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Light House Oct 2016
When I was younger, my mother taught me about monsters -
how they will always be. Although, I am grateful because she
taught me how to live & to live, Happily.

She taught me another way.

She taught me how to reach,
how to touch parts of life, how to take piece-by-piece;
& how to devour pieces I think I cannot to find hidden players
in this game of hide-&-seek. Beyond bars, she taught me how to breach. Even beyond black, she taught me how to bleach. She told me,

"My son, breathe."

She forged within me a voice.
& taught me Patience… …How to achieve….
…How to attain things others claim to want,
how to acquire the things I truly desire,
how to handle -- to hold -- things, others only hope of having.
She taught me how to survive; she taught me Faith.
She taught me how to dream;
she taught me how to seize.

She taught me how to speak.

She also taught me to do,
…how to face …& the importance of Strength
& coupling Courage; & along with Patience,
she taught me Restraint - how to think, & about riddles,
rules, & thought. She has taught me a lot;

she taught me everything, including when to rest
& that I can, even when I cannot.

When I was younger, my mother taught me about monsters -
how they will always be; but along with those shadows,
she also taught me, to bear. Alongside those demons, she taught me how to care.
Alongside those storms, she taught me how to dare;
she taught me how to fly. Alongside all-hell,
she taught me how to share. Underneath the rain,
she taught me how to sail -- that I must sail --
as if all skies & all weathers are fair.

She taught me Justice & Balance -- about walls & force --
…about opposites & halves. She taught me how to stay my course;
& above all else, she taught me how to strike ---- ---- ---- ----
& that I am as strong as she is -- to raise my standards --
that she & I...
   -- that our stories,
    -- our lives
...are alike.

She taught me Love & how to correct something at its core.
She taught me how to vanquish evil (including all monsters)
resolving it (all of them) at the source.
...How to connect -- considerately -- at the source.

She taught me to attack!
To go for it! To try! To try harder!

She taught me to keep trying.
She taught me Heart. She showed me how to fight.

She taught me how to die, how to land....
with Grace upon lava - making things like magma,
into mere warm, toasting sand.

She taught me how to fall.
She guided me through the art of failure
& taught me of its science ---- making me resilient
& accepting of reliance.

When I was younger, my mother taught me about monsters -
how they will always be. When I was younger, my mother
...taught me,
& fed me;
she gave me a home,
a place to sleep. Security.
She kept me safe,
a child's dream;
because of her
I am Alive.
& because of her,
I am no sheep.

Because of her I have found Fortitude,
because of her I am able to leap.
It is because of her I dive.

When I was younger,
my mother taught me about monsters -
how they will always be. She also taught me
how to stand against each.

She said,

"You ...more than any of them,
  ...even more than any of their own terrible champions....
  They fear you, my-child, instead. They fear you
     ...far more than you fear any of them."

"....Each & every beast," she said.

When I was younger, my mother taught me about monsters...
She taught me not only as a parent or teacher,
but also as a heroine, someone of courage,
             someone brave.

She led me, like light -- like a warrior, with a sense of doggedness,
like a knight, with passion & faith -- through life, myself.

When I was younger, my mother taught me as a heroine.
& along the way, she introduced me to the hero within.

My mother is a liar.
She claims she is not an artist,
but (a) discipline she taught me - an art,

              the art of being ~~~~

....Of Rising & Accepting....
 --Of Standing - Face-to-Face --
    Against It All, Against All of It...

                                                         ­        ~~~~ against Everything.
Rough copy, excuse any errors. Turned out to be a bit longer than I anticipated. & it is turning out to be "later"  night as usual.... Goodnight all.

*This is a tribute to my mother, as well as a skeleton for a character I have in mind, "Faelyn." I shall digress for now, for it is late. As always, I shall try to be more active this weekend. & hopefully expand on this or at least refine it down a bit.

You all have my love,

Becky Littmann Aug 2015
Supposedly too much television will rot your brain away
BUT... you can 't believe what everyone may say

KERMIT told us it ain't easy being green
TAYLOR SWIFT taught us people can be trouble & really mean
SEBASTIAN the CRAB told us it is better down where it is wetter
CINDERELLA taught us that eventually things will get better
SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS told us over & over he's READY! he's READY!
THE TORTOISE taught us that being quick may not always work
KAYNE WEST taught us people are rude, interrupting, annoying & huge jerks
MR KRABS taught us some people are money hungry & greedy
LINDSAY LOHAN taught us some people are attention needy
DORA THE EXPLORER taught us to live our life as an adventure & go explore
SWIPER taught us to always go for more
SQUIDWARD taught us not everyone has happiness to share
PATRICK STAR taught us that some people's heads are filled with air
PLANKTON taught us that you can never give up on reaching your goal
ALICE's curiosity taught us don't chase white rabbits with pocket watches down their hole
PETER PAN taught us to live carefree & have no worries at all
HORTON taught us that a person is a person no matter how small
THE LORAX taught us to take care of our trees
SNOW WHITE taught us that there maybe more than what the eye sees
TOMMY PICKLES taught us sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
THE GRINCH taught us that deep down inside, the cruel have hearts too
NEMO'S DAD MARLIN taught us you can't protect people from all & or any danger
BARNEY taught us not to talk to a stranger
LILO & STITCH taught us no one gets left behind or forgotten, that is "OHANA"
SOUTH PARK taught us not to give a **** & some friends can be a huge ****** BAG
JUSTIN BIEBER taught us what isn't "SWAG"
STEWIE taught us that even if you're talking not everyone is listening
NELLY taught us that not everywhere has air conditioning "HOT IN HERRE"
DOROTHY taught us is you want to go home just click your heels three times & repeat "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME"
SOUTH PARK'S TWEAK taught us that your underwear get stolen by the underwear gnomes

So much we've unknowingly managed to obtain
secretly stored in our brain
celebrities, songs, shows & even cartoons have taught us a lot
& that's what life lessons are all about
little hidden lessons & messages everywhere
& completely unaware you pass it on & share
Elvan May 2019
Unspoken Wisdom Speaks
What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** how to struggle, scrap, and scrape, as well as, tries as he may, in order to provide for his family; in time hopefully, he determines in life this may if not always will be necessary

What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** that society has a hefty, respect for a winner, yet it has a habit of closing as many doors as possible which limits the *****’s ability to obtain this elusive and yes lofty goal in life

What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** that society expects a certain amount of personal initiative yet it attempts to discourage the ***** at every corner by forcing them to focus on the obstacles and roadblocks rather than the strategy necessary to overcome the difficult tasks at hand

What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** that it is possible to bootstrap your way to success, however, it fails to inform the ***** exactly where the bootstraps are kept

What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** that the American dream can be accomplished by anyone who truly has a desire to obtain it; however, it fails to inform the ***** that the dream has various levels of reward and some are quite egregious

What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** that failure is a natural course of life when one seeks to obtain a level of success; however, it failed to tell the ***** that the obstacles for some are not nearly as challenging as it is for others

What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** that we are offered an entry level position and we should be grateful for this success and if we seek more; then the challenge of being accepted is added to the challenges of preparing for the next level

What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** that mastering the skills of the next level can be a practice in futility if his behavior doesn’t fit in with what is considered the norm for American Negroes in the eyesight of greater society

What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** that obtaining the goal is only a part of the battle; praise from, recognition by, and acceptance of your supposed peers is the next challenge

What has Integration taught the American *****? It taught the ***** to try as he may and he may be granted entry, providing that he has honestly tried as he might (SMILE)

What has Integration taught the American *****?
On’ know
Exclusively and Originally Written By Elvan
C F Apr 2020
My father taught me
A lot of things.

In my youth,

He taught me to care for myself
Before anyone else

He taught me that I am whole
That I am worth so much more
Than a compliment from a boy
With complicated feelings.

He taught me to fight
If I had too
To strike the thigh just so
And break his nose

How did he know it would be a he?
Why didn't he tell me?

As I grew and left his wing
He taught me more
But of life

He taught me that
The hand that feeds
Should be bit if it beats.

He taught me that
He wouldn't be here forever
And I cried

He taught me that
I was strong enough to take them
(and if I wasn't, my mother would bury his body.)

He taught me that
He could cry too
When he and I realised we wouldn't be able
To just go a floor and bug the other

He taught me that
Human beings are difficult
But the relationships are worth it
When you both try

As I aged and graduated
He was caught between letting me go
And letting me hold on while I could

He taught me that
My mother wanted only the best for me
Even though I couldn't see it yet

He taught me that
They were growing older

He taught me that
Patience and consistency and effencicey
Is key when you want it

He taught me that
They were proud of me

He taught me that
Depression gets the best of us
Even though I remember him calling it
A cowards way out.

He taught me that
He loved me.
He loved me more than life itself.

He taught me that
While he couldn't fight my battles for me
He would fight my demons to the death
Whether they were human or imagination.

He taught me that
While I could obviously stand alone on my own
I didn't have too
And I didnt want too.

He taught me
I still didn't know
What I'd do when he was gone.
Tonka May 2016
You taught me about love
You taught me how to see color
You taught me how to explore
You taught me how to smile
You taught me about deception
You taught me about abuse
You taught me about trust
You taught me about hatred
You taught me how it feels to be forgotten
You taught me how it feels to be alone
You taught me how it feels to be heartless
You taught me how it feels to be stepped on
You taught me how it feels to be used
You taught me how it feels to be heartbroken
You taught me what a casket felt like
You taught me about myself
You taught me how much I could hate
You taught me how much I could hate
You taught me how much I could hate
I hope if I taught you anything
It’s that love is real
But so is pain
You ruined my life
You’ll never see me again
Kurt Carman Feb 2018
It’s something my parents insisted on,
Preparing for the trials and tribulations our world endures.
Thinking about how I’ll react to impending circumstances.
Overcoming adversity using my heart as well as my mind.

And in my later years I’m starting to understand,
Why they begged me to always be the better man.
So let these words sink in to your heart and mind,
Forget the hate you hear and those that try to trivialize,
The following things I memorized; so many years ago........

I was taught to be the better person
I was taught that relationships were built on honesty
I was taught to be a good listener
I was taught to be polite
I was taught to be patriotic
I was taught to be emotionally open
I was taught to fight against Injustice
I was taught and encouraged to smile often
I was taught to be humble
I was taught to be generous with my belongings
I was taught to feed the hungry
I was taught to have respect for all races
I was taught to have compassion for the less fortunate
I was taught to live by the Golden Rule
I was taught that unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment
I was taught a right from a wrong
I was taught to believe in a creator
I was taught that war is a terrible thing
And most importantly;
I was taught that acts of Love & Kindness can change the world.
Harry J Baxter Feb 2014
Poetry taught me ******* myself
poetry taught me why I shouldn’t
poetry taught me that sometimes
a laugh is a whole lot more than a laugh
and poetry helped me get back in touch
with all of my long lost tears
poetry taught me that girls at a party
love a poet
but girls at a party
don’t know a ****** thing about poetry
poetry taught me that that doesn’t matter
I’ve got a **** and we’re all just animals
poetry taught me how to talk to girls
poetry taught me that I’m the type of guy
who strikes out way less on the page
Ermmm… yeah. Do ya like music?
poetry taught me that getting high
results in crashing lows
and it’s the ascent/descent which breeds art
passion comes from the destinations
poetry taught me honesty
and how to make a lie sound truthful
poetry taught me life and death
and made nihilism seem hip
poetry taught me that my Mum is on occasion
a crazy woman
and that my Dad is more like me than I’d like to admit
poetry taught me that that is all okay
poetry taught me how to be okay in the passenger seat
but also when to take the steering wheel by force
poetry taught me how to make the glint of
a neon sign reflected by a broken forty ounce bottle
into a dazzling beam of lunar light
poetry has taught me a lot
and I’m eager to learn
You taught me how to live
What to love
How to live

You taught me how to love
What to love

You taught me how to grow
You taught me how to accept

You taught me how to love
What to love

You taught me how to read
You taught me how to question
You taught me what to believe

You taught me how to love
What to love

You taught me everything
You gave me everything

You taught me how to love
What to love

You taught me about honor
You taught me about integrity

You taught me how to love
What to love

You taught me to never give up
You taught me to reach high

You taught me how to love
Most importantly
You taught me what to love
Dorothy A Nov 2012
This is not a poem. It is not really a story, either. I don't really need to classify it in a category, I suppose.  I simply say it is an expression of respect, gratitude, and love for my a living eulogy.

Recently losing a loved one in the family to a tragic death, I am realizing how vital it is to tell my mother how much she means to me. No, it doesn't have to be Mother's Day for this to take place, nor her birthday (although she just turned 76 on November 2nd). The reason is so much more than the norm, than the expected. It is an urging need within to express my emotions, my creativity—before I forget—before the emotions fade, or I talk myself out of doing what I think is right.  

I fear I might start to take things for granted again and never decide to actually do it.

You see, when my father died nearly eight years ago, it was at his funeral that I spoke the kind, fond words in a eulogy that I wrote for him. It was nice to say it at church to an attentive audience who heard how I lovingly felt about my dad. It seemed easier, safer to my comfort zone, not to speak such things to him while he was alive. Sure, my father knew I cared. I looked after him when he was dying, and we had a great bond during that time. But I would love to turn back time, and tell him face-to-face. I cannot, but I wish to say these things to my mother now, while she is still here—and not simply in her memory someday—writing it all down before I  forget what I want to her to hear and read for herself.

It is easy to fight with someone you love, and to find fault. Most children have conflicts with their parents. Often, some of us want to place blame and be angry, even if it is momentary. It is another thing to stop and think of what our lives mean, and to remember those who enhanced us, shaped us, and taught us. Sometimes, we learn the hard way. We may learn by fire—I often have—for it is the intense stuff that shapes us, develops us, and refines us into who we are. If we are keenly aware about it, that is, and use everything for our good.

My mother taught me many good things. I want to say them in the here-and-now, not just to memorialize her some day in the future….so here it goes.

This is what my mother taught me:

She taught me that hate is a sin. Yes, a sin, for my mother realized that hate is a strong emotion, a destructive one that is not pleasing to God. She thinks it is simply wrong—no matter what.  As a child, this wasn't always what I wanted to hear—if I was passionately, downright, furious with someone—but I surely have grown up and now understand that she was absolutely right. No matter how justified I can feel, the wisdom of it keeps tugging at my heart. As I have heard in a quote before: Hate is easy, love takes courage.  I have my mother to thank for instilling such principles in my childhood. They perpetually instruct me, speak to me and to remind me throughout my years.

My mother taught me to be fair and even in life, and she never played favorites among me and my two older brothers. If it can be helped, she believed that nobody should get more than the other, or less. As the oldest of 13 children, she understood that proper distribution is important, and nobody should be left out

My mother taught me to be honest. I knew that she did not like to lie to anyone for her own gain or anyone else’s.  If I wanted her to lie for me, I saw that she was against it and quite uncomfortable about going against her belief. That is something that I learned to uphold as a virtue, too, applying to my life.

Even the little things, she taught me. "Cover your mouth when you yawn....Answer people when they address you” all have merit. (She still is in the correcting business on stuff like that!)

She has written a little bit of poetry and sketched a bit, too. Her poetry was simple and sweet, and she would write stuff in my birthday cards a few times. She even wrote poetry in her father's card one time, and he thought it was beautiful. It was not often that she heard such compliments.  I guess that is where I get my love of poetry, story writing, painting and drawing—from her. And I think, perhaps, my mom got her interest in sketching from her father.

My mom had and still has a beautiful singing voice. Many in the family told me so. She certainly could have been a professional singer—she was that good. Some of her siblings could sing well, too, and her mother. It used to drive my crazy that she would hum to songs in commercials or start singing when music played in the movies or on TV. "Do you have to sing?" I would ask. But I later realized how fun singing was, and my mom was surprised that I actually liked to do it, too. I think she was convinced that I held an anti-singing stance in life. If only I could sing half as good as she ever did, and appreciated it more.

My mother taught me not to waste, not food or practical things. And although I used to think she was way too much like that, I now understand it is a value to use money wisely. My mom certainly appreciated the value of a dollar, growing up in a large, impoverished family. She certainly did not come from the "throwaway generation".

My mom also taught me generosity. She has been this way with her children, helping us out financially, if needed. My father was that way, too, later in life. It was a blessing to know my mom and dad were there for me, and I could be there for them. They were adamant about helping others if they helped you. And surely that can be expanded to helping those who cannot help themselves, something I am passionate about.

My mother knew how to laugh and have a playful side to her. Even with her physical ailments—her bad back, her arthritis—my mom has maintained her humor. My dad did, too. There was plenty to be serious about. Yet they both had a silly side to them, and those kinds of qualities remind me that growing older does not mean that one has to lose that childlike part that keeps us young and less heavy-laden. My mom just has always had a more bubbly personality. Starting out in life as very shy and introverted—more like my dad—I also learned to be a bit more like her.

Lastly, my mother taught me about faith, that there is a God. I believed in God as a little girl. Later, my mom and I had our share of fighting and bickering about the importance of going to church.. As a teenager, I had major doubts and disbelief, and stayed away from such practices. But there was a foundation laid down before me that I later desired to lean on and thirst for. Although our religious paths differed for good, my mother and I both are Christians, and my mom never lost or questioned her faith like I often have. I am now glad to be able to say that I have faith in God, and it is so necessary for me.

Yes, my mother taught me many things for which I am grateful for.
Mar Nov 2014
you taught me how to go on adventures
and leave my phone at home
and how to let time slide by
and ignore my calendar

you taught me to how to stay in bed
all day
with you
and do nothing but be cold together

you taught me to go swimming in storms
and to smoke in the snow
you taught me how to be ignored
and how to give up on someone

you taught me to swallow words
and win staring contests
and to never stop asking questions
even when nobody had the answers

you taught me to be right
and to stop lying and start laughing
and to swim in my underwear
in the middle of the forest

you taught me how to walk on a guardrail
holding your hand
and find treasures in the trees
and run away from home

you taught me that fear is just an obstacle
you taught me that you're afraid
of something too
even if you hide it too well

you taught me that I'll never be perfect
and neither will you
and you carved an M into my lighter
just because you knew

I taught you to drink in the morning
instead of eating breakfast
and smoke in the bathtub
and fog up mirrors and draw secrets

I taught you to forget me
and to fight back
and that im not and never will be ticklish
I taught you how to say i miss you

I taught you to be 19
and to write letters
I taught you my favorite things
and my quirks and sparks and games

I was going to teach you to play chess
and to braid my hair
you were going to lean Old Pine on guitar
but you gave up

I was going to teach you to love
and to know everything
I was going to teach you my middle name
and how to read Brave New World

I was going to teach you to hold on
But you taught me to let go
and I learned that nobody breaks my heart
not even you
Cari Hannaford Jun 2016
Our parents are always telling us , you have to go to school, that you'll learn everything you need to know before you're ready for the big world, and that'll you need it to get into your dream job

But now a days our education isn't about learning, its about passing
Our education now isn't the same as it used to be

It teaches us that if you're not at a certain grade level, you will not succeed
That if you don't meet a certain criteria, maybe you're not for fit the course

This education system doesn't teach us whats really important for the big world

It doesn't teach us how to live, how to do taxes or how to survive

It never taught us the living expenses or how to buy a home
Never taught us what to expect once we leave for college or how to balance our schedules

No. It only taught us homework, about a plant cell, about tangents and circumferences

It taught us that homework is more important than family
That it's more important than being a kid and having a life

It taught us that if you spend time with loved once and didn't do your work, you're setting yourself up for failure

They pile us with work it feels like we cant breath
They never once thought of the other class assignments that must be due not even 24 hours later

They make us memorise things that will no longer be important when we apply for a job

We study for hours in hopes to pass that final test that we'll soon forget

But what are we suppose to say when someone asks us how we're feeling?
We were never taught that
We never memorised an equation to help us find the answer
We were only ever taught to keep our mouths shut and do our work

Its quite funny what we learn in school now
Things more than 80% of the students will never have to use let alone see again

School was suppose to prepare us for our future
For the job choice we pick

Instead we meet and learned quadratics and plant cells
We were taught homework is what your focus should always be on

We were never taught about the future and what to do

And most importantly
We were never taught how to love ourselves and the things we should be greatful for

They've turn us into sad, mindless robots that's are more concerned about grades and passing than whats going on with the family

We lock ourselves in our rooms doing homework for 6 hours than talking to our mothers or fathers who wonder about us

We were never taught the importance of family before it was too late

Every single highschool student wishes they can turn back the clocks, but it'll never work

We were taught the hard way that you don't really know what you have until its gone
Something we weren't prepared for

They never prepared us for the future
Instead, we prepare our self for the possible failing outcome

How are we suppose to make a living for ourselves when all we have learned was the stress over homework and family?
The depression over a failed test or assignment?
The lost feeling of the lost time?

How are we suppose to love ourselves when all we do is put yourself down because of school?

This education system never prepared us for anything
Instead, this education system officially has broken all of us.
S C Netha Jan 2018
You taught me to be like this
to be physically here and mentally there
You taught me to disappear from the face of the earth when i felt like it
to leave if that's what it takes
To retain my sanity.

You taught me to reflect
on the state of life mid-conversation
To never apologise because reflection
is not a sin and you'd be here
when i came back ready to hear
that I've changed my mind about
everything except you because
i can't bear
To be the intolerant type of person
that subscribes to labels and promotes
fear of love that comes in different shapes, forms and colours.

You taught me to be like this
You taught me to be ever-present but never-visible
You taught me it's okay to feel like this
Like i was shrouded in magic because i was so **** invisible
To everyone else except you because
"My love, this us-thing is not so simple", you said right after the i-love-you or at least i think so
I don't know. I zoned out for a while there but I'm sure you said so.

You taught be like this.
You taught me to hide in the spotlight
Because they can never come for me there.
You taught me to use the bright lights
as a distraction and they would never know that I'm gone you taught me to that dreaming is not only for the night
you said i could do it with my eyes wide open in the broad daylight in the middle of a demanding crowd.

You taught me to leave the way you did you left, but you called it reflection
Of the way things were things are things should be of perception of the way humans are humans should strive to be to be honest i felt like a distraction. Like you were meantfor bigger things than me but i didn't leave because you were a manifestation of everything life should be plus you said it was only "reflection".
And i could do it too because you'd be here when i got back
But you are not here
Why are you not here?
You're not here
Did i not hear you properly?
I'm sure i did.
You're not here and i can't hear the sound of your voice anymore so I'm always absent trying to reach you over there, in my mind.
But don't fault me you showed me this
You taught me to leave and you called it reflection because that's how you saw it i still see it as education
Because you taught me this.
Freeform. No structure nothing i might perform this one day.
Grace Feb 2017
You taught me to follow my fate,
You taught me to take the risk and the bait.
You taught me to be strong,
You taught me to never be wrong.
You taught me to feel love,
You taught me to fly free like a dove.
You taught me about truth,
You taught me that in life, there is no ruth.
You taught me to keep fighting for my belief,
You taught me to keep away from relief.
You taught me to fight,
And you taught me what is right.

You were right, this whole time,
You were right, life beats to its rhyme.
You were right, and they were wrong,
You were right, that I was strong.
You were right, that I was beautiful,
You were right, that my stubbornness was unmovable.
You were right, as I will always honor you,
You were right, I believe in you too.
Robin Wright Apr 27
From the moment I was born
I knew that I’d be safe
I knew if I was ever lost
you’d help me find my way
you taught me life could be a challenge
you taught me right from wrong
you taught me how to deal with struggles
you taught me to be strong
you taught me how to change a tire
so I wouldn’t be in distress
you taught me to see the good in life
when everything seems a mess
you taught me to play basketball
to be unselfish, and get along with others
you taught me to always give 100%
and to always listen to my mother
you taught me everything I know about sports
you taught me how to win
you taught me to be competitive
you taught me to never give in
you taught me the things I want in life
will never be given for free
to earn whatever my heart desires
is completely up to me
you taught me how to lose with grace
and use that as a tool
to keep on pushing forward in life
and that passion is my fuel
you taught me to treat my fellow man
with the respect that they deserve
and if you thought that I wasn’t listening dad
I heard every single word
you’ve always been my biggest fan
the best friend, a girl could have
thank you for making me who I am
I love you to the moon and back, DAD
CataclysticEvent May 2020
Happy mother's day?
My mom taught me what alcohol tolerance was by 9.
That some nights if I didn't make dinner,
I wouldn't eat.
She taught me how to be a light sleeper,
By passing out drunk with lite cigarettes.
My mother taught me,
Boys font like fat girls, and you're def bigger then me.
She taught me how to hate myself,
But still love her.
My mother taught me how to be strong,
By making it the only way to survive her
Never ending drunken rampages.
She taught me early,
Not love,, not her daughter comes before the drink.
She taught me how to take care of her.
Make sure she got home from the bar at 1am,
Unscathed from the journey,
And still be up in time for school.
She taught me how to live off little sleep,
And even less attention.
Early she taught me,
I was no more special than coat hanger on the wall.
She taught me your mother's cigarette smoke,
Will cling to your clothing strongly,
You'd have to fold them with dryer sheets inside.
She taught me,
That I'd stay for her to make sure she was okay,
All the while destroying myself.
She taught me how to love someone,
Even when you don't like them.
She taught me how to be respectful,
Even when those people don't deserve respect.
Recently she taught me something else.
Sometimes those people you love,
Will never love you enough to not destroy you,
As they destroy themselves.
She taught me we all have a breaking point.
A point of no return.
And that sometimes it is better alone,
To be an orphan.
Rather then allow them the satisfaction in your torture.
luckily I had a father who could both an amazing dad, and an amazing mother.
Jade Elon Dec 2013
My father taught me five:
He taught me
1. That it is okay to be late to dinner or not show up at all as long as you have a good reason.
taught me
2. That everyone makes mistakes and either you live with them or you runaway from them leaving only a voicemail and a forwarding address.
taught me
3. That you'll never have to be disappointed by others if your the disappointment and if you leave before the introductions.
taught me
4. That names are fickle, and there is never any point of telling someone yours if you have no plans to remember theirs.
taught me
5. That you have to give a little to get a little but that sometimes you give a little and get a lot of something you don't want.

My mother taught me five:
She taught me
5. That somedays you'll wake up and want to die because life is hard and no one will be on your side if you're against yourself.
taught me
4.  That it is hard to forgive and forget and it is even harder when you're 19 and all you're left with is a swelling abdomen, a voicemail and a forwarding address.
taught me
3. That good deeds don't make the person, that sacrifices make the person, that waking up alone at 4am to a crying baby makes the person.
taught me
2. That it's healthy to cry, but it's not healthy to cry yourself to sleep at night and cry yourself into productivity in the morning.
taught me
1. That it is okay to be late to dinner or not show up at all as long as you have a good reason.
Elizabeth Dec 2013
As a child I was taught poetry
the quiet writing of feelings reflections
often in a beat with a rhyme and a few examples of alliteration

I was taught that as a woman my feelings
should be hid and kept quiet
that when I liked a boy it was not my place
to ask him whether he liked me back
I was taught to look out for myself by not dressing slutty
not walking home late at night
I was taught that my curvy figure would make people
question my morals my virginity my character
I was taught that as a girl I won't be as successful in math or science
I was taught to give myself to other pursuits
in liberal arts or domestic dealings
I was taught that even if by some miracle I found success in the fields where I "wouldn't be successful"
that I would and should give it up in a heart beat to raise a family
I was taught that I must share my feelings
my emotions my struggles
but not in a loud and open way

I had to remain quiet cool composed

Poetry was to be my outlet, written in couplets sonnets and verse
quiet and held inside written on paper
stored away from the world
to be read inside the mind
by others- men, teachers, parents
in order to decode me
and learn how to

This is meant to be read aloud/ performed as spoken word. I'm also working on the "sister" poem to this one.
I’ve been self taught since the day I was born.
I taught myself to cry to allow oxygen to enter my lungs.
I taught myself to hold by bottle cause I got tired or my mom taking it from me.
I taught myself to lie when my mom asked me if I ate all the cookies.
I taught myself to ride a bike when my father got fed up with teaching me.
I taught myself to never make my father angry so I wouldn’t get no ahhh wooping.
I taught myself math cause my teachers were not skilled enough to get it through my head.
I taught myself science equations cause when my teacher spoke she made no sense.
I taught myself to love myself cause I never knew if anyone would.
I taught myself to love someone who never really loved me.
I taught myself.
Hannah P Jun 2018
Our protection.
A guardian we take for granted.
I was taught in
Science class how
 The skin is our
Barrier and protects us
From countless enemies.
A shield that is responsible
For keeping us healthy and safe.
But yet we abuse it,
We show it no gratitude.

When I was a kid
I allowed myself
To go roller skating without my
Knee pads,
Despite the infinite reprimands
My mother provided.
A scraped knee
Wasn’t anything a Band-Aid
And some time
Couldn’t fix.
I thought the band-aids in
The bathroom cupboard
Held some type of magic in the box
That I could not fathom
That patched up my skin
As if nothing ever happened.

But then I was taught in science class that
It was my skin performing
These magic tricks.
I remember those scolding hot
Summer days
Spent on the beach with my friends
Where the waves absorbed
Any sunscreen I had massaged on my body
And my face turned
Crimson from soaking in the rays.
But the burn always tempered
Down into a glowing tan
After the aloe soothed
The stinging.
In science class
I constantly overlooked
How our own flesh
Performed these illusions
To shield us from harms.

In science class
I studied how our skin
Interacted with the outside world.
How sensations were
Directed to the tips of my fingers
And goose bumps rose on
My arms.

But I was never taught
How to experience them.
I never questioned it though;
Unitl I met him.
Everything I was taught

Got lost,
As I had in his presence.
The way he gazed at me,
The way he talked to me,
The way he stroked my skin.
It gave me all those sensations
They had talked about in science class.

Everything happened so fast,
Everything happened too fast.
Intoxicated hands held me too close
And my intoxicated heart let them.

I forgot what science class burned
Into my brain and
I gave him my skin.
I let him become my armor.
I let him corrupt my flesh
Just as I had so many times before.
His finger nails
And teeth
Sunk deep into me
Leaving patters of desire in each layer
That soon soaked into my veins.
Our rib cages pressed together,
Both our hearts rattling
Within our chests,
Stimulating our brains to send signals
Allowing serotonin and oxytocin
To spill out,
Premising his lips to outline my body.

No science class ever
Taught me how to react
To my blood pressure rising,
To my sweat glands heating up.
No science class ever taught me
Why I wanted more,
Why the marks he left on my skin
Didn’t ache like a
Sunburn or scraped knee.

I trusted him,
With his hands full
Of my skin,
And the way that he
Made me feel;
I felt safe.

No science class taught me
That I could feel so
And I loved it.

But when he was done with me,
My skin felt wrinkled
And used.
When he gave it back,
It was no longer mine,
He took it with him.
My skin cells lingered
Next to his nail beds
As he dressed himself.

No science class taught me
Why I felt so desolate
As he walked out the door,
With simple goodbyes,
That did not need to be spoken,
And no amenity in his eyes.
No science class taught me
The feeling of numbness found
As my heart rate decomposed
In my hallow chest,
Knowing I let him take my
Shield and watched him destroy it
Right in front of me.
No science class taught me
The bite marks and scratches he left
Would always be sore
Even after they have healed.

No Band-Aid or magic trick
Could fix the damage
He left for me to patch up
By myself.
No science class taught me
I would feel
The sensations of
Love and loss
Aching through my bones.
No amount of horomones
Could change his mind,
Or tug on his heart strings.
So why I thought I was
Invincible when I was with him,
I can’t understand.

But it is my fault
For not memorizing my
Notes from science class and
Sticking to the known facts
Of my own anatomy.
But I do know
After years and years of
Being lectured in school,
No science class could teach me
What my own damaged skin could.

Love and science will never coincide
And love cannot be found
In the physicality of
A one night stand.
M Mar 2017
If there is one thing that early mornings have taught me
It is to celebrate my wandering soul’s return
And if there is one thing that late nights have taught me
It is that life has its lessons that I have yet to learn

If there is one thing that strangers have taught me
It is that struggles are aplenty
And if there is one thing that true friends have taught me
It is that I've never owned any

If there is one thing that sobriety has taught me
It is to remind me that I am bounded by a creed
But if there is one thing that intoxication has taught me
It is that the devil will be the first for me to greet

If there is one thing that love has taught me
It is that it is a wonderful feeling
But if there is one thing that hate has taught me
It is that its presence has kept me surviving

If there is one thing that fantasies have taught me
It is that my hopes and dreams will never be achieved
And if there is one thing that reality has taught me
It is that the life of a failure is one I’ve lived

If there is one thing that death has taught me
It is that it tastes like regret
And if there is one thing that life has taught me
It is to never forgive and forget
M Jun 2016
If there is one thing that early mornings have taught me
It is to celebrate my wandering soul’s return
And if there is one thing that late nights have taught me
It is that life has its lessons that I have yet to learn

If there is one thing that strangers have taught me
It is that struggles are aplenty
And if there is one thing that true friends have taught me
It is that I never own any

If there is one thing that sobriety has taught me
It is to remind me that I am bounded by a creed
But if there is one thing that intoxication has taught me
It is that the devil will be the first for me to greet

If there is one thing that love has taught me
It is that it is a wonderful feeling
But if there is one thing that hate has taught me
It is that its presence has kept me surviving

If there is one thing that fantasies have taught me
It is that my hopes and dreams will never be achieved
And if there is one thing that reality has taught me
It is that the life of a failure is one I’ve lived

If there is one thing that death has taught me
It is that it tastes like regret
And if there is one thing that life has taught me
It is to never forgive and forget
Lydia E Dec 2011
Sleep comes so slowly
When will we dream?
Time moves too quickly
When together, it seems.
Yet in those quick moments
I feel something new
I see something foreign
That's only in you.
You're always relaxed,
Always so pleased.
I can't seem to grasp
Why you're so at ease.
Sometimes I'm jealous
Of how you can live
One day at a time
While I'm still stuck in
A time yet to come
It gets quite exhausting
I don't want to worry
'Bout every little thing
Did you know that you teach me?
It's true and I love it
The lessons you've taught me
Can be found in just moments
You've taught me to feel
Even if it hurts
You've taught me to see
Despite when it burns
You've taught me true peace
(It's attainable by all?)
You've taught me a truth
I'm not scared to tell
You've taught me to dream
Even when impossible
You've taught me to speak
That words are unstoppable
You've taught me that confidence
Isn't hard at all
That even  myself
Can learn to walk tall
Adam, you've taught me
All of these things
I love you now and always will
And now know what that really means.
Bunhead17 Nov 2013
[Intro: John Legend]
Let's play the blame game, I love you, more
Let's play the blame game for sure
Let's call out names, names, I hate you, more
Let's call out names, names, for sure
I'll call you ***** for short
As a last resort, and my first result
You call me ******* for long
At the end of it you know we both were wrong

[Hook: John Legend]
But I love to play the blame game, I love you more
Let's play the blame game for sure
Let's call her names, names, I hate you, more
Let's call her names, names, for sure

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
On a bathroom wall I wrote
"I'd rather argue with you than be with someone else"
I took a **** and dismiss it like "**** it"
And I went and found somebody else
**** arguing and harvesting the feelings
Yo, I'd rather be by my ******* self
Till about two a.m. and I call back
And I hang up and I start to blame myself
Somebody help...


[Verse 2: Kanye West]
You weren't perfect but you made life worth it
Stick around, some real feelings might surface
Been a long time since I spoke to you in a bathroom
Gripping you up, ******* and choking you
What the hell was I supposed to do?
I know you ain't getting this type of **** from that local dude
And if you are I hope you are having a good time
Cause I definitely be having mine
And you ain't finna see a mogul get emotional
Every time I hear bout other ****** is strokin' you
Lying, say I hit you, he sitting there consoling you
Running my name through the mud, who's provoking you?
You should be grateful a ***** like me ever noticed you
Now you noticeable and can't nobody get control of you
One a.m. and can't nobody get a hold of you
I'm calling your brother's phone like what was I supposed to do?
Even though I knew, he never told the truth
He was just gon' say whatever that you told him to
At a certain point I had to stop asking questions
Y'all got dirt on each other like mud wrestlers
I heard he bought some coke with my money
That ain't right girl
You getting blackmailed for that white girl
You always said Yeezy I ain't your right girl
You'll probably find one of them "I like art"-type girls
All of the lights, she-was-caught-in-the-hype girl
And I was satisfied being in love with the lie
Now who to blame, you to blame, me to blame
For the pain and it poured every time when it rained
Lets play the blame game


[Verse 3: Kanye West]
"Things used to be, now they not
Anything but us is who we are
Disguising ourselves as secret lovers
We've become public enemies
We walk away like strangers in the street
Gone for eternity
We erased one another
So far from where we came
With so much of everything, how do we leave with nothing?
Lack of visual empathy equates the meaning of L-O-V-E
Hatred and attitude tear us entirely" - Chloe Mitchell

[Hook x2: Kanye West]
I can't love you this much
No, I can't love you this much

[Verse 4: Kanye West]
And I know that you are somewhere doing your thing
And when the phone called it just ring and ring
You ain't pick up but your phone accidentally called me back
And I heard the whole thing
I heard the whole thing, the whole thing, the whole thing

["The Best Birthday": Chris Rock]
Ohh my God
Baby you done took this **** to another mother ******* level!
Now a neighborhood ***** like me
Ain't supposed to be gettin no ***** like this
*******, *******!
Who taught you how to get **** for a *****?
(Yeezy taught me)
You never used to talk *****, but now you ******* disgusting
My, my God, where'd you learn that?
(Yeezy taught me)
Look at you mother ******* **** *** naked...
With them mother ******* Jimmy Choos on
Who taught you how to put some Jimmy Choos on?
(Yeezy taught me)
Yo you took your ***** game up a whole 'nother level
This is some Cirque du Soleil ***** now! ****!
You done went all ***** on a *****, okay? And I, and I love it...
And I thank you, I thank you, my **** thanks you!
How did you learn, how... how did your ***** game come up?
(Yeezy taught me)
I was ******* parts of your ***** I'd never ****** before
I was in there like oh **** I never been here before
I've never even seen this part of ***** town before
It's like you got this **** re-upholstered or some ****
What the **** happened?
Who, who the **** got your ***** all re-upholstered?
(Yeezy re-upholstered my *****)
You know what, I got to thank Yeezy
And when I see that *****, I'm-a thank him. I'm-a buy his album
I'm-a download that ******* I'm-a shoot a bootlegger!
That's how good I feel about this *****
Oww, I still can't believe you got me this watch
This ******* is the exact ******* I wanted!
Even with the bezel! This is the ******* I wanted
I saw this ****, I saw it, Twista had this **** on in The Source
I remember, Twista had this ******* on in The Source
That's right, that's right! Yo yo babe, yo yo this is the best birthday ever!
Where you learn to treat a ***** like this?
(Yeezy taught me)
Yeezy taught you well, Yeezy taught you well
Lyrics to "Blame Game' by Kayne West ft John Legend... I love this :D
Dánï Mar 2014
I was never taught how to love,
It was never shown to me.
What was taught was a false sense of love,
One that from such a young age, made me lose faith in humanity.

I was taught money bought forgiveness,
Blows symbolized your adoration for them.
I was taught such ugliness and bitterness,
Where there was once innocence, hatred stemmed.

I was taught all tears were true,
All apologies were honest.
I was taught to not forget was spiteful of you,
That forgiveness was a given and in your enemy you should seek solace.

I was taught pretending it never happened,
Covered up the millions of shouts.
I was taught to never dare let your soul blacken,
Even when the demons don't get out.

It's all I ever knew,
Don't accuse me of something I had no control of.
If you see and hear evil, you feel evil, do you question the sky being blue?
It isn't my fault I never witnessed love.


Most importantly I was taught,
Love isn't something you learn.
It's something you feel in your heart,
When it's rightfully **earned.
Rae Dec 2014
To love yourself as a women is an act of political defiance.
Our worth is determined by men, and dictated by society.
We are put in boxes of expectation where we are forced to shrink.
We are taught to love our children and our partners.
We are taught to sit like a lady, and to look pretty.
We are taught to calm down, and to hide our emotions.
We are taught that crying shows weakness, and that weakness is feminine.
We are taught to support men.
We are taught that men are presidents, men are scholars, men are doctors, and that men are lawyers.
We are taught that we are mothers, we are daughters, we are sisters, and We are wives.
We are taught that we are victims, and we are taught to endure.
We are taught that our questions are arguments, and that our opinions are aggressive.
We shrink to expectations.
How many things can we be taught until we are taught to love ourselves?
Àŧùl Oct 2016
Extremism, He taught them.
Extreme belief in the book of Satanic Verses.

Polygamy, He taught them.
Polyandry he dared not teach them ever.

Terrorism, He taught them.
Terrorising he needed not teach them ever.

Mirth, He taught them.
Utter hatred for the non-believer forever.

Paedophilia, He taught them.
Old men marrying & ****** children forever.

Paradoxes, He taught them.
Cleaning ***** feet with hands before the prayer.

Hatred, He taught them.
Why else are his teachings a copy of threats?
Boycott terrorism and the chief religions of terrorists.
Polygamy is the epitome that undermines women's rights.
All women should stop reading or following the 'Satanic Verses'.

HP Poem #1225
©Atul Kaushal
Felicity Smoak Feb 2015
father: n. a man who gives care and protection to someone or something.

The last time I saw you, really saw you,
You told me you loved me.
But you didn't mean it.
At least not like you used to. Like you used to pretend to.
Before your other two kids were born.

I guess I must have been a mistake.
An unplanned middle child.
One that you didn't want.
I came after your first, before your third and fourth.
I am my least favourite number.
Is that why it took you two years to say "I love you"?

I can not even remember how those words sound when crafted in your voice.
Unless they were hiding tension.
Or guilt.
Or obligation.
I never heard them for what they mean.
Your excuse was always:
Mom was watching, and you needed to look like a man.
The police guards were watching, and you needed to look like a man.
Your fellow inmates were watching, and you needed to look like a man.
Your other women were watching, and you needed to look like a man.
Your job wasn't to look like a man.
It wasn't to be a man.
It wasn't to sound like a man, think like a man, portray a man.
Your job was to be a father, to love me and make it known that I am your daughter and you are proud of me, even if you never show it. Or even say it.

I expected that from you. I expected you to know I was going to one day become something you were proud of, something you could say to make people think differently about you, because you raised  me to your standards and look how I came out. I expected you to show me what it's like to have a life, I expected you to teach me how to drive, I expected you to help me with homework, and pick me up from school, and
I expected you to care about who I am as a person, because I am your daughter.

Instead, you taught me that when I'm angry, upset, frustrated, confused, stressed, unhappy, depressed, content, or feeling any emotion whatsoever, I should run to alcohol and drink until I can feel nothing.

Instead, you taught me that you didn't care if I carved words into my skin, as long as I wasn't hurting anyone else I was fine and even if I did commit suicide it would be selfish and I shouldn't be scared of the demons in my head because they can't hurt me, they're trapped inside and they have no way to break the walls and besides being scared of yourself makes you a coward and a ***** and that's ridiculous.

Instead, you taught me that crying never gets me anywhere and if I wanted something I should just take it because no one will ever know it was me and no one will ever suspect a blonde girl in a dress to steal from a shop and as long as I look as innocent as I can then I can get whatever I need without ever paying for it because I can pay with my innocence.

Instead, you taught me that when you are drinking is the only time you will ever be proud of me for the one line in the play I landed and that even though you were never there to see it you knew I did good because I'm your daughter but even though I messed up because I looked into the crowd to find your face and forgot my line when I saw my mother with an empty seat beside her, I am still part of your family and we are good at saying things we don't mean and leaving.

Instead, you taught me that my sister will always be better than me and there is nothing I do to compete because even if I was stronger than her I would always be too small to fight her even if it was for self defense and if I try it and end up with a black eye it was my fault because I was warned of the cyclone of rage that lived within her chest and I should have known I did not stand a chance against her for she is better than me in every way.

Instead, you taught me that spending a day out in the sun working on your truck and sweating all over the ground and accidentally spilling your beer all over you which made the grass stick to you which you hated because you hate grass was better than spending a day with me inside watching movies and eating ice cream in the air conditioning with the dogs laying on my lap and cuddling with me because they know that if they did not do so I would be alone.

Instead, you taught me that I was worthless and didn't deserve love because who could ever love someone with a body full of scars and stretchmarks make you ugly because you were not born with those lines on your body, they got there because you put them there, you wanted them there so you can suffer the consequences of your own actions.

I taught myself what it's meant to be alive. I taught myself how to drive. When I didn't know how to do my homework, I didn't do it. I ride the bus home from school because no one cares enough to come pick me up and

I am the only one who cares about who I am as a person because I was taught at an early age that I am the only one I can rely on.

Where were you when I wanted you to come see the plays I was in?
Absent. "I don't like plays."
What about the guard shows?
Absent. "I don't like guard shows."
What about my marching shows?
Absent. "I don't like marching bands."

All of this is sickening.
The most sickening of all,
Is knowing that you expect me to love you even after all the **** you put me through,
like nothing

But it did.
And every time I look at you,
I see hurt
why have you made it a habit to prove to me how much you hate me?

You're supposed to be my father,
but you don't fit the definition.

I hope one day you see this and cry yourself to sleep like I did for many nights after you left and came back and left and came back. I hope you hate yourself and burn in hell for what you have done to me. I'm 16, I shouldn't have this much baggage and regret. Thanks though, I'm a much better person than you'll ever be.
Heather Riess Feb 2018
the first time i smiled i saw you
you taught me how

you taught me how to ride a bike
how to make a perfect tuna sandwich

you taught me how to joke around
and be completely serious.

you taught me that

you taught me how to love
and what it should look like

you taught me all the amazing things

you also taught me to cry

how to feel pain and sorrow

you weren't there to teach me and hold my hand
but your spirit remained

it remains to this day

learning new things with me

you still teach me, even after you're gone

you taught me how to smile through the pain
of you leaving

and you taught me the most important thing of all.

you told me you loved me

and that's all i needed.
to papa, you continue to teach
Dani Sep 2018
My momma taught me to be early at the airport
She taught me how to prepare for court
How to dress for an interview
And to pay bills before they’re due
I learned a lot from her
The list goes on for sure
How to throw a punch
And to always pack a lunch
Organize and keep your stuff clean
Carry with you anything you might need
My momma taught me to have passion
Also when to fold and cash in
Good things here and there
Small bits when she was able to care
Most importantly though
I learned emotions not to show
How to care for a grown adult
And how to hide emotional assault
How to duck under an object thrown
I learned to grow up on my own
She taught me much and taught me well
How to let go of heaven and live in hell
To follow all her commands
To believe her words and mental scams
My momma taught me to go numb
God forbid I let my anger come
I had to let words fly by and disappear
Bite my tongue and always stay clear
Of the things thrown or words yelled
I couldn’t be me so my feelings I shelled
Closed up and shut down, I bow
My momma taught me how

I am grateful for what I’ve learned
To let go of everything I yearned
Nothing for me, myself, or I
I crave attention now, I wonder why?
I am searching to be a Queen
Not to rule, I just want to be seen
Look at me and what I can do
See me, hear me and I’ll show you
What I know and how I learned
Understand me for I have yearned
To be supported and guided through
If only back then a way out I knew
If only I had gotten out before
A successful life I could adore
A peaceful mind without scare
I could actually feel and care
Instead I am numb and closed down
I am being held until I drowne
Suffocated by my past
Pain that continues to last
Through adulthood and life
It affects me now a mom and wife
I am broken because of you
Because of everything I learned to do
I had to let words fly by and disappear
Bite my tongue and always stay clear
Of the things thrown or words yelled
I couldn’t be me so my feelings I shelled
Closed up and shut down, I bow
Because my momma taught me how
Carl Webb II Feb 2019
we are given so much leniency, naturally, from life itself; it just gets broken down and separated into categories of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and ‘ok’.

look, what is allowed is what is allowed.

we must allow the nature of freedom to take control and leave the rest alone. or suffer a life of quieted disappointment.

what is allowed is what is allowed.
(that statement does go both ways, of course; but, for the purpose of this conversation, let’s focus on the non-restrictive connotation for a bit)

the forces that are currently sitting atop the thrones control the flow of the day-to-day and do not implement the rules that follow the rules that were given to man, by Mother Nature . . . they try to follow Father Time as though he really even exists

“you do the crime, you do the time”
is what they all say . . .

but, who is it that taught them ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. and, who taught them. and, who taught them. and, who taught Adam and Eve. and who taught God. and who taught Zeus. and who taught . . . Mother Earth? and who taught . . . the Sun? and who taught the other dying stars? and, tell me,
who. taught. the dead ones?
did they not get proper instruction?
who. is in. control. here . . .

what is really allowed . . . ?

and who taught freedom            
how to have        
                      a moral code
in the first place . . .
Em Jun 2011
And you're beautiful*

My mentor, my tutor,
Beautiful professor,
Sensei, teacher,
Incredible guardian.

You've taught me to care,
Taught me to love,
Taught me about life
and about dear loss.

You've taught me to live,
Taught me to cry
true tears for life.
Taught me to try.

You've taught me never
to give up hope,
even in the dark,
Where you hold my hand.

You've taught me to relax,
To look up instead of down,
To never refuse to smile,
and defy all those against us.

You've taught me to be me,
To be all I can be,
To move on from the pain,
And learn to live again.

Most of all my dear,
Most importantly,
You taught me and only me
to learn to let go.
I guess it looks kind of simple, but it does mean a fair deal.
Silver Lining Jun 2014
       I know it's sort of a cliche, saying "words can not express how much I love you." but that is quite true. Although I rather think words COULD describe; the only problem is finding the words to do this justice. And you, of all people, know that I am not good with words. So I'll try this instead:
       You taught me how to ride a bike, you taught me how to use that pair of Heelys shoes so that I could ride for forever without stopping to get a running start. You [tried] to teach me how to ice-skate backwards, I do not have the best memory- but knowing me, that didn't end well. You taught me to love music, you showed me how music can communicate any emotion without a single word.
       There are something, however, that I do not remember you ever teaching me. I do not recall you ever sitting me down and talking to me about the person I should grow up to be. You never showed me a text book or took me to class to teach me how to be kind, or loving. But sometimes the best teachers, teach without ever meaning to. You taught me to be kind to everyone around me. You taught me how to talk to people in a way that shows confidence. You taught me how to stand up for myself, and what I believe in. You taught me that sometimes perseverance is key. You taught me how to love people past their faults. You taught me courage. It is true, these are all things that you did not sit me down to teach me, you simply taught me by being you. By example. You have always been the greatest example to me. That's the thing about kids, right? We're always watching and absorbing everything we see. I was so lucky to take in all that I did. I wouldn't be the person that I am today without your examples. For me, I know I will always use theses qualities. You helped set me up for a great life, and I intend on using every bit of knowledge and wisdom that you have given me throughout my 16, almost 17 years. I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me. You gave all three of your daughters the tools we need to live a successful and happy life. It just may take a little longer for some to realize this.. But I know you, you never lose faith in us. And that's more than I could ever ask for. I love you.
My father has been a great influence in my life, and I am eternally grateful.
lela smith Aug 2013
dear school,
you taught me how to read
you taught me how to write
you taught me math
but you've taught me more than that

you've taught me who to love, who to avoid
who wants you to help, but won't fill your void
who to love, who to trust
who knows how to fall in love
the ones who only chase lust

you've taught me that this fast paced chase to be great
is nothing if you don't have faith
in yourself
you've taught me that this so called truth is laced with fake intents
and that people are two faced
when it comes me,

when it comes to you, my so called peers
i've learned you only judge on exterior
with no time to explore anything but my demeanor
with no time to wander in my mind
with no time but anything but what you call mine

teachers who block your creativity
fake friends, actually enemies
crazy lies, people with crazy lives
at what expense, all of yours and all of mine

everyday the overall torture
of being oppressed and abused
telling you what to do
when you're thinking if only they knew
what power was lying in you

school, you've taught me what i don't mind losing
you've taught me the power of choosing
you've taught me to return to my abuser
because in my head, i'm a leader
but at school i'm a loser.
Rina Nov 2016
You taught me how to be brave, you also taught me how to be confident and walk with poise. You taught me that it's never wrong to want to accomplish and do things for myself. You taught me that i CAN do whatever the **** I want. You taught me that I don't ever have to do things just because everyone else is doing them. You taught me that it's okay to be on my own, independent, and most importantly you taught me how to think for myself, and I will always thank you for that. You taught me how to love myself. You gave me the confidence to feel like I finally belong to something that I love, you make me feel welcomed, warm, and loved.

I wish I could tell you, you've done so much for me. I wish I could tell you and explain to you the confidence and inspiration you give me. You motivate me to never give up, you taught me everything I need to know to find my wings. I love you forever.

— The End —