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Eleanor Rigby May 2018
You are Tequila shots
In perfect desperado
Your days heavy and long

Your nights, sudden aislado.

I am wine glasses
In bittersweet nocturno
My days short

My nights, eternal inferno.

We always swallowed those notes
Like fire down our throats.

-- Eleanor
Sebastian Macias Jun 2017
He sailed his boat along the shore
Sipping tequila from a canteen
He had no shirt, no where to go
His home covered 2/3 of the world
This boat was his only possession
Didn't know how to play the guitar
He played his songs every day
Picking up coconuts off the sandy beach
Dreaming of a woman in white sheets
Muzaffer Mar 1
Sesi kötü olan
Tequila söylesin.

Kennedy Sep 16
I see you
Skating away
Skirt chaser
Alcohol induced love
Drug hazed fiend
Double shot
No salt
No lime
Straight alcohol to burn away
Your thoughts, condolences, intimidating sneers
Burns away your resolve, yourself
Anne Mar 2018
Exotic petals of yellow,
Hot pink and leaves of green
A sunrise of baby blues
And clouds made of cream.

A lei of Hibiscus
Whiskey and Tequila too
A paradise of softheartedness
Where the sun will never set on you.

Lilac skies in the west
Clouds made with a dash of tangerine  
A Pink Flamingo guarding her nest
A sight straight out of daydreams.

The spirits sway  
In the shadows of the palm trees
So come on down and meet us by the Cay
And let all your fears fall away.

For one millisecond
I could have written anything.
All the synapses in my brain had aligned
and only inspiration was mine.
I could have rhymed tequila with a good time.
Now sail away, thoughts of mine,
Be lost forever to the depths of my actualized mind.
KiraLili May 2015
If your looking for confrontation
You want to fire me from a bad portfolio
A winked answer to a flirtation
The best response to a to a bold innuendo

When asked to stay up late when your up early
Or looking down a steep trail on a bike
Setting the bar high on a deadline mutually
Accepting a tequila shooter with Mike

Usually a common retort to a friend or boss
The challenge from  lover or foe is met or accepted
It lets them know how far you will go or how little the loss
The commitment is said and what's offered will be attempted

Knock the throttle back or make a stand and smile
Give it all you got and spend every dime
Let them know how you roll every mile
Tell them , don't threaten me with a good time
Common answer on construction sites to a hard task , I over use it often.
Ajey Pai K Aug 13
The gentle high of the ****** Mary,
Makes midnight's breeze seem like Jazz.
A mere glimpse of your opulent eyes,
Hammers me like tequila on ice.
For Sanjana.
Christian Ek Feb 2016
This is classico amor, un amor con mucho valor.
Como tequila y limón, este amor tiene un poderoso sabor.
Baby you make me feel passionate like listening to a Vicente Fernandez song and you feel it hit you in your Core.
Everyday is Valentine's s Day when I'm with you.
Everyday I appreciate you.
You know how much I love to sing to you, how much I like to express how I feel through music and poetry.
Princesa, yo soy tu Guerrero De Amor, el único que sabe como quererte fuerte y suavecito.
elizabeth Oct 2018
i like being on my own i really do it’s empowering it's freeing i get high off knowing exactly where i’m going without any direction from anyone

but sometimes i get this pit in my stomach and i cannot breathe i cannot think all i know is that i miss you

or at least i miss the idea of you the idea that someone would always be there for me the idea that you would love me no matter what the idea that i could always reach out to find you there

and then i bounce back and i remember sobbing on my front steps with the snow sinking into my jeans i remember holding on so tight to my mother after you left because i couldn’t shake the feeling that the world was crashing down i remember my hands trembling i remember refusing food because somehow maybe that could bring you back i remember our last kiss i remember how i always thought it would be bittersweet i remember it only tasting bitter

so bitter that i couldn’t get the taste off my tongue for weeks even after countless shots of tequila i drank and drunken kisses full of regret

i remember that you were not the one for me you were not the one to give me light

that was me

i know that i put myself back together after you left i know that the sole reason i’m standing where i am now is because i have power deep in my bones i know that i don’t need anyone i know that i am good enough on my own

i know that

but sometimes i remember the good things too and it brings back the butterflies and i forget just for a second that you didn't want me to begin with
Osiria Melody Mar 31
"SRSLY?" you shot a text like tequila.

i'm in this bar and hope to die, the age
old promise of hidden lies.
i don't think that you really love me.

i wait for you to reply, but my eyes
quiver underneath my smile.

"Are you okay?" a lady asks beside me.
my eyes shimmer tears of joy that
mask how much pain i feel from you
ignoring me.

i smile and excuse myself from her.

"You're not the one," he replied.

i went outside to let my anger
subside, a volcano of pent-up
distrust. he sees me.

drink in my hand—
[glass crash to the ground, a
cringy sound]

she's wrapped around in his arms
like the music that resonates in
the bar. she sneers at me.

with a bloodied hand, i grip the
shards and stab them with my


he jolts up from his bed and cries
to me. "I had such a bad dream,"
screams he.

[quivering smile shines]

i caress his statuesque Instagrammy
face as if i'm preparing for a selfie.

This scenario popped up in my head.
Marissa Dec 2018
tick, tick, tick
goes the clock
so I turn and turn
but nothing feels right
1, 2, 3am again
just me, alone with my thoughts
the world is silent and still
except for my lonely friend
at least the clock never sleeps
maybe it’s better this way
when I close my eyes my thoughts fill with you
the way you smiled at me
and put your arms around my waist
the way you held my face between your hands
as if I was the last thing you were ever going to touch
but I turned away, for just a moment
and you were gone
and then I remember that you’re never coming back
so I stay awake
because at least when I’m awake
the memories don’t feel as real
I can even push them out
maybe if I drown you in tequila
or smother you with vicodin
I can forget you one day
maybe I can get some sleep
one day
written at 4:06am
Jo Barber Jul 2018
My stomach drops
when the car goes down a hill.
I feel like I'm falling,
but not in a bad way.
Like a sort of drug,
or midnight shot of tequila.
Warmth floods
my body.
Everything's okay.
Hurt yourself first -
don't give others the chance.

All I can give you
is my empty heart,
my hollow love.
Like a glove,
it wears thin with time.

Beautifully broken,
barely belonging.
she cried on a day that should have been celebratory
and I did not have words

she danced an ode written to cumbia
she danced it out with grace
with verbs so fine  
you knew she held the present
at every sway
she did not have words

we walked to food joint next to the bar
rolled out the English language
in exchange for sustenance
“what are words?”

I picked up our food
drunkenly shook out some lingo
and the grey-haired man on the other side of the counter
took a deep breath and stayed silent
“Are words needed ?”

the Kamikaze shots and the tequila made our tongues soft
and our upper palates dry
pouring only thirst, into our youth  

and there,
eyes soaked in meaning
in a circus of incertitude,
the cold wind turned divine flurried our hair

*“we do not have words.”
Emma Sep 2018
You were there, but there you weren’t,
There in the mess of my mind.
My dreams look sweet, but that’s simply deceit;
Dreams are where terrors hide.
I saw you once. No, twice! No, thrice!
But you vanished into the unknown.
Play nice with my demons, but please don’t feed them.
Oh my, how we’ve grown!
We’ve grown together and grown apart;
You had my all, then lost my heart.
It’s okay! It’s all fine! Just like it was that one night.
Now my head is spinning and my stomach’s in a knot;
the truth it makes me sick, but I’ll smile through the pain.
Have a wonderful life my dear. Think of me from time to time.
Take life like a shot of tequila: with some salt and a lime!
Thought stream: nothing flows :( my mind is chaos
Tay Jun 2016
Don't fall in love with a girl who reads.
The girl who feels everything, who dreams, who writes..

Fall in love with the girl you find in a bar. Find her in the squall of smoke and sweat of an upscale nightclub. Make sure she doesn't mix her coffee with bourbon. Love the one shooting tequila straight from a cheap, half-empty bottle. Wherever you find her, find her smiling. Make sure it lingers a little too long. Use pickup lines and entertain her with meaningless slurs from a long day and mistakes you know are about to be made. Take her outside and kiss her in the rain because you saw it in a film. Comment on its silliness.

Pull her into a tolerable relationship. Let the months pass by without remark. Then let years pass by unnoticed. Talk about nothing of significance and retreat into it when the air grows stale and the evenings become long. Fight about how the shower curtain needs to be kept closed. Propose a little later because you realize you'd have wasted so much time otherwise. Take her to a restaurant that wreaks of marinara sauce and sheepishly ask the waiter to bring a bottle of expensive champagne. Offer up a modest ring and don't become too concerned if you feel nothing of sincerity or commitment. But fake it, ******* it.

Do these things. Because a life lived in purgatory is better than one lived in hell. She will make it hell. I'm begging you, stay away from the one who reads. Who laughs or cries when she makes love. Who can neatly fold her spirit and spin it into prose and poetry. If she loves poetry, run away. Don't dare to look back. She is to be left alone. Dangerous little smiles should make you shake. Do not smile back.

Do not fall in love with a girl who thinks. Who is made up of magic and knows herself. Do not love the one who knows how to disappear inside of a book or a poem or a painting. If she spends any more than a few seconds looking into the eyes of a sinner, get out of there.

Don't fall in love with the girl who is interested in politics, who feels disease in injustices. Don't love the one who is intense, who is lucid and charismatic. Stay away from the one who has any sense of ambition, of rebellion, or even the smallest hint of wonder in her eyes. Be cautious of the ones who can't live without music. If she can draw, quit, and quit fast.

A girl who reads is one who knows herself; who is sure. She is educated and she is fire inside a bottle of rye. The girl who reads is one who is comfortable with goodbyes. Think about it: she's read millions of novels and each one ends. Most end with the death of her favorite character. They make her think. And she flies through the pages like they are wet wine on collarbones. And she is okay with each and every ending. Sure, she might cry, but she'll wipe her face and pick up another book. Just to do it all over again. Remember this if she ever says her favorite book is you.

She is a romantic and how can you match up to the princes and heroes in her books? She knows nothing else. You can't love her the way those characters could if they were to take shape. She holds a vocabulary that lays claim to her ability to distinguish between the specious and the soulless. She holds rhetoric hands that turn black streaks into the books she loves so deeply. She deserves a man who can hold her hand the way she holds her books. Someone who can write her notes and hide them in her lunch box. Can you write in cursive the way she can?

Please, don't fall in love with a girl who reads. Because a girl like that, you never come back from.
Here you are again
In my mind you seem to live
As I take one shot of tequila
Wishing I was just drowning in it
Your laughter echos
Your touch, I can feel it
Your voice, I can hear it
Another shot of tequila I take
I swear I can smell your cologne
As your eyes haunt me
What is it about you, that I can’t seem to erase
Another shot down
And many more to go
I close my eyes
And it feels like I can see you
Saying my name
One more time
Saying you love me
One last time
Forth down
And I’m lost
With no words to say
But just pain to feel
As I fall drowning in tequila
Sebastian Macias Jul 2017
There isn't ink in this pen, not today
Today comes in tough, stays a while
Them eyes get heavy, the heart is sore
Blues keeps you a float, so you sing
Tequila in the corner, the fan is loud
Hot summer days turn into early mornings
With a spark, you grab a laugh
Shoes are off and you lost your shirt
Like the flow of an ocean, baby
Come drift with me till we hit land
It's filling up and I'm feeling right
The pen is getting heavy and it's hard to see
Dark is a path to the light on the other end
Time to create a getaway, further and further
I need you more and more each day
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