be  
if I didn’t have you in my life

i thank you for everything
you’re in a good place now
and you will surely be missed.
rip //092418
Dennis Willis Nov 2018
I'm a turkey.

I peck all this crap out.

It makes my head


I pay for a finger print reader
I can't use

Stupid humans

Eat me.

[email protected]
hannah way Apr 2017
your eyes fall upon me
as if I am somehow
familiar yet
undoubtedly unknown

I can't help but
look back and wonder
why the universe
bumped us together
JDL Dec 2018
Sometimes it takes a great fall to realize that you are already at
The Top.
It’s easy to take what we have for granted and sometimes it takes a sizeable event to boil away all other distractions to reveal your greatest blessings that you have had all along.
Tristan Brown Nov 2017
Gives Thanks
Because if you're reading this
You have a screen that you're reading off of
Eyes that see
And the ability to read

Give thanks
Because even if you're going through dark moments
You are still having moments

Give thanks
Because no matter how long it takes
People can see change in you
And eventually they will forgive you
For the things you have done

Give thanks
Because there is a day set aside to be thankful
Because as humans
We have so much that we take
Almost everything for granted

Give thanks
If for nothing else
Give thanks
Because you have air to breathe
And your heart is still beating
Happy Thanksgiving
harlee kae Nov 2014
i have so much to be thankful for.
i know that.
but for some reason being surrounded by family all day makes me feel so alone.
and i don't know whats wrong with me.
but i wish someone could fix it.
A horror movie scene as the heroine escapes.
Everything is still besides her convalescing breath and the distant, chasing wind.
Not a noise is heard except the fall leave's rattle and the birch wood's moaning bark in the moonlight.
Her body slouches into the protection of a lone shed, and shrouds itself in the aroma of cut grass.
A tense brow relieves and tired eyes close, thankful to receive the momentary peace.

A possible misstep turns the wary peace on end with the jagged cut of broken leaves. The once relieved brow now concedes surprise as wild eyes are cast towards an opaque barricade.
Sly pieces of garden equipment leash a weathered jacket in place as she attempts to stand.
A cackle is heard, a shriek undone.
To spite the brittle wood, the formulaic jump-scare-skeleton-hand bursts through the shed's solicitous walls, set to declare the last of a weary soul as his own.
The wind catches up and spearheads any hole it can find.
It begins whistling around the dim room like a tornado elated to havoc behind a castle's walls.
The tree bark howls, the leaves, now delight.
We learn there is no reprieve for a begging champion.
The camera slowly backs out of the splintered hole, and pans over a silhouetted forest to face the waning moon.
The hero succumbs with muted screams to a gore far below and out of frame.

Our only closure, a black screen, with bright white letters, slowly scrolling up.

The end.
Just something I had fun writing, figured not posting it would be a waste despite it not being "poetry", just an experiment I guess. I feel like it would be good, in like, a high-school, short story competition. *****.
Adam Nov 2018
I’m thankful that my sin is weightless
Carried by a Father
who’s been nothing but gracious
I’ve tried to out run Him
And He kept up
Pouring His Love
In this broken cup
I’ve tried it all
I’ve danced with the devil
At the sinners ball
I let him ride
And he took the wheel
But My God was stronger
All it took was to kneel
I gave Him my life
He took my strife
Ive been given new life
The Son sacrificed
For all of my sins
Now made weightless
By a Father who’s been
nothing but gracious
Deadwood Jawn Dec 2018
I have been

A stronger machine.

                                          A tighter fit.

                                                           ­                    A strengthened one.

A sharper sword.

                                          A stronger shield.
                                                    ­                          A warmer heart.

A deeper love.

                                           A gift from above.
                                                       ­                     A gift from Him.

                                              The gift to heal.
I pray my empathy never disappears. It is a gift. I treasure it always, Lord. What are you thankful for, this year?
Brooke S Oct 2018
It's hard to be thankful for the past year,
when its been spent breathing in stale air and looking through broken glasses. Sometimes it seems easier to leave the wound open and unattended, knowing that even after it's healed it will scar.

But there is power in becoming brighter than the reality you surround yourself with, knowing that despite the ending there are the moments in between, a colour coated scene that reminds you the cold will come, but it will not last forever.

A warm drive home after a cold day,
cozy hands and falling leaves,
an in between moment,
brighter than the darkness could of ever planned for,
we are eating dessert in the tv light,
and I am thankful for you.
thanksgiving was this past weekend in Canada. A day I thought was going to be dark ended up being filled with love and it filled me with hope
drey Aug 2018
May your passionate, glowing soul forever prance happily among the wildflowers sprouting at your feet.

May your strong, soft hands forever piece together the bits of broken you find within your peers.

May your glistening, hazel eyes forever warm my heart.

For this, I am thankful.
Emeka Mokeme Oct 2018
Things unspeakable,
like a river meandering,
surge in my soul,
calls out to me,
inspires my mind with
intriguing force.
Afflatus of the cosmic  
impressed with love
enough to be true
caressed my whole
being with power
to dare to do
the impossible.
This impression of
what is inside
my being cannot
be fathomed.
The beauty of the
spirit engulfed
my soul.
Nurtured by grace
and infinite power,
emboldened by
the influence
of love divine to
heal the afflicted.
And now I possessed
the dynamic incredible
unction to influence
and affect my world.
All these are possible
because of grace.
More grace has
been given to excel.
Be thankful and receive it.
Rejoice and be grateful for
the glorious treasures available.
When grace speaks
qualifications dies.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
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