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Brandon Amberger May 2018
We gaze at sunsets.
Fascinated by their beauty,
but we know they fade.
Altar of false reassurance, symbolizing return, of the hat bearer
“Home is where you hang your hat.”
How many of you have the hat bearer hung on temporary walls?
During intermittent crawls from house to home
Lunar Dec 2016
Isn't it scary yet beautiful to know
How something temporary
Can make you feel so eternal?

Like the day before it turns to night
Or just before the moon leaves
And makes way for the sunlight,

When the sea kisses your skin
To only recede but you will
Open your arms again to let it in,

People, not just leaves, fall
And drop on their knees
To yearn for spring's returning call,

And from the time I loved you,
Up till now I love you,
And for who knows how long, I will love you.
"Make it the longest temporary you can." One of the most powerful and best lines I have ever read, as said by my friend Zainab, 2016.

Such an intriguing oxymoron that got me thinking about everything and everyone, especially you, wjh.
Traveler Aug 2016
Dawn sparks with a silent scream
Drawn through the matrix into this dream
Without delay we gasp for air
The soul is invisible, the flesh is bare

What is life but an impending death
A drowning pool where we struggle for breath
We take it in but we can’t hold on
We fade like footprints out on the lawn

A fleeting moment this one night stand
From nowhere to somewhere and back again
Why can’t we remember, why can’t we forget
Why should we perceive the end as a threat

The essence of spirit merges with the physical
We search for meaning, we embrace the mystical
But in the end we fall asleep alone
Yet this one-night stand we gladly condone...
Traveler Tim

re to 2019
AIA Mar 2016
Why do we need to fall for someone knowing they can't catch us? Why do we need to hold on for something even they're destined to let them go? Why is it temporary? Why not make it permanent? I wish I never met him. I wish I never love him. I shouldn't have let the bones outgrown. I shouldn't let myself fall.
Anyways I wrote this cuz I saw someone commented in some page. I can relate in every word she dropped. It was too painful and heartbreaking and we have the same thoughts. until now I have so many unanswered questions on my mind. **** regrets.
Ashleigh Black Apr 2014
"I did not intend for it to be permanent"
were the exact words you said to me
on October 3rd, 2011

I don't know why I dwell on such
a far away date in my
torn and tattered notebook

but I do because
it gives me hope that
you haven't forgotten about me

and that you still care
and wish that one day
we can be something more again.
I have hope that we aren't over, even though it's been 4 years. I just can't let our magnificent novel end halfway through. What will the readers think?
GreenTrees Aug 2017
Sand castles drifting into the wayward sea.
As the last tower falls I feel complete.

My spirit escaping to unknown shores...

© Karl V. (2017)
Always walking that line
Always tempting fate
All these temptations calling me
I attempt to numb pain

Got the temperature rising
Know I can be temperamental
My temper’s ‘bout to unleash
Doing something regretful

A temporary escape
From two to ten on the dial
The temper-tantrum and screams
Like a tempestuous child

Perhaps a temporal shift
Like Anty Em’ on the farm
The tempest carries away
Ship wrecked alone I am gone

My template shows me the way
Temptress I can not escape
Contemptuously I have temperance
Finding tempo ‘til break

A temple shrine I pay tribute
Silently contemplate
Lord please grant me forgiveness
For my wrongs and mistakes
Written - December 25, 2017

All rights reserved.
I'll remind you everything is temporary this time next year
When your mother doesn't wake no more
And your youthful looks have gone
Deadwood Jawn Nov 2018
She might be my..

                                                               ­      a


         ­                                                   n
                                                                ­   a

                                                                ­    .
                                                    ­                     .
                                                               ­              .

                                                              ­        S
                                                ­                  e

                                            ­                 r


S                                                             ­                                                      S
             e                                    n                           ­                            e
                    r   e                                                                ­     r
                                 n            a            n              e

                  ­                  S    e       r        e          n         a      .   .   .

S        e         r        e       n       a       .        .        .

    S                                                           ­                                                    S
e                                                               ­                                                   e
    r                         ­                                                                 ­                       r

e                                                             ­                                                    e

n                                                                ­                                                 n

a                                                             ­                                                     a

.        ­                                                                 ­                                          .
.                                                              ­                                                     .
.                                                              ­                                                     .

                        S        e      r   e    n        a     .    . .

                                                             S   e   r e  n  a   . .  .

                                  S e  r e n a . . .

Where are you?
I wonder where she is. View sideways on a phone or use a desktop for the format.
laura Feb 2018
feels like putting my hand
on something sharp kinda day
invincible temporary, of course
fight the system on a february dawn

where the lamp's lambent spheres
bob in and out of existence
as the sunshine overcomes their presence

first kiss with you, like hands
dancing in the fires
trying to stay warm in the winter light
an ogre of a dream, a curse to be this shadow

compared to the glow of an angel like you
Kylie Oct 2018
I am temporary
I only love those who cannot love back
But they always look back

I play this game with my heart
so I don’t know the broken
A new broken of loving and
being loved only to watch it break.

You can’t even see what you do to me
because your heart can’t love
You are just playing a game
i saw the future within his eyes
but he only saw a pastime in mine
not all things are meant to last
The Misconstrued Nov 2018
In a world where I need love,
Almost every person hides behind these elusive clouds,
And so every cigarette puff calms me down - temporarily,
Every drink drowns my sorrows - temporarily,
Every drag of a joint helps me escape - temporarily,
Every snort of ******* gives me a rush - temporarily,
My compulsive need to meet people to not feel so lonely - temporarily,
Almost every ****** encounter a vain attempt to fill a void,
All these medications failing to shut out these voices,
Don't you see I wasn't meant to be this way?
I look strong, unaffected by anything, such a rebel,
But it has been everyone of you that stripped down the confidence off me,
I'm slipping and people can see,
Yet there's no one willing to save me.
At the crossroads of death and insanity,
Hopefully, temporarily?
Mike Virgl Apr 2018
My god her body is magnificent.
But this is where most people stop.

I promise that those who only delve this deep, are unworthy of your energetic touch, your quick, witty humor.
Your soothing, contagious, airborne laugh.

And I act like these are the most important pieces of her.

Her brain mystifies bystanders, as she manages to express her thoughts, not only on paper very well, but also through her expressions to others.
Such as a tap, or rub or hug.
Not to even mention her voice.
Silky and equalized it rings through a bad day and reminds you to calm down or keep your chin up, or even just to admit a cool defeat and say "im sorry"
Which simply makes you wish to take her frigid, slick hands, and press them to your warm her heart, for she can have as much as she wants.

Can I even mention her tidiness? The way in which she cleans?
She would never ever dare stop before she is done, for she is what every manager wishes for: A model employee!

Through this, she still manages to maintain intimate relationships, which not only continue to grow, but continue to amaze me, as she is like a tree. Yet while suffering from loss of water through her leaves she manages to keep her branches all alive, well maintained and most of all, closely attached to her.

She also wishes for a single apple.
I could not think of anything more beautiful or intelligent than her baby.
And nothing more worthy to protect and care for.
Sadly she has not yet found a mate... so she treats other fruits she sees with such motherly love, one cannot help but stare in awe, at the display of affection and attention.

Coming from such a difficult place this tree not only managed to prosper, but she grows to such a height other trees older than her stare up in amazement.

This metaphorical height is not your physical height darling, but more of a cloud which you exude, that envelopes any stander by with such force that they are forced to stare.

And... she then says her mind is dangerous.
I would help her fight any anxiety she wishes, I will help her through it.
She may see it as a personal battle, and if so, let me provide the water, the training, anything to push this chirping bird to her rightful comfortable nest.

Let me guide your hands, hold you when things get stressful, let me teach you ways in which stress disappears, because I can promise you, a single chance is all I need.

Yet many men just see a pair of legs, and all I can say is...

Keep your eyes up,
Stare into her brown bicolored eyes
And look at her soul.
That is all I wish for,
Which is why, even if this tree thinks it scary or misadvised , I will say

I commit to your soul.
Not your body,
For that is temporary.
All that matters is you.

And I could go on about how we would be right together...

But that is for you to decide, as this tree is independent.

And this poem is for you,
Not me.
It is about you.
Not your body.

This poem is all about you.
Petrie Aug 17

Ok before,

Better with.

But I don't know that I'll ever be Ok after...

So much put into such a temporary thing.

And now I'm left to think about what was,

And to fail repeatedly at trying to heal

I don't think I will ever be Ok... again.
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