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Hisham Alshaikh Jul 2018
You laugh
Angels weep out of jealousy
Devils have no single conspiracy
Demons dancing in harmony
Men hearts go broken with no remedy
Women eyes tearing continuously
Violins break out of envy terribly
Composers have no more creativity
Music plays with no melody
Silence starts listening joyfully
Happiness laughters left in agony
Beautiful words describe nothing but misery
Tulip flowers become colorless shamefully
Believers lose their faith immediately
Infidels drop their convictions instantly
Hearts start beating rapidly
Lungs oxygenating quickly
Living ones laying listening carefully
The dead come back miraculously

--Hisham Alshaikh
You Laugh. Version 1.
punk rock hippy Jul 2014
I want to hit it hard, not romanticize about the blood ya feel me?
As you read that first line,
when you cross over to the second,
your nose will start to bleed just before my fist connects with your face.
I often dream about it, being feared.
The only reason that you're on the ground is because I put you there.
Quite frankly I'm fearful of myself.
My throat still holds the ache of the alcohol going down.
I swear to you I'm doing better.
I swear.

I can't swear in this house hold so I will talk so quickly creating run on sentences without punctuation or breath because I'm panicking over nothing in particular.


Add some shakes to your vocabulary and you've got it right.
My medication puts stray dogs under my finger nails, that's ok because dogs are happiness.
That's supposed to mean I'm happy.

I made myself write this, its horrifyingly scattered just like my head.

That's not right.
That's wrong.
Something is terribly wrong so I must fix it.

That's what I do,
I fix.
I'll just look at this as art.
Some persons trash is another ones treasure.

I'm too scared to write anymore.

This is garbage.
Piyush Gahlot Jul 2018
I asked her to stay away,
I wanted her to leave.
I needed more space,
This is what I used to believe.

Frustrated by her demands and expectations,
I felt little less of freedom.
Started hating to explain how I spent my hours,
what was I doing and what did I had for lunch.

Bored of relationship,
Thought I needed a break,
Just a bit more space,
to do the things I crave.
She misunderstood me terribly,
I adjusted but failed miserably,
Started losing myself trying to keep her closely.

Finally, the separation happened,
It got over I was delighted,
went out on a trip, partied, enjoyed.
She was the one who suffered the most
Things got better as the time passed by.

I pushed her away,
I made her weep,
Not thinking much asked her to leave.
Break up was tough on her,
But she got through,
I made her cry so the Karma has to come for you.

I Met her again at our favourite place,
in hope of getting her back ,
but I could see it in her eyes, that I have been replaced.
Now everything is finished,
everything is blown.
I paused but she moved on.
Now I am the one who's ******* left alone.
Going through the guilt , pain and alone phase after pushing my girl away.
If you really want a break up think over a 100 times before going for it.
SJG May 19
They say "love is a verb".
I don't think it is.

It's more a cloud of locusts,
Flying terribly to your door.
JR Falk Dec 2016
When my mom found us asleep in my bed at 4am and screamed at you to 'Get the **** OUT of her house,' you texted me the very next morning and asked to see me as though it never even happened.

When my family went out of town without me for Thanksgiving, we stayed the whole day at your place and watched foreign movies and ate pasta.

On our first date, we sat in your car until 3am just... talking.

When my sister really wanted that new Pokemon game and my local Walmart sold out, you voluntarily drove almost 5 towns over just so she could get it because you knew I couldn't for her.

The first time we had ***, I cried. I still don't know why. You held me the whole time.

You woke me up with tickets to one of my favorite musicians of all time, for a tour I didn't even know about.

When my dogs died, you stayed up with my the whole night as I cried. Both times.

The first time you kissed me was at a gas pump at 10pm after I changed out of my blouse and into my hoodie.

You took me to Buffalo Wild Wings even though you're a vegetarian. You even put up with my singing each 2008 Billboard Top 100 song as it played. I could tell you were embarrassed for me, but you laughed and kissed me anyway.

When I told you I hadn't been to the art museum, you took me. When I told you I'd never been to Chipotle, you took me. When I told you I hadn't felt safe in years, you made me feel the safest I ever have.

After you kissed me the first time, you admitted the thing that "made" you kiss me was my purple-stained lips after I ate Superman ice cream while belting out songs terribly and sitting in the passenger seat of your car.

When I told you that you were a terrible tipper and I was a waitress, you immediately stopped tipping terribly.

You left me a voicemail telling me you appreciated me, that you felt lucky to have me, and you claimed you didn't deserve me. While I disagree, I felt it. That was the first time I heard you say "I love you" before you had actually said the words "I love you."
I love you.

Mike T Minehan Oct 2012
They're a funny lot, some of these poets,
feisty feminists, dreamers, anti-money,
and even some who are very self-defecating
about themselves.
And then there's the literary, learned allusion lot,
and some who've got their eye on eternity, that's what,
and others who rub too much turps on the **** of their imagination.

But it's the long-winded poets who make me squirm,
and for god’s sake, give me a bottle of red wine when the ones
with blue-rinse hair get up to have their turn.
They're terribly nice, but they need an echidna
stuffed right up you know where - at least once, if not twice.

And give me another bottle of the red, even if it's rough,
or better still a whole case of that stuff,
just to protect me from those who bleed too much in poems.
Psychoanalytic stuff makes me paralytic
and I have to stifle groans.

But most of all, I like the poets with their tongues on fire,
the ones who lick lightening before they write
and who throw a sizzling poem down
like a thunderbolt from Zeus.

I like poems marsh mellow soft and bitter-sweet, too,
and those oozing with the juice. And if a poem's loud and flash,
so what? I like a bit of swagger, with shameless **** and ***.
And sometimes, I just like words that rhyme with licorice,
Dionysius, Priapus, Bacchus and preposterous!

Also, what the ****, a poem can even give offense.
Poets sometimes need to do this to stop indifference.
They call this poet's license, but really,
indifference is the only hell from which
us poets need deliverance.
aziza Dec 2018
inside her room
evening sun felt a little too humid
as though pit of fire,
compile a nagging
desire to strip off her skin.
she wants to escape completely,
from her own body; naked.
getting rid of modesty
from her honesty.

it's ******* hot,
though rain falls in the city,
her scream still goes fiery,
something about this sun has made her feels uneasy,
she'd be lying if she said wasn't sick of it.

it seems like life hasn't always been terribly fun,
and she's unsure if it's the weather
or her heroine.
Joel A Doetsch Aug 2012
I'm terribly lost

It seems that every fork
that I encounter
on this road of life
I choose the one
that puts me further from my goal

Everyone else seems to know where they're going
It's really quite frustrating.

Do I really have that bad a sense of direction?

I've been looking for you for years
The one I can give my heart to
It's here
in this box
all *******
with fancy twine and tissue paper.
It has a tag on it that says "From:  Hopelessly in Love"
I haven't filled out the To: yet

I will once I find you

I want to meet you
I want to become your friend
I want to fall in love
I want the feeling of your hand in mine
I want lazy summer days spent laying on the grass with you (just watching the clouds drift by)
I want frosty winter nights curled in a blanket with you (sipping hot cocoa in my arms)
I want to smile for no other reason than because
you are happy
I want to share your fears and sorrows because
no one should have
to bear them alone

I want to find the one
who is worthy of this affection
who is worthy of my time
who is worthy of my love

I will present my heart to you
when I find you

If I find you....

...I hope I find you
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
Speak loud
then keep quiet
be humbly proud
at the peaceful riot
shoot to live
then sadly play
selfishly give
then haughtingly stay
you're boringly fun
and anxiously still
not ready but done
as you bandage you ****
so strangely normal
and terribly good
just dirt poor formal
on plastic wood

so mic your meal
then call a cab
pop a pill
conceal the scab
your heels are old
your dress is new
your eyes are bold
your friends are few
you've seen it all
but know it's true
you've raised a wall
so they can't see you
for what it's worth
you're not to blame
to death from birth
it's life's false claim

©2012 Lyn
When my world was collapsing,
You came as a pillar,
When my dreams were fading,
You came as a light,
When my thoughts became blank,
You filled it in with color,
When my smile started dying,
You became the reason for me to rejoice,
When tears in my eyes overflowed,
You bought solace in them,
When I started feeling lonely,
You bought life back in me,
When my mood became emotional,
You made me practical,
When I missed terribly my people
You mimicked each one for me,
When darkness came near me,
You bought brightness with your presence,
When I felt it to be end of road,
You showed me new path, new goal,
When today I think of you,
So many emotions surge in my heart,
Love, Gratitude, Guide, Philosopher,
The best one though is last to come,
Coz’ I make you my dearest friend,
You have given me so much I can never repay,
But promise I make, to be always happy,
Promise I make, that I will always smile
As in my Smile lies my dearest friends Smile.

Neha srivastava
Written long back for a dear friend... A friend I can talk just like that even after not being in touch for 10 years...
Carter Ginter Jul 2014
Why can't I control my mind?
I'm alone and anger is all I can find.
Each day the evil spreads
Deep into my heart and inside my head.
I'm unsure of where it rose first
I only feel it digging deep, getting worse.
I hate everything I see
No. I hate me.
I'm the worst, most days
Easy to see why people don't stay.
I treat everyone terribly
Unfortunately, even my own family.
So "he" can reject me at the Gates of Heaven
I swear Hell can't be much worse than the places that I've been.
Day after day drag out and in
Clawing and tearing and wearing my skin.
Oh where did I go?
When did I get surrounded in this never ending snow.
Blizzards of pain and confusion
It's too clear to me now that I'm no longer losing
I've lost.
Emma Oct 2018
I regret saying I half loved you in anger.
Time has passed and I can mean it when I say I love you fully.
Sometimes it’s painful to look at you with how terribly far away you seem.
The moonlight always makes you beautiful though, you and your catching eyes, that hook into mine and make me rue my cowardice when I look away.
It is foreign to lay listening to someone’s heartbeat and still ache for them.
I just want to crack you open and subsume myself within you, be lost in you.
I want you, so badly.
I love you, the feeling stealthy as it crept upon me.  
I’ll say it to the stars whose light I have grown sick on until you’re ready to hear it.
karin naude Apr 2013
dear god
today is one of those days
your the only one that understands
the days are being counted down to mother's day
i miss my mum so terribly
i see people around me connecting
sharing hugs and love, they have homes
all i have is a house and determination
i lost my appetite again
i commit suicide in silence everyday
1 teaspoon of sugar at a time
some times i wane live long
days like today i wish the sugar would work faster
as connected as we are in modern life are we unconnected
today i miss my mum so very much

if i could i will give all my days
i don't want the comfortable life she gave me
just her in all her wrinkles and moans
just my mum, no other will do
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