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Miss Saitwal Jun 16
They bruise their pupils with the sharp roses.
They built an empire with fur and sequins.
And lived with poise and jealousy.
Burnt and alive, torn yet together.
The prudent of all, dangerous of all minds.

Survive, said the father
Believe, said the Jesus
Cutezeni Jul 2017
Life is colourful
But not in the way I'd like,
Its shades keep changing
From lemon to blue to burgundy,
Feels like I'm living
In a constant state of melancholy.

Tried hard not to stare
At the melody that kept swirling
In front of my eyes
And through my ears,
Sometimes I forgot breathing.
And it trapped me into the deep
Clawed hard to come up from beneath,
But it was hard to hold on
The walls were too steep.

Never thought I'd wish
For a colourless life of black and white,
Of boring creatures and ordinary sight..
Never thought I'd be the one
To want my seeds to sow,
To want my roots to dig deep and grow.

Maybe flowing with the wind
Is not for me,
Free-falling is not the same as flying,
Peter should leave me alone now,
I don't want to end up dying.

Thought I almost saw
Heaven from where I was,
But it lay barren
With no gates or guards,
Or even angels or gods,
Either the books or my mind is lying,
It is overrated to wish for dying.

But I made it through
Somehow I swam back ashore,
Fought the muddied waters that blinded me,
Somehow I found my door.
And to sanity I return,
With lessons and scars that still burn
It's good to look ahead with clarity,
It's good to be back to reality.
Mya Aug 31
Sunrises are beautiful
a beautiful beginning of a new day
but sunsets are even better
and it shows that you have survived the entire day
without dieing
ElEschew Jul 15
You can't dance
I'm sorry
You can't throw a spear
I'm sorry
You can't be in love
I'm sorry
You can't be strong
I'm sorry
You can't widdle a twig
I'm sorry
You can't clean
Im sorry
You can't do makeup
I'm sorry
You can't ride a bike
I'm sorry
You won't find love
I'm sorry
You break everything you touch
I'm sorry
But you're a fuckin liar
How dare you make us appoligize
For the crimes of your lips
Your actions
Your thoughts
And all those inbetween
Lyn-Purcell Aug 12
You got to find a way to survive
'Cause they win when your soul dies
RIP to one of the greatest rappers that ever lived, Tupac.
I stopped listening to rap music years ago, but Tupac....Tupac's the exception.
He truly was a poet with his message and music; his voice ITSELF was music.
He empowered without denouncing, he spoke about many topics.
And for that, he will always have my respect.
He's what I call a musician.
Granted, he swore, he made his mistakes but he was ahead of his time.
He was wise, he was fierce, he was so confident.
He was a solider.
'Baby, Don't Cry' will forever be in my heart, and these two lines ALONE spoke volumes to me. It still does...
I'm sorry for not being as active. My headache's gotten worse...
But indeed, in life, you need to survive. If you give up, your enemies wins and your soul dies in the process.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx

Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) lyrics © BMG Rights Management US, LLC, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
Fiona May 7
If you survive,
Go tell the world.
Not that you survived,
but of what happened.
Bring awareness to those,
Who were left in the darkness.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
Parkland shooting,
Only naming a few.
For those whose voices are forever quieted,
Speak with the weight of their legacy on your shoulders.
But don't carry the load alone,
There are others who feel the same,
With tear-stained faces, their burden is heavier than yours,
So shoulder the pain together,
And survive.
Tell the world. Let us end this suffering.
On my first visit
I was restless
I was put on Clonazepam
I got well
Then, he kept on that for every night

On 2nd visit I had nothing
I was there to meet him if I need to stop
He increased the dose
I started to sleep more

On 3rd visit I told
I sleep a lot
He blamed for the season
And without 2nd question
Added 2nd medicine
Telling, this will help

On casual talk
A friend of mine told,
He can’t sleep
I told it’s better to consult
Dr. Clonaz added, the same

Here we have a Pill society
We are his follow-ups
I tried to understand why he adds so often
On every 2nd prescription
Clonazepam is his Pen pill

Probably he understands why
For a good reason he adds it
For a no reason he adds it

For old age, it seems mendatory, he adds it
For young age, Dr. Clonaz don’t hesitates
To let us taste
His favorite

I wonder if the stock clears
Out of the market
What could be his new choice?

Can we survive?
Genre: Clinical Observational
Theme: Do his personal favorite cures all ailments? | No Offence
Author’s note: Beyond Neuropsychiatric
It's not difficult to think of stopping
when the green light is on.

Screwing up on an everyday basis,
when everything should be easy,
only to end up with another crisis.

Spitting out the blame on everything
instead of swallowing it down,
just to avoid the bittersweet of it all.

A bubble harder than concrete,
Tears saltier than the Dead Sea,
the waves of frustration when
expectations and reality don't meet.

Lone wolf hunting down dead leaves,
Slumped on the forest ground.
Abandoning the will to retrieve,
Giving up on the wolf that believed.

Darn the perfect cups of tea.
All that's left is bitter coffee,
Not my taste but life's not sweet.
I should get used to lifting weights
and doing tons of things I hate.

Not doing well and all but I'm
trying to survive because it's
Screw everything. Imma chill for a sec.
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