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Waldo Apr 2017
I’ve chosen to walk
A lonely road
Where ravens squawk
As time erodes
Where the devil talks
To me in codes

I walk along
A dark wooded path
Where the nights are long
And I face Satan's wraith
Everything feels wrong
There's no turning back

The more I wander
The more I stray
More time to squander
The days away
So much time to ponder
The end of days

Darkness is falling
The Earth is dying
The Devil's calling
The news is lying
It's all so appalling
There's no denying

This path I roam
Is filled with sorrows
Nowhere feels home
Too many tomorrows
Too Many poems
Spreading my woes

The Devil follows
He tempts my soul
But my soul is hollow
So still I stroll
This pain I swallow
And it takes its toll

I can not save
This doomed planet
We've dug our grave
Satan's enchantment
Has made us slaves
Bloodshed is rampant

And when we crumble
I'll shed no tears
The devil mumbles
In our ears
So we stumble
Year after year
As the end draws near
NiTSUDD Oct 2017
Living little less than the right way
I've turned all my friends to stone
Weary legs carry me
To the river
Wash off everything I've known

I've seen dead flowers on the way
And crowds of people all alone
No charity tempts me
To deliver
Now stinginess I don't condone

And I don't want to roam
Too far from my home
Don't want to leave it all away
The world seems small
When you have it all
Oh I wish that I could stay

When I arrived the river had frozen still
Ole Neptune saw no other way
If I could only find a little time
To ****
I'd be out here all the day

And I don't understand
Why I'm branded where I stand
Don't think you know how it might feel
It doesn't take
Much for a heart this cold to break
Without a hope ever to heal

And when you hear these words
Next life my friend
I don't know where I'll be then
If there's one thing
This world has shown
We borrow everything we own

Oh to reap what I have sewn
Oh to reap what I have sewn
Oh to reap what I have sewn
Oh to reap what I have sewn
Umi Feb 2018
By the soul and it's order and porportion given to it
Inspired by it's wickness and righteousness each spirit strives
for it's own clear goal, wether that be nihilistic in some eyes,
or of great worth to others, each soul has been brought with
the greatest of purity at its time of birth.
Corrupting it is as simple as purifying it, but the evil, shades,
seduces tempts and leads astray to which a soul poorly responds.
Desires, wishes, hopes and dreams of them differ in many unique,
fantastic or irritational, preculiar and dark.
However, each spirit of a living being shares one similarity,
It is, as simple as it may appear, just the wish and dream to live
a life in carefree attitudes and a happy manner.
Of course, wealth too is amongst those shared desires, but this
world is cruel, brutal and shows no mercy as others have too much
and others have almost none at all.
Oh you of humble birth, patience, tollerance, compassion, love are
making this world a better place.
So give from your wealth and purify your soul by such,
in the remembrance of the poor, oppressed, depressed, abused,
starving human beings, whom could at least have it a little better.
And each soul runs on a clear course, determined to meet it's fate
when the sunset of its life has arrived and death becomes a cover.

~ Umi
Dani Jan 10
A walk on the beach, calm and content
A slow stride with intent
Directions are clearly written
For the water tempts with graceful position
"Come to me, and take a swim
I will shelter you, please come on in
Little green speckled walker
I, the Ocean, call you son and daughter."
With a joyous pitter
And an excited patter
Water to toes,
Then feet, legs, and tummy, all the way to little turtle’s nose.
Protection and freedom within the ocean
A soft sweet lullaby motion
Lexie Sep 2018
I can go back years in my mind
And still that changes nothing for today
What is done is dead
But not yet buried
This grave tempts me to lie in it
And my weariness coaxes me along
A few tears are running, silently, down my cheeks
The darkness, she always cries with me
New sheets do naught for old dreams
And new lovers do nothing for old scars
This girl, who runs on sand and streets alike
If you chased her,
And caught her,
She would wind you like a thread around her finger,
And tell you all the secrets of the world
Her heart is cleaved in half
She felt the breaking.
Yet somehow she is put together just so,
Just so, perfectly
The ground she lays upon is cold
Her nails scratch against the tombstones as she rises
Likewise, the sun is climbing her way into the morning
We will bury this night with shovels full of dirt
Enough has been said while the moon is full
To be silent for today
Enough has been said for tomorrow
To be silent today
It is late
But just early enough to remember a few heartbreaks
MicMag Jul 2018


If two?
Pass through
Will do
And you?

That's two

How bout three?
Shall we see?
Bit more free
Works for me

So says three

Can we try four?
It gives us more
Not such a bore
***** wide that door

Lead us on, four

Would we dare do five?
Tis too high to strive?
I do love this jive
Let's stop while still live

Safe with lines of five

But hear the cry of six
It tempts as time still ticks
It's not just a quick fix
But adds to this great mix

Yes, hear that call of six

Rules change as we reach seven
Words lengthen, stretch to heaven
Lines rise like bread so leavened

The changes wrought by seven

Hard as the end draws near with eight
Liked this before, now's not so great
Long lines I don't appreciate

Thanks for nothing, unruly eight

Entering the danger zone with nine
Meaning gets lost by end of the line
Despite the trouble, guess we'll be fine

Phew, we just made it through there with nine

And finally we arrive here to ten
What an intriguing journey this has been
I'm so relieved now to be at the end

So long, good night, let's sign off now with ten
But who's counting? :)

Some people love playing with words. Others like to play with numbers.
Why not both?!

This was a bit of a whimsical experiment in letting the numbers dictate the form.

The number of syllables per line corresponds to the number in the stanza's first line.
I went with one syllable words until seven forced one style change with its two syllables and another change with its lack of good rhymes.
Numbers are beautiful, aren't they?

I was tempted to continue beyond ten, but... Can I count on you to keep it going?! ;)
Noel Billiter Sep 2018
He may look like you or me
As he walks down your friendly street
Casually starts a conversation
Never knowing his evil motives

You will nod and strangely agree
to things you thought you didn’t believe
He will befriend you and ****** your mind
You’ll slowly change and compromise

One day he will knock upon your door
And  walk right in and he’ll ask for
a friendly wager if you’re interested
Your hearts desire anything you wish

Greed gently tempts with untold riches
He promises you your 3 wishes
How fortunate you think your fate
And what a deal you think you made

You take a breath and close your eyes
A billionaire a mansion and nice ride
He folds his arms and makes it appear
now it’s my turn you suddenly here

Greed and lies rules this Djinn
And his freedom he tricks you in
The magic fades and slowly rust
All your gold will turn to dust
Can you be distracted by the critic
  or the public acclaim

Can you see through the fire
  and renew all that’s burned

Can you look past the signposts
  and those messages fixed

Can your heart stay undamaged
  as the world tempts your soul

Can you run through loud voices
  with yours still unspoken

Can you make it to tomorrow
  without leaving today

Can you give love to those hateful
  with vengeance recalled

Can you carry your grandfather’s words
  into the land of the unborn

Can you hang up your spear
  inside the enemy camp

Can you live to see the beginning
  and the end die at last

Can your voice remain pure
  neither bartered nor loaned

Can you listen through the smoke
   —for a melody unsung

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2015)
Emi Jay Aug 2018
there is a part of me that
chases, clamors for, craves your touch
(soft, steady, gentle or far too much)
a stubborn/reckless fraction
of an imperfect whole;
yearning to cage the still uncaged,
to catch myself a lost angel.

but your heart is too fragile,
too precious and too complicated
(untarnished and unremonstrated)
and my grasping fingers, they
would leave smudges and stains
handprints upon a handkerchief
****** white in this world of ink.

you are not a blank canvas
that tempts one into leaving a mark
(writing my name, my love on your skin);
you are a finalised masterpiece,
every line perfection,
and to change, covet or chain you
would be the highest blasphemy.
Ruby Nemo Feb 22
1.  He is dangerous yet enticing
2.  He speaks manipulatively and knows it
3.  He is a ****** deviant
4.  He tempts you to abandon your morals
5.  Both their names start with "S"
6.  He came from ****
7.  He is a master of deception
8.  His words flow smoothly... too smoothly
9.  He looks like Satan honestly
10. He wants to conquer my body and soul!
* twirls hair * you got horns?

Death tempts me with a chance to finally fall asleep...

And I chose to decline.
O' the regret.

— The End —