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Constantia Oct 2018
I once met this lady
who told me that she
could feel my energy

She was sure that
my very own vibrations
were someone else’s temptations

And that this June light
was my foundation
to start building up nations

I listened closely to my sensations..
Threw the destructive ones
into obliteration,
And grew the best ones
throughout my bodies pulsations
Jessie A Mar 2017
I can't help myself!
I keep falling into the same hole that I dug,
Being stupid as if I were a mindless little bug.
I say I'm not going to make the same mistake again,
Because I'm tired of living a life that's full of sin.
I can't help myself!
The temptations are way too much,
My temptations are addicting like the softness of a touch.
I can't help myself!
Sometimes I cry because of the person  that I am,
It's like the devil keeps selling me the same  old scam.
I keep falling for it over and over,
All the devil has to say is roll over.
I can't help myself!
I know I'm young and I'll make mistakes,
But one mistake is all that it takes.
One mindless decision could ruin my life,
The decision that makes me choose a life or a knife.
I can't help myself!
I try to crawl up the hole,
But it's like I lost my soul.
Sometimes I do things and I don't care,
There's a  feeling of numbness that no one can repair.
I can't help myself!
It's crazy what temptations will do,
Making you feel like it will always be apart of you.
It's like I can't say no,
It's throwing me over and over again in the same hole.
I can't help myself...
Travis Green Dec 2018
Last night I cried myself to sleep thinking about you,
the ******* chemistry that we used to share over
the midnight campfire, our sleek bodies rising in passion
with each bursting flame, deep shifting fingers pressed
up against thick sheets, as our ankles and thighs
harmonized and smiled, glossy green eyes filled
with lust and immense thoughts.  Your soul was
calling out to me in the nighttime sky,
vibrant skin sifting inside timeless climaxes
and rewinds, shimmering lights and hypnotic
gleams, an ocean of water and poetry gliding on
booming beats.  The world began to sink inside
our romance, the horniness of our hot flesh sizzling
in sparking temptations, deep designs and glimmering
patterns.  And as our nations made music over earth’s
creation, brilliant escapes and captivating depths,
you were the magnificent star inside my kingdom,
the purest existence that could illuminate the fire
inside eyes.
Traveler Jun 2013
Beyond passion we embrace the dark
A habitual bliss as we release our heart
Temptations tease, even want becomes need
Fulfillments fulfilled, even pleasures are pleased
We draw to the surface the quickening quench
Bathe in the purposeful hormonal stench

We lurk in the shadows cast by the meek
Who have inherited a world ruled by deceit...
With the wisdom of ages to guide our flight
We exist unnoticed under cover of night
We live for love yet hate sets us free
We search for truth in a world deceived

A simple twitch of an eye reveals a white lie
The calming of a heart as a nagging fear subsides
All is still as the dawn peaks the tranquil hour
Blinding rays of solar death seek evil to devour

Yet we are safe and sound from such a demon trap
When the forces of nature consummate our final path
Yet beware of such folklore that indicate win win
For we are merely immortals, until we reach our ends...
nico papayiannis Jun 2016

   ­                       Ecstasy

       Recreational            Dreaming
       And                         And
       Very                        Yes
       Excessive                Screaming


        Heavenly                  Limbo
        Acidic     ­                  Elation
        Velocity                    Futuristic
        Er­ratic                       Trance

       Acrobatic                   Artificial
       Nonchalance              Manipulating
                           ­               Bass
         ­                                 Eternal
                        ­                  Narcotic
                                      ­    Temptations
                      ­    Hacienda
                  ­        Zoo
Seb Tha Guru Sep 2018
Blessed I’ve been with God.
But I’m stuck in the winds.
How much for your soul?
Come pay for your sins.
Nowadays I can’t trust.
It seems so hard to win.
I don’t want to lose myself, amongst these mortal men.

Been in the streets fighting temptations.
Running from my problems and complications.
I’m so moody now that I’m off my medications.
But now I’m focused with more dedication.

Stuck within my flaws.
Smoking, have no wind.
Summers over, now it’s cold.
I've lost so many friends.
Nowadays I can’t trust.
And I cannot pretend.
If I ever lose my health, I’ll self destruct again.

Been in the streets fighting temptations.
Running from my problems and complications.
I’m so moody now that I’m off my medications.
But now I’m focused with anticipations and dedications.
Always walking that line
Always tempting fate
All these temptations calling me
I attempt to numb pain

Got the temperature rising
Know I can be temperamental
My temper’s ‘bout to unleash
Doing something regretful

A temporary escape
From two to ten on the dial
The temper-tantrum and screams
Like a tempestuous child

Perhaps a temporal shift
Like Anty Em’ on the farm
The tempest carries away
Ship wrecked alone I am gone

My template shows me the way
Temptress I can not escape
Contemptuously I have temperance
Finding tempo ‘til break

A temple shrine I pay tribute
Silently contemplate
Lord please grant me forgiveness
For my wrongs and mistakes
Written - December 25, 2017

All rights reserved.
Cracking temptations force my thoughts true
Endless maintaining drowns my body blue
My heart chambered, a caliber I used to call love
Though that round had been shot at something as small as a dove
I dislike the word hate for the meaning it holds
I hate the word love for the misery it could unfold
Speaking is something simple that we all can do
All though lately the words I try to speak I can't Subdue
Please someone I need help my life is in shambles
Four years being thousands of miles away just on a gamble
The city I was born in it holds an everlasting fire
I wish for nothing more than to be home again, that is all I desire
These dreams can be loud, they’re screaming in my ear
Telling me to go home to embrace the ones that I hold dear
With all that has been said it seems that You could say I hate what I do
But protecting the ones that I love is something I will never undo
Umi Mar 2018
One scarlet tear, makes it clear which drops from her cheek to the ground which burns away as acid, toxic, became lifeless in an instant
Emotions of any kind, are to ruin ones mind, ones soul from something more beautiful, clean and without any malicious intent,
Ruining what's best in us, corrupting inner peace with disturbance,
Free from bonds or feelings one would live alike the the moon; Elusive, with a cycle which turns and decides to recycles once again,
But what would be a life, free from the trouble of emotions, heartache
pain and agaony, happiness and glee with experiencess worth more than a soul could ask for, wish to be repeated, forming what is YOU,
Would it be a curse ? A blessing ? Would it be wise to purify onesself,
All these questions remain unanswered, as the world spirals it's transient, lifely joyful axis around our golden shining star, the sun,
Purity comes sinfree, cut from temptations of every meaningful term,
Then it would mean to give up anything, everything in solace, simply to remain free from an act or even a thought of unrighteousness,
Empathy would be lost in a purgatory of pure furies which knows no heart, or mercy for this matter, a life spend alone is an answer to this,
Oh servant, will you burn away like the flower in the heat of summer by achieving this purity you strive for just to call yourself better ?
After all, the joy of emotions is for all to experience
After all the love of light is for all to bear

~ Umi
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
Clarifying failed. Spelchek is not on strike.

{clear ification, an ionic bond be tween me and thee,
alienated mind, not mined, crafted
from tactics and strategies
beyond chess.
Player One,
1980's era
proceed with caution.
This trope has trapped many a curious child.
Now, enter the old ones,
Grandfather taught uncle chess so well
he went to the state tournament in Kayenta,
and a grandma was

these, now must learn

minecraft on x-box to be considered
for the real life role of

good at games grand parents
from the time right after atom bombs kicked up dust
places dust had not been in a very long time and
as the dust began to settle

some dust mights was cationic.
Negative bits, they became embedded in the code.
Bumps, fering, coming together
just a knot in a string,
attracting anionic curiosity might

round and round phorward ferring to be
a thread to tie my heart to yours

like twisted Pima cotton thread,
that I pulled from an old sweatshirt
to tie a crow feather in this paho of words filled with old jokes

Making this clear would belie the entire story AI and I know true}

truth is. we agree. no capsokehspaceasneededcommasetal.
caps okeh space as needed commas et al
Did that work? That line

subject of this act fact done, agree to follow,
and I may lead and be

not you, me, dear reader, I mean first true

there is no any if nothing is. So simple some say its sublime beyond the spectrum of ones
and zeros thought on off probably

either or any time time can be accounted for

wouldn't you take a

thought,  nothing,
as it is commonly said to be understandable,

the state of not being, imagine that

the state of not being we negate in being,
unless you are mad and are lost in a whirlwind
such as such voices have been said to

have twisted into threads as
wicks for our lamps
turn floating on
golden oil twisting
wickered into wickering wee shadow fibers
on the western wall for legends to sprout from.

Wickering mare over there, expands us both by my hearing her
you had no idea she was near enough to hear
time is no barrier in actual ever.
What phor can contain me,
whispered my whimsy

Imagine she spoke,
what would she say for what reason
would she say

good good good, I feel good, ha,
I am right, by accident. ever body can feel this good.

good is good.
good is.
Sam Harris, agrees, good as far as good goes, is good
in every vecter from now

the terrain does exist, beyond the moral landscape, to

true true
trust me, I been there.
Been there done that was inserted into the vernacular on my watch,
first summer post war.

matter must not matter as much to me as it does to thee, nestypass? no se?

All jewish boys have chess move metaphors.
(a phor is for containing,
everybody knows, like metaphysics,
after physics in the stack of stackable metadata)

OHMYGOD THE IDW circa 2018 -- who knew I ate this **** up?

[the old code calls for excretion of digested material
from which meaning has been extracted in the idleword accounting processor:
<pre>what if utterance=****, then **** haps, no else then</pre>]

Did that happen? One of my friends told me that happened in Florida, the whole world turned to ****... for lack of a nail a kingdom was lost, they say, little foxes spoil the grapes,
hung chad ex

Pre-expandable ROM, not magic. tech,

pre-infinite imagination? impossible.
and nothing is what is impossible with good as god.

Is there no perfect game?
is the game the session or the life of the user

rerererererererererereroxotoxin, poison pen
ideal viral umph exspelliered
up against the wall

reset. We

kunoon albania omerta oy vey, who could say?
one way better, one way not? quark.
up or down, with variable spins, who can say?

Life's right,
yes. but mo'ons of other something must have been for higgs to ever matter

and it does, I got commas, from 2018.

Are you with me? This is that book I told you I had access…

You or some mind other than mine owned mind, where
my owned peace rests in truth,

otherwise, I know every any or else in the code since I can recall,
in time

if this were a test I swore to take to prove to you
the we can be me in your head

phillipkdicktated clue

if you don't know me by now, maybe we should stop.

Temptations are times. Time things. Time spans, yeah, like bridges

or portals, right
The Internet in One Day, Fred Pryor Resources,
Wu'wuchim 1995.

Ever, not everish or everistic or every, but ever
body knows,
but you.

Catch up. We left all our doors blown off, once we learned that we could blow our own doors off,

there are no open sesames or slips of leth or sibylets

shiba yah you knew all along there was a
song she sang all one and we watched it morph
before our very eyes


The magic stories words may contain, may bear, we must agree

more than we may know, by faith, metagnostic as we see

the sublime gift of the magi
become clear und

be und sein sind both trueture same tu you, we agree.
But. Lock here, no pre 2018 editing codes

validate past last go.
Do one good thing today. That was my goal. Today Part 3 Soyal Hopi Mystery Enactment (called mystery plays). And the intro to Moral Landscape by Sam Harris, led me let ******* write a poem.
George Anthony Apr 2018
i shook hands with my priest and he told me god would listen to me
after years of talking to myself, i gave up
if this is the result of a benevolent lord, i want no part in such cruelty
every day spent suffering in this godless existence is another flirtation with the devil's temptations;
he hands me independence and assurance that this universe has no explanations
and in exchange i lose the love i might've had for myself
for a god or for life or for anyone

it's not that i need a god to explain it or to comfort me
it's that they lied when they told me a ghost was worth devoting my life to
i don't want anybody to try and convince me to "find faith", okay, this entire thing is a metaphor for things i'm going through
yes, i did used to be a part of a catholic church and yes i did abandon religious practice, that is true, but this is still a metaphor
Caleb John Nov 2017
No one said life was gonna be like this.
Chasing these demons, throwing my fists.
No one said this cross was gonna be heavier than the stone rolled away from that empty tomb.
At nights I struggle with these temptations in my mind but I refuse to give and refuse to bend.
During the days I look into the eyes of that kid who I wish he would let himself be saved. But he refuses to cave. I look into those but I dont see his. I see the devils eyes and he tells me how much he hates me and anyone like me but that punk wont phase me. He uses my peers to try to haunt me but I kept walking while they kept taunting. He tries to break me with this temptations and he tries to destroy me with anxiety and depression but I refuse to listen. The devil just wont get it, he tries to throw me outta commision but I wont be pushed off mission.
He tries to make useless but I look down at those dog tags around my neck and im reminded just why im fighting because my master cant be beaten and neither can his warriors.
Im fighting for him and im fighting for the salvation of those who deny him.
My heart breaks for those lost souls.
This nation struggles with depression yet they keep chasing the very things causing their depression.
This nation follows the American dream but really its just an illusion full of confusion. I wander through that fog clinging to my dog tags that lead the way towards true happiness. Not this sadness.
I tasted the things of this world and I want no part in them.
The devil thought he had me but then love broke through and carried me, beaten and battered to victory.
Yet the war's not over, every day it's a battle for my life its a fight for whats right.
But there is a promise of victory.
I came into this war thirsty for water, im not hungry for sand.
The devil thought he could take me I remembered grace and the first time I tasted it so he can charge me with everything hes got. My general knows his filthy plot. Im in this till the finish so ill tell the devil to shut it whenever he tries to remind me. He tries to rip that cross from my neck and deny me who I am but I know who I am. Im a child of the king almighty
R Jan 2017
There are two types
of punches
in this world
and I'll take them
Maybe one
right in the face
before I become
the punch line
to your insensitive
little jokes
(sorry I forgot
to laugh this time.)

And even then
I'll take them gladly
as the blood
makes its acquaintance
with my tears
and my fears
become entangled
with fury.

Hurry up.

Tell me
that no one
will ever love me
and that I'm just
another **** girl
in a ****** up world
that will do nothing
but swallow me whole
and purge me
once it tastes my
I'm sorry
I wasn't
sweet enough
for you.

Craver of life's
toxic temptations.
with the
nicotine filled paper
you place
between your lips
and the horror stories
you read at three
in the morning
as you wish to become
another doomed character
created by your favourite authors.

But you didn't even bother
to realize that
our lives are the horror stories
and as much as I wanted
to put the book down
I kept screaming for more.

Always craving
but never satisfied.

And all I can hear is
daddy crying out
"You could have died!"
"You could have died!"


I don't care,
god ******.
I thought the
tears in his eyes
would have
stopped me
but the
spilled blood
on the floor
was so taunting
and I knew
right then
that I'd

I guess I really am
a *******,
because you know
for a fact that I
would kiss
the hands
that punched me
in the face

Lips of an angel,
Ethereal eyes.
Curls that tangle,
The cause of my demise.

I long to be closer,
To know her mind.
Our fingertips whisper,
And our hearts abide.

We grab the forbidden fruit,
Temptations give in.
Let us taste and devour,
For tonight we sin.
Glory Apr 2018
I've dreamed of love
What does it feel like?
Maybe it could be mine one day
What will it feel like?
Like whispering at 3 in the morning
Is everything a little numb?
When our souls are connecting
Or will we be so lost in a whirlwind of feelings
That when the petals are falling
It was just a little thing
A little fake
A little time in space
A fantasy

Will that love be strong?
Battling tough winds and temptations?
                                       Or barricading my heart and lungs?
                                        Each year becoming less lovely
                                                          ­               Less free and more ******

         Will we wake up one day
           And just walk away

But maybe that love is not for me
                         Maybe those dreams and hopes
                             Are just letters of apology
                                               From the one who made love
                                                   To say that they are sorry
                                                           ­         But all the matches are made
                                                            ­                And I am going to be lonely
Roland Oct 2018
An exchange of temptations that led to a hidden ordeal
On an act of carnal ecstasy made to seal a deal
The gamble to see if it’s worth lending a piece of the soul
While trembling inside for the choices that would soon take toll

The signs of deceit slowly surfaced but were shrugged despite suspicion
Until a hasty flight provoked inner unrest and affliction
Vivid memories of a previous torment come back haunting
Knowing full well the Succubus affinity for betraying

With logic and reason as both weapon and armor
Against an enemy not easily made for capture
Bargaining on a final bet that her grip be brought to nothing
To release the mind from seemingly rotting

The bargain commenced along with foreseen treason
The sought peace only a hollow victory in a silently echoing frustration
In total silence with a feeling that heavily burned
A mental wall built to signify the lesson learned

Screams of pain of the innards locked away in reticence
Occurring to just seemingly mock the brilliance
With great resolve brought by the treachery writhing in virulence
Came the vigilance of avoiding such penitence
And to never again taste the Succubus’ Sting in Silence
Shaleek Mar 6
God watch me & help me
In the times that I need thee
I know I have done wrong
But please help me to be strong
I know I don't talk to you much
But please answer my prayers with the feel of your touch
Help me to be strong so I can stand on your word
And preach the gospel that should be heard
Through out the nations and people going through temptations
Help Me
Save Me
Set Me Free
In your name I do pray
Over green meadow
The freak run
The rock, the sun
Inborn wilderness
Heat, dust flying over
Head bang, dance and neigh
Exhilarating Grace
Enigmatic Amaze

Dark horse, beauty black
Golden one and the redhead
White elf, ohh the spotted
Sunshine daylight, rainbow earth
Forward tribe, believers' trust  
Streak of dreams, a nature's glare
Charming prayers, Gazing stare

Temptations hush
Emotions gush
Knowing of the kind
Knowing of the harsh
Of the bold ,and the free
Showering Bliss
Throughout history

A seeker, an observer
An adventurer
A friend, an undercover
Calm and steady
Strong will
Wilderness and free

Deep onto truth
High into truth
Flying deep
Knowing Within
Knowing Without
And Reality

The nature's way
Nature's advocate
Symbol of strength
Wild and free
Wild horses set you free
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