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Daisy Marrow Sep 2013
Is this the end or is this just the start?
With a demon's red velvet hands wrapped around my throat
It leaves me a ghostly white.
I prayed every night but never heard anything in return.
If there really is a *** he'll have to beg for my forgiveness
because I dug my own tunnel and crafted my own sword.
I saved myself from playing anymore of these wicked games.
Tonight you'll hear me cry and I won't pray for nothing.
I reach high to where my dreams are I imagine the light of day and to be saved.
I'm followed by shadows and swallowed up by the blackness behind,
wasting time watching stars collide.
But I swear one day I will be strong enough to raise waters and push through the mountains.
One day when I grow taller, taller than ***.
But right now I'm standing in shallow water dreaming of the stars
thinking of the history books I'll be in when I escape these cell walls and finally breathe the earth once again.

I have breathed these dusty walls and cried to many nights.
Blue night, blue moon in the sky
one day I'll see you from a different view
once I escape my imprisoned doom.
I understand my security but I am no longer soulless
so you no longer have the right to treat me like I'm less.
I'll break these walls and break my fist
I know who I am and where I stand.
My weary mind and my heavy soul and a broken heart
will see the face of *** and still not believe.
For what is heaven
It must be what holding a lover feels like,
but I know no lover that can live past the flames of ****.

What are, what are these walls made of flames doing?
I'm pure again and deserve a free sentence.
I deserve light.
I deserve to believe in something other than the normal.
I can believe in myself.
I can be my own ***.
Hope is not dead,
so I've read.
Sam Winchester
O' how they rise above each other,
the descendants of Babel!
Rebels to forefathers.
All as righteous as they seem –
to the law, but not to reality

Towers Among Towers!
unreachable by mere ones
mocking the lowlands
with their heights  
Even dreams could not fathom!

And oh, how Towers fall too,
at the top of their limit.
Catastrophe! Phenomena!
their power too is frail
because there is always
One that stands taller
than any other could avail.
When all falls, the towers will first
harlon rivers Mar 2017
You never know which goodbye is the last ―*

Its so hard to feel the bottom
Falling and falling
so far down the sky seems taller
I’m so low the shades of black
It’s getting darker

          when ― that which often whispers:
          *"nothing really matters anymore"

The ground is soaked with heaven's sorrow
                    deeper and deeper
wending towards bottomless tomorrows
the blackest silence an echoing hollow
growing more silent  ―  every fading  today

We say goodbyes all the time
a moment’s always passing
you never know when this time is the last;

we’re all falling down  __   sinking below the waterline
you never know which goodbye  is the last ―  

We leave a lot behind listening to stagnant silence
nobody really knows  ―   if the silence starts all over
or if it ever ends,  all over again ,...

or where the long road home starts or ends
when  ―  a moment's always passing in the wind

         and,     I never heard the sound of falling raindrops
         moving closer  ―  watching the ripples of time run away

The last full moon of winter lights up the nightfall sky
         The last full moon of winter tide
         thaws another passing season’s end
         You never know which goodbye is the last ―

           March 2017 © harlon rivers ... all rights reserved
melancholy lyrics on a rainy somedays
Ansley Aug 23
The sun dances on her hair,
The brown echoing the colour of both her eyes and her freckles
As she dances through the sunflowers that are taller than her.
The other girl almost starts wondering how long it can last.
But she doesn't because
She promised the other girl that she wouldn't.
She also promised she would not pay attention to the siren or how it is getting very hot,
and very bright,
very fast.
They're out in the middle of a field for their last few minutes, trying to make happy last forever, which I find I try to do more often than I should.
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