Mason Hollows Nov 2014

My skin glistens
The sweat drips ~n~
I feel the motion
The rise of my emotions
The tingle in the spine
Expands in time
Engulfing my muscles
With adrenaline, hustle
Fuck reason
Incite treason
Don’t back down
Don’t turn aroun’
Introduced, an obstacle
Beat it like a rock, unstoppable
Heart, rhythm, momentum
Breath, flex, go get ‘em
Never rest,
There is no success
As soon as you think you won,
Something hits your chest
So stand up, strong
This fight is gunna last long
In 1 second,
You could be gone

By GeoEthE

Trembling hands,
palpitating heart
my vision starts to fall apart
my leg wont stop shaking
No, im not faking,
I'm just nervous.

Kevin Eli Jul 2012

Your skin doesn't lie,
Your lips don’t either.
The soft touch of hand,
Upon body,
You give in.
Sweat, spilled wine and swoon,
Your heart skips a beat,
Only to match mine
In sync.
Lights on, lights off.
Beat harder,
Breathe faster,
Using our bodies to see each other.
Stop and go
Holding our breath,
Gripping the sheets
Until it’s over.

Poieinbroidery Jul 2015

Dreams are 99% sweat
I am not ready to swim for that

StuKerr Jun 2014

Smooth and supple skin
Exhausted arms droop, sweat beads
You can beat my drum

Poetic T Oct 2014

You don't see me but I am
There, I have numerous ways
To take you,
Hold you,
Control you,
You'll not even know
I was there,
I am a conqueror of flesh.

Sickly, siphoned, strained
Both body and my brain
Doctor said it's just a cold
Nothing but a passing pain
Is this hypochondria,
Or is there something in my veins?

Your insides are my playground
To cause you much anguish & pain
I'll infect you slowly at first,
Have a little fun within your
I aim to control, invisible
To the eye, but you know
I'm in here, your losing control.

Today I coughed up blood
Cold sweats come in floods
I'm drowning in my own bed
As I clutch my feverish head
There's an inferno in my skull
I'm taking Vicodin to null
Whatever it is eating at me
I know I'll be better in a week.

You apes think size is intelligence,
This was your undoing from the start,
I replicate myself, as its my time to move on,
I leave apart of myself here
As its time too
My gift to those around,
You sneezed
You coughed
Upon your sweat, I am
Now on everything you touch,
Time to end the play,
"Business calls"
Be Proud of your self
Patient Zero, dear human
You were my first,
But its time for me to move on...

cracked nails with peeling hands
ugly dancers' feet
endless hours of stretching, leaping, bowing, and creating straight lines with no mistakes
you destroy me but, I love every moment of it

ema m Dec 2014

my vision blurs
as my palms grow sweaty
i struggle to breathe in air
and as the room caves in
i grow to hate the way
i still think of you
despite the mess you made


Invocation Feb 2015

Taste my lips and steal my breath
gasping, back arching
I'm not allowed to mark you with my teeth
or nails
but I'll find other ways
of leaving a print

I filled my mouth with honey
Don't you want a taste?

Don't you
Forget about me
J Arturo Nov 2012


Maria and Mr. Riner are sitting on my bed
tied up like garlands, against the wall
the words stew inside and I can't seem to
pour them out
but we three fools, sit and scribble regardless
staring blankly at the drooling clock
(persistent, in our memories).
the whitewashed cinderblocks are testament
to the number of walls
the quantity of clocks
this series of chairs
and if we close out eyes we expect to
wake up in heaven
but it's just the same old hell.

she says, keep writing
(if you feel inclined)
and slides her back into mine
but I've got no more letters in these fists
(so I'll lie and think for a bit).

she says,
I've never been a 'she' before...


my coat sits in a bundle near the door
I've been trying to find a way to hang it
but I'm having mixed results, in fact
all this month I've been trying to make attachments
to these white,
cinder block walls
with all manner of adhesives.
but these nightly sessions
have been fucking with the humidity

and every morning something new is on the floor.

all I can do is put them back up again.
try and
be a little more constant
with these climate fluctuations.
try and

sleep a little more, sweat a little less.

Amina Yakubu Dec 2012

BaNaNa is SweEt
BaNaNa is SweEt
COmE and lets eAt
COmE and lets eAt.
BaNaNa is swEeT
ThErE is SuGAr in it
SuGAr in it
BaNaNa is SWeEt
COmE and lets eAt
COmE and lets eAt
BaNaNa is swEaT.

the air is so thick that even your thoughts melt away
in the Southern heat.  sweat starts pouring until your
clothes start clinging to you like an unwanted lover.  heat and sweat seperates the true Southerners from the wannabe's,
who don't truly love a place even when it's too damn hot.

SilverSpoon Feb 2016

Let me sweat inside you
So you can feel my tension
Let me perspire through your skin
So you can feel my convulsing muscles
And my tired shaking limbs.

Let me sweat inside you
Let my efforts run down your face
Let me puddle up in your crevices
And soak your shirt like rain.

Let me sweat inside you
Let my anxiety push through your pores
So you know how it feels to live with you
After you held my hand and stroked my arm

After we climbed to the top of that building
After we jumped that tall locked fence
After you said come share your blankets
After I slipped inside your bed
After you bent my clothes off
After you said please let’s have sex

After you promised me a day at the park
Just the two of us that Sunday
After that second night together
And you said
Haven’t you ever heard of friends with benefits?
After you confused me.

Let me sweat inside you.
Feel my body twitch.
With the work it takes trying to ignore you
And wishing that you loved me
And wondering if you ever did.

Let me sweat inside you.

*would love constructive criticism!
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